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Uzumaki, the Assassin's Clan

"Normal Speech."

'Normal Thought.'

"Jutsu or Yelling."

"Demonic Speech."

'Kyuubi Thought.'

Chapter Names

Time Skips


The New Kid

Kushina sighed. This was the sixth time this night she was forced to get up for her crying baby, and she had been forced to take care of him all alon now, due to events beyond hjer control. It had been maybe a month since the attack now, and the village was gradually getting better, albeit nowhere near as powerful as they had been in their prime.

"You're one hungry little boy, aren't you sochi?" she said wearily, looking at the boy's now neon green eyes. She frowned slightly, still unsure of what his bloodlines were, or even how they came about. So far the only explanation the doctors had was the Kyuubi's chakra may have affected slight mutations in his DNA or even more unlikely, that it was possibly ancient bloodlines that were recharged by the Kyuubi's power. Frankly, she could care less exactly what caused it, seeing as she was the on who was going to have to deal with him day in and day out. And dealing with a boy gifted with two superhuman abilities would be suicide, especially if he was anything at all like his father. She siged once more as she remembered something.

"Tommorrow's the meeting with the council about Naruto...F-#-k!" she said before she calmed herself in a very ladylike fashion...cursing uncontrollably.


Kushina walked into the council room, sweeping the council with her gaze, pausing to glare at some of the more...stupid of the council members. What made them stupid? The fact that they were openly glaring at the child in her arms, a fact made all the more idiotic when one takes the tikme to realize that not only is the kid her child, but also that she is the Anbu Commander. And one doesn't get that position for their work as a secretary.

"What the hell are you glaring at?!" she shouted at one stupid person, a member of the civilian council. He instantly recoiled in fear of the woman, weak from her recent pregnancy or not. She could still beat the living shit out of him with one hand tied behind her back. Hell, she could do it with one finger with her womanly/motherly rage at her side. The only thing more powerful than a woman's rage was a woman's rage against perverts, or at least that's what she liked to say.

"A demon!" another idiot shouted, suddenly receiving a kunai to the head from the angry woman. The body slumped lifelessly to the floor, a pool of blood quickly spreading from it.

"Shouldn't have broken the Third's Law." she said, still angry over their treatment of her son. Of course, they didn't know this yet, and many were too stupid to put two and two together. Seriously, a recently pregnant Kushina plus a small baby? Ring any bells?

"Why protect it? It's just the Kyu-" another man began, obviously not learning his lesson from the dead body across the room. Or maybe he just hadn't been paying attention. It didn't really matter though, because less than a second later and shuriken was embedded in his throat.

"Any more idiots?" Kushina growled, causing the rest of living council members to vigorously shake their heads.

"Just whose child is he, Kushina?" Homura asked, wondering a little about the boy. She disliked the Kyuubi, yes, and she didn't really trust the boy, but the way Kushina was defending him so vigorously reminded her of something...

"My son. And the son of my husband, the Fourth Hokage." she said, shocking the entire room.

"How can that be?! The Yondaime was unmarried!" a civilian shouted out as he stood angrily, instantly sitting down once more as the woman's baleful glare fell on him.

"Anyways, I married Minato in complete secrecy, even my pregnancy was hidden through the use of genjutsu and isolation from others." the woman explained, looking lovingly at her son now. She did this for a moment before looking back up sharply, remembering the results of the testing the baby had done earlier.

"There is something else you should know..." Kushina began, drawing the council in with her words as they figured that if she had surprised them with such big news about the boy, there might just be something even bigger. "Someow the sealing caused...unexpected things. He has developed two new bloodlines, one a doujutsu and one a normal physical alteration." she told them, rendering the entire council speechless for a time. Just then the Third walked in, his face twisted with rage.

"When there's a meeting about something like this, you GODDAMN better tell me about it, or I swear I'll have each and every one of you executed, clan heads or not!" the Hokage roared, scaring the council. "Other than that...what did I miss?" he said in a nice tone, as if noting had happened, causing many sweatdrops and the occasional face fault. They filled him in, causing yet another stunned reaction, and after a bit of general yelling, exclamations of astonishment and all out mayhem, they finally managed to get back on track.

"So, Naruto-san has two bloodlines, each of which are entirely new. Do you have any idea what they may do?" Hiashi asked, taking on a role as the voice of reason within the chaos. This comment immediately shut up the room as they all turned to Kushina.

"Yes...and no. We have the idea of the physical one, seeing as how it causes changes in his body a normal human would never have, but his other bloodline, the doujutsu, is unknown as of yet. We will have to wait until it is unlocked by the boy himself." the red headed woman answered truthfully.

"And what does the Physical Bloodline affect?" Fugaku asked her. He had been a good friend of Minato when he was alive, as was Hiashi, and was quite interested in the boy's protection and well being.

"It appears that it grants several abilties, all related to poison somehow. First off, he is naturally immune to nearly all poisons, and should his body encounter a new one, it will neutralize it. Beyond this, his throat contains poison sacs, venom glands, whatever you want to call them. Anyways, what they do is allow him to use poison jutsu more efficiently, especially if used through the throat, and grants him the use of a contact poison that could be anything from a weak seditive to an acid depending on the amount of chakra used." she explained warily, unsure of whether or not the council would react violently, proclaiming things like 'The demon is too strong!' or 'It will kill us all!'. Luckily, for both her and the remaining council members, nobody said anything like that.

"So...his bloodline gives both immunity to poison and the ability to weild it whenever? That bloodline could easily make an assassination clan, or a diplomatic clan." Shukakku said as he leaned back further in his chair.

"That's seems to be the gist of it...not to mention that doujutsu, whatever it is." Inoichi said from his place next to Shukakku.

"Yes...the doujutsu may benefit extremely as well." Koharu said.

The council began talking once more, mostly about what sort of clan it would be, or when he soudl be told of certain things, like the activation of the Clan Restoration and Protection Act, which basically forced him to take multiple wives and put them under the protection of all the clans of Konoha until they were able to get on their feet. Kushina, being the mother, was of course swept up into the politics and talks, with a few congratualtions for having a child. She looked down to the little green eyed, blonde-red haired boy and sighed.

'How in the HELL am I going to explain this to him when he gets older?' she asked herself.


Six Years Later


Naruto ran down the streets on his little stubby legs, giggling all the way as he ran from his mother like normal. She would chase him down, as always, and tickle him into submission before the pair finally returned home. As he was running he saw the cloud ambassador from earlier that day running with his best friend, Hinata Hyuuga, slung over his shoulder.

"No you don't!" the energetic blonde shouted as he charged the ambassador who looked over to him and jump away from the blonde's clumsy blow. He laughed openly at the blonde wiping a small tear from his eye.

"You think you can take me on? That is rich kid." he said with a laugh once more. Naruto however just smirked.

"Nope. All I gotta do is delay you until the Anbu gets here." the little boy said and the ambassador visibly straightened. Maybe the boy wasn't dumb after all. The little kid charged again, but instead of dodging like last time the man picked the boy up by his neck trying to get it over with quickly. The small blonde spat in the man's eyes. For a bit the man didn't take notice, but suddenly his eyes began to hurt, worse and worse until it was pure agony. He dropped the boy and forgot about the kidnapped and unconscious girl as he stumbled around, greatly confusing the little boy. 'What is his problem? I just spit in his face.' Naruto thought, unaware of his bloodline, as he watched the jounin cloud-nin stumble around blindly before suddenly being knocked to the ground, unconscious, by his mother.

"Naruto-kun! All you alright?" Kushina asked in worry before her eyes settled on the unconscious Hinata. "What is Hinata-chan doing here? Unless..." Kushina said as thought out loud to herself.

"Kaa-san! We're all right, though the meany over there knocked out Hinata-chan and was trying to take her away!" the little blonde shouted before latching onto his mom for a couple of seconds and then shooting over to the fallen Hinata. As he hugged her, crying and worrying out loud all Kushina could think of was, 'Oh my Kami...they are going to be the best couple ever!'. She nearly giggled out loud as she remembered all the things they had done together. 'Best couple ever.' Kushina mentally deadpanned as the boy was trying to kiss her awake now, never realizing that he had succeeded a while back and that Hinata was just being quiet and enjoying the shower of kisses. Hizashi suddenly showed up and was about to chuckle at the scene before Kushina put her hand over his mouth and turned him mouthing, "Let them be...they're gonna get married anyways. Seems that the kumo-nin tried to kidnap Hinata."

Hizashi nodded quietly to her. "He used his ambassador status to get within the compound and take her." he mouthed back. Kushin nodded gravely. This could cause a problem...but as long as he wasn't killed somehow he would be great evidence of the betrayal of the treaty already. Hizashi looked down to the kumo-nin, rage and digust filling his face when suddenly he noticed something.

"What did you do to his eyes? They're bleeding, and look severely burned or something. Probably useless now..." Hizashi asked Kushina by mouthing his words. She looked slightly surprised. "I just kicked him in the head to knock him out. Maybe it was Naruto? Maybe he accidentally used his bloodline?" she said back. Naruto and Hinata however were still unaware of the unfolding mystery as Hinata was still pretending to be asleep and Naruto was hugging and kissing her like crazy. The two jounin stopped talking, both still mulling over the damage done to the man's eyes, and each hardly containing their laughter as they watched the pair of children, both obiously in love or close to it for their age.


The very next day talk spread throughout the town of how Naruto had saved Hinata, and that it was because of him that the kidnapper managed to get captured. The Kumo nin, having been interogated, revealed that Kumo had planned on kidnapping her all along and if that had failed they planned on demanding a Hiasi as payment for the death of him. However, this plan had backfired with his survival, creating evidence against the Kumo nin and allowing Hiashi to live. Naruto was pleasantly surprised by the villages happiness, especially since most didn't care too much for him. He was beaming all day, as was Hinata due to her memories of Naruto's frenzied kissing.

"Well Naruto-sochi, what do you want to do today? You saved Hinata-chan's life, and I think you deserve something special." Kushina asked, already knowing the answer and anticipating a huge dent in her wallet. For a second it looked as if the boy would actually do as expected, but then, being the little ball of energy and complete unpredictability, he asked something else.

"Can we get some ninja stuff? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? I wanna be just like the Fourth Hokage!" he said, making his mother wince a bit. She always did that when he mentioned the Yondaime, but he shrugged it off as her having met him and not liking him.

"Sure Naruto, whatever you want." she told him with a smile. Naruto ran around happily, shouting about finally becoming a ninja and whatnot.

'If only you knew...' she thought to herself, still regretting not telling the boy of his father or bloodlines. Or being forced to marry several girls for that matter either.She just didn't want him to get a big head, so she asked the council to let her raise him without the knowledge of his bloodlines until absolutely necessary, and not tell him about his father until he was nominated for the chuunin exams.

After a bit of looking around, and his mother pulling him away from a hideous orange jumpsuit, the boy had finally managed to find some decent clothes, ones that didn't look retarded and were fitting for a shinobi. He now wore a hooded forest green cargo vest, underneath which he wore a black fishnet (mesh, net, whatever it's called). Instead of the blue jeans he had worn just moments before he now wore a pair of a light green cargo pants, on his hands were black fingerless gloves and his normal sandals were replaced with a pair of standard black shinobi sandals. On the back of his vest his mother had him put the kanji for 'Poisoned', though he didn't know why. Other than the numerous near identical sets of clothing, only varying in color, they bought a beginners set of ninja tools that held ten kunai and ten shuriken, some medical supplies, and a single weapon of his choosing. In the end the boy ended up choosing a pair of neko-te, an unusual weapon for most male shinobi. Nevertheless she bought the weapon, and brought the eager young boy home.

'This is going to be fun...' she thought with a sadistic grin as she thought of all the ways she could train her little boy. He noticed the look and was now sweating bullets, realizing her intent on payback for all of his childish pranks.

'Oh no...' was all he could think as she grinned evilly.


Five Years Later


"Today we have a new student in class, his name is Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka announced before the class just as a blonde boy with red highlights walked in (He's still dressed the same, but now with goggles.). Some of the more prominent students recognized him, seeing as he was of the newly established Noble Clan, the Uzumaki, and the fact that he trained near relentlessly with the Anbu all around the village.

"Hello. As Iruka-sensei had just said, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I hope we can get along well." the boy said politely before walking up to where a blushing Hinata sat and took a seat next to her. "This seat isn't taken is it, Hinata-chan?" he asked her quietly, afraid to disrupt Iruka.

"N-n-no." Hinata managed to stutter out, blushing deeply. "DAMN IT!" she swore mentally,"I had to go and stutter!" she mentally yelled, berating herself for making herself seem a fool in front of the boy she loved. She had a huge crush on him even before he had saved her from the Kumo shinobi, and ever since it had quickly grown into love.

"Good. I like sitting with you Hinata-chan...you make me feel...happy, I suppose." the boy admitted, unknowingly making her day. While he may be smart, when it came to love, he was the biggest idiot there was...

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