Intergalactic Pancake The Theme Song

Crappy lyrics by Maiji/Mary Huang

(to the bgm of Mission to the Deep Space, from the Star Ocean The Second Story soundtrack, composed by Motoi Sakuraba:)

Doo doo doooo
Doo doo doooo (oooooo)
Dooooo doooo doooooooo (ooo oooo)
Dooooo doooo doooooooo (oooooooooooo)

Iiiiit's intergaaa-lactic pancake breaaaakfast!
Tiiiime to save the universe
Let's go get our traaaays! Come on

and geeet your goddamned paaancakes
Made with real Milky Waaay
Add Big Dipper syrup
Equals tastiness in 4D space ...

Whaaaat are we waaaiting for?
Deep space miiissions
Caaaan't beee accomplished
on eeeeempty stuhhh-maachs

The Time Gate's a-ticking
Can't thelinemoveanyfaster?
Intergalactic pancakes
It's the hope of the universe ...


yo yo yo intergalactic pancake
breakfast of champions in 4D space
make no mistake it's an outer space pancake
made fresh with batter
in yo face!
(end rap sequence)

Deeeep spaaaaace miiii-ssiooon!
Deeeep spaaaaace miiiiiiiiiii-ssion!!

Iiiii waaaant pan-cakes
But nooot aaany paaancakes!
Onnllly 4D ones wiiill do!!

God ... dammit!
God ... dammit!
Where ... are the ... freaking pancakes?

God ... dammit!
God ... dammit!
I'm ... running ... out of fuel!

Nooooooooooo ... Noooooo ... Need ... to refuel ...

(spoken) Where are those goddamned pancakes ...?

Paaancaaaakesssssss tooo go!!

Dooo doooo doooooooo
Dooooo dooooo doooooooo (oooooo)

et cetera.

Author's Notes: With deepest apologies to Motoi Sakuraba, Tri-Ace, Star Ocean series and all fans of the aforementioned. This all started because I needed a name for my new laptop. I was going to call it the Calnus but my sis told me I should stop naming my computers after things that explode. Well, the laptop was white and flat, so ...!

Thanks Aphelion Orion for the support! XD