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Fang POV

The flock finally settled down after the last run-in with the Erasers. Max had used her super-speed to fly ahead and find us a clearing to rest in. Now she was checking everyone for injuries and doing some quick patch jobs.

I found a large tree to rest against while I updated my blog. I planned to tell the faithful readers about the new faster and smaller wings the Erasers were developing, but the page refused to work.

All of my focus was on the malfunctioning screen. I clicked and typed various patterns of keys, but to no avail. Sighing, I leaned my head against the trunk of the maple.

As I closed my eyes, I caught sight of Max and Angel…dancing? I blew a few strands of dark hair away from my face and gazed at the spectacle.

Angel's eyes were wet and red, so I assumed this impromptu dance session was an attempt to cheer her up. She was probably upset after our last Eraser battle. Poor little kid, thrown into this violent world. It seemed to be working; a huge grin was plastered on her face and a childish giggle was being emitted from her lips. It sounded, well, angelic.

Then my attention turned to Max. My Max. It was obvious that she was just putting on a smile for the rest of the flock. I knew her too well, and I could see the worry in her eyes. I wished for a moment that there was some way to make her happiness genuine, to give her a break from this hard life. She did so well taking care of us. And seriously, she was only 14.

Nudge had now joined the group. The girls were spinning in circles, taking advantage of the spacious clearing. Max hoisted Angel up into her arms and twirled her around, Angel's legs flailing wildly.

After lowering her to the ground, all three girls fell to the forest floor, laughing. Our leader glanced in my direction, and I self-consciously realized I had been staring. I quickly diverted my gaze to the laptop's screen, but it was too late. Max realized I had been watching her, and I would never hear the end of it.

I once again tried to do some blogging, but decided to give up for the night when Max was settling down the rest of the flock to sleep for the night.

My computer clicked shut as she assumed a seat beside me at the base of the tree. "I've got first watch," Max spoke quietly.

Nodding silently, I stood and began to walk to the sleeping flock. But halfway there, I turned back to where Max was getting situated. I didn't know why I was doing what I was about to do, but it was too late to turn back now. I bent down and offered Max my hand. "Would you like to dance?"

I saw a look of confusion pass over Max's face, but she reached up and took hold of my palm regardless. Frankly, I was happy that she didn't laugh at my awkward request. A flicker of a grin came over my lips as she stood. I wrapped one arm around her tiny waist and continued to grasp her hand.

I gently rocked her back and forth, feeling her slightly relax.

"But there's no music," she stated.


She leaned her head on my shoulder, and I wrapped my arms more tightly around her small, muscular form. I felt her delicate wings through her light blue tank top. I looked down at her soft features. Her light hair fell in wisps around her closed eyes. Her cheeks were scratched from our latest encounter with our villainous foes, the only imperfection on her flawless skin. I could feel her body heat radiate against me.

Suddenly, she spoke. "Fang, what made you do this?"

"You needed to relax," I said smoothly, watching a subtle smile pass across her lips.

We continued dancing together for an unknown amount of time. It was oddly comfortable, natural, as if it was meant to be all along.

After a while, I felt the urge to speak; to express my feelings to this lifelong friend of mine.

"Max, I…"

I was interrupted by the screaming wails of Angel. Max immediately snapped into mother mode. She ran over to the crying girl. "Bad dream, baby?" she asked. I saw, even in the darkness, Angel nod her head and latch onto Max. There she was again, doing everything she could to help the flock, putting them before her as always.

I sighed, disappointed that our private moment had come to an end. I tapped Max on the shoulder, and she looked up at me with her striking eyes.

"I'll take watch," I muttered, returning to my spot at the base of the tree, looking into the dark night.

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