The Tainted and the Innocent

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Pairing: Yami x Yugi

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Chapter 1

"Ok, that was great! You can all go home now" said the director. Finally, everyone was free to move. The cameras were turned off.

"Could somebody please bring me a glass of water?" asked a man suddenly. He was in the center of the place, naked, lying in a bed and… with another man on top of him. He looked up, facing said man, a blonde with light blue eyes. "And could you get off me?" he asked then.

The man just smiled.

"May I ask why? Didn't you like what I did to you?" he questioned. He then lowered his face, getting near the other one's ear. "Because I would like to repeat it" he whispered.

"For God's sake, 'you can all go home now', did you heard that?" said the boy, rolling his eyes.

"Hmm you like to be difficult, right?" he asked. The other one laughed. "See, you love it"

"Ok, that's enough, I'm serious now. Get off me" the younger one said, pushing the man gently. He sighed, and finally got away.

"You know, you can be a very beautiful creature, but you sure don't use that in your favour" he said.

A woman came suddenly, stopping the younger one's answer. In her hand was a glass of water.

"Here's the water" she announced. The boy took it, smiling in thanks. He finally let the liquid pass through his throat. It was refreshing, considering that he had been thirsty since some time ago. But of course he couldn't stop what he was doing to get the heavenly liquid.

"I can be a sex actor, but I'm definitely not a prostitute" he finally answered, looking coldly at the man.

"Oh, really? Well, you look like one" the man pointed, laughing. The boy immediately stood up. He wouldn't stand that kind of comments. "Come on, I'm just joking" the older one said.

"Good. And I'm joking too when I say… go straight to hell" And after saying this, he walked away, fury still building inside of him. Why did everyone just saw him as a sex toy? Things weren't like that!

Yes, he may not be innocent anymore, but that didn't mean he was available for the first person that came to him.

He sighed suddenly, getting into the dressers and searching for his clothes.

This was his life. The famous Atemu, a pornstar. He had already appeared in many films, in both straight and gay relationships. His age? 22 years old. He was still young. He got into all of this as soon as he turned 18, making him of legal age for this kind of… business.

Of course, Atemu wasn't his real name. But everyone knew him by it.

He sighed again, his crimson eyes finally finding his pants. He silently put them on, not even worrying to take a shower first. He could bathe when he gets home, he preferred it like that after all. A little more privacy.

He bit his lip suddenly. He was feeling 'that' again. And 'that' refers to a sensation of… emptiness. He started feeling it since some weeks ago. Why? Not even Atemu could answer that.

He had everything, money, fame, he even got the looks!

What more could he ask for?


The slim body was forcefully thrown against the wall. The owner screamed in pain. He opened his amethyst eyes, looking fearfully at the teen in front of him. Bullies, they never left him alone.

"Where's the money?" the taller boy asked.

"I al-already told y-you, I don't h-have it" he answered, his body trembling with every word he spoke. He just wished that everything would end soon.

"Why?" the bully questioned.

"B-because… give m-me more t-time please" he said, not answering the question. It wasn't a bright idea. He suddenly found the teen's hand around his neck. "Oh gods… he's going to kill me!" he thought with utter terror.

"P-please" he begged. What about his grandpa? No, he couldn't die now.

In just a matter of seconds, he found himself on the ground. His lip was bleeding slightly. And his cheek hurt a lot.

He screamed painfully when he felt a kick in his stomach. Why did this have to happen to him? Why couldn't he be braver?

He didn't even fought the tears when he thought of this. He let the crystals fall from his eyes. Why did he have to be a coward?

Why couldn't he have friends? Maybe if he had at least one, the bullies wouldn't bother him so much.

He curled himself in a ball, feeling the kicks hurting his body more and more.

"Please… stop" he begged in his mind.


He was looking out of the window. The images came and then went away. He was in his limousine, finally going home.

His thoughts were bothering him, but he just tried to ignore them.

Emptiness… why did he felt that? What could possibly fix that hole? Last time he checked, he didn't need anything else.

Atemu sighed, trying to concentrate in the images of the outside.

Everything seemed normal. That was, of course, until he saw a body lying in an alley.

"Stop!" he ordered to the chauffeur, who immediately obeyed. As soon as the car stopped moving, he got out of it, running then towards the alley.

He looked at the body. A bad feeling suddenly filled him. What if the person was dead?

Atemu tried to calm down, walking hesitantly towards the person. He finally saw his face. His eyes widened. That boy had his hair! Well, there were some differences, less blonde bangs. But the colors were the same, blonde, black and red.

He got into his knees, still don't touching the body. He didn't know if…

A sigh of relieved escaped his lips suddenly, when he heard the other one's breathing. So, he wasn't dead. That was… good.

He could see that his lip was bleeding. And also, his clothes were in a very bad shape.

Maybe… he should just walk away.

"No… I can't leave him here. He might die!" he exclaimed. So then, what should he do? He couldn't take him to his home… right?

He bit his lip. He could call an ambulance.

"But… I would never see him again. Wait a minute, what was that?" he asked surprised. But then, decided to ignore it. He didn't have time to think about nonsense themes.

Ok, he would take the boy to his mansion then.

"But now!" he told himself. He didn't knew the condition the boy was in, so he couldn't lost many time.

He finally took the thin body in his arms. Atemu gasped then, the boy was beautiful.

"Who did this to you, angel?" he asked. But got no answer, not that he had been expecting one.

He stood up, and looked at the boy again, smiling slightly.

And then, he started walking towards the limousine.

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