The Tainted and the Innocent

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Pairing: Yami x Yugi, posibble Seto x Joey.

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Chapter 5

He went into the living room, smiling when he saw the scene that was taking place on the couch.

His cousin was trying to read a book, failing miserably since Mai was latching to his arm and giggling like a lovesick school girl. It was pretty obvious that the blonde singer was flirting with the blue eyed man.

"Well, hello lovebirds. I hope I'm not interrupting anything" Yami said, smirking. His cousin instantly looked up from his book, giving him a 'I'm-going-to-kill-you-for-that-comment' glare.

"Oh no, sweetheart. Your sexy cousin and I are just talking. Isn't that right my little sugar muffin?" the singer said, pinching Kaiba's cheek, who suddenly turned red with rage. Yami couldn't help but laugh silently at the scene.

"Get away from me already, you sorry excuse for a singer" the blue eyed man said, his eyes throwing daggers at blonde. But Mai just giggled again. Yami cringed slightly. He had to admit that Mai giggles were quite disturbing. They just didn't... fit her.

"I love it when you play hard to get, my future sex pet... I mean, husband" she said, smiling sweetly. Yami burst out laughing then. Mai's last comment, plus Kaiba's red and fumming face was too hilarious.

"That's it! Yami get this crazy woman away from me or I'll call the police! And stop laughing! This isn't funny!" he threatened. He tried then to get free from Mai's hold on his arm, but to no avail.

"You wouldn't do that, my little blue cabbage" the blonde said, pouting. But Kaiba just glared at her.

"Try me" he dared.

"I'll love to, my cute Halloween pumpkin!" the singer exclaimed. Yami was almost rolling on the floor laughing by now, imagining Kaiba's face on a Halloween pumpkin. But he inmediately froze when his cousin turned to look at him with a murderous glare.

"Get your sorry butt here, now. Or I swear I'll strangle her with my bare hands and you will be next" he said darkly. Yami blinked, but then nodded his head vigorously. He was too young and good looking to die. What would the world do without his handsomeness?... ok, maybe he was exagerating a little, but he still didn't want to die.

He walked towards the couch, poking Mai on the shoulder as a way to get her attention. And it worked.

"What is it, baby?" she asked.

"I need you to save my life" the pornstar said.

"And how do I do that?"

"By coming with me" he answered.

"Well... let me see" the blonde said, looking towards Kaiba and then back at Yami, and then at Kaiba... and finally back at Yami. "Fine, let's go" she said, standing up and finally ending her grip on Kaiba's arm. "But I'll be back" the singer announced suddenly, winking at Yami's cousin.

The blue eyed man glared at her for the sixtieth time.

"Good to know. I'll be waiting for you with a Rottweiler" he said, turning back to his book.

"Whatever you say, sexy" Mai retorted. She walked then with Yami out of the room and into the entrance hall.

Suddenly, she stop, making Yami stop as well.

The blonde crossed her arms above her chest, tapping his foot impatiently.

"What are you...?" Yami tried to ask, but Mai interrupted him.

"Did you talk to him or not?" she asked. Yami sighed, knowing now what the woman was talking about.

"I called but his grandfather told me he was asleep" he explained. The singer raised her eyebrow, but nodded then.

"So what you said it's true, his grandfather really doesn't like you" she stated. Yami blinked, feeling rather confuse now.

"What do you mean?"

"I think it's pretty obvious. The old man lied" she simply said.

"No, he didn't"

"How do you know?" the singer asked. Yami was silent for a few seconds.

"He told me to call Yugi today" he answered. He wasn't entirely sure if that was a good excuse to prove Mai wrong. Because he had to admit, that now Mai mentioned it, he actually started thinking that maybe there was a posibility that Yugi's grandpa lied the day before. He hadn't thought of it before, but it was possible.

"Well, maybe I'm wrong then. Lets hope that he is awake this time" she said, and to Yami's surprise she started to walk away.

"Wait, what...?"

"Call him" she interrupted, rolling her eyes.

"But it's too early" Yami reasoned. The singer sighed, throwing her hair back off her shoulders.

"It's past midday, baby. Call him" she insisted.


"No more excuses. Just call him. And stop being nervous, it's way out of character for you, honey" the blonde stated.

"I'm not nervous" Yami said instantly. Nervous? No, of course he was not nervous. Why would he be nervous anyway? There wasn't a reason to be nervous. He called Yugi last afternoon without a problem so why will he be...

"Your hands are in your pockets, you refuse to make eye contact with me and I'm sure in your mind you're telling yourself that you're not nervous over and over again" Mai interrupted his thoughts. Yami just stared at her, completely dumbfound. He looked down then, noticing that his hands were indeed in his pockets.

"You're good at this" he whispered. Mai winked.

"I'm your best friend after all, silly. Now, make that call" she said, turning around. "And while you're at it, I'll go back to that sexy cousin of yours" the blonde announced, walking out of the place and of Yami's sight.

The pornstar sighed.

"Kaiba's going to kill her" he whispered. He knew very well that Mai only wanted to piss off his cousin. And he had to admit, that it was quite hilarious. Maybe that was why the singer did it all the time. Yes, all the flirting stuff was completely fake. After all, his cousin was openly gay.

"Anyway, I have a call to make" he said to himself. He took his cellphone from his pocket, sighing again. "It's now or never" He really thought that it was too early to call. But he will listen to Mai this time.

And after dialing the number, he took the phone to his hear. His heart was almost skipping beats now.

Ok, he admit it, he was nervous. And that stupid beeping sound wasn't helping at all.

But then, someone picked up the phone.

"Hello?" His heart almost stop beating when he recognize Yugi's voice.

"Yugi?" he asked, having a hard time believing that he was actually talking to the little angel again.

He heard Yugi gasp at the other side if the line.

"Yami?" the boy asked. Yami smiled.

"Yes, it's me, little one" he answered.

"Grandpa told me you called yesterday. I'm sorry, I was doing my homework and fell asleep" the boy explained.

"That's ok, aibou" Yami reassured. He was happy that Yugi wasn't stuttering anymore. Maybe the boy was feeling more confident around him.

There was silence for a few moments.

"... aibou?" Yugi asked in a whispered. Yami smiled widely. He could almost swear that Yugi was blushing furiously right now.

"It means 'partner' in japanese, right?"

"Well... yes... I mean, do you speak japanese?" Yugi asked.

"No, but since you're from Japan I thought you'll like to have some japanese nicknames. So I search for some" Yami explained. Yes, he spent some hours in his laptop a few days ago, searching for nicknames that he could use.

"I see... thanks, that's... a nice detail" Yugi said shyly.

"Sure. And by the way, I didn't know my name was japanese" Yami announced. Yes, days ago, he had discover his name's meaning. "Darkness... how convenient" he thought.

"Yes, it is" Yugi said, sounding very nervous now. "Yami, can I... tell you something?" he asked, his voice almost shaking now. Yami blinked a few times, feeling confused about Yugi's sudden change of voice.


"Well... it's just that..." Whatever Yugi said next was blocked out by a high pitched scream that came from the living room. Yami inmediately run towards the sound, forgetting for a moment that Yugi was still on the phone. He was worried to say the least.

He reached the living room, entering and looking around the place. He found Mai standing on top of one the couches, while staring with terrified eyes at a single spot.

Yami looked to where the blonde was looking. And he froze too.

A... Rottweiler was there standing in an attack position next to Kaiba's legs, who was reading his book contently. The dog was growling loudly, almost glaring at Mai.

Yami almost sighed in relieve. Apparently the dog didn't notice him. So, very carefully, he started to take steps back. But then...

"Yami? Are you still there?" Yugi asked. And then, Yami made a stupid move.

"Yes, little one" he answered inmediately and without thinking. Then, his face paled. "Oh... damn" he thought.

The dog instantly looked at him. He could swear that the Rottweiler almost smiled wickedly when he caught the sight of him.

"Princess... stay where you are" Yami said, showing his left palm to the dog as a stop sign. But of course, the dog didn't obey, and instead she started walking towards Yami. "Princess, stay!" he exclaimed. And then, to his relieve, the dog stopped. He finally noticed that Princess had a leash that Kaiba was holding.

The truth was that Princess was a demon disguised as an angel. She was a one of the dogs that guarded the mansion. Yes, she could growl and bark and scared the hell out of people, but she wouldn't hurt a fly. But when it came to Yami... well, apparently the Rottweiler wasn't too fond of pornstars. A few months ago, for example, she chased Yami all the way around the mansion's gardens. That had been one of the most embarrasing moments in his life, since he ended up climbing a tree in hopes to escape from the furious beast.

"Yami?" The pornstar finally remembered Yugi. He cursed silently. This wasn't how he planned to talk to Yugi, at all.

"Aibou, I'm sorry I just..." he stopped, noticing that Kaiba had raise his hand, the one that hold the leash. And not only that, but his cousin was smirking in such a devilish way that almost gave him shivers.

"Run while you can" the blue eyed man warned.

"Don't you dare..." Yami try to said. But he could only watch with terror as Kaiba released the leash. Princess inmediately started to run towards him. "Fuck! Kaiba, I'll kill you for that! Mark my words!" he yelled, running out of the living room.

His heart almost stopped when he heard Princess's barks right behind him. He run as fast as he could, but the barks still sounded dangerously close.

And then, he could almost feel Princess's clawls against his skin. He was doomed now.

But then, his salvation. A door came into his his view. He opened it and entered, slaming the door almost on the dog's face.

He breathed heavily, trying to collect himself.

He looked up then, wanting to see where he was. But then, he raised his eyebrow.

He was in the bathroom.

"Hurray" he thought sarcastically. His eyes widened then. Yugi...

"Aibou?" he asked almost breathless.

"That was... weird" Yugi whispered. Yami smiled slightly.

"I'm sorry... I just..." he said, still having a hard time trying to breathe.

"Are you ok?" Yami nodded, even though he knew that Yugi couldn't see him.

"I'm fine. You see... we have this dog, a Rottweiler called Princess. And she... well, I don't think she likes me at all... And my cousin had the bright idea to unleash her..." he explained, clenching his fists. His cousin was dead. He will make him pay for this.

"I see" Yugi said, giggling loudly. Yami's heart melt instantly. Now, those were giggles, not like Mai's at all.

"It's not funny" he complained, though he was only joking. He was actually glad to hear Yugi's laugh.

"I'm sorry... but it is funny. Just imagining you being chased by a dog..." the little boy giggled again.

"You're mean, Yugi" Yami said, smiling widely.

"I know" the boy answered. Yami chuckled slightly now.

"So, how are you doing little one?" he asked, remembering Yugi's bruises and broken rib.

"I'm pretty good. I walked without pain today!" Yugi exclaimed happily.

"That's good to hear, aibou" Yami said. But then, he added darkly. "Those morons better not hurt you again"

"What? What do you mean?" Yugi asked, sounding somewhat fearful. Yami sighed.

"I won't let anyone hurt you again, little one. And if I have to give a lesson to those bullies then I wou..."

"No! Yami please, I don't want you to get into trouble because of me!"

"But aibou that won't cause me any trouble, really. I can beat them with a hand tied behind my back" Yami said.

"No! I promise I'll be more careful next time. But please don't get involve in this"

"But aibou..." Yami tried to reason.

"Please Yami!" Yugi insisted. Yami sighed, giving up.

"Fine. But if they hurt you again... I'll make them pay"

"I won't let them hurt me again then" Yugi said. He wasn't entirely sure how he will be able to do that, but he had to try. After all, he really didn't want Yami to get involve. Last thing he wanted was to cause problems to the other.

"Anyway, what where you trying to say before Princess interrupted?" Yami asked suddenly. He couldn't see it, but Yugi was blushing madly right now.

"I... well... I just would like to... see you again" he whispered, feeling shy again of all the sudden.

Yami's heart skipped a beat when he heard this.

"I would like to see you too" the pornstar said.


"Yes, really. In fact, we can... I don't know... go somewhere one of this days if you want" Yami said. "How about tomorrow... or today..." he thought. He really wanted to see Yugi again. Gods, he had waited six days already.

"Sure, I'll love that!" Yugi answered excitedly. Yami smiled widely. His mind started to think of all of the places they could go to.

"Well, we can go to the movies or the beach... there's this circus coming too" he said without thinking.

"A circus?" Yugi asked. Yami instantly froze. Did he said circus? No, he meant... citrus... ok, yes he said cirus.

"Damn" the pornstar thought, cursing his stupidity. Why couldn't he connect the mouth with the brain, damn it!

"Yeah... do you like them?" he asked. "Please say no, please say no, please say no, please say..."

"Yes! I love them!"

"In that case, would you like to go with me? I'll get first row sits if you want" the pornstar said automatically. But as soon as the words left his mouth, he felt the need to bang his head against the door. What was Yugi doing to him? He couldn't even think thanks to him! And now, he had just invited Yugi to a circus... a circus... a freaking circus! And it was pretty obvious that Yugi would accept his invitation... oh well, at least he was going out with Yugi, that was good enough. Just as long as he didn't make a fool of himself that is...


"Sure!" Yugi said. Yami could almost imaging Yugi bouncing up and down now, while clapping his hands or something. Well, good for Yugi... too bad for him...

"Ok then. I think the circus starts in two days. I'll call the ticket office and ask them, then we'll set the day and the hour, ok?" he asked.

"Ok, Yami" the boy excitedly.

"Your grandfather won't mind, right?" Yami asked, suddenly remembering the old man. He was sure he wouldn't be too happy about it.

"No, he'll be fine with it, don't worry" Yugi reassured. "I have to go now, my grandpa's calling me for lunch" the boy said, sounding a little dissaponted, or so Yami thought.

"Ok, little one. Take care"

"You too. Its was... really nice to talking to you. I can't wait to see you again" Yugi said, almost shyly. Yami smiled widely. He notice then that had smile a lot throughout his conversation with the boy. But, who wouldn't smile when talking with a little angel like Yugi?

"Same here, aibou. I'll talk to you soon" the pornstar said. After all they still had to set the day and the hour.

"Yeah. Bye, Yami"

"Goodbye, aibou" Yami said, ending the call. He sighed loudly then. He was happy, no way to deny that. Finally, he heard the voice of the little angel again. God, he felt like jumping out of joy at the moment. But, at the same time... he wasn't that excited at all. He just didn't want to make a fool of myself, and especially not in front of Yugi. Yes, he wanted to see the boy again. Actually he couldn't wait to see him... but...

"Of all the places in the world... I invite him to a circus... nice. Good job, Yami" he said to himself. "At least I'll be with him... god, I really can't wait to see him again" he whispered. He wasn't entirely sure why he wanted to see Yugi again so badly. Or maybe he knew... that boy captivated him since the first second he saw him. He was just... special somehow.

Another sigh escaped his lips.

"Better get out of here" he added. He was quite uncomfortable there to say the least.

He opened the door, but closed it inmediately when a black beast launched towards him. His heart started to beat faster, when he heard Princess's barks at the other side, and the scratches that the dog was making to the door. Great, now he was trapped until god knows when.

He leaned against the door, staring at his cellphone and thinking about Yugi again.

"Maybe I can tell him that the ticket office exploded or something" he whispered.

A circus, he had to go to a circus...

"I need a psychologist... and a good one"

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