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The plain text is Bella and the italics is Edward.


Hey Eddy!

Eddy? Since when do you call me Eddy?

Since now, you silly vampire. Now what are we doing after school today?

I thought you were working.

Nope. The Newtons all have the flu; they called and told me not to show.

Really?...That's too bad.

Don't write that's too bad like you mean it! I see your grin. You're happy.

Right, you caught me; I am happy that your stalker is sick.

He's not my stalker! He's just a little… enthusiastic.

Right… Enthusiastic. Because every enthusiastic teen boy trail girls around like golden retrievers.

Hey! He doesn't do that!

Bella, I love you, but you really need to pay attention. You don't have to be a vampire to tell that he has been crushing on you since your first day here. Don't tell me you haven't noticed.

All right, I've noticed; but that doesn't mean you have to call him names.

Fine, I won't. But I still have to say that it amazes me that after all this time, he still thinks he has a shot at you.

So he still hopes, big deal. You still haven't answered my question.

Which one was that?

I asked what you wanted to do after school today.

Ah. Let me think…Well, Alice and Jasper are free tonight; she has been bugging me to double-date with her.

Double-date? Really? You'd go for that?

Sure, why not?

I don't know, I just never pictured you double-dating for some reason. As a matter of fact I never really pictured you dating normally.

And why not?

Well, because we are so far off normal. And plus, most dates include dinner, and you don't really eat.

Well no one said we had to go out to eat. We could just see a movie or something.

Okay, sounds good. What do you wanna see?

Are you still against romances?

Yeah, they always just seem so fake to me now.

I know what you mean, I never got them either.

So what shall we see? Fantasy, comedy, gangster, or horror?

Definitely not gangster. What's available in fantasy?

Well, I think there is a Dracula remake.

I thought I asked about fantasy, not comedy.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

What else is there?

Will Ferrell has a new movie out.

Pass, I did not like his last one.

Picky, picky. So now we've got a scary movie about flesh eating puppets and a spy movie.

Let's go with the spy movie. Alice hates puppets.

Spy movie it is. Goody.

So shall I tell Alice, or do you want to?

I will. And Eddy? Make sure you get me a big tub of popcorn.

What is with this Eddy business? Do you see me calling you Belly?

No but, its fun and I don't mind what you call me, as long as you are mine.

Well don't worry, Belly, I am yours.

Oh if we weren't in Biology, we'd so be making out right now.

I know.

Quit winking at me all irresistibly at me I can't stand it when you do that! It's too cute!

winks so a large popcorn tonight?

Yep! And a coke too!

What is it with you mortals and your popcorn at the movies.

What? It's a classic with the movies! It's like peanuts and baseball games. It just works.

All right. I guess that's why I'm a vampire and not a human.

I guess so… Eddy?

Yes, Belly?

I love you.

I love you too.

Oh crap! Mr. Berty's coming! Scram!

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