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Eventually darkness overcame Robin and he felt he drifted into the blissful unawareness of unconsciousness. Only then did Slade throw down the whip and storm away, leaving the boy sprawled, bleeding, on the floor; and only then did Wintergreen return.

He sent the Sladebots away with a wave of his hand, leaving the Titans standing in the large room with him, before making his way to the boy. When neither Titan moved forward, he said, "I won't be able to carry him myself."

The cyborg and the dark girl came forward, hesitantly at first, before kneeling beside their friend.

None of them spoke for several minutes. Finally, the sorceress spoke.

"We have to get out of here," she said to the cyborg. She turned to Will. "We have to get him out of here."

Wintergreen said nothing. There was only one way out of this, he knew, and he would have to move carefully from here on.

"Will you carry him?" he asked the cyborg.

"Of course." The metal plated teen carefully lifted his friend from the floor. Even in his unconscious state, Robin let out a hiss of pain and a grimace crossed his features.

They carried the boy's bleeding and limp form to his room, laying him carefully on his stomach. Wintergreen set to work as the Titans sat to the side, at a loss for words. This had happened to the boy before, he knew, but none of them had seen it. Wintergreen certainly couldn't condone this.

"I'll be back in a moment," he told the two conscious teens, before leaving to fetch some medical supplies.

"She knows what to do, right?" Cyborg asked, looking away from Robin's battered body to meet Raven's eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"Starfire… she knows what to do?"

Raven could sense the worry in his tone, and responded quietly, "She can take care of herself."

They both hoped she was right.

Robin felt himself drifting through a fog, pain becoming the most prominent experience in his dazed state.

He clenched his teeth, biting back a groan of pain as he became aware of the central point of pain, his back. He opened his eyes a crack to see Wintergreen leaning over him, using medical scissors to cut away what was left of his shirt. The green t-shirt he had worn on the last mission was torn to shreds, as, he was sure, was the skin on his back.

As he became aware of his surroundings, he saw Raven and Cyborg sitting to the left of Wintergreen.

"Wha—" he was cut short by the sharp gasp that overtook him as Will set about removing the cloth stuck to his wounds.

"Shh, don't speak, kid," Wintergreen said. "Give yourself a few minutes to catch your breath." Robin did as he was told, letting his eyes drift shut again. After a few more minutes of silence, once he was bare from the waist up, Robin heard Wintergreen say, "Can you help me sit him up?"

Metallic hands met his upper arms, pulling him gently upright. Unable to support himself, Robin slumped against Cyborg's arm across his chest, holding him up. A small hand slipped into his, and closed around his. He tried to squeeze her hand back, but he didn't have the strength.

"I have to clean the wounds," Wintergreen said remorsefully. "I'm going to give you a light sedative, save you some pain, alright?" Robin murmured his consent, already on the verge of unconsciousness again.

As the needle pricked his arm, he felt breath against his ear as Wintergreen whispered to him, "How do I contact him?"

Robin murmured back, just before drifting into sleep, "05198237."

Starfire shivered in the night air. She had been drugged and dropped off, alone and unsure of her location. She rubbed her arms, both to warm them and comfort herself. She could not imagine what was happening to her friends at this moment, and she forced herself to push those thoughts aside, in hopes of finding help.

She had to find the Batman, she knew, but how? It was then that she heard the voice behind her.

"Well hello there, sister dear." Blackfire's shadow loomed over her as her sister took flight, a starbolt already formed around her right fist.

Wintergreen walked quickly to the mainframe. The boy's wounds had been cleaned and wrapped, and he had been left in a deep sleep. The Titans had been returned to their rooms. Slade had left base, presumably to drop off the alien girl. He didn't have much time.

He knew that he was about to make one of the worst decisions of his life, but he had had enough. Smacking the boy around occasionally, that was once thing, but beating him to within an inch of his life… that he could not, would not tolerate. He had watched Slade tear apart his own family through violence, leading his own son to death. He would not let it happen to another family.

He typed in the codes, and waited anxiously as the screen flared to life. He appeared on the screen. The black cowl wrinkled slightly as the man narrowed his eyes suspiciously at Will.

"Who are you?" the man growled, staring down at the person who had contacted him.

Wintergreen took a deep breath, bracing himself for what he was about to say. There would be no going back. "I am the man who is going to help you save your son, Mr. Wayne."

True to his reputation, the Batman was unphased, his facial expression not changing at all.

"I'm listening."