You guuuysss! :'( I feel like such a bad person. It's been what, nearly 3 years? Going through all the old reviews has made me want to try my hand at this again. I hope I haven't lost you all...

Hopefully you'll all be pleased to know I'm keeping the prologue the same, with a tad bit of editing here and there. All in all, it means less editing time in general because yes, I am still going to re-write this fic as I think it's too immensely sucky for it to stay the way it is.

Why is it I always think of FF around my exam period? I'll try and start the editing process after my last exam (should be around the end of June).

I'll make a promise to try and get the editing done by the end of July. If I don't, you've all got my expressed permission to kill and or torture me in anyway you see fit. -nervous laughter- Also, once the editing is done I'm probably gonna delete this and resubmit it.

Feel free to read the prologues again and the other chapters (even though they will most likely go through a pretty big change) to refresh your memories on the story line :)

Again, I'm really sorry for being so inactive these last few year :(

Love you all!

Kiera xx