Five Sensations For You

Summary: She was his capture, thus making her his to claim. How the relationship between them cultivated over time was unlike any another. "Nothing we use or hear or touch can be expressed in words that equal what we are given by the senses."–Hannah Arendt; Drabbles (SasorixSakura)

1: Seeing is Believing (Sight)





"To the River" by Edgar Allen Poe

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"But when within thy wave she looks–

Which glistens then, and trembles–

Why, then, the prettiest of brooks

Her worshipper resembles;

For in his heart, as in thy stream,

Her image deeply lies–

His heart which trembles at the beam

Of her soul-searching eyes."

-To the River, Edgar Allen Poe

Still as statue he appeared so stoic, so taciturn. Angelic with wavy locks of crimson and profound carmine eyes, he could capture anyone's attention with his subtle appearance and calculating stare. The puppet master's lethal panjandrum is what ensnared her the most: His analyzing yet placid gaze, his diabolical smirk, his captivating, sanguine pupils. She couldn't help it but to fall deep into his garnet pools of erudition and paramount aptitude.

By Kami-sama, Sakura reckoned she could be drowned in those piercing, blood-red orbs of his. His scrutiny alone had some bizarre affects on her and that stimulated Sakura to be wary, not to mention extremely tense and alert.

"So," he drawled out, his lilting timbre wafting mellifluously through the shattered tranquility of the battered vicinity, "are you ready to begin?"

Sakura clenched her fists, shifting her weight directly on the soles of her feet. Her eyebrows furrowed irefully, her face scrunched in deep concentration.

"Ready when you are!" she hissed acridly and Sasori smirked lightly at her vigor, looking amusingly down at her.

"So feisty, kuniochi," he stated lucidly, vanishing abruptly from his current position. Sakura's verdant pupils widen instantly, alarmed by the ex-Suna criminal's disappearance.

Where did he go—?

Precipitately, Sakura saw a flash of crimson and an arm shot out of nowhere, pinning her to the terrestrial wall with incredible force. Shinobi senses immediately kicking in, Sakura ferociously fought back, desperately clawing and punching to inflict astronomical pain onto the regaled puppeteer. Mechanical cords constructed into his body rapidly shot out from their respectable places and constricted themselves around Sakura's limbs and corporal being, restraining her convulsive movements pronto.

"Bastard!" she spat and Sasori chuckled sadistically at her vulgar. Head tilting in curiosity, he reached out effortlessly and tenderly placed his hand against Sakura's cheek. Sakura's senses tingled chaotically and her heart hammered haphazardly against her chest as Sasori's fingers gingerly grazed her flesh, absorbing the warmth of her skin. Green eyes dilated in puzzlement, fear, furor, and anticipation. Witnessing the whirligig of emotions dancing in her emerald orbs, Sasori's conniving smirk quirked upwards into a wanton, complacent grin.

"You have such beautiful eyes," he commented simply, causing a gasp to escape Sakura's lips. "I can only hope once I'm through with you, you'll be gazing at me with a more affectionate impression rather than this unessential contempt and choler you possess right now."

Prior to Sakura could even opened her mouth and indignantly rave a couple of threats she probably couldn't carry out, a sharp pain erupted around her nape and vertigo swiftly shrouded her conscious state.

"…you're mine now, kuniochi." Sakura faintly heard Sasori utter and she moan despairingly inside her head. The last sight she saw before passing out was a pair of penetrating, vermillion eyes flaming with pure triumphant…and unspoken appetency.

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