Ok, kinda got bored one day and I wondered what the Unicron Trilogy would have been like if Prime had been a girl. So, the story wouldn't leave me alone until I got most of it written down and all. There might be other stories that I might get up abuot what would happen if different characters had been female or vice versa. Anyways, enough of my mindless chatter, on with the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Transformer; however I do own the plot.


The sound of hr pounding feet against the metal ground echoed around her as she ran. She had lost the feeling in her leg a week ago, her left optic had stopped transmitting images weeks ago, her left arm was dangling helplessly at her side, and, to top it all off, her sparkling as due in a week. That is, however, if she was still alive and functioning by then. Emotional pain raced through her systems and she struggled to control the anguished cry as it formed in her vocal processor.

How could he have done that to her? If he had asked she would have agreed in a sparkbeat, but to be forced to bond her spark to his? The minute he had forced her, that had killed her then. And the end result lay growing in her womb chamber, unaware of how it had come into being. It was all she had ever wanted, to bring his child into the world, but now? Now she wasn't sure what she wanted anymore.

She slipped on the wet ground, falling forward as pain laced through her body. She turned herself sideways so she wouldn't land on her abdomen and accidentally kill her sparkling. More pain laced her body as she connected with the ground. She bit back her scream and struggled to her feet.

She wasn't sure where she was going, but something inside her spark told her to go this way. She just knew that salvation was just a little bit farther away. She started running again, all too aware of the painful burning sensation that her child's spark was causing her. She leant against one of the broken, abandoned buildings and pressed her hand angrily over her stomach, waiting for the burning to cease. When it finally stopped, she started running again.

She knew her fuel levels were low. Her body was a mess of broken armor and fuel lines, leaking energon all over her and the ground. She had rerouted different energy sources to her spark and womb chamber, desperate to keep both of them alive at all costs. She knew that this price she was paying was slowly killing her.

She slipped again and tumbled forward. She was unable to turn so her child would be unharmed because of how close the buildings were. She closed her optic shutters as she awaited the deadly impact that would claim her poor sparkling or both of them. The impact never came; instead a pair of strong arms caught her and pulled her back to her feet. She looked up and let out a cry of joy.

"Scavenger!" She shouted as she wrapped her arms around her old teacher.

"Oriona? Is that you under this?" Scavenger's gruff voice asked.

She nodded as tears flowed freely down her face. She hugged him tightly and cried into his chest.

"Easy Oriona." He said as he gently stroked her damaged back. "What happened?"

"Megatron hurt me." Oriona Pax whimpered. "He forced me to bond with him and when I tried to resist him, he turned violent."

"Megatron did this?" Scavenger asked in shock. "I thought he loved you."

"So did I." Oriona sobbed. "And I'm carrying our child!"

"Oh Oriona." Scavenger sighed. "Ssh, it's ok. You're amongst friends now." He said softly as he picked her up.

He turned and started walking slowly away from the abandoned buildings. He looked down at the crying femme in his arms and felt his spark fill with pain. She used to be so lively and happy, always looking at the bright side and willing to help whoever needed it. But now she was only a mere shadow of her former self. He vowed that he would make Megatron pay dearly for hurting her like this. He would make him pay dearly.

As he neared the training base that he was currently staying at, he heard her slip into recharge. He sped up, heading straight towards the med bay, his spark filling with fear and concern. If her fuel and energy levels were too low she would die. He pushed the doors aside and had to duck as a wrench was thrown at him.

"Slag it Ratchet! Now isn't the time for that!" Scavenger snapped as he glared at the red and white CMO. "Oriona's life might be on the line!"

Ratchet stopped in midswing as he went to hurl another wrench at Scavenger for entering the med bay after it was closed for the night. He looked at the offline femme in Scavenger's arms and cursed. "Then put her on a berth frag it!" He snarled. "Red Alert! Get the operating equipment now!" He shouted at a smaller, younger red, blue, and white mech.

Red Alert took off to get the necessary equipment while Ratchet gave Oriona's body a full diagnostic scan. He growled as he found nothing but damage and more damage. Then he felt his energon freeze in his circuits as he scanned her midsection. He choked back a moan as he closed his optics.

"The sparkling needs to be moved NOW!" He growled. "Scavenger, go to the storage area at the back of the med bay; there should be some protoforms." He ordered.

Red Alert appeared at that moment and started hooking several life-saving devices to Oriona. He looked at Ratchet and frowned. "Is she going to make it?" He asked.

"Frag it, she's better!" Ratchet replied. "She has to raise her own sparkling!"

Scavenger reappeared at that moment with a protoform cradled in his arms. "Let's do this." He said gruffly.


Oriona groaned as she turned her optics on. She was looking up at a blank white ceiling and wondered how she had gotten there. Then she noticed that all of her pain was gone, her systems were running properly…and her womb chamber was empty. She bolted upright and felt her stomach in desperation. It was completely flat, as apposed to the slight bulge that had been there. She felt tears well up in her optics as she pictured the worst case scenario as to what happened to her helpless child.

"So you finally awaken." A cranky voice sounded above her. She looked up into a set of angry blue optics and let out a happy cry.

"Ratchet!" She shouted as she tried to stand up only to have him push her back down.

"Don't try to move. You still have to recover a little more from your surgery." He replied as he lifted an optic ridge. "What did you do? Play "Catch-me-if-you-can" with a feral cybercat?"

Oriona deflated. "I tried to resist Megatron's attempt at bonding." She whispered.

Ratchet blanched and his optics widened. "Megatron did this?" He asked in disbelief.

Oriona nodded as a tear spilled out of her optic. "What became of my sparkling?" She whispered.

Ratchet smiled at that point. "Red Alert!" He shouted over his shoulder.

"Coming!" A voice answered. Oriona watched as the young mech, who must have only recently entered his youngling years, came running over cradling a bundle of wires and yellow metal to his chest. He stopped in front of her and held out the bundle to her. "Here you are Ma'am! One slightly finicky sparkling." Red Alert stated.

Oriona reached out and picked the sparkling up almost like she was in a trance. The sparkling looked up at her with baby blue optics. It giggled as it reached towards her and she pulled it up against her chest. She felt tears stream down her face as she looked into her creation's face. The top of its optics sloped gently downwards, reminding her immediately of Megatron. She watched as it snuggled against her and fell asleep.

"It's a mech." Ratchet stated, his voice softer than before now that he saw how happy Oriona was.

Oriona nodded. "I'll name him Hot Shot." She stated. "With Megatron as his father he'll have a temper and be a complete show-off."


Several thousand years had passed since Hot Shot had come online. He had grown and became the focus point of everyone in the training base. Everyone loved him, even grouchy ol'Ratchet adored him, except when Hot Shot messed with his tools then the little sparkling ran for dear life.

Oriona had joined the Autobots almost the instant an all out war had been announced against the Decepticons. She still had yet to see a real battle, but she was still one of the most deadly shots at the base. Not to mention she could throw a compact metal ball at any target and hit it dead on.

She was often pitted against a white, arrogant, smart-mouthed mech named Jetfire during training, with her coming out as the winner 9 times out of 10. Jetfire often said that he was just being nice and going easy on her because she was a femme. She didn't care what the white Seeker said, preferring to tune him out when his mouth started flapping, metaphorically speaking since he wore a face mask 24/7.

She was sitting on a bench over looking the target range as some of the Elite fighters got in some fun. Amongst them was Sentinel Prime, the aging leader of the Autobots. Oriona didn't doubt his battle prowess, but she couldn't understand why he had taken the position so late in his life. She felt a small pair of hands grab her arm and she looked down into Hot Shot's baby blue optics.

"Mama!" He whined. "Scavenger won't pway wid me!"

Oriona smiled as she pulled him onto her lap. "Scavenger is busy with battlefield tactics, sweetspark." She said as she held him against her chest.

"But why? The Depicons aren't attawking us." He huffed.

"It's a precaution, sparkling. Just incase the "duwpid Depicons" attack." She replied as she purposely garbled her words. Hot Shot giggled in response. "Do you remember what you have to do if they come?" She asked.

"I 'ide in Watchet's med bay and don't come out until Watchet tells me too." Hot Shot replied.

"What? Not going to let the kid fight?" Jetfire's voice asked.

"He's a sparkling you thick-plated idiot! Of course he isn't fighting!" She snapped.

Jetfire huffed. "No need to explode Paxy." He replied, calling her by the nickname that Scavenger often called her.

Oriona stood up, all ready to start chewing out the over-sized pile of bolts, when she was sent toppling into the Seeker as an explosion rocked the base. The alarm system went off and Oriona's optics widened. She put Hot Shot on the ground as she pulled out her gun.

"Hot Shot, get to Ratchet, NOW!" She ordered.

Hot Shot nodded and scurried off towards the med bay as fast as his tiny legs could go. She turned to Jetfire and they both sprinted down the hallway towards the entrance. A laser blasted through the wall as a tall, grey Decepticon stepped into view. Oriona fired once and blasted him back through the hole that he had entered through. Jetfire chuckled as they continued to race through the base.

"Sentinel, what's the situation?" Jetfire asked over the com-link.

"We have the main Decepticon generals attacking. They must have known that we had all gathered here." Sentinel replied.

"Well, we'll just have to send them packing!" Oriona stated as she skidded around the corner, her heels screeching against the metal floor.

"Did I ever mention that I like the way you think?" Jetfire asked.

"Nope." Oriona replied as they rounded the last corner and found the others fighting the Decepticons. "Usually you say that I'm a stupid femme with a glitchy CPU."


"Fly boy, corner pocket!" Oriona snarled as she blasted a white, pink, and yellow Seeker with helicopter blades on his back into a slightly smaller green mech.

"Not a bad shot!" Jetfire stated as he blasted another Seeker. "Take that wannabe!"

"I'm still one up on you!" Oriona teased.

At that moment she felt a presence that she hadn't felt for several thousand years. She almost dropped her gun in fear as she sensed his spark pulsing nearby. She back up a little and shot the helicopter Seeker again as he tried to get up.

"Slag it! How did he get in?!" She heard Blur shout.

A cruel, dark, and evil laugh ran throughout the entranceway. Oriona shrank back fearfully, but shot the helicopter once again.

"Take the fragging hint and stay down!" She snarled.

"Watch it glitch! You're going to see what happens when you mess with Cyclonus!" The Seeker shouted before he cackled like an idiot. He tried to stand up again and Oriona pulled a hard, steel ball out of her subspace. She threw it at him with enough grace that put a professional baseball player to shame and it connected squarely with his groin. He squealed and fell over, rendered unable to move for a while now.

"Watch!" Blur shouted as a laser shot towards her. Jetfire leapt in front of her and took the shot to his stomach.

"Jetfire!" She screamed as he fell backwards. She fell to her knees beside him and look at him in shock. "Oh Primus! Jetfire get up!"

"Behind you." The white Seeker wheezed.

Oriona shot to her feet with her gun up. Her optics widened in fear as the towering purple and green mech glared down at her with blood red optics. Two tall antlers stood up on either side of his head and a large gun was attached to his back. He smiled cruelly at her, revealing four long and deadly sharp fangs.

"Well, well, well. So this is where you've been hiding all these years." The mech growled as he stepped towards her.

Oriona stood frozen to the spot as she watched the mech approach her and she felt a sudden cold, endless darkness latch onto her spark. She tried to push it away but it wasn't working; it was clinging to her. The mech laughed.

"Oh my little Oriona Pax. You think that you can just push my spark away? After it hasn't touched yours in 3 thousand years?" He mocked.

"Leave me alone, Megatron." She whispered. She lifted her gun level with his face but it was shaking badly in her grip.

"You couldn't kill me." Megatron whispered as he grabbed her arm. "You don't have it in you."

He dragged her forwards until she was pinned tightly against him. His other hand grabbed a hold of her armor just below her collar and pulled her up to his level. He grinned as he moved her closer again and captured her lips. Oriona's body stiffened as Megatron kissed her and began to slowly work her mouth open. As soon as his glossa entered her mouth, she could taste his change. He was more possessive than before, and, as strange as it sounded, he even tasted evil. As the kiss lengthened she felt the darkness tighten around her spark and slowly everything started disappearing from sight. Before long all she could see was the never-ending blackness, all she felt was Megatron's lips and his glossa, and all she could sense was complete and utter darkness.

When Megatron finally pulled away from her, she felt lost. The darkness pressed in around her in an attempt to suffocate her. She reached out with her hands and felt nothing in front of her. She panicked and tried to scream, but she couldn't make a sound. Her spark felt frozen and she tried desperately to reach out to anyone who would care, but all she met was darkness.

She was almost ready to give up all hope when she saw a soft, glowing light ahead of her. She reached out towards it and forced her legs to move; they were numb from the cold that was within her spark and body. Each step took her closer to the light, closer to salvation, and farther away from the freezing darkness. She reached out to touch the light when another hand reached out of the glowing light and pulled her into a gentle embrace. She looked up into Jetfire's face, his entire body glowing softly, and she watched him raise a hand and trail it across her check in a loving gesture.

"I won't let you get hurt ever again." He stated softly. "Never again, I promise."

She smiled as the whole world exploded around her with soft, white light.

Her optics fared to life and she heard several shouts of joy and relief. She saw Scavenger, Sentinel Prime, Blur, Ratchet, Red Alert, Jetfire, and Hot Shot gathered around her and she realized that she was in the med bay. She blinked as she sat up slowly; she felt like she had just fallen off of a tall building. She looked at their worried faces and tilted her head.

"What happened?" She asked.

"You passed out during the attack, just before those Decepticreeps retreated." Jetfire stated, his usual cocky tone replaced with a much calmer, caring tone.

Oriona blinked once before her optics widened in horror, slammed her hands over her mouth, and burst into tears. Several shouts of shock rang out at her actions. Almost none of the gathered mechs expected her to react like that.

"Red Alert, take Hot Shot somewhere else and stay with him please." Ratchet stated.

Oriona felt and arm wrap around her shoulders and she turned into the owner's chest and started sobbing. She heard Hot Shot asking why he wasn't allowed to stay and she was suddenly thankful that Ratchet had sent her son away; she didn't want her innocent, little sparkling to know anything about his father. A large hand rubbed her back to comfort her as she sobbed. Her arms wrapped around the waist of her comforter as she tried to hold onto whatever reality she could.

"Oriona, please, what happened?" Scavenger asked.

"Tell me he isn't one of them." She begged.

"I'm sorry Oriona, he is." Ratchet said softly. "He leads them."

She whirled around to look at the CMO. "He started this war?" She whispered in horror.

"Yes Oriona." Scavenger said. He was standing beside Ratchet, his arms crossed and his optics full of pity.

"Who are we talking about?" Jetfire asked. Oriona realized that Jetfire was holding her and yet she didn't care.

"The mech that attacked you and Oriona." Scavenger replied sadly.

"So, why does he matter? We just have to send him to the scrap heap and free all the Minicons to win this war." Blur stated angrily.

Oriona bit her lip as she struggled to control the wail that was working up her throat. She pulled her arms back and wrapped them instead around herself as she fought back the fresh wave of tears. Jetfire hugged her gently when he realized how distressed she had become by the statement.

"It matters to me, Blur, because he is Megatron." She replied around a sob. "And he is my mate."

She broke down into tears as everyone other than Ratchet and Scavenger stared at her in shock. She half-expected Jetfire to say some cruel remark about her, but he pulled her up against his body and sighed.

"I understand why you left him Paxy. He's the biggest fragging aft-head I've ever met." Jetfire said softly.

Oriona sniffled. "He used to care about me." She sobbed.

"Megatron has changed too much; he's become pure evil." Ratchet stated.

"I know." She replied. "His spark is nothing but darkness. It ensnared me and I almost couldn't get back."

"How did you get back?" Sentinel asked.

Oriona looked back at Jetfire and smiled softly. "I saw a soft, glowing light and headed towards it." She replied.

No one knew what to say to her, but Sentinel wanted to talk with her later on tactics to use against the Decepticons. Hot Shot came tearing over to her the second he was allowed to and leapt into her arms. He was shaking as he cried into her shoulder, begging her never to leave him like that again.


Five thousand years later, Oriona smiled as she watched Hot Shot train with the other Autobots, even though he was too young to really do anything. His aim was pretty decent, but he wasn't anywhere near being big enough to go head to head against any of the older Autobots.

"Yoh! Paxy!" A female voice shouted.

Oriona turned and smiled at the approaching red and orange femme. "Hey Dag." She replied. She smiled down at the tiny mech clinging to her leg. "Hello Padlock." She added.

The femme's optics twinkled as she picked up her sparkling and the face mask that she wore moved slightly. Even though she was a Seeker, she had no really pronounced wings to prove it. She had been nicknamed "Wingless Seeker" by Jetfire, earning him more than one reproachful look. She had left the Decepticons for similar reasons that Oriona had; her mate had gotten abusive, expect for her it was while she was carrying their sparkling. She had fled and headed to where she hoped she could be safe. When Oriona had seen her she convinced everyone that she had to be protected. That had been about three thousand years previous.

"So, how is our little Hot Shot doing?" The Seeker asked.

"Not bad Wingdagger." Oriona replied to her old friend. "He's a little slow with his counterattacks but he'll learn."

Wingdagger chuckled. "Mech, Megatron would kill someone if he learnt that his son isn't the best fighter in the base." She stated.

Oriona winced. "Some take longer than others." She replied rather bluntly.

"Right. Sorry." Wingdagger apologized.

Just as Oriona was about to reply, Jetfire raced over to them. He looked uneasy about something and Oriona knew that something bad was going to happen. They had started dating each other soon after Megatron's first attack on the base and everyone said that they were made for each other.

"What's wrong?" She asked her jumpy boyfriend.

"The others just got back from a battle and Sentinel doesn't look good. He's ordered us to the med bay to see him." The white Seeker replied. He smiled slightly as he reached over and tickled Padlock's chin.

Oriona gave Jetfire a worried look. "Should we get the ones in the target range?" She asked.

"No, Sentinel just wants us." Jetfire replied.

Oriona and Wingdagger nodded and they all rushed to the med bay, Padlock still with them since he barely ever left his mother's side. When they entered they found Scavenger, Blur, and Ratchet already standing around Sentinel Prime's bed. Oriona was directed closest to the Autobot leader while Wingdagger stood beside Blur and Jetfire beside Ratchet. Sentinel Prime looked at them all and his blue optics filled with sadness.

"I'm sorry about this." He said as his voice cracked. "But I fear that my time left here is short."

"What do you mean?" Oriona asked.

"Megatron damaged me good." He replied. "I should have taken your advice, Oriona, and kept my gun trained on him."

Oriona sighed. "I'm sorry sir." She replied.

"Don't be. You did not shoot me." He replied with a soft smile. "Now listen. This is the Matrix of Leadership." He said as he opened his chest compartment and pulled out a gold circular object with handles attached. "Every Prime that has ever been has held this within them. Use it to find the next Prime." He said softly. "It will glow powerfully and reformat whomever it believes should be the next Prime." He finished as he held it out to Oriona to grab hold of since she was closest.

The minute her fingers slid into the holds on the Matrix, it glowed a bright blue. Oriona gasped as she was engulfed by the light. She herself shifting around and she could swear that her body was extended past her current height of 24 feet, which was considered average. As the light faded she realized that everyone was staring at her in shock, including Sentinel.

"Rise Optimus Prime, new leader of the Autobots." A deep, rumbling voice stated.

"Me?" She asked. "I'm the new Prime?"

"I never thought that it would choose a femme." Sentinel wheezed. "Good luck, Optimus Prime."

She watched in shocked awe as his optics went out and his body changed from azure blue to black. She stared at her previous leader's dead body as she started shaking. She looked down at the Matrix and shook her head.

"It's made a mistake! I can't lead the Autobots!" She stated as she held it out to Scavenger.

"The Matrix wouldn't have chosen you if it didn't think you were capable Ori, I mean Optimus." Scavenger stated as he shook his head.

"I can't lead!" She cried out. "I can't stare at Megatron without dying of a sparkattack!"

"None of us can Ori...er, Optimus." Jetfire stated.

She looked at them all, begging them with her optics to take over. None of them moved for what felt like an eternity. Then, all at once, they sank to their knees and bowed. She shook her head angrily.

"Don't do that!" She screamed. "I'm not the Prime!"

"You are." Scavenger stated as he stood back up.

"But I don't want this!" She cried as she looked down at the Matrix. "All I want…." She started to say.

"Is too have your son grow up safely." The deep voice stated again.

She blinked at the Matrix and looked away. "Open your chest compartment and place the Matrix over your spark compartment." The voice stated.

She blinked a few more times. "Frag that!" She shouted, startling everyone since she wasn't one to swear. She also forgot that Padlock was still in the room. "There is no way I'm opening my chest plate with a whole mess of mechs in the room!"

Wingdagger groaned. "Everyone look away so Ms. Self-conscious can do her thing!" She stated dramatically.

Everyone turned around and she couldn't help but grumble. "Don't peek!" She snapped at Jetfire as she caught him glancing back at her.

She placed the Matrix on the bedside table as she moved her chest plate aside. She sighed as she picked the Matrix back up and placed it over top of her spark compartment. She was amazed by how nicely it fit. She closed her chest plate and everyone turned around.

"Ok, I peeked." Jetfire confessed, his optics flashing with laughter.

She glared at him. "You are so lucky that we're dating." She snapped as she fought against a smile.

Jetfire laughed before he caught her suddenly sullen face. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Doesn't this mean that we're over?" She asked softly. "I'm Prime now, how could we ever make this work?"

'Make him your Second-in-Command.' The voice stated in her head. Surprisingly she didn't yelp in shock.

She took a deep breath. "My first decision as Prime is to make Jetfire my Second-in-Command." She stated.

Nobody seemed surprised by her decision. She ran a hand over her head and blinked as she felt something sticking up beside her head. She placed her other hand on the other side of her head and felt the exact same thing.

"What the?" She asked.

"You didn't know those were there?" Ratchet asked.

"Uh, no." She replied. She glanced over at him and frowned. "Did you shrink Ratch?" She asked.

Ratchet grinned. "No you grew. Guess you got reformatted big time." He replied.

She blinked several times before she walked over to the full length mirror at the back of the med bay. She gasped as she saw her reflection. Her mouth was covered by a face plate and she had an antenna on either side of her head that hadn't been there before. Her golden optics stared out at her from an alien face and body. Her chest was red, her legs and helmet were blue, her arms were white, and there was a set of cannons on each of her arms.

"Oh Primus." She whispered as she reached her hand out and touched the mirror, her reflection doing the same. "Is that really me?"

"Hey Jetfire." Hot Shot's voice asked. She turned and watched her son approach Jetfire. "Have you seen my mom around? She wasn't waiting for me when my training ended."

She felt her spark constrict painfully in her chest. Hot Shot didn't even recognize her.

"Hot Shot." She said softly. He spun to look at her. She smiled, then remembered that she was wearing a face mask and sighed. "Hot Shot it's me, your mother." She said.

Hot Shot backed away. "No you're not." He stated. "My mother looks nothing like you."

"Hot Shot please!" She begged. "It's me, really."

"Just because you sound like my mom doesn't mean you are her." The small, yellow mech stated.

She felt her spark constrict even more. Jetfire stepped forward. "Listen kid, she's telling you the truth." He snapped. "She's just no longer Oriona Pax. You're looking at Optimus Prime, the first femme leader of the Autobots."

Hot Shot blinked in confusion. "What? Why would my mother be chosen? She doesn't like to fight! Why didn't Wingdagger take over, or you?" He asked,

"Because Optimus was chosen." Ratchet stated. "Nothing can undo it."

Hot Shot blinked back tears. "But why my mother!?" He demanded.

She rushed forward and fell to her knees beside her child. She hugged him to her chest as she rocked back and forth. He bawled into her chest as she rubbed her hand along his head.

"Ssh, ssh. It's okay Hot Shot, I'm right here." She murmured. "I might be Optimus Prime now, but I'll always be your mother."


Two thousand years later and Optimus Prime was leading the Autobots like no Prime before. She never sent anyone into a fight that she wouldn't do herself. No one doubted her anymore and they all followed her without a second thought. Megatron still had a temporary lead on the amount of Minicons working for him, but Optimus and the Autobots were slowly making a comeback.

Megatron was completely oblivious to the fact that Optimus was his mate, or that she was privately seeing Jetfire. He only saw her as some annoying Autobot femme that had somehow made it as Prime. She was thankful for that and she had also successfully managed to block out his spark when they met on the battlefield.

At the moment Optimus was busy fighting Megatron for possession of a Minicon named Sparkplug. Optimus was winning only because she was smaller and more agile than her larger, weighed down mate. She was taunting him, making sure to camouflage her voice, and was sending him into a furious rage. He whipped his huge gun around and started blasting at her in blind rage.

"Jetfire! Get over here and get Sparkplug out of here!" She ordered over her com-link.

"Got it!" The white Seeker replied. "You know you have taken pretty good to ordering others around." He added as a joke.

She saw Jetfire fly down and grab the small, yellow Minicon before flying off towards the base.

"Autobots; fall back!" She ordered.

She watched her troops run back towards the base, all the while shooting at the Decepticons. She saw Wingdagger shoot her mate Starscream clean out of the sky as he tried to follow her before heading back to base. Optimus spun and went to transform when a laser blast struck her in the back. She flew forwards and landed in a crumpled heap on the ground. She groaned as she rolled onto her back and came face-to-charging-end with Megatron's cannon. She was momentarily taken back, accidentally dropped her protective shield around her spark for a moment, and felt Megatron's spark home in on hers.

Megatron's once sneering face turned to bewilderment as he stared down at her. "Oriona?" He asked in shock.

"You wish." Optimus growled. "Oriona Pax left a while back. She couldn't stand all the fighting." She half-lied, after all he wasn't Oriona Pax anymore.

"Decepticons; return to base." Megatron ordered.

She saw Starscream stagger to his feet as several others retreated. She noted that quiet a few of the Decepticon were dead along with two or three Autobots. She sent a silent prayer to them and thanked them for their bravery.

Megatron grabbed her by her throat and hoisted her up to his level. She gasped in shock and struggled against him, grabbing his arm instinctively. Using his other hand he grabbed hold of her face mask and ripped off. He chuckled as he crushed it in his hand and let the shattered remains fall. Optimus looked at the remains and swallowed painfully, knowing that Megatron wasn't fooled in the least.

"I really wish you would stop hiding from me Oriona." He purred as he clamped his mouth over hers.

He ran his glossa over her lips and she opened her mouth. If he had been paying attention he would have seen her golden optics flash dangerously. As his glossa slid past her lips, she bit down hard and smiled as she heard him cry out in pain and shock. He yanked his glossa back and placed his free hand over his mouth as energon oozed past his lips. Optimus huffed and spit his energon that was in her mouth onto him.

"You can have that back." She snapped.

Megatron glared at her as he pulled his hand away from his mouth. "You're going to wish that you hadn't done that." He growled.

"Oh really?" She replied. "And how do you figure that?"

Megatron grinned, energon still running down his face from his mouth, as he tightened his hold on her. She barely had time to blink before his other fist connected with the side of her head. She blacked out and went limp in his arms, for once in her life as Optimus Prime she couldn't fight back. The last thing that she heard was his triumphant laughter.


Optimus came to with a groan. She reached her hand up and felt the dent where Megatron had struck her. She really should have seen that one coming, it was Megatron after all. She gave her head a small shake as she sat up. She placed her hand on her chest and froze. She looked down and saw that she was in her protoform mode; in other words she was naked and Primus only knows where her armor was or what had happened while she had been out cold.

A hand suddenly trailed across her face and her optics widened in fear. She turned her head to the left and stared down into Megatron's red optics. He too was in his protoform mode and it was taking all of her will power NOT to let her optics wander farther down his body.

'Why do the evil mechs always have to be perfect?' She thought. 'Would it kill him to STOP being so perfect?'

Megatron sat up at that point and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her against his chest and she couldn't help but sigh. Her hand left her chest and landed gently in his lap, brushing against something that made her blush up and him moan in pleasure. His hands were placed on either side of her exposed chest and his fingers were digging in softly.

"Oh how I've missed you Oriona." He purred.

"I've missed you too, Megatron." Optimus replied. "And my name is Optimus now." She added.

Megatron lifted her head up and stared into her optics. "You will always be Oriona." He stated before he kissed her.

Optimus blew air out of her vents softly as she returned the kiss. His now fixed glossa slid against her lips and she opened her mouth in response. He ran his glossa along her teeth and as it brushed against her glossa she could once again taste his changes. As he pulled his glossa back into his mouth, she quickly slid hers into his mouth. It mapped out the familiar cavern and she ran her glossa along each of his fangs. As her glossa reentered her own mouth, Megatron flipped her onto her back and purred hungrily.

"Just as stimulating as ever." He stated as he positioned himself over top of her.

Optimus' optics widened in horror as she understood what he wanted. "No! Megatron please! I'm not ready for this!" She squeaked.

Megatron purred as he opened his chest compartment. "Yes you are." He replied with a husky voice.

He slid her chest compartment open and frowned. "Well this is an interesting spark container cover." He commented as he lifted the Matrix of Leadership out. He placed it beside her head and smiled. "Ah this must have been what was blocking your spark from me." He added as he looked down at her.

Optimus shivered as she felt Megatron's reach out over their bond and connect their sparks. His evil clung to her and she was scared; she feared getting lost in the darkness again. She focused on Megatron as he opened her spark compartment and brushed his fingers against her spark. She bit back the moan that was building inside of her. She gasped as she felt him claim her and she couldn't help but go with him. Then he placed his spark against hers and Optimus accepted it. A bright aura of blue light surrounded them as their interface intensified. It lasted a few more minutes before Megatron pulled his spark back and rolled off of her panting. He closed his spark and chest compartment as Optimus placed the Matrix of Leadership back over her spark compartment.

"That will be burnt into my memory forever." Megatron stated as he pulled her close to him.

He lifted her head up and kissed her passionately. Optimus melted in his arms as she returned the kiss. She placed her hands on either side of his head and his arms wrapped around her waist. She pulled back and rested her head on his chest and slipped into recharge. She missed the burning sensation of something leaving her spark chamber and resting in her womb chamber.


Optimus yawned as she came back online. She turned her optics on and stared into Megatron's chest. She smiled as she rested her head against his chest with a sigh. She remembered last night…and then she remembered Hot Shot and Jetfire.

Her optics snapped open and she almost screamed. She bit down hard on her lip as she struggled out of Megatron's embrace. She looked down at him as he grunted and his face scrunched up. She knew that she only had a few minutes before he woke up and did who knows what to her. She swung herself off of the recharge bed and was relived to see her armor stacked in a neat pile.

She quickly put everything back on, throwing nervous glances back to Megatron as he stirred in his sleep. As she snapped her breast plate back into place Megatron let out a long yawn. His optics flickered to life and he looked at her in confusion then back to his arms.

"How did you manage to get over there without waking me up?" He asked groggily.

Optimus thanked Primus that Megatron was so slow when he first wakes up. "What are you talking about? I never slept on your bed." She snapped as she backed up.

Megatron swung himself off of the bed and stood up. Optimus felt her face heat up as she looked at Megatron in his protoform. He walked over to her and stood in front of her, and touched her face gently.

"I'm slow in the morning, not forgetful." He stated. "I know that we bonded last night."

Optimus looked away and took a deep breath. "And we shouldn't have." She stated. "We are enemies Megatron."

Megatron grinned. "Are we now?" He whispered into her audio receptor and sent a shiver through her body.

"Yes." She hissed as she punched him. "We are."

She used his surprise to make her get away. She raced through the Decepticon base, cursing herself for not uploading the schematics first. She turned a corner and plowed into clean into someone. They both went flipping end over end and landed in a heap on the ground. Optimus groaned as she pulled back and shook her head. She looked down and saw that she had plowed straight into Starscream, who would recognize her. She cursed softly as she leapt back to her feet and took off running.

She finally got fed up with just running around aimlessly and pulled out her gun, shot at the wall and smiled as she saw the black sky through the hole. She thanked Primus that she had an escape route and took off running. Megatron's thundering roar followed her as she left the base and reverberated inside of her head long after she returned to base.


"So, I'm pregnant?" Optimus asked Ratchet quietly.

Ratchet nodded. "Yah and on top of that it's twins." He replied as he looked at her as she sat on the berth.

She rubbed her optics sadly. "They can't stay here Ratch." She whispered.

"And why not!?" Hot Shot demanded as he sprang to his feet, only to have Jetfire shove him back down.

"It won't be safe for them here." Optimus replied. "I don't want to do this anymore than you do Hot Shot."

"But those are going to be my little brothers or sisters!" Hot Shot shouted. "I want to help keep them safe!"

Jetfire sighed. "Look kid, we can't risk Megatron getting his hands on them." He stated, shooting Optimus a quick glance before continuing. "If he hears that his enemy is in spark he will do everything in his power to capture them and turn them into followers or kills them."

"They're yours too!" Hot Shot shouted, missing Optimus' involuntary flinch.

"And I agree with Optimus! It will be safer for them to be as far away from this war as possible." Jetfire snapped.

Hot Shot growled as he stormed out of the med bay. Optimus sighed as she looked at Ratchet and Jetfire before looking down at her feet. "I don't blame you if you think I've committed treason." She stated softly.

"You still love him." Jetfire stated, a slightly cold tone entering at his voice.

"Jetfire." She said looking up at him.

"Don't." He said. "I'm just a little sore that he did that to you."

"Oh? Jealous?" Optimus asked.

Ratchet made a gagging noise as Jetfire laughed. "Now back to business." Optimus stated. "We have to build the Minicons a spaceship so they can escape…and we have to contact Landmine to see if he'll take in the twins." She added with a sigh.

Jetfire smiled. "I'll get in touch with him. And for the record, the Minicons already have a ship. I'll handle getting them out of here safe." He stated.

As he left, Ratchet turned back to her. "Okay Prime, why did you tell him that Megatron forced you to bond with him?" He asked.

Optimus shook her head. "It's better that way." She replied. "He doesn't need to know that I've missed him like nothing else in the world."

Ratchet sighed. "You'll have to tell him sooner or later." He stated.

Optimus nodded sadly. "Now, on a slightly happier note, what are you going to call the sparklings?" Ratchet asked.

Optimus smiled behind her newly fitted face mask. "If they are femmes, Dancingstar and Lockpick." She stated.

"And if they are mechs?" Ratchet asked.

"SideSwipe and Ironhide." She replied.

Ratchet smiled. "Those seem to be prefect." He replied as he turned back to his work.

Optimus nodded as she stood up and walked over to the window. She saw the night sky and wondered what would happen now. She sighed as she thought about everything. The Minicons were leaving to get away from the war and she really wished that she could do that too. She sighed as she looked back at Ratchet and the CMO smiled at her.

"It's only temporary. When they think they are safe or they need help, they'll send word." He stated. "Sparkplug won't just leave you hanging."

Optimus laughed. She would miss the little, yellow Minicon that was for sure.

Author's note: Whew…finally got that done! And yes I'm more than aware that Wingdagger is a boy and that he never turns up in Armada! But he is a she for this to make things easier for later. And as for Padlock, I think that's the name of the partner that gets murdered by Shockblast in Energon. If not I'm sorry. Optimus' life sure is twisted. Mated to Megs but fighting against him…and she still manages to love him and Jetfire! I can be so messed up in the head sometimes. Anyways, enough of my useless talking. A cookie to anyone who actually read this! Review and tell me what you think!