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"I can't believe I'm doing this." The alien said to himself as his ship approached it's destination. "The police must already be aware of my absence. I don't have much time."

He was risking too much. More than he was used to. The worst part was that he had nothing to gain from it. He was doing it all for someone else. Someone who wasn't even from his planet.

"This time I probably won't be able to get away with just a warning." He kept telling himself.

For someone of his planet, to inentionaly break the law was something unnimaginable. Compared to the rules he'd witnessed on earth, his planet was much more strict. He had been amazed at himself when he decided to let the little Tsubasa keep her memories, defying all of the common sense he'd known so far.. Humans had really managed to change him somehow, and much to his amazement, he was enjoying it.

A beeping sound went off and a little red button started to flash in his panel. "I knew it." D.D. Told himself. They're probably on my trail." He couldn't help but press the button. Ignoring the call would probably have severe consequences in his trial that would probably be coming soon.

"What do you think you're doing?" Oldina was the one to show up on the monitor. Her expression was clearly a tired one. An angry one also. "I thought you'd promised you'd start to behave a little bit."

D.D. frowned. "Well, something happened that I wasn't expecting."

"You're heading towards Earth, arean't you?" She asked impatiently.

"That's right. The thing that happened regards Earth."

"The council is already impatient with you. Ever since we came back you've been nothing but trouble. Defying superiors, questioning orders, trying to change things that aren't meant to be changed..." Oldina paused. She clearly feared her next words. "They're just looking for an excuse to have you arrested or even exiled. You're giving them more than that. Once they catch you, you'll probably be executed."

D.D. could feel himself start to get nervous. He knew all that already, but to hear Oldina say it like that was something else. Scary and also irritating. "So you're gonna tell me that you don't feel different? That the time we spent there didn't change you at all?"

Oldina sighed. That wasn't the first time they'd had that conversation. "If it hadn't, I wouldn't even be talking to you. I'd have already denounced you to the authorities." She seemed embarassed. "I can't believe I'm covering for you."

The green haired alien smiled. "In Earth, I recall hearing someone say that actions speak louder than words."

Oldina grunted in anger. "Shut up! Just do what you gotta do and get back here before we both lose our status as citizens."

"I guess it's to late for me to expect mercy. I may as well never return."

"What?" Oldina leaned even closer, this time completely shocked. "You can't leave your life behind you like that."

"That's why I'm going to Earth. My life is there now."

"They'll find you. They won't just leave you there."

"I'll deal with it somehow. I just have to do this." He moved his finger to the red button again. "Goodbye, it was nice working with you."

"Wait, you can't..." Before she could complete her sentence the screen disapeared.

Maybe he was beeing foolish in throwing his career away for a little girl from a distant planet. Then again, he wasn't doing it just for her. He was doing it for himself too. He wanted to taste the freedom people on Earth seemed to praise so much. Maybe he could become a real photographer. There were lots of pretty things on that planet.

My life is now on Earth. "I really must have gone crazy."

Cheking his monitor one last time to make sure he wasn't being followed he sped towards the blue planet in the distance.

"Activate stealth engine."

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