Hello, all. Cami here, with another story. Err, this one's a rewrite of one I abandoned in… 2005, maybe? If any of my old readers are back, welcome! I hope this one is better than the last. God, I hope it's better than the piece of crap the old one was.

Note the rating! This story'll be light in the beginning, but it'll definitely get darker as time goes on. And the next two'll be worse. Yes, this is a trilogy. This is the first one, the middle one can stand alone, and the third one can't. The third one will be the darkest of all of them.

Without further ado…

Full Summary: From a time where war rages, two teenagers are about to find themselves pulled into a much more peaceful world with no way to go home. Now, without exposing themselves as accidental time travelers to the entirety of Amity Park, Mike and Laci must find a way home before things get bad. But, of course, nothing can ever be easy.

Pairings: Sam/Danny, I guess. Nothing major, this isn't really a romance story. Hints of OC/OC (Mike and Laci), but like I said, not a romance.

Warnings: Note rating, OC story. Though I'd like to think that my OCs are well written, I can't really guarantee you'll like them, especially if you're not an OC fan. If you're going to flame me purely because I put OCs in my story, turn back now.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or any of its characters. I own Mike and Laci, as well as any other OCs that may be mentioned in the story, as well as the ideas for the time they come from.


And yes, I did keep the lame title. I couldn't think of a different one. I am aware that the title is lame.


Chapter One: Landings

"No way. Never. Laci, I am not listening to this." Michael (Mike) Davidson said, turning away from his best friend. Usually Mike would consider Laci's requests. This time, he wouldn't even look at her. She had THAT look on her face.

Yes, the 16 year old had the look on her face that told Mike that even a single glance at her eyes would have him spiraling into a world of trouble. He never liked trouble, so whenever he saw the look coming, he refused to look at Laci.

But Laci had ways of making him look at her.

"Miiiike!" Laci cried, darting around her friend to try and see his face, "How dangerous could it possibly be? It's an abandoned base! No one's there anymore!" You see, readers, Laci had this idea in her mind that exploring the ruins of an abandoned military base would be a fun and enjoyable Saturday. Considering that Laci and Mike lived over 150 years in the future, give or take a few depending the year this is being read in, this could actually be an enjoyable Saturday activity. But, Mike didn't seem to think so.

"We'll get CAUGHT, Lace." Mike insisted, running a hand through his messy brown hair, "Unless we walked into those ruins with aristocrat Loyalty bands or some other kind of proof that we were with the Loyals and not the Rebels, the minute someone saw us, we'd be caught."

Laci now had an evil glint in her eyes.

"And I'm not killing a Loyalty 'crat to get a band, either." Mike said.

"Aww, but the 'crats go down so easily!" Laci pouted, "And it'd be a perfect way to get a reusable Loyalty band, which could come in handy in the future."

There was no answer, as Mike had pulled a handheld out of his pocket and was now reading something.

"What is it?" Laci skipped over and looked over her friend's shoulder.

"Message from Skye." Mike said, "He wants you to look at something that he found."

"Let's go then!" Laci shouted, eager for any kind of action she could find.

"Someone got to him midway through this message." Mike said, "It's incomplete. I think he sent the message hastily so I'd get at least part of it. Lace, be prepared, we might need to search Skye's corpse to find what he wanted you to look at."

Laci shuddered slightly, but nodded. Sometimes friends must fall to reach an ultimate goal. She understood that. But it didn't make it hurt any less.


They reached the coordinates where Skye had sent the message about an hour later, only to see the man dead on the ground, like Mike had predicted. He wasn't the only one, either. Several other Rebel soldiers that Laci and Mike had only known in passing were dead on the ground too. Whatever got to them had hit them hard.

As Laci dashed around, checking corpses to find any survivors, though deep in her heart she knew there weren't any, Mike bent over the body of Skye and searched for what he had been messaged about. He found it just as Laci headed back over, her hands now covered in blood from the soldiers she'd been checking. She wiped them off on a tree, grimacing as some got into her short blond hair. She'd worry about that later.

"What is it?" Laci asked him, her thoughts about invading abandoned enemy bases gone as she looked at the silver disk in Mike's hands.

"A computer disk." Mike said, "I can only imagine what Skye and the others went through to get this. There're also directions to something."

"Should we follow the directions or investigate that disk first?" Laci asked her friend.

"The directions. We have no computer to investigate this disk on." he put it safely in his pocket and read the directions carefully. "Okay, let's go."

Laci nodded, and the friends set off.


The year was 2162. The world was a constant war between its rulers and those loyal to them, called the Loyals, and usually aristocrats or higher class members of society, and then those opposed to the rulers and their twisted ways of ruling the world, the Rebels. Mike and Laci were two of these Rebels. They were ages 17 and 16 respectively, and normally would not have joined the Rebels for another two or three years, but the deaths of their parents in battle had proven to them that they needed to do something. Since then, Laci, the technology expert, had been helping out Skye and the other Rebels with her skills on computers and other techy devices, while Mike, an excellent strategist, worked with them on more battlefield related subjects.

The two had been friends before joining the Rebels, and they grew closer and closer as time went on.

And now the two were trekking through a half burned down forest, looking for something unnatural.

"Those directions suck." Laci said, pushing some hair behind her ear and moving some branches out of her way.

Mike followed her, "I think Skye was kind of pressed for time, y'know." He said. Neither of them had cried over Skye's passing. Neither of them knew him well enough.

"Yeah, I know, I know, I just need to complain about something right now." Laci said, sighing. "Hey, does that count as unnatural?" she pointed to what looked like a run-down building in the middle of the forest.

"Yeah, I would think so." Mike said, approaching the building. He ran his hand along the steel of the wall, looking for anything abnormal about it.

"Hey! Look, it's a computer!" Laci called, from a few feet away. She pulled some vines off of the computer's surface and booted it up, yawning at the slow speed. Mike hurried over to stand behind her as she did her work, keeping an eye out for anyone approaching. "Let's see… looks like the system was overridden by someone about twenty years ago, and no one's touched it since. The files are all over the place and the last access date was 20 years ago. Hmm… I wonder if there's a defense system… found it! Alright, the door should be opening." Sure enough, the wall Mike had just been investigating shuddered and a part of it slid down, opening like a door. He hurried over to it, peeking his head inside carefully.

"Laci, anything else on that computer?" he asked.

"Nope." Laci answered, "Just old system junk."

"Wipe the systems." Mike ordered, walking in.

"Aye aye, captain. Jeez." Laci muttered, imputing the commands for a system wipe and hurrying after her friend. Entering the building, she found herself in shock at the massive computer that lined the first room.

"Wow." She muttered, as that was all she was able to get out. Mike chuckled.

"Think you can hack into it?" he asked, tossing her the disk.

Laci caught it, "Gimme a few minutes and I'll tell you everything that's on this disk." She grinned, running up to the computer.

"Thanks, Lace." Mike said, "I'm going to look around a bit." He left the room as Laci began to type on the computer, inputting commands that she knew Mike wouldn't understand even if they were explained to him.

"Lets see what's on this thing." She said, inserting the disk into the computer. She began to type again. "What… what language is this?" she muttered, not understanding anything that was popping up. She tried changing the character strings and a million other things, but nothing was working. "Argh, I can't tell what's on it if I can't understand what language it's written in." She sighed. "Mike?" she called out loudly, hoping her friend could hear her. A few seconds later she heard footsteps and, assuming they were his, she turned to him. "Look, this thing's in some language I don't know, and… you're not Mike." She stated. "Eek! Why does a Dark-Being have to be here?" she shrieked, pulling a knife out of her pocket. The Dark-Being charged for her, but Laci slashed through it, the Dark-Being falling to the ground and vanishing.

Laci shuddered. "Eww." She muttered, putting the knife away, "I hope Mike didn't run into too many of these. Not that he can't handle a couple of Dark-Beings, but still." She turned back to the computer and continued typing.


Mike traversed the hallways of the building, surprised slightly at the size. It seemed to be a bunker of sorts, and by the insignia on the walls, probably a Rebel bunker, which would mean that if Laci's assumptions were right, a Loyal had bypassed the system 20 years ago.

He had found a couple of still useable bedrooms that he and Laci would be taking advantage of, though his female companion would be cleaning them thoroughly first. Almost every other room he had come across, though, had been ransacked and was simply a mess. He turned around, deciding to head back to the computer room where Laci was to see if she'd found anything.

About five minutes of trying to find his way back through the confusing hallways, and Mike found himself entering the computer room.

"Laci!" he shouted, surprised at the image in front of him. Laci was staring, astonished, at a portal that had opened up in front of her, on the computer. "What's going on?" Mike asked his friend.

"I… I don't know." She answered, "I was just trying to decipher this thing, and then… THIS thing appeared, and…. I really don't know!" Mike gasped as he suddenly found himself being sucked towards the now-fully-opened portal.

Laci latched onto him, her fear showing on her face as the pair tumbled through the portal, crashing down to the ground in a world that seemed unnaturally warm.

Once he regained his senses, Mike looked around, only to see three figures running towards them, two boys and a girl.

"Are… you alright?" the black haired boy spoke up, offering a hand to Mike. He took it, helping the unusually silent Laci up after.

"We're fine." Mike answered.

"Yeah, we're fine." Laci assured them, smiling, though behind that smile she was scared out of her mind. The portal was gone, and with it, any hope they had of getting home. Of course, before figuring out how to get home, they figured they should probably figure out where they were first.

"So, can we ask why you came out of a portal?" the girl asked.

"We'd like to know that ourselves." Laci muttered, sighing, "Where are we?" she asked, "Time, place… planet?" she added, seeing completely unfamiliar sights.

"The year's 2008, Amity Park, New York." The first boy, the one who'd helped Mike up, said, "Umm… the planet's Earth."

"2008, you said?" Laci asked.

He nodded.

"Shit." Laci muttered, simply. "Mike, we're over 150 years in the past."


Aha! I finally rewrote it. I hope it's better than the first one, because that one really sucked. Updates'll probably be pretty slow on this, too. This was kind of hard to write, and I have yet to figure out an actual middle. I know the beginning, I know the end, but it's lacking a middle. I'll work on that tonight.

Anyway, I'll get the next chapter up as soon as I can, but I need to get to work on the next Secrets chapter.

Hope you liked!