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Kagome was in awe as the limo stopped in front of the large manor. Beautiful flowers were in night bloom, a massive yet elegant fountain adorned the lawn and Kagome instantly fell in love with the large koi pond far left of the manor. Her door jerked opened and she jumped in fright. She completely forgot that they stopped.

Naraku held out his perfect tan hand and Kagome slipped out of the limo, the few people that had walked out from their cars paused and began to whisper. Kagome's first thought that it was the dress she bought but she knew it all too well. A cold hand pressed on her naked back. Naraku smiled, his eyes black in the night.

"No one will bother you here. I am quite known and it would be foolish of anyone to bring harm to you" After Kagome nodded he led the way to the door.


Inside Sesshomaru was trying the up most care not to strangle the wits out of Rin, wherever he went, she was there hanging on to him by the arm. Whenever a female came within an inch of him Rin growled pathetically but was able to ward them off. Right now he would take a whole flock of females instead of being next to her.

"So how are you enjoying your evening Sesshomaru?" A deep voice sounded from behind him.

Sesshomaru turned and met the smiling face of Muso. Muso was of course older than Sesshomaru but he had a young look and athletic build to his nature. He was the same height as Sesshomaru but that was where the comparison ended. Muso had long blond hair and very bright brown eyes that almost matched the color of his skin. His grey tuxedo complimented his tanned skin.

"Besides being annoyed to the end of my wits, my evening is somewhat satisfied" Sesshomaru sipped his drink.

"Somewhat…with such a lovely thing like Rin on your arm you should be more than 'somewhat satisfied'" Muso laughed at the look on Sesshomaru's face.

Sesshomaru arched an eyebrow. "You two are more than just friends I presume?"

Muso waved a hand. "The time I met Rin was far from a fresh flower, I had some play time with her before she got greedy for more meat" Muso sipped.

A delicious scent filled his noise and a sudden yearning jolted Muso's senses. What is this scent? He wondered. He turned around and sniffed in the air. His eyes directed towards the door and Muso gave a evil smirk. He did not ever like seeing his son Naraku but the beauty that hung onto his arm was very eye-catching.

"Now a piece of that Sesshomaru may after all brighten my day" Muso motioned to the door.

Sesshomaru turned in the direction Muso waved towards. When he saw Kagome walk in with Naraku something in him shattered and so did the glass in his hand. Muso looked at him in amusement.

"You know the young woman, frankly I didn't know you had a thing for half breeds Sesshomaru" Muso handed him a towel to dry his hand. "Although I don't mind one bit to have her in my bed"

Sesshomaru growled. "You will watch what you say about her" He left the smirking Muso and stalked directly to Naraku and Kagome.

Sesshomaru felt an unbearable anger seep through him. She was with Naraku, that fucking half breed. Sesshomaru loosed the tie around his neck ready to do some massive damage to Muso's son. Just when his anger cracked through his brain at the highest level, Kagome looked at him, truly at him and smiled. The anger Sesshomaru felt towards her decreased but did not cease and for once since she had arrived he looked at her.

The dress she wore was sinfully short but in no way did it look offending on her. The scarlet colored dress had long sleeves and stopped a few inches above her knees. Sesshomaru knew she was comfortable because in no way did she seem crammed in her dress. That long raven hair he craved to touch was tousled in waves that stopped to her mid back. not a single hair graced her pale creamy legs.

Knowing how good she looked to him made him even angrier. He didn't know whether or not Naraku touched what was his.

"Sesshomaru…I didn't know you were here" She said excitedly.

What was she excited for? "What are you doing here…with him, Kagome" Sesshomaru glared at her.

"Do not talk as if I am not here dog" Naraku snarled.

Sesshomaru viciously snarled and stepped forward. Immediately Kagome wedged herself between the two with her back pressed against Sesshomaru but she suddenly regretted her decision to step forward. A strong arm wrapped about her waist and she was pulled backwards against Sesshomaru's chest. She caught herself about to meld into his hold but doubled at the hard look on Naraku's face.

"Sess…Sessho let me go!" She said trying to move his tight hold.

"No" Sesshomaru turned away from Naraku. "I have matters to discuss with you"

"Well I don't! Now let me go!" She wiggled as he took her outside far from the loud music and cheery atmosphere.

Sesshomaru lightly set her down on the edge of a bench that overlooked the Koi pond. There were lights build inside and Kagome could see all the bright and colorful fish. Sesshomaru sat next to her holding her hand. She didn't pull away and yet she did not look at him. She felt the warm finger caress her chin before he moved it, his lips directly inches from her own. His eyes of gold crystals shined.

"I missed you, Kagome…I want you…. back" He said merely brushing his lips against hers.

Kagome breathed deep taking in his manly and earthly aroma, if only he knew how much she missed him. Tell him. Her heart fluttered when he placed a chaste kiss on her cheek. She didn't know how such a hard faced man could be so soft and gentle with her. She wiped the back her of hand against his face.

"I missed you too" She said softly.

"Then why won't you come back" He stood and his face hardened. "And why are you with Naraku"

Record needle scratch. Kagome clucked her teeth and clutched her hands together. Was his hormones on the rage or something or maybe… he was jealous. Kagome smiled. If he was jealous then he obviously had feelings for her.

"Did I say something to amuse you" he said sarcastically.

She patted the space next to her and he sat down. Kagome gripped his hand and looked into his eyes.

"I needed some time alone, a lot of things happened that day and…" she hesitated. "I didn't know what to do. I had feelings for you Sesshomaru and I didn't know if you felt the same for me and I left. I left because I was scared especially after what had went down at Sango's place. I was coming back when I was ready-

He cupped her chin. "Why did you run from me?" she could see the hurt pass through his face but it was gone in an instant.

"When I saw you a whole bunch of emotions passed through me like lightning, I didn't know what to do except run" she nibbled on her lip.

Sesshomaru glanced down and saw her sucking on her plump skin; he smirked leaning into her more. "You said you had feelings for me"

Kagome instantly blushed and stammered. She was cut from her shy thinking when Sesshomaru placed his warm had on the back of her neck and pressed her forward until he caught her lips in a soft and slow kiss. She moaned slightly and was about to dive her hands into his silken hair when Sesshomaru pulled away rubbing his nose against hers.

"How about now?" He said huskily.

Kagome looked at him and glanced away as if she was thinking. "Maybe just a little" she teased.

"Just a little" heat sparked in Sesshomaru's eyes.

"A little" She grasped tightly on Sesshomaru's jacket and pulled him into her. Their kiss was more passionate than the first. Kagome's hand pulled tightly in Sesshomaru's hair but he welcomed it with no pain. He pulled her over and placed her legs over his lap caressing her soft skin. They didn't know how long they had kissed but finally Sesshomaru pulled away, placing one long kiss on Kagome's swollen lips.

"How about now"

Kagome's head was swirling. They were so connected to one another; Kagome could feel it in her heart. Without thinking entirely she brushed her lips against his and whispered. "I love you"

Sesshomaru stiffened and so did Kagome. She didn't mean to say that, didn't meant to say it out loud to him at least. She looked up at him backing away, his mouth opened then closed. He turned away. Rejected. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes but she held them in.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that…I-


"I think I need a drink" She stood up and walked away.

"Kagome…wait" Sesshomaru called after her but he didn't budge from his seat.

"I'm going inside" she said hurrying away.

Sesshomaru sighed. Did he love her too? His heart pounded with joy that she had said those three small but effective words but could he give them back to her. Maybe not in words just yet but in his actions he could show them to her. Sesshomaru stood up and walked into the loud manor once more.

He looked around for Kagome but she was not in sight. He traced her scent and it led him to the ladies bathroom. He lingered around until she came out.

"Kagome I need to talk to you" He said holding onto her arm.

"Sesshomaru I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable, I don't know where that came from, so let's drop the subject" she faked a smile.

Sesshomaru saw the forced smiled and growled low. "So you don't love me?"

Kagome's face faltered. He seemed hurt that I took it back. So does that mean he has more than just feelings for me? Before Kagome could speak a man interrupted her.

"It's not polite that you are conversing with the most beautiful woman here and not introduce her to me"

Kagome turned around and was staring at a very gorgeous man. His hair was blond and straight which he kept in a back ponytail. He was as tall as Sesshomaru but not as muscular and leaner. What attracted Kagome's attention were his eyes. They were the most brightest of brown with hints of green and orange. To top it off he was showing her his best smile donned with cute dimples and white fangs. He was beautiful but of course her Sesshy won the competition.

"Sesshomaru it seems your 'friend' has taking a liking to me" He smiled again.

Kagome gulped and blushed. Sesshomaru was at her side at once glaring at her. but she paid him no mind, she had manners and placed her hand out.

"I'm Kagome" she tried not to sound so seductive.

"Sweet and beautiful as the nightfall… My name is Muso and this is my home you are currently filling with your exotic scent" He kissed her hand…slowly.

A vicious growl sounded and Kagome's hand tore away from Muso's face. Sesshomaru clenched it tightly within his and Kagome winced from the pain. She looked up and noticed his eyes were tinged pink. She rubbed his chest and he loosened the grip on her hand but he didn't break his stare from Muso.

"Why so angry, Sesshomaru" Muso teased.

"Do no touch what is mine" He growled.

Both Kagome and Muso stared at Sesshomaru with wide eyes. Muso never thought that Sesshomaru would ever confess about something as 'his' in public about a female was a double surprise. Kagome felt the possessiveness radiate from Sesshomaru's body as he let all the males in the house know what was his and was not to be touched. She blushed again ever harder.

Muso pondered. Maybe there was more to Sesshomaru and Kagome. He wanted to test his theory.

"She's yours? There is how ever no mark or courting mark placed on her wherever. So therefore she is as free as the wind. Free to be pleased by any male."

Muso noticed the way his eyes darkened at the end of what he said. He suddenly reminded her of her date she came with. Oh crap. Kagome looked around and saw Naraku talking with a couple of men. He laughed and then went back to talking. She felt so bad. He went out of his way to bring her here and she left him the second she got in the door. She pulled away from Sesshomaru's hold with out thinking of what he would think.

"Ah there she goes" Muso said amusingly.

Kagome stopped in her tracks. "Excuse me?"

"Yes" Muso was testing her.

Kagome came back in front of Sesshomaru with her finger pointed at Muso's chest. Her head didn't even reach his shoulders.

"You don't know me okay so don't assume that I'm like all the other half witted girls you teased and banged. I like Sesshomaru a lot and I don't think you look like him or your name even starts with an S so therefore it's none of your business if he is courting me or not" Kagome huffed and turned back to Sesshomaru who massaged her neck for her.

Muso liked her…a lot. "A demon miko…You better mate this one Sesshomaru, she will prove to be a worthy one, a lot of healthy and powerful full-blooded demons will be produced…"

Kagome stiffened. "Full blood pups"

Sesshomaru frowned. "Mating"

Muso could see the tension between the two and suddenly he wanted to bring these two together.

"Yes full demon pups, your blood is amazingly pure and very strong enough to produce them no matter hanyou or human male and Sesshomaru mating her will not be so bad. She has to prove herself worthy of a demon's attention…any demon's attention."

Kagome was confused…prove myself. I hope I don't have to fight.

Sesshomaru on the other hand was thinking at a rapid pace. She would produce a full blooded heir and children. Sesshomaru smiled wickedly at seeing her pregnant with twins or triplets. Then another thought hit him. Proves herself worthy? Besides the fight at the restaurant, Kagome was not much of a fighter…physically.

"What do you mean prove herself" Sesshomaru grabbed a drink from a passing waiter and handed the drink to Kagome sensing how thirsty she was.

"To any demon's liking" He turned to Kagome, "You stood up to me, which no one other than family and friends has dared to do" His eyes flashed a blue color. "The bravery you had to scold at me has my beast ready to take you to my room and mate you myself"

Kagome placed her hand on Sesshomaru rumbling chest. If this party didn't end soon Sesshomaru was going to rip Muso's head off. It made Kagome wonder how in the world they knew each other. The only thing Muso seemed to do is anger Sesshomaru through using her. Maybe he was trying to make out a point.

Muso waved his hands and laughed lightly. "Have fun Sesshomaru the night is still young" He said patting him on the back.

"You play dangerous games Muso" Sesshomaru said glaring.

"You will you mate her Sesshomaru" Muso asked bluntly.

They both went quiet and looked at away. Kagome nibbled her lip while Sesshomaru looked down. Muso sighed. These two need some work. Muso grabbed onto Kagome's hand and pushed it towards Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru grabbed it and looked at Muso.

"Talk about it with each other. Share your feelings although Sesshomaru doesn't have any sense whatsoever because Kagome from first glance you would've been mine: Kagome laughed lightly. She stopped when a dark look placed itself on Muso's face, behind her.

She turned and Naraku passed through going to Inu Tashio and Izaiyo. Did he have something against Naraku too? "Kagome" he said harshly.

"Huh" she released his hand.

"If you don't mind me asking, why has my son caught your attention?" He said seriously.

His son! Kagome looked him up and down. Demons aged way differently than humans did but she'd know if she was talking to a 1'000 year old ancient. Muso didn't look a day over 25. on human terms

"How old are you" she asked curiously.

Muso waved his hand. "I take that as a compliment but answer my question" Sesshomaru tightened on her waist to urge her to say because he wanted to know as well.

"Uh he came to the place I was staying, bought me a bouquet of roses and asked me to your party"

Sesshomaru eyes furrowed in anger. Naraku had been watching her ever since she had left the mansion. He pulled her even closer to him in case anyone tried to snatch her away.

"He came unannounced." Muso eyes darkened even more. "Uhh. Yeah but nothing happened he was friendly to me"

"Friendly is one thing he is not… Kagome I urge you to dislocate your ties from him and find someone else to bid your time with" he said a little bid to Kagome's dislike.

First off. No one told her what to do and second why did everyone tell her he was so dangerous! Kagome couldn't just place anything evil on him.

"Hello father trying to scare my date off are you" Naraku said calmly.

"It is quite logical before you have the chance to rip the girl's poor throat out" Kagome gasped.

Naraku narrowed his eyes then all of a sudden power filled the room and Kagome curiously looked around and noticed every woman in the room began to almost collapse then she felt it herself a large warm familiar feeling bubbled in her stomach and exploded. Was she having an orgasm! What the hell! She cried out and almost toppled to the floor but Sesshomaru caught her and began to sniff her.

Sesshomaru wondered what was going on. He only felt the power radiating from Muso's body but he saw almost all the female demoness's eyes roll in the back of their heads and fall into the hands of friends or male mates. He looked down at kagome wondering why she wasn't affected then she cried out and he caught her before he hit the floor. He could feel himself almost transforming, frantically smelling where she had been hit.

He smelled nothing but her own arousal mixed with the other spicy smells around him. He whirled around snarling calling out to Muso.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HER" Sesshomaru was the only one to make her feel this way and only him.

Muso turned around to see the smiling Kagome "Sorry Sesshomaru I have that effect on women"

Sesshomaru snarled as he placed her on the small chair far from Muso's aura which was easing it's way to every corner of the room. Kagome clung onto his shoulder shaking. she looked at him apologetically knowing she was not able to control herself. Sesshomaru wrapped his aura around her to rive whatever Muso left on her away. he was the only one to make her feel that kind of pleasure and no one else.

Muso turned back apparently Naraku wasn't going to back off. Muso gave another force of power towards Naraku telling him to back down. Mostly all the men had removed the woman from the room except for Sesshomaru who watching closely in case Naraku attacked. Muso said without breaking his glare. "Sesshomaru if you don't want your mate to be clawing after me you better get her out of here.

Sesshomaru snorted, immediately leaving for outside. Naraku glared at his back tensing to attack.

"Naraku you'll just end up killing her and I won't allow it"

"Kill her...that was the plan until I found out that she will bare full demon pups, so maybe I will kill her. After I fuck her senseless and she bare my children"

Naraku laughed evilly. "Just the thought of driving into her soft body repeatedly until she lies bleeding underneath me, just sends something through my blood. you know how that feels father."

Naraku instantly saw a white blur shot in his view ad a punch landed solidly with his jaw and he was knocked into the wall. His hair had come undone and blood seeped through his mouth. He was going to kill his father if it was the last thing he was going to do. But when he looked up it was not his father that was stalking towards him

Muso's so hot when he gets all riled up, the women keeps coming for him!! lol ah yes i did a good chapter a bit of vicious fighting in the next chap so i hope you enjoyed this and be pleased. And if any one wants to know. Muso is a very old Demon but he's actually a very rare one for his kind which i will explain later. in the beginning Muso does annoy Sesshomaru to the end but under all that flirting and teasing, he is very wise and strong. hope you like the character and you won't believe what will happened next chap. till then

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