AN: What should the pairing be for this story? I'm willing to do Yaoi as long as it isn't with Akatsuki, Asuma or Iruka. I'm willing to do Kakashi though XD. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto…

Thirteen-year-old Naruto scowled at Konoha's closing gates. His blonde hair hung in his ocean blue eyes. Taking the scratched Konoha headband off and putting it into his pocket, he headed in the direction of Snow Country. Word had it that there was a fairly new ninja village there… formed just over twenty years ago.
"Uzumaki Naruto, you are hereby banished from this village of Konohagakure for nearly killing a fellow ninja of Konoha, Uchiha Sasuke. You have three days to leave or you will be killed."

Pale eyes scanned the room as the Hyuuga Clan Head, Hiashi, spoke the dreaded words. Naruto's eyes widened and he looked away from the council sitting before him. Tsunade, the Godaime of Konoha, broke down in tears. Her blonde hair fell into her face as she stared at the council. She had been overruled by the council o this matter. Her mouth twisted into a sneer. Slamming her fist down onto her desk, she shouted.

"How could you do this Hiashi!? He brought the damn boy back to you!"

Iruka, the Academy teacher, and Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin, nodded their heads. Kakashi narrowed his visible eye at the Council. They were the only three, apart from Tsunade and Yamanaka Inoichi, to believe that the council's decision was preposterous. It was strange to find Inoichi wanting to keep Naruto in the village seeing as he barely knew the Number One Hyperactive Ninja.

The council ignored Tsunade's angry shouts.

" He nearly killed Uchiha-san, that is reason enough to banish the demon."

Naruto looked away from the harsh stare of the Inuzuka clan leader. Kakashi glanced his way. His dark eye was filled with sorrow that was rarely seen on the Copy Ninja. Tsunade clenched her teeth together.

"I won't allow you to banish him! As G-"

Hiashi interrupted the fuming Hokage. His pale hands picked up the papers before him and he began to rifle through them. Finding the one he wanted, he handed the paper to the Slug Sannin.

"It is not your decision to make Godaime. Our word is final."

An older man fell into step with Naruto. In his gloved hand was his favourite copy of Icha Icha Paradise. His gravity defying hair glinted in the remains of the day's sunlight. Naruto turned to this man and grinned.


Tsunade sobbed as she stared at the two people before her. Silvery tears trickled down her pale cheeks as she held her teacup with trembling hands. The young blonde standing to her left grinned sadly.

"Tsunade-Baa-Chan! Don't cry! This won't be the last time you'll see me. Believe it!"

Tsunade attempted to smile, but failed miserably. Putting her cup down, she leaned over and pulled Naruto into a bone-crushing hug. There was a cough over to her right. Looking at the man, she glared daggers at him.

"Naruto… be careful… okay? I consider you like a brother and it would kill me if you were to be hurt…"

The Hokage trailed off and broke into another fit of sobs. After a few moments she turned her attention back to the other ninja in the room. Her once warm, brown eyes turned cold. The other man froze and quickly shoved his book into his kunai pouch.

"Kakashi… I want you to go with Naruto wherever he goes. Consider this a possible life long S-rank mission."

Hatake Kakashi nodded silently and looked over to Naruto. The boy was still hugging the Hokage tightly. Ocean blue eyes met his coal black one. He smiled sadly underneath his mask. Tsunade's wavering voice was soon heard in the room.

"I'm trusting you Kakashi… If any harm comes to Naruto… consider your life forfeit."

"Yes, Naruto?"

The Jinchuuriki suddenly hugged Kakashi causing the Copy Ninja to tense at the contact. He was not used to being hugged by anyone. Naruto looked up at his frozen sensei.

"Thanks for coming with me… even if Baa-chan ordered it…"

A hand ruffled Naruto's hair and Kakashi snapped his book shut.

"I would have come with you even if I wasn't ordered to."

Naruto's eyes lit up. He hugged his sensei tighter before releasing him. The wind blew bringing some fallen leaves dancing with it.


AN: Well, what do you think? Now that I've written this… I'm really tempted to make it a Kakashi/Naruto pairing.