Hermione Granger's eyes opened slowly, though she wasn't in her bedroom, she was in a dark, cold, dank room. No light could be seen and an unwelcome chilly breeze was in the air. She gingerly touched her head, at that moment received a sharp pain. She hissed in pain and brought her hand back down.

She couldn't remember how she got here, she didn't know where she was. closing her eyes tight shut she tried to recall anything before she ended up here.


"MUM, DAD." Hermione screamed at the sight before her. Three hooded figures circled around her parents. "Hermione run, we're fine." Mr Granger said calmly.

"But those are deathe-"

"STUPEFY." someone yelled, Hermione went flying back and hit the wall, she opened her eyes.

"STUPEFY." Mr Granger yelled, one deatheater yelled and flew back smashing one of the Grangers vases.

A battle was soon raging, Hermione's parents against deatheaters. Hermione couldn't believe her eyes. Mr and Mrs Granger were firing off hexes from their own wands.

'I must be dreaming, what are they doing with wands?' getting to her feet Hermione fired a spell at a deatheater. "Hermione run!." Mrs Granger pleaded.

"Why do you have wands... aagh." Hermione collapsed to the ground screaming in agony, she felt like white hot knives were stabbing her all over.

"Leave her Bellatrix!." Mrs Granger screamed. A face looked over her, the face of a madwoman, Bellatrix Lestrange. Her eyes closed...


She had to get out of here, she was most definitely at a deatheaters hideout, they were just waiting for the right moment to torture or murder her. Hermione gathered up her strength and came to her feet, her body was aching all over and she couldn't see a thing. She took a step but her leg was chained to the wall. She yanked her leg trying to get free but to no avail.

"Come on you stupid.." Hermione muttered trying to unhook her leg, giving up she fell to her knees and sobbed.

Questions filtered through her mind. What were her parents doing with wands?, and how did they know deatheaters like Bellatrix Lestrange?


It was hours before she heard anything above, she heard heavy footsteps coming from different areas of the roof. She leaned her head against the wall and waited.

Suddenly she heard the rattle of keys and the sound of hard footsteps.

Bracing herself for whoever was about to walk into the room she took a deep breath. The steel door flew open and a large figure stood in the doorway.

"The Dark lord wishes to see you Miss Peverell."