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Chapter One: Instructions of Consumption

It was one of those hot summer days that made a kid happy they were out from school. The first day of summer was always the best. The sun gave just the right amount of warmth and the clouds would even part as if they were going off on vacation like everyone else. The sky turned the perfect shade of blue and a slight gentle breeze flew around to relieve any wandering, weary soul. A young teenage girl happily walked down the road to her favorite shopping district. Her long light brown hair glistened. Her adorable yellow bow accented her cute yellow summer dress. She had been licking a blue, bubble gum flavored popsicle.

Her name was Sasume Kawashima and she was on a mission. Her mission: Find the candy, buy the candy, and eat the candy. She had a certain addiction to sweets that her parents incessantly attempted to tame but to no avail. They tried every method in the book. Their recent plan of action had been to call every candy store, convenient store, bakery, and any store that sold candy that Sasume had gone to into town. They had given each store manager a description of their daughter and instructed them not to give her candy because somehow she was a Type A and B diabetic. Nearly every store in town had a picture with Sasume's face saying, "If you see this girl, she is not allowed to purchase candy or sweets. Please contact parents if she attempts to buy them." Then her mother's cell phone number and e-mail were posted at the bottom. Sasume rolled her eyes as she took another lick. Not only did her parents disapprove of her sweet tooth but they also condemned her anime addiction and had taken the same measure with every place that sold anime. "Parents are sooo cruel," Sasume thought to herself with a sigh.

Sasume was smarter than her parents though, or at least she tried to be. She would have her friends order her anime shows on DVD then put them in other movie cases to disguise them. She'd then watch them on her portable DVD player when her parents went to sleep. As for candy, she'd buy some at some store that they didn't know about and then stash it somewhere in her room. Unfortunately, the store that was her haven for sweets and candies had recently been found out and contacted by her parents. She was now on the hunt for a new candy store that her parents had not already contacted.

She had come to the conclusion that she would have to go past her favorite shopping district in order to find her next candy shop. She doubted her parents had found every single candy store in all of Osaka, Japan. Once she had rounded the corner leading out from her preferred shopping area her hazel eyes scanned the premises. There were some lame stores, the same as the last time she had visited the place. Something seemed different than the last time she had been there. She walked the cracked sidewalks and followed a path only her heart knew. She settled on going across to the lovely little abandoned lot where beautiful flowers grew. That had been the only prettiness that still lingered in that old dumpy shopping region. "Past the orange mailbox, past the little blue house, turn the corner at the house with the yellow daffodils and…" she reminded herself. "And… a shop?" Her mouth dropped as she saw a little store on top of the beautiful flower garden that had once been there. But it wasn't because her flowers were gone that her mouth dropped it was because in place of the flowers was the cutest little candy store called Midouri's Candy Shop.

Sasume raced inside the stores and little bells jingled to a familiar melody to alarm the workers a customer had arrived. Mountains upon mountains of different candies filled the wonderful building. Sasume's heart pounded, barely able to handle this astonishing find.

A voice layered with angelic music snapped her back to reality, "Hello, may I help you?"

Sasume immediately turned to the voice's owner as if she was compelled to do so. Behind the counter was a beautiful young woman about the same age as Sasume. She had black hair with the most intense teal eyes. Although her eyes were sultry they portrayed the eyes of an innocent child. She had lovely pink, full lips just above a perfect chin. She had light freckles suggesting she was kissed by angels many times and may as well be one. Her figure was slender and heavenly like her voice. Sasume couldn't help to admire this girl and hope to be perhaps as pretty as she some day.

"I'm just looking," replied Sasume finally.

"If you need any help feel free to ask," is what Sasume expected her to say but she didn't. Instead she said, "The candy you are looking for is those chocolate covered wafers to the right of the M&M dispensers."

"I am?"

The girl smiled charmingly and nodded. Sasume, under some spell, nodded as well and went to the chocolates. "Out of This World Chocolates," Sasume read from the label, "Guaranteed to take you to some place wonderful that has been in your dreams." Sasume giggled to herself. She enjoyed novelty candy like those very much. The wrappers even came with instructions on them that said how they work and when to eat them. Sasume threw the whole batch of them in a candy bag and went to the counter, "These will do for now… So how long have you been here? I've been dying to find a new candy store… You wouldn't believe what means my parents have taken to prevent me from getting some simple confectionaries."

The beautiful girl laughed and said, "I can imagine," in her angel voice.

She still hadn't answered Sasume's question but Sasume soon forgot about when the girl gave her a stern look. "Now these candies are different than regular ones… For every candy you eat you will stay one month in the world you dream of."

Sasume gave her a quizzical expression and wondered if the manufactures of the candies had instructed the employees to say something like that to take the novelty of it even further or maybe this lady was just pulling her leg. "Um, excuse me?"

"The instructions are on the wrapper and for one hundred of them that will be 1 dollar," said the young woman and gave her that same captivating smile from before, "By the way, my name is Midouri. I own this shop."

"One dollar," Sasume gave her a suspicious look, "That's so cheap! What's the catch? Are they old or something?"

Midouri gave her a funny look and laughed almost hysterically. "Oh no," she cried in her exquisite voice, "It's that this is the grand opening of my shop and you are the first customer." She pointed to a sign at the entrance of the store that did indeed say 'Grand Opening.' Something wasn't right about this place.

"But that wasn't there when I got inside," Sasume pointed out, getting a little scared.

Midouri didn't say anything, she just smiled charismatically. Sasume nearly pushed her dollar at Midouri and grabbed her bag of candy quickly. "Well, thank you for the candy," Sasume said rushing out the door, "See you."

"Come again," Midouri gently sang like a song as she waved goodbye.

The bells chimed the familiar tune again as Sasume raced out the door faster than she had raced in. There was something incredibly strange about that place and it made her feel slightly uncomfortable knowing that there was something not quite right. As she ran from the once abandoned lot she looked back and said to herself, "Freakin' weird chick."

As Sasume approached her home she was more than happy the driveway was empty meaning her parents were gone and she didn't have to sneak her candy in by throwing it on the roof, and then climbing out from it through her window to retrieve it later when the coast was clear. She sped up her as she reached the stairs leading up to her room and flung open her bedroom door. She was greeted by a sweet meow and she replied back to it, "Hey Tux!" She patted her cat gently on the head as he purred. He was a cute little tomcat with black and white fur. On his chest was a bowtie like shape which had earned him his name Tuxedo.

Sasume grabbed a handful of the chocolates from the bag and placed the bulk of them in a shoebox she kept labeled 'Video Games.' It was something she knew her parents would never touch although they despised her playing those as well.

"Honey we're home," called her mother's voice, "I brought you dinner!"

Sasume flinched and said, "Crap!" She had to hide her twelve candies some place her mom wouldn't check for them. Once she did so she ran downstairs to greet her mom. "Hey mom," she said casually, "Where's dad?"

"He forgot his cell phone at work and had to go back and get it," her mom said as she rolled her eyes as if to say that silly forgetful man.

"Oh did he?" Sasume said hoping that her mother would forget…

"Candy breath check," her mother said as Sasume opened her mouth and breathed. She hadn't forgotten after all.

"Smells like…" Her mom couldn't figure it out.

"Spinach," Sasume reported, laughing on the inside.

"Hmm," her mother grunted suspiciously.

"Health food craze," Sasume said with a smile, "It's all the rage in Tokyo."

"I see," her mother said with a frown, not quite believing her daughter.

"Promise," Sasume said crossing her fingers behind her back.

"Hmph," her mother replied, turning on her heel, "Now come and eat dinner before it gets cold."

Sasume followed her mother into the kitchen and found herself a seat at the table. She smiled to herself, another battle won. "What are you smiling so much about honey," her mother asked curiously and perhaps still suspiciously.

"I saw a cute boy today," Sasume said and it wasn't quite a lie. She had seen a cute boy that day. She had seen L. Lawliet that morning. Well, not the real one, but the plushy doll she kept hidden of him that she slept with every night and woke up to every morning.

"What was his name," her mother asked cheerily.

"I don't know," Sasume blinked a few times and spoke, "I didn't ask."

"Oh," her mom replied setting a plate of delicious sushi and rolls on the table.

"Arigato," Sasume said as she grabbed some chopsticks and dug in.


"Well, I've never seen this movie before," Sasume Kawashima grumbled as she flipped to Mr. Deeds and nibbled on three pieces of chocolate that she had rationed earlier.

She had landed herself right at the part when Adam Sandler and his butler were shouting echoes into the mansion. "Go ahead, you can yell louder than that," Mr. Deeds egged his butler on. His butler obliged to his request and yelled even louder, enjoying himself. Sasume sighed heavily. She really did like Adam Sandler and his movies but now wasn't the time for echoing in beautiful, elegant corridors to some exquisite mansion! Now was the time for her show Death Note. Sasume grabbed the DVD case that read Spider-Man 3 and pulled out a disc that didn't match the cover. She placed it into her portable DVD player and glued her eyes to the monitor.

"L!" she sighed deeply as he came on the screen. He was so gorgeous! Why couldn't he be a real guy that went to her high school? She laughed hysterically as Ryuzaki pulled his mischievous hand up away from Misa-Misa's butt and stammered something like, "Someone taking the advantage of this big crowd! I will personally see to it that the man who touched your butt is caught!" As the episode came to a close, she was sad to watch it end so soon.

Sasume almost whimpered as she trudged off to put on her pajamas. Although Sasume was very sleepy and her eyelids felt heavier and heavier with each passing second, she just couldn't seem to fall asleep. She lay in her bed for some time, listening to L's theme song on her iPod and reflecting on the show's events.

Her mind began to wander. She had now completely forgotten about the day's earlier events and she was now pondering what she would do if she was a character in Death Note? Would she be an owner of a Death Note and become some sadistic killer like Kira? Would she be some super kawaii Japanese idol like Misa-Misa? Or would she be some cool character with incredible means of deduction like L? Sasume's eyes glanced at the clock. It was 10:43. That was much too early for her and it was the first day of summer after all. Sasume crawled out of bed shoving her black and white cat Tux out of the way. Tux gave a bit of an angry meow as he tumbled from his very comfortable position.

"Oh stop you're griping Tux," Sasume said to the disgruntled kitty. Sasume turned on her desk light and pulled out her sketchbook from her secret spot behind her bulletin board. The only other person that knew about it was Tux and he was just a grumpy cat.

Sasume Kawashima giggled to herself as she began to sketch out two bodies. The two figures appeared to be a boy and a girl holding hands. She drew out dark rimmed eyes with a blank stare. Those eyes could belong to no other than L Lawliet, her beloved detective from Death Note. The girl resembled her but had some cute school girl uniform. As she finished outlining her art with pen she whipped out her colored pencils and markers.

"Who needs Photoshop to create art anyhow?" She grinned widely as she just finished the coloring on L's hair, finishing the masterpiece.

Next Sasume pulled out a tin can out from her second secret spot; her pillow. She opened the lid and pulled out what she thought of as a necessity; candy. It had been the candy she bought earlier today from that weird and pretty lady at the candy shop. She suckled on some chocolate covered wafer before ingesting it. She licked her lips hungrily wanting more. She grabbed her last eight pieces and tossed them into her mouth. That was the end of her rationed chocolate for the night. She took this time to read the wrapper of the candy to entertain herself. It was the funniest candy wrapper she had ever seen and it read:

Instructions of Consumption:

Each candy you eat is equal to the amount of months you may spend in the other world of your dreams. The world you are sent to is the one you've most recently visited in a dream. To go back to your world you have to wait until the candy's magic wears off. It is suggest you eat no more than twelve candies at a time. Good Luck.-M.C.S.

Sasume rolled her eyes. Were these people serious? They took their candy making a step too far with this crazy mumbo jumbo of other world nonsense. She had guessed that M.C.S. stood for Midouri's Candy Shop and rolled her eyes again having the feeling that the weird girl had something to do with the weird candy. She, herself had suggested that this was the candy she was looking for. She was probably trying to just get some advertisement going. She decided to let it go and move on with her summer days and perhaps find some other candy store.

"Tux, you'd think I'd be some sort of diabetic at this rate!" Tux just meowed as he begun to clean himself. Candy such as chocolate made Sasume kind of hyperactive; the reason for her secret stash. If her parents knew about it they would only take it away never to be seen again by human eyes, just by kitty ones.

"Now Tux, I wouldn't have to keep my secret candy if you'd only tell me where mommy and daddy hide my contraband stuff," Sasume whispered almost angrily at her cat. Tux mewed innocently acting as if he had no clue where it was.

"Don't make me laugh Tux," Sasume insisted, "I know you know where it is!" Again, the same innocent mew was the reply. Sasume picked Tux up and gave him a sly grin, "Its okay Tux. Don't tell me! I'll just remember that next time I'm eating fish at the dinner table and forget to give you some." Tux's eyes grew wide with horror.

"Just kidding," Sasume chuckled as she swung Tux around, twirling on her bed. She tossed Tux into the air gently, "You like rollercoaster's, huh?" Tux purred as he fell back into her arms and she fell back into the bed.

Sasume's eyes once again flew toward the clock. It was 2:15. Now, it was okay for her to go to sleep knowing she didn't waste any summer nights or days. "Bed time," she said to Tux as he rolled off her chest and waited for her to get into her own sleeping position. Sasume snuggled deep with in the covers, making sure to twist the covers around her cold toes.

"Go to your spot Tux," she instructed her feline companion. Tux did as he was told and climbed to the top of the pillow and acted as her nightcap. She grabbed her L plushy and hugged him tightly. She gave him a small kiss on the head and sighed, "If only you were the real L! Then we'd have a ball." Her sleepy grin evaporated as soon as her eyes closed. "Lawliet-Kun," she murmured with chocolately breath before entering a world she knew very well in what would seem to be a wonderful dream.

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