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She Who Dreams

The monkey clapped his tune while the Phantom finished explaining the task set for homework. His voice floated smoothly around the classroom. That voice was so delicate; half the time I don't dare listen to it too hard, for fear of the sound shattering in my ears. Antique furniture stood lonely at the end of the carpeted classroom. Mahogany wood, I think it was, cracking at the edges. I like mahogany. I moved closer to the furniture to examine the pattern carved into it. I think the school bell would have rung by then, otherwise I wouldn't have dared get up. I don't know, I can't remember much at all.

Beautiful, I thought. The wood was dark with age, and its moderate shine was very pleasing to my eyes.

I hadn't realised by then that everyone had already gone, and the room looked emptier than ever. I had never been after class and I realised the teacher was glancing towards me. I suddenly remembered that I had to give him my homework from last week. I stood up, the hem of my pink dress swirling at my feet. I was kind getting used to these big frilly dresses that were the school uniform, but I could never understand why girls didn't get to wear the tights the boys did and boots that went knee high, though I did not envy having to wear the sword and loose, long-sleeved shirts with the collars that got into the way all the time. It sort of looked foppish on the wrong people.

As I walked closer towards him, meaning the Phantom, my teacher, he gave a small smile that made me want to melt right then and there on the spot. Anything so that he would no longer focus all his attention me. (Don't misunderstand, a little attention, especially from the Phantom, makes you feel really good.) Being sucked into the floor would have done nicely.

I stood in front of him, holding out my finished score, not sure where to avert my eyes. Staring at the eyeholes in his black mask would bring the word 'detention' into his mind immediately. But is it my fault that my class teacher wears a mask and has irresistibly captivating eyes? He reached out towards the paper but instead held onto my hand and pulled me towards him. A man of his age easily towered over me; I had always been short. A tingle ran through my spine. This definitely did not happen to a schoolgirl every day. I felt his warmth wrap over my head and down my abdomen, and I wholeheartedly thought Christmas had come early. I had no idea how to react to this. I didn't pull away or let go, but instead I tightened my grip slightly and followed his every step as I was lead to the empty classroom next door.

This room had a different smell to it, similar to incense burning. I saw that the school tables were joined together in one row and that the chairs were sitting at opposite ends. I realised he hadn't taken his eyes off me the moment he had grabbed me. It was an unnerving sensation of being watched. I felt like I was being scrutinized. Perhaps I was being evaluated? Was this all a test? Experiencing abduction and seduction by a Phantom was part of the school curriculum... My teacher was staring deep into my eyes, as if trying to tell me something. A test orchestrated by my teacher? I would have thought the school hired Phantoms that we didn't know; God knows there are plenty. Him, my stern teacher with his magical voice and harsh homework assignments? I suddenly wondered if the other girls had done this before me. Why didn't they tell me? Bugger it all.

I felt the urge to lean into his dark brown shirt. His every move was truly hypnotic. (I suppose they have to be, if this was my abduction examination.) He stopped me at the table and held his hand out as if asking me for a dance. I took it, hardly knowing what he might do next. He stuck his leg out and kicked the table to the other side of the room and I numbly thought, Damage to school property. I wish I could do that. Later I would look back on this action and think that to kick a dozen school tables across the expanse of a room would require supernatural ability.

Thoughts of abusing the classroom furniture aside, I took note of the wildly-patterned rug in the empty space. He pulled me forward and his face leaned down close to mine. I shivered. I saw his dazzling eyes staring right into me. That was probably the only time I could see the detail of his irises well, and from so close! My teacher never let anyone get close to his face.

I'm afraid my memory goes faulty at this point. But I think, and I put a great deal of emphasis on think, he kissed me.

And then I think I fainted.

Blast this stupid exam. Is it truly encouraged that young students should fall in love with their teacher? I thought this school had enough money to hire an unfamiliar Phantom for its female pupils... We're half the school population anyway.

I woke up to find the Phantom still staring at me. Where was I? My teacher's house? (I was a little terrified of this possibility.) My house? School sick bay? I looked to the left and realised we were still in the empty classroom and the tables were still on the other side of the room. I screwed my eyes tightly shut, then opened them again, only to find the same thing I did before. So this hadn't been a dream. I could still remember him kissing me, as if it were only the two of us in the world. I turned my head slowly to the right. He looked at me. This was all so ethereal. Perhaps I should mention now that my schoolteacher is very romantic, very handsome and extremely passionate.


I think I swooned after reawakening. I've only seen that happen on the school grounds a few times, and that was always when the senior girls were asked on dates with one of the boys. I'd never been interested in the boys at school; this was so much better. So I swooned. When I opened my eyes again the Phantom was sitting on one of the classroom chairs and closing his eyes, about to fall asleep. I don't know what possessed me at that moment, but I got up off the floor and tiptoed over to him.

No, I did not grab a pen and doodle a moustache on his face. No, I did not steal all his clothes except for his underwear. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. I will tell all of you, doing that is dead scary. Avoid it if you can, but I think you should do it at least once in your life, before you die. I swear I felt his lips push back. That twitch sent fear shooting through my arteries again, so I detached my lips and walked backwards, slowly, so as not to wake my mentor. Now, you may all think I'm crazy to kiss a Phantom (and a very attractive one at that) and run.

I'd agree with you.

I swear on my soul that this man's eyelids fluttered a tiny bit, and that his lips bent into a smirk as I eased my body between the door and the doorjamb, ready to run down the hallway and home.

Or maybe I have gone insane, as you think I have.

I still felt the shape of lips other than mine hovering around my face. A ghost feeling. I waved it away with my hand. No, it was definitely still there. I frowned and slapped my mouth, then at the air around my head, as if believing that the sensation would get hit and run off in humiliation. Something of the sort.

I groaned angrily and waved my arm about in the air. "Go away!" I muttered.

Then I got wet. Horribly, annoyingly wet.

"MU-UM!" I yelled. My mother was standing over my bed, a jug (presumably recently filled with cold water) in her right hand and a slice of brown toast in her left.

"You overslept!" she cried. "Hurry up, you're already late! Come on!"

I screamed. Yes, I screamed. That was the best dream I had ever had and now I have to go to school?! This wasn't fair! I'd never kissed a boy before, so why can't I dream about being abducted and kissed by a wonderful example of a Phantom as compensation? Irony had made itself my best friend!

Mum had already pulled apart my curtains, and the glare from the sun hit my senses with what seemed to me like frustration. (Well, I was a little peeved at the world at that instant.) I swung my legs off my bed as Mum hammered at me about not forgetting my school things. I kicked my old schoolbag from under my bed, countering my mother's words at the same time. It looked like my mum had already washed my face for me, so I swiped the toast from her fingers and pulled on my school dress. I'd make up for brushing my teeth later by gargling with my water. The wholemeal bread would do as a toothbrush; stupid abrasive wholemeal bread was finally good for something. Better check: Yes, my water bottle was in my bag.

I made it from my bedroom, through the kitchen, through the living room and out to the front gate the very moment the driver in the school bus yelled out the window at a cyclist pedalling past the front of my house.

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