Black Widow or Black Demon?

A new Supernatural Story

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Another Wee!Chester story, Sam is four and Dean is eight.


Chapter One: When Daddy met Sally.

The rumbling of a classic car broke the quiet of the streets of another small town, in yet another state, the name of which escapes the driver. But it was early Sunday morning, the streets void of traffic, the only movements stray pieces of paper blowing across the asphalt. A weary man yawned, scrubbed his two day growth and glanced at the sleeping children on the back seat.

Finally, he reached his destination and pulled the lumbering beast to a stop, the small box house nestled in the centre of an overrun garden and on the edge of the woods away from the main population. Sliding silently from the front seat he stood, stretched and went in search of the key left for him in anticipation of the early morning arrival.

Unlocking the front door he went inside to check out the house, surprisingly it was neat and clean. Fully furnished with a comfortable lounge suite surrounding a small colour television in the living room. The kitchen bright and airy with yellow and white lace curtains fluttering at the windows, was welcoming. A breakfast bar sat low enough for the children to access without worry. A small round table with four chairs nestled in a bright windowed nook on the other side of the room. A door leading to an enclosed veranda and small backyard. It was almost too perfect to be true. Upstairs he found two bedrooms, one with twin single beds, the other a king size bed and ensuite bathroom.

After unloading their bags he picked his smallest son up and carried him effortlessly inside and up to the bedroom, laying him on the bed furtherest from the door, hurrying back he found a sleepy and half awake eight year old staring at him with barely concealed confusion and annoyance. 'Dad?'

'Hey kiddo it's early want to stay asleep for a while?'


'Already upstairs asleep.'

'Okkies.' Dean let his father pick him up and carry him upstairs, 'just don't tell Sammy you carried me.' He whispered smothering a yawn as his eyes slid shut again and he rested his head on his father's broad shoulders.

A striking looking woman stood across the road watching the small family settle into the rental house. In a town so small as Angelville, where everyone knows everyone and you're not considered a local unless your family dates back as far as the founding town-fathers of the hamlet. She hummed to herself as she sat on the fence and kicked her legs, admiring her shining black shoes in the early morning sunlight. She thoroughly enjoyed the show playing out in front of her. The father, tall and broad-shouldered, with dark hair and smouldering eyes, carried his sons with infinite care and there was no sign of any mother, in fact there was nothing feminine around them at all.

Sliding from the fence, she straightened her skirt and brushed her long auburn hair over her shoulder. She glided across the road and hovered near the gate just as the man came out to finish unloading his car.

'Morning,' she smiled prettily, 'you the new neighbours?'

'John, John Murphy.' He introduced himself with the name he knew the house was booked under.

'Why hello John, John Murphy ... my name is Sally Black.'

'Nice to meet you Sally, if you don't mind I had better keep going, got two small boys asleep for now.'

'I understand perfectly, I live just down the street, three houses down.' Sally waved as she kept walking down the street, swinging her hips in a perfect fluidity of movement.

John watched her move off, his gaze fixed on those hips, startled into movement when he heard the movement and sounds of little feet padding along the floor boards, the quiet Sunday morning was now officially over.

'Daddy?' Sleepy-eyed Sammy sat on the bottom stair, his fair hair tousled and cheeks still pink, 'where we daddy?'

'This is where we're going to stay for a little while Sammy, remember Pastor Jim found it for us.'

'Pastie Jim? Okkies, Deanie still sleepin,' Sammy yawned, 'Sammee hungy daddy, want charms.'

'Okay kiddo just let daddy finish unpacking the car then we'll get some breakfast.'

Sammy nodded his head and smiled up at his father, 'we got yard?'

'Yep we sure do this time Sammy, no motel for now.'

'Can we get our puppy now?'

'No Sammy, not yet.' John sighed, the stock standard question from Sammy for the last six months, everytime they stopped somewhere.

'Daddy why's that lady there?' Sammy asked staring out of the front door.

'What lady Sammy?' John picked the small boy up and looked over the fence line to where their new neighbour stood leaning against her fence. 'Her name is Miss Black.' John answered absently. 'Come on sport let's go wake that brother of yours up.'

John looked at the woman once again and then shut the door, over the past few months, he has really tried to be more of a father and less of a hunter with his children. Coming so close to losing them both, at his own hands terrified him, but also made him realise just what a joy his two boys were. Different in so many ways but little Sammy has started mimicking his brother in everything. Already trying to be just like Dean, 'monkey see, monkey do, I guess.' John mused tossing Sammy in the air and then slinging him over his shoulder, the small boy dissolving into fits of giggles.

'Gee Dad can the noise, a guy can't sleep round here.' A disgruntled voice came from the bedroom.

'Deanie wake.' Sammy squealed squirming out of his father's grip to go and jump on Dean's bed. 'Come on Deanie, daddy's got charms.'

'Gross Sammy, wipe ya nose.' Dean whined as Sammy slobbered over him. 'Dad I think Sammy went and got himself broken.'

'Why's that son?'

'Coz he's too gross to be cute little Sammy now.'

'You were like that at his age.' John laughed watching Sammy's antics as he tried to hug and kiss his big brother. As much as Sam was tactile and sensitive, Dean was more standoffish and less likely to cuddle unless under extreme duress.

'Charms.' Sammy announced bouncing on the bed, 'Sammee want charms Deanie.'

'Dean, I'll start breakfast if you get Sammy dressed.'

'Gee thanks Dad give me the fun job.' Dean groused as he climbed off his bed and glared at the giggling toddler in front of him.

'Chase Deanie.'

'No chase Deanie.'

'Why?' Sam pouted, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

'Time to get dressed Sammy.'


'Coz you gotta get outta your pyjamas and get dressed.'


'Coz Dad said I had to get you dressed.'


'Sammy, come on don't you want breakfast?'


'Geeze Sammy, come on or I'll get Dad.' Dean threatened catching his squirming brother he managed to dress him in his denim overalls and long-sleeved T-shirt. 'You swallowed worms or something Sammy.'


'Coz you're so darned wriggly.' Dean let his brother lose, and then quickly dressed himself before chasing Sammy downstairs. Both boys freezing when they heard their Dad talking to someone else. A lady's voice filtered through the downstairs area, she had a strange shrill laugh, the sound made Sammy hide behind his brother and to latch on to the back of his shirt.

'Don' like her Deanie.' Sammy whispered, 'she stares.'

'Sammy?' Dean turned to look down at his brother's face, the sudden paleness and distant look in the jade green eyes was enough for Dean to sit on the step next to Sammy and to listen to his intuitive brother. After their run-in with the ghosts of two little boys who wanted to hurt them and their Dad, Dean learnt to take notice of Sam and his feelings about people and strange things.

'She stared at daddy.' Sammy started to pout again, 'she looked funny.'

'Funny how Sammy?'

'Glowy funny.' Sam said, 'Sammee hungy Deanie.'

'Let's go, just stay behind me okay Sammy?'

'Okkies Deanie.' Sammy sniffed and tightened his grip on Dean's shirt as they stood up and made their way to the kitchen. Both stood in the doorway with wide-eyed stares and open mouths, they gazed around at the bright and family-style kitchen and liked it immediately but then they saw the woman standing so close to their father, sipping coffee.

'Boys this is Miss Black she lives just down the road a bit, Sally these are my boys, Dean and little Sammy.'

'Not lil Sammee.' Sammy dropped his lip even further and hid completely behind his brother.

'Ah that's right Sammy's a big boy now.' John laughed, a deep throaty clear laugh that neither of the boys had heard in a long time. 'Hop up to the table, I have the charms already for the two of you.'

'Kay Dad.' Dean mumbled and guided his smaller brother to the seat furtherest away from the creepy lady and their weird acting Dad.

The brothers ate quietly watching their father flirt with the strange lady with red hair and blue eyes. He laughed and talked with her as though they were the only ones there, sipping coffee and sharing toast.

'Don' like her Deanie.' Sammy whispered again pushing away his half-finished bowl of Lucky Charms, 'Sammee wanna go play.'

'Kay Sammy, Dad?'

'What is it Dean?' John snapped and then immediately regretted his tone and went to crouch down in front of his boys, 'what's the matter sport?'

'Sammy and me are gonna go play outside for a while.' Dean said in a quiet low voice, glancing at the smiling woman over his father's shoulder, 'Sammy has a funny feeling bout her.' Dean whispered just loud enough for John to hear.

'Does he?' John cocked his head for a second and regarded his youngest son's innocent face, 'like last time?'

'Yeah Dad, she scares him.'

'Take him outside and play.' John said standing up he turned to the woman with a strange look on his face, 'now Dean.'


'I'll be fine, just go outside and play.'

Dean took his brother's hand and slowly walked outside, glancing over at his Dad and Miss Black. Just as he was, about to shut the door Dean looked up and stared at her eyes as they flashed bright red like blood and then back to their ice blue. Shivering suddenly Dean had an urge to get Sammy away from the house and that lady.

'So what do you want Sally?' John asked casually packing up the breakfast dishes.

'I don't know what you mean John, I'm just being a good neighbour and getting to know you.' Her eyes blazing with anger she picked up her bag and strode over to John, 'you are such a tease John Murphy.' She purred reaching up she cupped his face with her hands and pulled him down to meet her lips.

Gasping for breath John felt his knees buckle, as she let go of his face, blew him a kiss and stepped over his unconscious body. She stood watching the boys playing quietly in the backyard, her eyes flashed red again before she turned and left.