The Weekend

Shuffling to the door, Penelope sleepily push some lose hair behind one ear. Hearing whoever was outside her door at this ungodly hour, start to pound on the door once again, Penelope yelled, "Hold your horses. I'm coming."

Clooney, who was happily following her to the door, bark sternly.

Looking down at the enthusiastic dog, Penelope smiled and patted his head.

"You tell 'em, Cloon!"

Opening the door, Penelope said, "You had better…" Seeing who was on the other side of the door, however, Penelope cut herself off and launched into Derek's waiting arms.

After indulging in a welcome home kiss, she pulled back just enough to ask, "Handsome, did you just get in?"

"Almost. I stopped by my apartment first," Derek replied as he held up his bag.

Scowling, Penelope looked at the luggage and said, "We already have another case!"

"No," he assured her before kissing his girl's temple.

Looking up into Derek's dark eyes, she asked, "Then why did you bring a change of clothes?"

"International Flirting Week isn't over yet, baby girl."

Smiling, Penelope shook her head. "Sorry, hotness, the holidays ended yesterday."

"Really," Derek replied between kisses, "because I was fairly certain Saturday and Sunday were part of the week."

"So, what country are we going to celebrate?"

After pulling back from a long kiss, Derek replied, "How about Vegas?"

Patting his cheek, Penelope replied, "I know you're sleep deprived, handsome, so I won't hold it against you that you just said a city instead of a country."

"No," Derek corrected with a grin. "I don't want to celebrate it. I want to visit it."

"Sudden desire to see the good doctor's hometown?"

"No. Sudden desire to marry you before anything else can come up!"

Puling back so she could gaze into his eyes, Penelope replied, "That's real romantic, sugar."

Laughing, Derek gave her another kiss. "How about this, woman? I love you more than anything or anyone in this world. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you elope with me? I already have plane tickets," he added as an extra incentive.

"I don't know…" Penelope worried. "Wouldn't your mother be upset that she wasn't invited to our wedding?"

"My mother will be so happy I finally asked you to marry me that she won't care how we did it as long as we promise to eventually give her grandchildren," Derek replied with a sure grin. "Besides, if I know J.J. and Emily, they'll throw a party and we won't even have to miss having a reception."

Shaking her head, Penelope pressed a light to Derek's lips before pulling out of his arms. Turning to the dog next to her, who was wagging his tail a mile a minute, Penelope said, "Come on, Clooney, we have to go pack."

Throwing a saucy grin over her shoulder, Penelope added, "If you help us handsome, we'll be able to leave that much sooner."

Stepping into the apartment and shutting the door, Derek replied, "Where do you keep your suitcase?"

Derek Morgan pried open one eye and tried to decide what it was that woke him up. He soon became distracted, however, by movement next to him. Looking down, Derek smiled as he saw his wife snuggled against his chest.

Deciding to go back to sleep and prolong the morning a bit more, Derek heard the noise again and realized why he was awake—relatively speaking.

Trying to not disturb Penelope, Derek didn't move his torso as he reached out to grab the ringing phone. Flipping it open, Derek barked as best as he could while whispering, "Morgan!"

There was an odd silence before the voice on the other end of the line repeated, "Morgan?"

"What do you want, Rossi?" Derek asked as Penelope snuggled closer to him.

"I was trying to reach Garcia."

"She's asleep," Derek informed the other man matter-of-factly. "She can help you when we get back Monday."

"Today is Monday," Rossi replied. This was the oddest conversation he had ever had with Agent Morgan.

"Oh…then she'll help you when we get back Tuesday."

"Where are you?" Rossi asked before Derek could hang up the phone.

Rolling his eyes and wanting to go back to sleep and cuddling his bride, Derek snapped, "On our honeymoon." And with that, Derek quickly ended the call before Rossi could say anything more.

After turning the phone off so as to not be interrupted again, Derek tossed the phone back on the bedside table. Kissing his wife's forehead, Derek settled back down and went back to sleep.

It would be some time before either Morgan got out of bed and only then because Clooney had to go for a walk.

Rossi stared at the phone in his hand almost as if he looked at it long enough it would make his world seem normal again. As he was contemplating what he should do now, Hotch walked into the office.

"Have you found Garcia?"

"She's on her honeymoon with Morgan," Rossi replied, his voice still tinged with disbelief. He knew the two agents flirted, but he never figured they were this serious.

Hotch nodded and started to walk out the door. Stopping suddenly, he turned around and stared at Rossi.

"Excuse me?"

"Morgan and Garcia eloped."

Seeing Hotch so off-kilter made Rossi feel better and he started to smile.

"They eloped?"

"That's what Morgan told me when I called Garcia's cell."

Rubbing a hand down his face in frustration, Hotch muttered, "Why couldn't they just ask for time off like normal people?" Sighing, he added, "I'll just let them announce it when they get back. I don't want to lose two days of work while the team plans them a party."

As Hotch walked off mumbling about problem team members, Rossi leaned back in his chair and wondered what he should buy the couple for a wedding gift. Maybe something Greek. They seemed to really like that country, Rossi decided with a nod. He would go shopping after work.