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Toph smiled to herself as she snuggled closer to Aang. She knew she should be regretting that day, but she was finding it hard to, when she now had an excuse (any would do) to be closer to Aang...

3 Days Earlier.

Appa was still flying, and night was rapidly approaching. The gaang was getting ready to sleep. It had been a hot day, and everybody was grumpy and tired. The curled up on Appas soft fur, since he didn't have a saddle, said their goodnights, and drifted into sleep.

Toph had no idea where she had fallen asleep, though. She couldn't 'see' a thing on Appas back, so she usually clung to the edge of his saddle. And the saddle was gone, hence the current problem.

She fell into a fitful sleep. She had a dream, that she was falling. It wasn't a very creative dream, but she felt herself getting colder, and colder...


She awoke to find that she was indeed very cold and very wet. Why was that? Had they flown through another cloud? Or had Appa fallen asleep? Or was she...


Toph screamed, desprately trying to grab hold of something, anything. But, not many solid things float around 1000 feet in the air. So she fell.


Her words were lost in the rush of air. It rushed into her mouth, making her throat dry and raspy This is it she thought. I'm going to die. I wonder if I can see in the spirit world? That would be great. I wish I had eaten that last custard I'm hungry too. Fantastic.

She closed her eyes, and waited for the impact. Any time now, any time...



"Twinkle Toes?"

That's what she tried to say, but her throat was dry and sore. Secretly, she was glad he had caught her, just so she could be in his arms. It felt so nice, so warm, so...right.

She felt the air rush past her face, but gentler this time. It caressed her, making her long edony hair tangle in the breeze. She held tightly on to Aang, letting him think that it was out of fear. Any excuse would do...

After that night, it had been agreed that whenever they were flying on Appas back, Toph would stay close to someone. She didn't object, as they thought she would, but she spent more time around people...or a certain airbending monk.

So, now she snuggled into Aang, enjoying the closeness and the warmth. It was like been wrapped in a beautifully fuzzy blanket that covered her from head to toe, keeping her warm always. She heard his light breaths, and once again, felt glad that she had fallen off Appas back. Just so she could be closer to him...

Any excuse would do.

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