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"So, when are we going out?" Wonder Woman asked.

Batman sighed. Why was it that all the League thought that it was okay for them to invite themselves into his cave? "We aren't," he told her.

At that she turned his chair around, so that he was now facing her instead of the Bat-computer screen. She smiled brightly at him and asked, "Why not?"

Batman closes his eyes and sighs again, "I've already told you 'why not'," he answered.

"What you have told me is the same meaningless dribble that you tell yourself. None of it was the truth," she retorted.

"Believe what you will," he suggested.

Quicker than he could respond, she wraps the loop of her lasso around his wrist and pulls it tight, "Okay then, convince me," she told him with a smiling face.

Batman's face was not smiling though. It was filled with fear, "Please Diana, no!" he begged.

"Tell me why you don't think we can be together Bruce," she commanded.

The lasso began to heat up and glow bright as the Batman's will fought against the power of the Olympian gods. But as strong as his will was, it only delayed the inevitable. With a pained look of defeat, the glow dimmed and Batman closes his eyes and answered, "We can't be together because your immortal and I'm not," that caused Wonder Woman's eyes to widen in shock, "We love each other to much to make it a fun little fling, and I would make you my bride. We would tell each other that we would love each other forever, and we would mean it. Barring something tragic from happening though, I would grow old, and you would not. Neither would Clark," at hearing Superman's name Diana began to protest, but Batman wouldn't stop to listen to her, "As I grew old, the attraction between you and Clark would grow, and I would be able to see it. Then you would either wait patiently for me to die, or you would leave me for him. Or I might send you away, just so I wouldn't have to see the pity and regret in your eyes anymore. During the end of our time together the most horrible thing would happen, I would begin to hate you both," he opened his eyes again and stared deeply into hers, "I don't want to come to hate two of my closest friends."

They sat in silence for awhile. Then Batman asked, "Can you please take this damned thing off of me Diana?"

After she hastily removed the golden cord, he rose and left the princess alone in the dark to feel the pain of the truth she had forced out of him.