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New Year's Party: Toya's POV

Chapter 1: An Invitation

"New year's party?" asked Kinomoto Toya as he sat at the dinner table in his house.

"Yeah, it's at Tomoyo-Chan's house at 8o'clock in the evening, and you're allowed to bring one guest, but only one" explained his sister, Sakura.

"Well, what do you say, Yuki? Wanna come with me?" Toya looked across the table at his best friend.

Tsukishiro Yukito smiled back at him, "sounds like fun, I would really like to go, if it's alright with you and Tomoyo-san" he added to the girls.

Sakura blushed "um… yes of course! But-"

"We would love if you both go together" Diadouji Tomoyo quickly cut off her friend and started pushing her towards the stairs to go up to Sakura's room, "see you both tomorrow at my house!" Toya and Yukito exchanged looks before shrugging and continuing their dinner.

Once the two girls had reached Sakura's room, she asked, "Why didn't you tell them the party is couple's only?"

"Because it would ruin the point, we have to get Toya-san and Yukito-san together if it takes the entire night!" they smiled and high-fived before they began plotting the next night.

Downstairs both Toya and Yukito sneezed at the same time.

"Bless you" Yukito laughed.

Toya smiled warmly at him, then looked back down at his plate. Yukito was always so caring and kind-hearted; those were some of the reasons that he loved the silver-haired teen. He had felt love for his best friend almost ever since he met him, and it grew stronger with each passing day. Every second Toya was around Yukito was pure bliss for him. Every time Toya touched Yukito, his hand or face or shoulder, his heart would leap into his mouth. He often found himself smiling fondly at Yukito or softly touching his arm because of the way it would make him feel; then he would try to hide the fact that he had just given away how he felt by quickly changing the subject to school or his family, hoping this would be enough to keep Yukito in the dark about his love for the shorter teen.

Despite the fact that Toya loved him, the dark-haired teen wasn't sure if his feelings would ever be returned. Sometimes he would catch Yukito staring at him oddly and his heart would start to pound, hope blossoming with it; or his best friend would start to tell him something very important but then he would look away before he finished and insist that it was nothing, leaving Toya confused and disappointed. He would often lay awake at night picturing them confessing their love for each other, and as the scene played in his mind he wondered if it would ever happen. What did Yukito feel for him? Just friendship? Or did he perhaps feel love? As these confusing thoughts swirled in Toya's head, he looked up at Yukito.

Toya's eyes widened. His friend was staring at him again with that weird look on his face. Toya's heart thumped painfully and his cheeks reddened, he tried to calm himself so Yukito wouldn't see and then tried to act coo. He raised an eyebrow at him then asked, "Yuki? Are you alright?" the shorter teen didn't respond so Toya did the only thing he could think to do in this situation. He reached across the table and pinched his friend's cheeks to get his attention, "hello? Anyone home?" he said playfully.

Yukito, finally out of his odd trance, laughed and said, "Yes, Toya, sorry I'm a little out of it today" he smiled at his best friend.

Toya sighed and stared at him, 'he always says that… but it always looks like he wants to tell me something…what if he… I-I need to know what it is! I need to know… just in case' Toya could feel his heart leaping again, as he said, "you have been doing this a lot lately"

"Doing what?"

"Staring off into space or trying to tell me something then insisting it is nothing"

Then Yukito looked down and it looked like the shorter teen was a little red, 'Yuki… could it be that you actually do feel something for me?', "I-I… I…" Yukito was stumbling on his words, 'what does it mean?!'

Feel very bold and determined to find out the truth, he pushed aside both their plates and laid his hand on Yukito's cheek gently forcing him to look into his eyes. Toya could feel his head start spinning from touching his love's face, but he forced himself to concentrate as he said, "What do you want to say? Come on, we're best friends, aren't we?" Yukito nodded, "well then we should be able to tell each other anything"

Yukito looked nervous, "you sure...? I don't want you to no longer want to be my friend… A-and this could v-very well cause that…" Toya could not understand why Yukito's voice was shaking so much, he looked so scared; Toya became concerned 'Yuki'.

He tried to give him a reassuring smile, "I could never stop being your friend, Yuki, you should know that!" he laughed in spite of himself , the idea of him never wanting to be by Yukito again sounded so absurd that he couldn't help himself.

Yukito just gave a nervous giggle and Toya became even more worried, he had to know what was up with his friend, "come on, please? If something is bothering you I would like to help", he tried not to show how desperate he was but it seemed to show through anyway, to his irritation.

It seemed, however, to boost Yukito's confidence for he smiled and said quietly, "okay…"

Toya didn't want to make Yukito any more nervous than he already was so the dark-haired teen started to take his hand away from the shorter boy's face. Yukito shocked Toya when he grabbed the taller boy's hands before they were completely taken away and held them in his own. Toya's heart went off like a rocket and all he seemed capable of at that moment was to hang on to every word Yukito said, "alright, I-I… I've been wanting to… tell you this for a v-very long time" Toya nodded and paid close attention to every word Yukito was saying, "Toya… y-you are the greatest friend anyone could ever have… you're kind and loyal and caring… a-and it is because of everything that you are that I… I… I l-"

"Onii-chan, Yukito-san, can I ask you som-…" Sakura came bounding into the room with a notepad in her grasp but stopped suddenly when she noticed the way Yukito and Toya's hands were together. Toya glared at her, he might have finally discovered what had been bothering Yukito if she hadn't come in!

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it come in when you were talking" Tomoyo came in at that moment and they both glanced at the boy's hands then at each other and giggled at a secret that only they knew.

Then Yukito pulled back his hand and Toya, who had been in heaven while they were touching, got even angrier, "what do you want, kaijuu?"

Sakura gave him an angry look and proceeded to ask them about different things they thought the party should have. Toya, clearly angry at them for interrupting him and Yukito, just answered in single syllable monotonous words just to prove a point. Yukito, on the other hand, tried to be very helpful and Toya couldn't help but think how cute that made the shorter boy seem. Toya knew that Yukito was very uncomfortable with the situation from the way he would keep glancing over at Toya. He would feel his friend's eyes and look back at him; but as soon as their gaze met, Yukito would quickly look away with an abnormally red face and Toya would feel his heart fall. Tomoyo and Sakura glanced at each other and smiled knowingly.

A few minutes later, Toya couldn't take it anymore, he didn't want his friend to be so uncomfortable. 'Maybe if he jus told me what was up, he'd feel better…' then Toya obtained an idea. If he invited him to stay the night they would be able to talk in private and Yukito could get what was bothering him off his chest.

Toya looked at Yukito and opened his mouth to speak, but the shorter boy suddenly stood up from his chair and announced that he was going to go home, shocking Toya.

"Why don't you stay over, Yuki?" Toya was careful to keep the desperation out of his voice.

To Toya's surprise, Yukito suddenly became even more uncomfortable. He looked away and said, "No, I need to go home, but I'll see you tomorrow night, right?"

With one last attempt to be alone with Yukito, Toya asked hopefully, "yeah, do you want me to walk you home?"

"No! I-I mean n-no… I-I'll be fine" Yukito said frantically and Toya felt his heart sink. The silver-haired boy must have seen the look on his face, for he tried to act cheerful and said, "Really, I need to get a good night's rest so I'll be ready to go tomorrow!" Toya knew he was trying to cheer him up so he just smiled sadly back at him. Yukito turned red and quietly said goodbye before rushing out the door.

"Yuk-!" Toya called after him, worried that he had made things worse for his friend, but it seemed that he didn't hear him.

"Wait, Kinomoto-kun, let me talk to him alone" Tomoyo stepped forward.

Toya glanced at her, then at the door, if he went after him now, he might just make him more uncomfortable, so he nodded and Tomoyo went out the door after glancing purposely at Sakura.

Toya watched the raven-haired girl until the door closed, then he lowered his head into his hands. What kind of friend was he if he couldn't even make Yukito feel better? Toya sighed.

"Onii-chan?" Sakura said quietly. Toya looked up as she whispered, "We really are sorry for interrupting you."

Toya gave a small smile, "I know you are, I just wish I knew what was bothering him. I really want to be able to help him because…"

"Because you are in love with him?" Sakura finished quietly.

Toya gave her a startled look, "I-I… how…?"

"Just a hunch Tomoyo and I had, looks like we're right" Sakura smiled.

Toya blushed, "both of you knew?"

Sakura nodded, "have you told Yukito-san?"

Toya shook his head, "I-I'm… just not sure if I should… tell him… if he doesn't feel the same it could change our friendship for the worse… I don't want to risk it" Toya murmured, part of him amazed he was even having this conversation with his kid sister.

"Onii-chan" Sakura said, getting his attention, "do you trust Yukito-san? Fully trust him?"

"With my life" Toya answered sincerely.

Sakura smiled, "then you don't have anything to fear."

Toya looked into his sister's eyes with surprise for a while then he closed his own and smiled, "you've grown a lot, kaijuu" he said softly to himself.

Sakura didn't hear this comment, "Hoe?"

"Nothing… I'll tell him how I feel soon… but when?" Toya thought aloud.

"What about tomorrow at the party?" offered Sakura.

"But a party will mean lots of people, how will I get him alone?"

"Oh don't worry about everyone else, they all will be with their own dates and won't be bugging you guys" Sakura said happily.

"How do you know this?" Toya asked suspiciously.

"Because the party is for… oops!" Sakura quickly covered her mouth, as though she had just reveled something she wasn't supposed to.

"It's what?"

"N-nothing, there's nothing important about it"

Then Toya realized what she had been hiding, "It's a couple's only party, isn't is? That is why you asked is Yuki and I wanted to go together, you two were trying to get me to tell him how I feel!"

"No! We just…" she sighed, " okay yes, but we were just tired of seeing the loving way you looked at him and seeing how much you wanted to be with him but not saying anything, so we decided to do something about it" Sakura argued.

Toya went bright red, "I don't do that…!" Sakura gave him a disbelieving look, "okay well maybe a little… fine, so I'm completely in love with him, you were the same with that gaki!" Toya was now looking at the ground.

Sakura blushed, "exactly and now we are together because he told me how he felt! You have to do the same!" she pointed out.

Toya, now as red as a tomato, just sighed and nodded, "fine, but don't tell Yuki that it's a couples party and I will act as surprised when we find out that it is one. If he found out that I knew but didn't say anything, he might be hurt."

"Sure," Sakura promised, "and as a result of this the two of you have to act like a couple for the entire night!"

'Yuki and I together as a couple…?' Toya though to himself, his mind wandered as he thought how wonderful it would be. Sakura giggled at the dazed look on her brother's face, snapping Toya back to reality, he cleared his throat and said, "But what if he wants to leave as soon as he finds out the truth of the party?"

"Don't worry, I can assure you he won't" said a voice near the door. Sakura and Toya turned to see Tomoyo standing there smiling.

"He's okay? Are you sure he won't? How do you know?" Toya asked frantically.

Tomoyo smiled wider, "I know" Sakura smiled at her, silently congratulating her on her job with Yukito.

Toya stared at the raven-haired girl for a moment before accepting this as enough of an answer. He said good night to the girls and went upstairs to his room. He sat down at his desk and turned on the lamp. His eyes moved to a picture he had of him and Yukito at one of their many jobs. In it showed Yukito, in his uniform, holding a tray of glasses, obviously he had just tripped and was trying to keep on his feet, a look of surprise on his face. Toya, also in uniform, was laughing, trying to help his friend. His eyes in the picture betrayed how Toya really felt about the boy as he stared lovingly at him.

Toya stared at the picture then smiled, "I can pretend, even if it's just for one night, that you are mine… that is the best thing I could even hope for… I love you Yuki"

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