I looked around and knew that I was dreaming. There was just like when you dream, impossible things happening all around you, but you don't really notice. And everything you normally would of ether screamed or frowned of, suddenly doesn't seem that off anymore. I'm sure you've had the feeling.

"Hello?" I asked aloud. I wasn't really sure about who I was calling. I just knew that there were someone else around here someplace with me.

"Hello Isabella." I whirled around to look at the man who spoke to me. He had the same hair colour like I did, the same wide forehead, and the same brown eyes. We looked a lot alike, and yet completely opposite.

"Who're you?" I asked timidly, almost afraid of the answer. He smiled, the same smile I have, had…I wasn't sure if I was dead or not. With my luck, I was probably dead.

"Charlie Swan, your Dad, your mothers husband…first husband anyway. One of the elderly wizards. You can pick out any title you want, I've got a lot of them." He said with a smirk. I looked at him stunned, and sat down in one of the most un lady like, and ungraceful wais possible. I fell straight on my ass.

Charlie chuckled and sat down next to me. With a lot more grace.

"So…I'm dead then?" I asked quietly. I was surprised that I'd crossed over to the other side. What about Jamie and the Cullen's and Edw-

"No, your not dead. Your just dreaming… a slightly more realistic dream then most people, but its still a dream." He said with a shrug.

"What are you doing here then? Mom told me you were a drunk, and ran away with a prostitute or something. And then Victoria told me you were a wizard, which seems to be true." He nodded his head, and picked up a stone I hadn't noticed before. He threw it out onto the lake that was before us. Surprise, surprise, I hadn't noticed that ether.

"I just wanted to talk to my daughter…I-I'm sorry for not being there. And I'm sorry about picking work over family, and being stupid enough to get killed…" I didn't look at him. I just stared out at the lake. It was beautiful, clear blue, fish swimming happily beneath the surface.

"Your mother was scared of me, once she found out about what I was. She was already six moths pregnant with you then, to late to take an abortion. I'm glad she didn't." Charlie said, giving me a small smile. He sighted and closed his eyes for a second before opening them again.

"I told her that I would never hurt her…but I could tell that she wanted out, that she didn't love me anymore. So I started working more, taking myself away from you guys."

"What sort of work?" I asked him, my curiosity waking up.

"I worked a lot with death, making sure everyone got through to the other side, just like you do. Only I had a little more magic help then you had, more than potions at least. I knew that once you started doing things out of the ordinary, I should of started to train you. Renee however, wasn't to interested in that idea." He chuckled bitterly.

"I know I make it sound like everything is your mothers fault, but its not. I'm not exactly a walk in the park to live with." Charlie told me reassuringly. I only smiled up at him. He was a lot taller then I was.

"You know…My grandfather, Jeffery Swan, he was a wizard too. He killed a Vampire named James a long time ago. The only problem about that is his mate, Victoria." I stared at him, shocked. That was so cool.

"Yes, the very same Victoria you killed yesterday."

"Yesterday? But I just fell asleep!" I protested. He laughed lightly at me.

"Time goes a little faster here, honey." I nodded my head, motioning for him to go on with his story.

"Well, Victoria swore that she would get revenge on the Swan family. She killed my grandfather, in his attempt to kill her. Finally the Volturi took action and killed the bitch. But she wouldn't leave. She knew that Jeffery had a child, a boy, my father. She swore that she would kill him. My grandmother helped my dad learn magic, since she was a water Nymph, she knew some. And when my dad got older, he married your grandmother, Marie. And from them, came me. A few days after I was born, my father was killed, the same way his father was killed." I stared at him blankly for a few moments before turning away. This was becoming a little awkward. What the hell was I suppose to say to that?

"Now my mother didn't know one thing about magic, but we did have books. She taught me everything from them, and we hoped that it would be enough. So, since I aged five times slower then a normal human, I didn't meet your mother before the 80's in college. We fell in love, got married and she became pregnant within a year."

"I don't want any more details about that, thank you. Just, just skip that part." I said hastily, throwing a worried look at the older man. He grinned, and nodded his head.

"Okay then. I told your mother what I was, she freaked out and I worked harder. I took up the Victoria case, which I really wanted to solve. I made a similar potion as you, only it wasn't that powerful. And I never though about cutting my hand open like you did, that was very smart." He told me proudly. Only he was proud of me, not himself. I smiled softly up at him, blushing slightly.

"Anyway. I nearly killed her, but it didn't work. Something snapped in her mind though, and she became mentally unstable. I didn't think that was possible, since she was dead and all, but I was wrong. She killed me a few seconds later…I died in the cafeteria. The exact same spot as you preformed the exorcism." he said with a smile. I razed an eyebrow at him.

"I was…surprised when you were born, you know." He said quietly. I stared at him, confused.

"You knew mom was pregnant. And there really isn't anything more to child birth then a baby popping out of a woman." I pointed out. He laughed long and hard at that one.

"I didn't mean it like that!" He chuckled. "I mean I was surprised that you were a girl. Everyone in my family turned out to be boys." He said, still chuckling slightly.

"Is there anything I need to know about being a witch?" I questioned. He shook his head.

"Not really, no. Only…" He hesitated and looked away.

"What? What is it?" I asked him again. He looked back at me and frowned.

"I'm not suppose to say this, and I'll get in a lot of trouble for it, but it doesn't matter. I want you to be happy." He told me urgently. I nodded my head, confused.

"Go live with the Cullen's. please. Be a vampire, be happy and have a bunch of fat vampire babies with Edward or whatever you want. Just, go live with them. Jamie will be there, and you can still see him. I've seen your future, and you'll be happy with that choice. Trust me." He grabbed both of my hands in his. I looked at him shocked.

"What the hell?! Who said I was dating Edward? Who said I even liked Edward?!" I asked, outraged.

"All comes with time." He said before he disappeared. I felt myself leaving the dream. I could feel pain again, something I wasn't all that happy about.

"Mrs. Dwyer! Calm down, the hospital bill isn't that big. You should be happy about your daughter being okay!" I heard Carlisle say in a soothing voice. I opened my eyes to see them glaring at each other at the end of my bed. Edward was sitting at the side of my bed, one of my hands in his.

"Hey everyone." I crocked out with my sleepy voice. Edward beamed at me and held a glass of water to my lips. I smiled at him gratefully, and he looked down shyly. I'm sure he would be blushing if that was possible. Renee glanced at me, uninterested.

"I won't pay 5000$dollors because my daughter got attached by some wildcat! Its just a few scrapes, you could of taken her home and she would be fine." Renee argued further. Carlisle exhaled loudly.

"She would of died, if I hadn't brought her in here. She's been asleep for two days. Her injuries were serious and you know it." Carlisle told her firmly. She glared at him and turned her attention to me.

"Happy now? I have to spend a bunch of my money on your hospital bills!" She shrieked. I winced at the volume.

"Mrs. Dwyer, please speak quietly. This is a hospital, people need to rest." Carlisle told her. She threw him a glare, then looked back at me.

"Don't you mean Charlie's money? The money you got when he died?" I asked her as harshly as my horse voice wanted.

"What? Stop being stupid. Your father left us when you were little." She said, looking down.

"Stop lying to me! You knew all along, and you sent me here anyway! You lied about him, and about me being crazy! And you have the nerve to talk about spending money that isn't even yours?! You know what? Fine, don't pay the damn bill. I'll pay it myself. Just get the hell out of here. I never want too see you again." I said, narrowing my eyes into slits.

She looked like she wanted to protest at first, glancing between the three off us in the room. She huffed loudly and stuck her nose in the air, and stalked out of the room.

"Don't worry about that bill Bel-Izzy, I'll pay." Edward said, squeezing my hand. My head lolled in his direction lazily.

"I talked to my dad…turns out that he died and I'm half a witch. And Victoria had some sort of vendetta against my family. Oh, and he wanted me to become a Vampire and have a bunch of fat vampire babies with you." I said, gesturing with my head in Edwards direction. He was so shocked he almost fell out of his chair.

"E-Excuse me?" He squeaked out. Yes, he actually squeaked. I giggled slightly.

"He said he'd looked into my future, and if I chose to become a vampire, I'll be happy and have lots of fat babies, apparently." I said with a smile. If he could faint, I'm sure he would. He put one finger on the top of his shirt and ripped it slightly.

"Is it hot in here, I think it's a little hot in here. I'll just open a window." Edward said with a shaky voice.

"Edward calm down. You've know each other for less then a week, and she didn't mean right away. Besides, vampires can't have children." Carlisle said, looking at Edward with a very amused expression on his face.

"Ah, but your forgetting that this soon to be vampire is also a witch. So I don't think that really counts for me." I said with a grin. I'd never thought much about having children, and I knew I was way too young to have any now, but it was still fun to watch Edward squirm.

"True. I never thought about that…maybe you'll be able to let the rest of us have kids as well." Carlisle mused, a sheepish look on his face. I smiled up at him.

"Lets just wait and see. Change me first or something like that. Right now I just wanna sleep, okay?" I said, closing my eyes. I heard Carlisle chuckle.

"Edward calm down. Your not going to be a Dad today, it might even be years from now." Carlisle said amused. If Edward could sweat, I'm sure there would be a pool on the hospital floor right about now.

"Y-Yeah. Sure, c-cool." Edward rambled slightly.

"Hey Edward?" I asked sleepily. I heard a sharp intake of breath.


"I'm not having kids in at least a hundred years. I don't even like you like that, but apparently I am going to later. Don't worry, in the end everyone will be Happy."


Please! Dont be mad. I really liked this ending. I could of made more of it, see their kids and stuff like that, her change and everything, but i really liked this. Because them having kids and getting together is a whole other story. I don't know if i'm going to write it. I have another super idea for a Twilight AU, which i've been dying to write for days now. I'm just going to finish 'Life to Existence' first.

Hope everyone loved it! Love Fairy eyes :)