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If there had ever been a moment in which time might stop, or in which time was so insignificant that it could go on forever without any care in the world, this was it; this moment of pure bliss, wrapped in his arms so fully, so warmly, that nothing else mattered. His smell twisted itself into her nostrils, manifesting into a beautifully malignant, overpowering scent that she thought might never be washed away. It mattered little to her that, at any moment, someone might walk into the kitchen and find the two of them embracing so passionately, arms tangled around one another so tight it would be difficult to disengage themselves.
"I love you, you know.." Godric murmured briefly, eyes still fluttering as they paused for breath.
Hermione smiled, her teeth shining brightly in the dimly lit room, eyes glinting as she whispered, "yeah, I know..." and then they were kissing again, gentle, tender, loving, and the pieces of the universe seemed to settle into place.

Fifteen minutes later, they were sat on two chairs, hands held as they exchanged tender words of endearment, heads touching lightly as the door swung open, and Remus entered, with Sirius close behind, looking as though they were nervously entering into a field of unexploded bombs. At the sight of the couple so calm, they seemed to untense, and raised questioning eyebrows at Godric as he looked briefly over his shoulder.
"Yes?" Godric said, frowning.
Sirius wiggled his eyebrows briefly, then slid surreptitiously into the chair opposite. "So..." he grinned. "Whats the goss here then?"
Hermione blushed, giggling and looking down. Godric smirked, squeezing her hands and saying, "she could resist me no longer, and was thereby forced to admit her undying attraction." He winked at her, pulling her to his chest and feeling the joyous smile spread over his face, not caring that Remus and Sirius could see it.
"Well," Sirius said, smirking wickedly, "maybe I'll just go see what the garden looks like today..." and he grabbed Remus and practically shoved him out of the door.
Laughing, Godric pulled Hermione to her feet, holding her against his chest and inhaling the scent of her shampoo with utter delight. Sighing, he pressed his lips to her forehead. "You're smelling particularly delectable today," he whispered quietly.
She smirked, "I smell of you, and maybe a little sweat, sex and perfume."
"As I said," Godric grinned, "absolutely delectable."
Hermione rolled her eyes. "Only you could be so arrogant about your own smell."
"I beg to differ," he murmured. "Ask Sirius or Remus; the best possible smell for a woman, is that of her man. It's an unquestionable sign of.... of..." he trailed off, "well..."
"What?" She asked softly.
"I was going to say...ownership," he grimaced. "But I didn't mean that..."
Hermione smiled, cupping his face with her hands. "It's ok," she whispered. "I like being yours... I've given up trying to deny it."
A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. "Don't let me get too proud of that fact, or I'm afraid I won't fit through the doors."
She pressed her lips to his cheek and smiled. "You're adorable." She pulled his hand away and lead him from the room. "Come on, I fancy a cuddle and a bath.. at the same time."

And so they found themselves together again, ever conscious of the oncoming torture of seperation, by which they would find themselves torn apart once more. Ever present was the knowledge that in mere days, she would be returning to Hogwarts, and he, as a member of the Order, would be remaining at Grimmauld Place. And yet, more so than that, was the knowledge that some day, whether it be soon or some time long in the future, they would have to face the fact that he did not belong there with her, that he was not entitled to the everlasting presence of her company. Though he longed for a way to seal off forever the routes of his past, he knew that there was no possibility, no way by which he could ensure her companionship and love at his side for the span of his lifetime. He longed to be able to truly call her his, to hold her into the last hours of his life, when he would be happily wrinkled, with children and grandchildren running around his ankles by the dozen, with her still in the circle of his arms.
Alone in the living room the night before her return to Hogwarts, he held her warmly against his chest and breathed gently in her ear. "It's terrifying to think you won't be here tomorrow," he told her briefly, squeezing her ever so slightly harder and closing his eyes as he listened to the sigh that she released.
"You could always come back..."
He chuckled, nuzzling his nose briefly against her cheek. "I don't think Professor Dumbledore would be particularly pleased to hear that I was returning simply so I could have the pleasure," he put emphasis on the word, "of your company.." She smiled, reaching her hand up to caress his cheek briefly, eyes moving to look at him sidelong.
"I'm sure a man of Dumbledore's years can appreciate the benefits of such company..."
Godric grinned, pressing his lips lightly to her temple, lips still cracked in a smile. "I'm not sure Dumbledore would ever condone such behaviour with one of his students..."
Hermione laughed, throwing her head back on his shoulder and closing her eyes in amusement. "Can you imagine that conversation?"
"The 'you're sleeping with my student' conversation?" Godric murmured softly.
"Mmmhmm..." She smiled. "And what if he dragged me into the room as well and asked me to explain myself?"
"Well I suppose I'd just have to fill your mouth with something more practical than slathering rubbish about how wonderful I am, and perhaps give you something else to think about..."
She smiled. "Fill my mouth... with what I wonder?"
Godric chuckled throatily beside her ear, blowing gently and seductively as he whispered, "I think you know perfectly well what... theres only one thing that stops you burying your nose in a book, and I intend to ween you off your diet of research and duelling, and replace it instead with hard, hot, sweaty, sex."
She shivered, shifting backwards to press herself more firmly against his body. "You're naughty," she reprimanded, though the gyration of her hips contradicted the tone as she teased him in such a tantalising manner.
"Revoltingly so," he said agreeably, slipping a hand round her waist and sliding it gently up her inner thigh, "it probably merits a hard spank... what do you think?"
She laughed, twisting around and pressing her breasts against his chest whilst her mouth captured his softly. "I don't know about spanking, but you've definitely got me in the mood..." He smiled against her mouth, catching her lip gently between his teeth and sighing his agreement.
"Yeah... I agree that spanking would be a very disagreeable last night before you wander off to live with hormonal teenagers for months on end..."
She smirked. "True... if you spanked me I might just stumble into Snape's office and ask for a pity-fuck..."
His hands jerked her hips against his, eyes flashing possessively. "He touches you and he dies. Understand?"
Smiling, Hermione pressed her lips to his cheek. "Oh, I hear you..." Her hands drifted to his belt buckle, a smirk on her lips as she murmured to him. "Hows about we try something a bit different tonight..." she whispered suggestively.
He raised an eyebrow inquisitively, "tell me more... I'm intrigued."
"Well..." she said in a quiet undertone, running a hand "I was thinking that maybe we could get some ice cream and I could lick it from your..."
"Or we could just enjoy a quiet drink?" Sirius' voice sounded from the doorway, and when the couple turned to look, they saw a look of cringing embarassment on his face.
Hermione flushed beet red, but Godric smirked. "Sounds good to me," he grinned, pulling Hermione back to him and laughing as Sirius seated himself gingerly on the chair opposite. "We can wait for ice cream until everyones in bed... I'm quite looking forward to waking Molly up with Hermione's screams... it could be a memorable experience."
Having earnt himself a hard slap on the arm, Godric reached forward to accept a glass of Firewhiskey from Sirius, offering it with a grin to Hermione, who cringed visibly at the smell. "Go on, try some?" His eyes were pleading and she frowned at him.
"What possible good would that do?" She asked, her eyebrow raised as though daring him to contradict her own opinion.
Godric pressed a soft kiss to her jawline, "you won't have to look back and regret a missed oppurtunity..."
"I won't..."
"But nor will you get to experience deliriously drunken sex..." He smirked as she shifted almost imperceptibly closer.
"I'm not sure I want to..."
"Seriously guys, I'm still here!" Sirius threw down a shot and poured himself another one, looking visibly worried. Godric looked at Hermione with a smirk. "Go on, one drink?"
She sighed, taking his glass from his hands and taking a tentative sip. Both Sirius and Godric looked at her incredulously.
"What?" She asked, licking her lips as she pondered the taste.
"You have to down it, Hermione," Sirius said, conjuring up a third glass and passing her a generous amount of the amber liquor. "Just throw it down the hatch and swallow," he grinned roguishly at Godric, who looked rightfully ashamed. Thankfully, Hermione seemed too concentrated on her drink to notice anything, and the fact that Godric and Sirius had had numerous conversations about Hermione's sexuality lay dormant. As she threw the drink nervously down her throat, Sirius and Godric both waited for the inevitable... and almost immediately she gasped, choking and spluttering as the liquid burnt the back of her throat. Roaring with laughter, they poured another round, and settled down to another night of rowdiness.

"Ya know, I had sex with a fugly gal once," Sirius slurred drunkenly, grinning at the memory. "Piss ugly in fact... good shag... but piss ugly..."
Godric laughed into Hermione's shoulder, "sounds 'bout right..."
Sirius guffawed loudly, whilst Hermione turned round, redfaced and messy-haired, saying huffily, "what exactly are you insinuating Mr Gryffindor?"
He mussed her hair playfully, a chuckle emanating from deep in his throat. "I'm horny... mmm."
She blushed deeply. "Naughty!"
"Sick!" Sirius interrupted, faking retching noises and shaking his head in disgust. "No, no, no, no!"
Hermione let out a loud cackle, at which both Sirius and Godric looked horrified, and she flushed red once more.

"I'm scared." Godric muttered, shoving her away from him jokingly. Unfortunately for her, having so little experience with liquor meant that she was dreadfully unbalanced and toppled to the floor with as much grace as a tree trunk.

Sirius chortled in amusement, grabbing himself another drink and throwing it down his throat as he continued to chuckle at the flailing witch on the floor. "And to think you share a bed with her..." he giggled, slightly red faced as he pointed an accusatory finger at Godric "now, don't go taking advantage of my little Mione, just cus she's in a drunken state don't mean she wants a shag!"

Hermione rested her head on Godric's lap with a groan. "I hit my head," she said, apparently not hearing Sirius' last statement.

Godric patted her head absently, and looked at Sirius with a satisfied smirk. "There won't be any taking advantage on my part... she's... mmm..." he grinning lasciviously, "she takes advantage of me... mostly...mmm."

"Don't." She muttered, though her voice was slightly muffled as she began kissing her way slowly up Godric's thigh. Sirius saw and lifted an eyebrow at the couple.

"Do you two mind awfully? I'm enjoying myself here! Don't ruin it!"

"Not." Hermione said, grinning cheekily up at Godric. "Just giving fun things to watch."
Sirius groaned. "No no no. I want to have sex."

Godric had his head rested on the cushion and chuckled, "mmm, unfortunately I'm the one getting blown today..."

"He could join in," Hermione giggled, reaching Godric's fly with rather fumbling fingers.

Sirius leapt from the sofa, tripping over the coffee table and spilling the remaining firewhiskey. "I'm not touching his wotsit!" He said, looking rather revolted and raising a very shaky finger.

"No, he's not touching my wotsit," Godric said, stroking Hermione's hair gently, but not bothering to move.

"He doesn't have to!" Hermione giggled.

"I don't want to see it!" Sirius said, covering his eyes as Hermione's hands pushed the fabric of Godric's jeans aside. "Night!" And he stumbled drunkenly from the room, and could be heard shuddering from the other end of the corridor.

Hermione laughed as she went down on Godric, who decidedly didn't bother to see if his friend was ok.


"Do you really want a threesome with Sirius?" Godric muttered into her neck as they lay in bed later that night, when both of them had sobered up rather remarkably.

Hermione shrugged. "It might make things awkward, don't you think?"

"That would depend," Godric said, and Hermione was both shocked and slightly worried as he seemed to consider the idea thoroughly.

"Depend on what, Godric?" She muttered, pressing her lips to his neck in an attempt to calm herself.

"Depend on who got the front seat," he replied, holding her tight to his chest, tickling the back of her neck and grinning widely against her skin. "Would you like it?"

Hermione shifted slightly, her centre rubbing ever so slightly against Godrics member. He blinked, eyes wide. "Do I take that as a yes?"

"It might be... interesting." He pulled back and looked at his lover thoughtfully, but before he could say anything, she questioned him, shockingly levelly given the circumstances, "do you like men, Godric?"

He smirked and pressed gentle lips to her temple, "that, Sunrise, is a somewhat personal question, don't you think?"

"I think it's a fair one given the proposition." She raised an inquisitive eyebrow, at which he sighed.

"I have no experience as to 'liking men' as you put it, but if it was something you were particularly... interested in... I might consider it..."

Hermione looked at him quizzically. "Are you pulling my leg?"

"No, Sunrise, I'm not pulling your leg, though if you want me to bend it, I'll try and accomodate you in the most fitting manner I can." He looked at her softly. "Do you like the idea of me and Sirius at the same time?" His breath was hot on hers, and she shivered, as he went on, "do you want to know what it's like to have me fucking you senseless while someone else comes all over your back? Would you like seeing me angry when he put his hands on you? Are you particularly into giving pain to others, witch?" Hermione was shaking her head, but still he continued on. "Would you particularly like it when he and I started to kiss, leaving you out while he does to me what I know you love doing? Or does the idea of watching him suck me off give you a strange kick?"

"No... I'd rather I was just yours... and vice versa." She kissed him heatedly.

Godric breathed softly, "thank fuck for that. If you had decided to say yes to a threesome, I might have had to hex his balls off."

Hermione giggled. "That won't be neccessary, I assure you."

He snaked an arm round her waist. "Mine," he whispered into her ear, pressing a soft kiss to the sensitive spot behind her ear.

"Yes... all yours."


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