I would like very much to thank JRParz for allowing me to write in his "Master PC Universe." This story refused to stay buried in my psyche and the outline was written in about an hour and the rest just filled itself in. There are things about this story that are disturbing to me, so I know that some of you who read this, WILL be disturbed. The story characteristic is basically romantic mind control, but portions contain almost every story code, including the hot codes. I say that so that I don't have to add another 10kb to the size of this already very large file.

This story is only half complete, but I had to find a place for this portion to end. Some day there may be more if anyone shows any interest in what happens after this. One side story has been started and I will make an attempt to complete it soon.

Warning: This is an adult oriented, erotic tale; if you are underage where you live, now is the time to leave; you are not suppose to be reading this type of story. If you object to the depiction of sex in written literature you should not be here in the first place. If anything in this story reflects any part of your life, you have my sincerest sympathy, but I don't know you and this is not about you.

Chapter 1 (Week 1)

"Dammit, this is the worst fucking day, of the worst fucking week, of my life, and I don't know how it can possibly get any worse," said Michael, as he threw the mail down on his desk. Then the nausea hit him and before he could make a move to the toilet, he heaved a stomach full of acid all over his bed and floor. "Ooooohh god! It figures," he thought as he passed out, he fell and hit the bed and slid off, face down in the vomit. The emotions and events of the week had taken their toll.

Now let me tell you a little about Michael and his family, before I start at the beginning and explain why our protagonist, Michael James is having such a fucking bad day and week.

First, there's Michael, a good looking man, 17 years old, dark chestnut hair, Five-nine foot tall and a dancer's toned body. A junior in high school, he has an above average intelligence, president of the Science Club, the Math Club, the Computer Club, and a member of the Thespian Society.

Although still considered a minor, Michael has been visiting several free porn and story websites, especially those featuring incest and slave photos and stories on an increasingly frequent basis, much to his shame and would have been extremely embarrassed to have his mother or sister found out. Michael has a deep and sincere love for both his mother and his sister and until the last year or so, never had an indecent thought toward either of them.

And so that we don't upset our hero, He wants to be called Michael, not Mike, although he will answer to it and does on occasion let his sister get away with calling him "Mikey," which he absolutely detests.

He has always been shy around people, especially girls; at least that is until last year when he got his first girlfriend. Kim Mays had been in his drama class. She had sandy brown hair and hazel eyes and her breasts were a pert 'A' with seemingly always erect, but small nipples.

Next, we have Michelle James, Michael's mother. At 33, she looks in her 20's, even after two kids, very pleasing figure, at 5'3" - 32C, 24, 32, auburn hair to her shoulders and a smooth, soft and tan complexion. She graduated from high school at 15, and received her Master's in business and investment banking 5 years later. She truly loves her children and will do anything she can to protect them. Her maiden name is Groves

Then there is Jennifer James, Michael's younger sister, known as Jenn by family and friends. She is 14 and will be 15 two weeks after school starts. Physically, she is almost a carbon copy of her mother, with the exception of strawberry blond hair, which fell to her waist and a B cup and her tan was not as dark as her mother's.

She is very intelligent and very popular and she has applied and been accepted to the Freshman Cheer Squad. She really does love her Mom and especially her brother. As far back as she can remember, Michael has always been there for her when she needed someone.

And last Kevin James, Michael's father. At age 47, he is a former Biology and Chemistry professor at the local college, former employee, Biochemical research, at the now bankrupt research facility. Kevin was injured and slightly disfigured in an "accidental explosion" at that facility and won a lawsuit for several million dollars. He disappeared two weeks before the start of school. If you did the math, you noticed the discrepancy in Kevin and Michelle's ages. Be patient, it will be explained.

Let's also introduce the Michael's main antagonist (enemy). Coach Brian "Brown" Behr (pronounced bare - pun deliberate because bare, he is as hairy and as big as a bear). He is the sociology teacher, and teacher and coach of the wrestling team, an ex-Marine and principle school bully. Being on coach Behr's list also puts you on the wrestling team's list.

(Monday morning - Week 1)

Let's rewind to the first week of school. At this time, unknown to Michael, the situation in which he will find himself during the first week is already well advanced. On arrival to his homeroom the first day, Michael discovers that his worst nightmare has been realized.

First, he has been assigned to coach Behr's sociology class and then, last period gym (jock central), and specifically to coach Behr's class. He was physically in good shape, but no where near the shape or bulk that most of the jock's carried and had no idea why he was assigned to this particular class. He didn't have too days to wait to find out.

Michael thought that first day went fairly well and much as expected; including the rudeness, roughhousing and picking by the jocks. Michael was in advanced in many of his subjects and found himself in classes that also had seniors. He had seen his sister Jenn several times passing between classes.

If he had been paying attention, he would have noticed that something was not quite right; when she was alone she was she bright, smiling and waved to him; when she was with her cheerleader friends, she was distant, with a somewhat vacant expression.

Most of his early classes went well and easily, with only a few of the less annoying jocks in class. After lunch, also went mostly as expected; the classes he had in the afternoon were all senior level classes and most were disrupted by the more abrasive sports jocks; the wrestling team. It was a mystery to Michael why they were in some of the classes they were and was fairly sure he knew why and how they got away their behavior.

When he arrived at his sociology class, he was surprised that there were no jocks present, but the look he received from the coach was a little disturbing and unclear in his mind what his expression meant, though why he should be surprised he didn't know. So, he thought this class may not be so bad after all; forgetting for a moment who the teacher is. Coach Behr turned out to be competent teacher in this subject, go figure. Michael had heard the rumor that the coach had a degree in psychology and Phys. Ed; he could see that the rumor was probably true.

Michael thought class participation was important and when questions were asked, his hand always went up because he had been reading related material, over summer vacation, on the internet. He thought the class actually went well, but after class the coach pulled him aside to speak with him.

Coach Behr said, "Listen Mike, everyone knows you are a smart guy and but no one likes a know-it-all, so help me out by keeping your mouth shut and let some of the other kids have a chance to be involved in this class. Now get your ass to the gym for class." Bewildered, he proceeded to his last class, the one he thought of as "Hell."

The class began in the gymnasium, which was shared with the girls' classes. There were a lot of cat-calls and whistles from a number of the guys. The first part of class went without much incident after the coach gave the class his "I-will-not-tolerate-your-behavior-any-longer look."

Locker assignments were handed out and they were told that the person with the locker next to theirs would be their sparring partner for the class they were then dismissed to dress for gym. That was when Michael's hell began.

His locker turned out to be on the "senior" aisle; and worst still it, was next to Mike "Meat" Meyers, which meant that they were to be sparring partners. Everyone knew not to make reference to the "Friday 13th" movies anywhere within hearing distance of him or any of his friends, after he put a student and a teacher, who was trying to stop him, in the hospital.

Michael had also heard why he was called "Meat" but had never actually seen it in person, so assumed that it was a bit of an exaggeration. As they stripped off, to dress for class he was confronted with the reality, as "Meat" dropped his jeans to the floor. It was no exaggeration and maybe a bit understated. What he saw was the largest real cock he had ever seen in his life; at least 12" soft and 2" in diameter.

Now Michael had actually seen some that size on the internet, but never in person. Stunned, Michael couldn't help but stare. He was sitting on the bench with his own pants around his ankles when Meat noticed him staring.

"What'cha looking at bitch, ain't'cha never seen a real cock before," Meat shouted. He then grabs Michael by the hair a starts smacking him in the face with his cock. Meat grabs him by the neck with one hand and tries to force his cock in Michael's mouth, saying , "suck it bitch, come on bitch suck it" all the while his friends were laughing and cheering him on. This went on for several minutes until the coach came in too find out what was taking so long.

"What the hell is going on here," said coach Behr.

Mike said, "This bitch was trying to get a taste of my cock." To which Michael said, "That a lie."

The coach said, "Cut the fucking horse play and get your asses out on the mats." And to Michael, "Can't you fucking keep from causing trouble?" the others snickered as they finished dressing and left.

The movable partition had been moved into place, effectively separating the girl's class from the boy's. The rest of the last class period was taken up by warm-up and stretching exercises and an explanation of what they would be doing in the class; followed by a short demonstration of various moves that they would be learning that semester.

When the class was over, all the students, not on the wrestling teams, were dismissed. Michael went and showered and changed back into his street clothes and headed for his car to go home. It would have been normal for him to wait for his sister to ride home with him from school, but she was staying after for cheer practice and his mother had been stopping at school on the way home to pick her up. By the time he got to the parking lot, school had been out for about half an hour.

As he made his way to his car, it seemed to him that there seemed to be more cars in the lot than he thought there should be that late in the afternoon. But his mind was a little distracted; both by what happened in school that day and the recent occurrence of blatantly incestuous dreams, mostly involving his mother and sometimes his sister.

He was thinking that it was probably due to the internet stories and photos he had been reading and looking at beginning about two or three weeks previously. And then he surmised that the unusual number of times that he had seen each of them, either nude or in a state of partial dress may have added fuel to his ever increasing inner lust.

When Michael reached home, he stopped at the mailbox and retrieved the mail, then went inside. He dropped the mail and his books on the table and went to the refrigerator and made himself a glass of lemonade which his Mom had been nice enough to keep ready for him.

He sat down at the kitchen table to finish the homework that he was not able to finish in class. By that time, it was nearly time for his Mom and sister to be home, so he finished his drink, cleaned and put away his glass and went into the living room to wait for his Mom and sister.

He turned on the television for a little mindless noise while he waited, grabbed one of his computer magazines off the table in front of him, intending to read some, but within minutes he dropped into a light sleep; and then his dream began.

(Monday after school)

He woke up when he heard his Mom call his name and realized that he must have nodded off to sleep for a while. He opened his eyes and stared dumbfounded at the most heavenly vision met his eyes; his Mom and sister kneeling before him in the slave position, legs spread, hands behind their backs and tits pushed out, with their eyes down.

Their cunts were neatly trimmed and glistened from their moisture. Each was wearing only a collar, with matching high heels. His mother's was black and his sister's, red. That was when it occurred to him that he must be dreaming, since this was not likely to happen and things seemed to be a little hazy and his focus not steady.

He also thought it strange that he would call breasts and pussies, tits and cunts and say cock rather than dick or penis. But for some reason he knew that that was what he was suppose to call them when referring to slaves; he guessed he must have picked that up from the internet as well.

Even though he was uncomfortable using the vulgar slang, He decided he would give it a try. If he still couldn't get his mind around using those words, he could always switch back to the less vulgar terms he was use to.

His mother spoke and said, "Master, how may your pitiful slaves serve you." To which Michael replied, "In what ever way you think will please me," trying to get into the "play" his mind seemed to be directing.

His mother and sister slid to his lap and unsnapped his jeans and pulled them and his boxers down over his already rigid and pulsating cock, then off his legs. His Slut-slave sister (he noticed that that was what the tag on her collar read) pulled his shirt up over his head and off, laying it out of the way. Now, he was as naked as they.

His Whore-slave, his Mom (her collar), took his cock in her hands and began lightly caressing it from the tip to his balls and back again, with gentle and quite stimulating strokes.

Jenn, he was still having a mental battle with himself over this Master-slave thing, climbed on to the couch next to him, legs apart, facing the back, thus providing access to all of her body. Her body was of a medium tan and her breasts, which showed a bikini line, seemed to have a light tan, as if she had at sometime sunbathed topless.

She placed his hands on her tits and he began to lightly caress around them, moving ever closer to the dark brown areola and the distended nipples. Her nipples, about a half inch long, were only as big around as a No. 2 pencil, but perfect in Michael's eyes. As his fingers reached Jenn's nipples, he began pulling, squeezing and lightly twisting them; which caused her to sigh her arousal.

She bent forward and pressed her hungry lips to his; pushing her tongue between his lips, slowly at first, they began a very passionate dance of love. Her hands began a dance of their own, in her hot, wet cunt.

His Mom continued to lick and suck around on his cock until it was as hard as he could ever remember it being, then took it in her mouth all the way to the bottom and held it, sucking and moving her tongue around in a way he didn't know was possible.

Because of his length, which was a respectable 7 1/2", he knew that some of it had to be in her throat. He found out for sure when she began swallowing along with what she was already doing to him. He came, in about 10 seconds, before he realized he was even that close; his mother, swallowing his cum, never lost a drop or missed a beat with her tongue.

She continued to hold his cock in her mouth, although she pulled back and began a light caressing suck instead of the power job she started with and he never lost his erection. As he watched her, he began noticing her, her body, her tits, her hair, everything.

Her tits were bigger than Jenn's, as were her nipples; her areolas were a little larger than a silver dollar, but her nipples were a least twice as long and twice as big around as Jenn's. In his mind, he made the assumption that that was because she had had two children; and that was partly true. When she was Jenn's age, her breasts and nipples were already larger by about half.

Jenn shifted to allow his mouth access to her breasts. In the state he was in, he latched on to her left tit like a baby looking milk and continued to stroke and play with the right. He did this, switching from one to the other, while his mother moved up and wrapped her tits around his shaft and gave him a long slow titty fuck.

Michael said, "Mom… uh, uh… Whore, I noticed that you have not been rubbing your cunt as this Slut is doing, why?"

"Thank you Master for noticing your Whore-slave; I have not because I have not been given permission to please myself, only you." said his Mom. At which, Jenn, that is, Slut-slave gasped out loud, jerked her hand from her cunt and began crying, "Oh god, oh god, please forgive me Master. I'm sorry Master, I forgot my place, please forgive me, please Master."

Michael thought about it a moment, then spoke, "While it is true that you were not given direct permission to please yourself, I find that it pleases me when you please yourselves."

"Master, if I may speak," said Whore-slave. "Yes, of course." said Michael. She continued, "As you know this impudent Slut-slave is still in training and should be punished, as she well knows." "Oh, please no, Master," Jenn cries out. "In the first place, who are you to tell me what I know? He stated. "I may be new to this Master-slave lifestyle, Michael said, "but you will not tell me what I already know. Is that clear?" his Mom nodded yes. "Now tell me what you have been taught is the standard punishment for this type of disobedience?"

Whore-slave states, "The usual punishment for first offence is ten strokes with belt or riding crop."

"Since I do not have a crop available, I suppose it will have to be with the belt; however, I desire to show some leniency this time, though do not expect it often." Michael decides. "Slut, even though I have reduced the number, the strokes, they will be given firmly."

"Whore, get my belt from my pants, you will be administering the discipline." "Slut, assume the correct position, and you will count each stroke and thank me for allowing you to learn this lesson."

Jenn stands and turns with her back to Michael, spreads her legs and bends at the waist, placing her hands on the coffee table in front of her.

In Michael's estimation, it is the most perfect ass he has ever seen, from the beautifully symmetrical mounds to her pulsing pink anus to the hot pink lips of her dripping cunt. As turned on as she had been, it appeared that she was turned on even more, as several new rivulets of her juices began flowing down her smooth inner thighs.

Michael runs his fingers through the drippings and put them in his mouth and decides he wants a more substantial taste, so he pushes two fingers into her cunt until they reach her hymen. He asks Whore-slave, "Is this Slut still a virgin?"

"Yes Master she is, until her primary training is complete or you decide to take her." said Whore-slave.

"That decision can wait," Michael said, "we have something to finish first." "Whore-slave, begin the discipline." Whore-slave raised her arm and brought it down with tremendous force and almost instantly, the red line and welt appear on the fine white ass; Slut-slave let loose with an ear-splitting screech.

With tears in her eyes and a tremor in her voice, she speaks, "One, Thank you... sob, Master, for allowing me to learn this lesson."

Michael calls, "HOLD... Whore-slave, I said firmly, but I don't want my property damaged by scars, is that understood."

"Yes Master, this slave does understand. This is the standard stroke; and Master?" said Whore-slave.

"Yes" he says.

"The scream usually requires additional strokes," said his Whore-Slave.

"Then begin again and keep it on her ass where it belongs," he said.

She replies, "Yes, Master."

"Slut-slave, we will begin again at one and add one more for your disobedience." Michael states.

Slut answers, "Yes Master, Thank you Master."

"Begin," he said.

On the next six strokes there was a loud grunt, but no screams. She remembered her count and thank you's, though it was hard to understand on the last two because she was crying so hard. Whore-Slave had placed each stripe perfectly; no white between the stripes and no excessive overlap.

Michael had been stroking himself throughout the whipping without realizing he was doing so. Discovering that he was about to cum again, he ordered Slut to present her ass for inspection; to place her legs outside his and bend forward and grab her ankles.

Michael noticed that as she did this, she was shaking and trembling terribly and that the inside of both legs was completely wet. He took her hips in his hands and placed several kisses on each buttock.

He then put his tongue on her clit and pulled a tender stroke up to her asshole and said, "CUM." Her trembling increased and then she went completely rigid and came with a heavy squirt, covering his mouth and chin and dripping to his chest, just as Michael came on her tits and face.

Jenn groaned, and then crumbled to the floor in a tangled heap.

Whore," Michael said, "make her more comfortable and clean her with your tongue, and then come clean me and get me up again; I want my cock in your cunt."

She did as she was told; she cleaned her daughter and returned to her son. Whore kissed the cum from Michael's face and chest and shared it with him in the most sensuous French kiss he had yet experienced. She then worked his cock gently until he was erect again.

Michael said, "I want you on top so that I can have your tits to play with." As she climbed on top, he thought he heard her say something and then the dream was gone.

(Monday evening)

As he started to wake, he heard his mother say something. "The poor dear must have had a hard day." "I heard that some of the guys in gym may have given him a bit of a hard time, but nothing to bad."

Michael was thinking, "Yeah, right." Then he noticed that he was covered with a blanket and further realized that he had his cock in his hand and there was a sticky mess on his hands, clothes and magazine.

Michael understood that either his mother or his sister had seen and covered him for his modesty; he turned completely red with embarrassment. As quietly and as slowly as he could manage, he cleaned himself and got his clothes in some semblance of order, then he sat up, being careful to keep himself covered.

His mother saw him and said, "Hi sleepy-head." He said, "Hi, how long you been home?" "Oh, just a few minutes," she replied. Looking up at the clock, he said, "You're a little late today." "Yeah, Jenn's practice took a little longer today than normal."

Michelle, Michael's Mom, said, "I am going to take a shower and get a little more comfortable, before I make dinner" and off she went. Then Jenn jumped up from where she had been sitting and said, "I think I will too" and she was off as well.

Michael watched as she left and thought it funny that she would have on red panties with her yellow cheer outfit.

Giving them time to get where they were going, so that he could make it to his room without anyone seeing the mess he made of his clothes. He picked up the magazine and disposed of it in the kitchen trash and then made for the stairs.

He has to go past his mother's room on his way. He noticed that her door is part way open and he can hear the shower running. As he goes by, he glances in and sees a partial reflection of his mother in the bathroom mirror. She is completely naked.

He stops and backs up enough to get a better look. With his heart racing, he knows that if he can open her door a little more, he will be able to see everything she is doing. "What a pervert I'm becoming," he muses, keeps watching anyway. He slowly eases the door open until he can see everything clearly.

She is standing in front of her full length mirror masturbating, rubbing and pulling on her tits, no, that's not right its breasts. Where did that thought come from? …must be reading so much porn that it's leaking over into my thoughts, he decides.

Anyway, as he watches, she came hard and drops to her knees and he now has a major hard-on. He looks back from his musing and sees his mother looking right at him. He thinks, "OH SHIT, I've been caught," but his mother turns her eyes, stands up and goes to the shower. His first thought, once his heart restarts, is, "How could she have not seen me."

Without another thought, he literally runs up the stairs to his room. He strips off his soiled clothes and puts them in his laundry basket. He decides that when he gets home the next day he would do his own clothes, so that his Mom would not see cum all over his pants, shirt and boxers; although she may already have seen, if it was her who covered him on the couch.

He cleans himself with the wet wipes and towel he keeps in his room for when he is using the internet. He puts on a pair of shorts and flops onto the bed to wait for his sister to finish her bath. Finally, he hears the shower stop, gives Jenn about ten minutes, then heads for the shower himself.

As he gets near the bathroom, he sees that the door is open, but his sister is still in there. Their family policy has always been, if the door is open it is okay to enter, so he does; just in time to see Jenn standing there in only very skimpy red lace panties, her skin a blushing pink from her shower.

He quickly steps back before she sees that he is there. She picks up her night shirt, a red one, which was once his until she confiscated for herself. He quietly slipped back to his door as if he were just coming out. As Jenn reached the door he began toward the bathroom, she said, "Next" and slipped quickly into her room.

Michael hurries into the bathroom and shuts the door. The first thing he sees is his reflection in the mirror. And what he sees is about two inches of his raging hard-on clearly sticking out of the front flap of his shorts, the hard-on he has had since seeing his mother only minutes ago.

He slumps over the counter, his strength suddenly gone; his humiliation at school, his incestuous dream, his embarrassment downstairs on the couch and now, Jenn seeing his dick sticking out of his shorts, because there is no way that she did not notice, finally overwhelmed him emotionally.

After a few minutes, he decides that maybe the shower will help restore some of his energy, so he pulls himself up and starts the water and climbs in. It is a nice big shower with plenty of room to move around. He backs up under the water and just stands there for about five minutes with his eyes closed and the hot water pouring down over his head.

Michael thinks that he hears a noise and opens his eyes and thinks he sees the door close, but is not sure because of the water in his eyes and the steam on the shower door. He calls out, "Jenn, is that you?"

There is no response, so he figures he is only imagining things and begins his bath. As he bathes, he notices that his erection has dropped to somewhat past half-mast.

He finishes his bath and dries himself; he looks at himself in the mirror and thinks, "I do look good, why can't I get up the courage to ask girls out." He pulls on his shorts and grabs his robe from the back of the door.

That is when he sees Jenn's robe hanging there also and wonders why she didn't put it on before coming out of the bathroom. Of course, in his current state of mental overload, that is as far as the thought went.

He opened the door and headed to his room, aware that his sister's door was open and her room empty. He stopped at his door and listened and could hear his Mom and sister talking downstairs, but not being able to hear what was said, he assumed correctly that they were in the kitchen.

In his room he quickly dressed in a pair of running shorts and t-shirt and headed down to dinner. Nearing the kitchen, he heard the last of something Jenn was saying, "... I'll try tonight."

"Trying what tonight," Michael said, causing them both to jump in surprise.

His mother answered, "We are suppose to have thunderstorms night and I told her that she was too old to be frightened by something that couldn't hurt her and asked her to try to stay in her own bed tonight and she was just saying that she would try."

"Oh okay," he said, "but it is alright with me if she needs to." As far back as he could remember, she had been afraid of thunder and would come running and jump into his bed and pull the covers over her head and get as close to him as she could.

He would always wrap his arms around her and hold her close; she would usually drop off to sleep quickly and always seemed happy the next morning.

They had a pleasant dinner and conversation, cleaned up the kitchen and retired to the living room. They all sat on the couch, Michael in the middle, and the women snuggling in on both sides, both taking one of his arms and wrapping it around their shoulders.

They watched a little television and talked about nothing in particular. Now Jenn was still wearing the red shirt and tiny lace panties and there was no doubt in Michael's mind that she wasn't wearing a bra, for her erect nipples were a prominent feature on the front of her shirt.

And for that matter, so was their mother's. She had on a black silk pajama set; the top only had two buttons and they were down low and showed a good deal of her lovely cleavage and the bottoms were boxer style shorts and were very short. The smells coming from them had a sweet mustiness that weighed heavily on Michaels senses.

Neither one seem to take notice how their dress was affecting Michael. After the day he had, it was as much as he could do to control his thoughts and emotions. After a couple of hours, they all agreed that it was a good time to go to bed. They said their goodnights and collected their goodnight kisses and went to their own rooms.

(Monday night)

When Michael got to his room it was still early, only 8:30 in the evening. He didn't even bother turning on his computer to visit his favorite sites; instead he fell into bed and was already out when his head touched the pillow.

The lightening and thunder started about midnight and he was barely roused when his sister Jenn climbed into the bed with him, snuggled down next to him, her shirt sliding up in the process. She grabbed his arm, wrapping herself in it, holding it to her chest.

Michael stirred about two in the morning, from the light snoring and heat coming from his sister. She was laying on her back, her shirt up around her neck, still holding his hand with her left hand, but it was now on her right breast; her right hand was on his thigh.

It was too much for him. His mind was now desperate to see if he could fulfill some of his dreams. He began lightly rubbing her breast the way he remembered from his dream that afternoon; carefully watching to make sure he didn't wake her. "Ummm!" a sweet sexy moan came from her sweet lips.

She moved her hand causing him to instantly freeze, pretending the he was asleep, but she only began lightly caressing his arm, continuing to moan in that sweet sexy way.

Feeling more comfortable, he restarted caressing breast, he continued to move toward the nipple. Reaching the nipple, he first caressed it, then lightly squeezed, then pulled and twisted a little. Her moaning increased to the point he was becoming afraid he might wake her.

Her hand moved from stroking his arm to her other breast and she began mashing her breast hard then pinching, pulling and twisting it as far as she could, moaning even louder.

Jenn's right hand moved to rest on his hard cock, which was partially out of his shorts again, and he wondered if she had any idea of what to do with one if it was in her hand.

Michael gently raised her hand and finished extracting cock from his shorts, then placed her hand back down on it. He waited a bit and then her hand wrapped itself around his hard shaft and began moving back and forth.

The movement didn't product quite the feeling he had hoped. He was in a quandary about how he could move and make the stroking feel better and get his mouth on her tits without shaking the bed too much and waking her. He slowly turned and got on his knees and elbows.

During the move he had to pull her hand away to reposition it, but she didn't seem to want to let go.

Finally getting her hand turned so that there was a smooth downward stroke, and then he moved forward so that he could take her breast into his mouth. He started by lightly blowing on her nipple; this caused it to rise even tighter.

He stuck out his tongue and licked across her areola and nipple, then blew again. Not only did her moaning increase, but she began squirming a little. Then she quietly said, "Oh god, that's wonderful." Thinking he might have awakened her he stopped for a moment to see if he could tell.

She was still moving around some, so he waited a bit more before starting again. This time he took her breast in his mouth and tried to do to her breast and nipple, what he had dreamed his mother had done to his cock in his dreams. This seemed to stir her arousal tremendously.

She moved left hand from her breast down to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy from the outside of her panties. Seeing that, he decided that he had to find out if she tasted as good in real life as she had in his dream.

Continuing to suck softly on her breast and nipple, Michael reached down lightly caressing her stomach in a circular movement, moving slowly lower. Then he tickled her belly button a bit before continuing southward, slowly increasing his pressure as he came to her abdomen.

When he reached her panty line, her hand moved back up her body to her breast. He moved onto her panties and down between thighs. She had rubbed her panties into her slit.

He caressed her for a while, and then decided it was time to find out if reality was anything like his dreams. He slipped his hand into the top of her panties, continuing to caress her in a slightly circular pattern. Her pubes were trimmed and the hair was fine, soft and curly.

Moving on to the top of her pussy, he could feel the heat radiating from between her thighs. As he touched the top of her pussy, her legs moved slightly outward to allow access.

He softly stroked the outer lips, noticing that they seemed to be swelling under his touch and were definitely becoming noticeably wetter. He slipped finger inside the folds and found a great deal more moisture.

Coating his fingers with her juice, he pulled his hand out and placed his fingers in his mouth. To his delight, the reality seemed even better than the dream.

Returning to caressing her pussy, he decided to try entering from the side of the panty instead of the top. Placing his hand on her inner thigh and caressing softly, her legs opened even more.

He reached in with his whole hand and squeezed and gently rubbed over the whole area. Her motions were beginning to get a little shaky. He slipped two fingers in and down into her cunt and started to slowly stroke in and out, occasionally reaching her hymen, confirming that she was truly still a virgin.

Michael was getting close to his climax and could tell that Jenn was as well. Instead of speeding up his stroking, he placed his thumb on her clit, rubbing in all around the outside. Her shaking and squirming became frantic, just like in his dreams and her hand moved faster on him cock.

He lifted his mouth from her breast, placed his thumb firmly on her clit and pressed down, not knowing why, softly whispering in her ear, "CUM" her body stiffened and arched and she did, with a loud moan; she squeezed his cock hard on the down stroke and he came.

When it was over, she collapsed and didn't move or make a sound.

Reaching across the bed for his cleaning supplies, he kissed her gently on the lips, and then cleans her, himself and the bed as best he could with what he has. Recovering her with the sheet, he turns over, not seeing the movement in the darkness and drops into a deep sleep.

The reality of what happened so new to him, it never occurred to him that most women could not possibly sleep through it.

Chapter 2 - (Tuesday - Week 1)

Michael awoke feeling greatly ashamed for what he had done to his sister in the night. As he woke up more, he realized he was face to face with Jenn. Looking at her sleeping, she had the face of an angel.

Suddenly, coming full awake, he discovered they were wrapped in each others arms and her shirt was gone and her breasts were mashed tightly to his chest. Her top leg was draped over his and his was between hers, his knee pressing on her crotch.

He needed to relieve himself, so he tried to gently extricate himself from the weave of arms and legs without waking his sister. But with the first move, she opened her eyes, looking straight into his, she said "Good morning, 'Mikey', UUMMMMM," with a stretch and a yawn, "that was the best night's sleep I've had since school started.

I sometimes forget how much better I sleep when I am with you, I love you, Michael," then she kissed him with a not so sisterly kiss, jumped out of bed, grabbed her shirt and went to the bathroom for her morning shower. Leaving Michael very confused, still on the bed.

Michael was still laying on his bed, when he heard the shower start and after a few minutes, it stopped. Trying to give Jenn enough time to get through with her morning primping, he was becoming a little desperate with the need to relieve himself.

So, he slid to the edge of the bed, through two cold, wet spots. He looked at the spots; one fairly small, he knew was his cum; the other, Jenn's, was huge and he wondered if she had peed herself when she came.

Never the less the sheets had to be changed. He pulled them off the bed and put them in his laundry basket, remembering that he needed to do a load when he got home. He headed to the bathroom for his morning needs.

The door was open, so without thinking he walked on in, running into Jenn on her way out, nearly knocking her down. Instinctively, he reached out, grabbed and pulled her to him, to keep her from falling.

"Thanks," she said, wrapping her arms around him and putting her head on his chest, gave him hug; her robe, having fallen open, caused her bare breasts, her nipples to burn holes in his mind. She continued to hold him longer than was absolutely necessary.

Michael's need was now very pressing, and he said, "Uh hum! Jenn, honey, I really need to go."

"Oh, Okay," she said, raised her head up, kissed him on the cheek and turned to leave, not bothering to close her robe.

"Great," he thought, now I have a hard-on as well; it will take forever to pee. But he tried anyway and was relieved that he didn't have as much trouble going as he thought he might.

As he finished, he turned and realized the door was still open. Not thinking, dick still in hand, he reached out to close the door.

At that moment, Jenn walked past the door, on her way down stairs, looked in and down at his cock and said, "Nice," and kept going without any hesitation. Standing there puzzled, his cock just got harder.

He managed to get his morning ablutions completed; even masturbated to relieve some of the pressure in his dick. Noticing the time, he quickly dressed and made his way downstairs to the kitchen.

"...e's simply the best," said Jenn. His Mom replied, "I know, Dear."

"Who's the best," Michael asked. Startled, Jenn giggled and said, "You are, Silly... No, I was telling Mom how well I slept last night."

Michael accepted that, though thinking that something was not quite right about it. Dismissing it, he sat down to breakfast. His Mom, going to her room to get ready for work, had asked that they clean up before they left for school.

As he was finishing, his Mom stuck her head through the door and said, "I'm off, see you tonight. I love you, bye." and as quick as that she was out the door.

Jenn's breakfast finished, began straightening the kitchen. She said, "Hurry up, 'Mikey,' I need to be at school, a little early this morning and I don't want to be late." She left to get her book bag and purse that she had left up stairs. He finished as quickly as he could without choking himself and cleaned his dishes.

Michael called out, "Let's go," as Jenn came bouncing down the stairs. The trip to school was quiet, unusually quiet. Michael looked at his sister and she had a blissful smile on her face, her eyes closed.

He asked her, "Jenn, you okay?"

Her only answer was, "Very." They arrived at school and she was off like a shot, when she spotted her friends on the cheer squad.

As he walked to the building, he watched her; she was extremely animated as she was talking. The last thing he saw as he entered the building was her hugging herself tightly.

The day progressed much the same as Monday, without the humiliating locker room incident. He actually enjoyed the gym class, because they began learning some of techniques of skills of wrestling. Even Meat's heavy handed abuse didn't bother him much.

Something else caught his attention that was definitely out of the ordinary; the girls, in the hall and in class, were actually looking at him and smiling; making eye contact and a few even winking.

This, added to all the other things going on (or imagined?), made him wonder if there was something going on that he was missing.

School over, Michael had a Science Club meeting at the other end of the school. It was basically to get to know the freshmen who wanted to join and only lasted about 30 minutes.

As he got to his car, he noticed that the parking lot was a bit more crowded than it was Monday. He wondered if there was some kind of school board meeting or something.

Getting in his car, he came to the realization, that he was feeling better about himself than he had since his girlfriend, Kim, had unexpectedly left Snaketon last year.

(Tuesday after school)

Arriving at home, Michael followed his usual routine, mail, kitchen, drink, homework, and couch to rest until his family got home. This time though, he decided that he would sofa blanket just in case.

He lay down on the couch, flipped on the television and with in minutes, he was out for the count. Michael heard his name called and began to stir. He heard it again, "Master?"

Opening his eyes, he decided he was dreaming again, since the haziness was back, as it seemed to be in all of his recent dreams. There before him, as it was the day before, his two slaves.

Both of them, dressed as before, in only heels and collar, kneeling with knees spread, hands behind their backs with tits thrust forward and eyes down. As he looked at them, he slid his legs around so that he could see them better.

He looked down and saw that he was wearing no clothes. This may have caused him major embarrassment, as his cock popped into view, if he had not already believed that he was dreaming.

Looking at them, as if inspecting his property, from the legs and thighs upward, then from one to the other, he saw tears on their faces. "Slaves," he asked, "Why are you crying?"

Whore-slave whispered, "Master?"

"Tell me why you are crying." he said again.

"Master, your worthless slaves were disobedient in training today and had to be disciplined." she replied.

Michael said, "STAND, and present those asses to me now." They stood, turned and assumed the position with legs spread, bent over, holding their ankles. What Michael saw shocked and angered him.

Both of their asses were completely covered in severe welts, several of which were vertical down their creases, wrapping around to their cunts, which also appeared to be quite red.

Angrily he commanded, "WHO did this to you?"

"Master?" Whore spoke humbly.

"SPEAK, NOW", he demanded.

"Master, it was the Master Trainer, Sir." she meekly replied.

"I will be speaking to him about this, soon; these will probably leave bruises and I left clear instruction that you were not to be marked." he said forcefully, his mind wondering who this person was, since this trainer had not appeared in any of the dreams he remembered.

Mo... Um...uh, Whore-slave, go get some skin lotion, now." Michael demanded.

"Yes, Master," she replied and she was gone quickly and returned just as quickly, with a tube in her hands.

"Slaves," he said, "move the table closer to the couch and assume the discipline position."

He started with his "Slut" sister. Squeezing a large amount of the cream into his hands, he rubbed them together then gently began to massage it into the enflamed skin of her butt. She groaned and winced under his touch.

He told her to be still or he would give her a reason to be squirming. She stilled herself as much as she could. He finished with the both cheeks and moved to the crease to make certain that all of the affect area was given the care needed.

As his fingers crossed her anus, she jumped and muttered, "Ooohh." "Oh you like that do you." Michael said as he continued, circling around the dainty looking pucker of her anus. Her groans of pain turned into moans of pleasure.

When he finally arrived at center, Slut moaned, "Please."

Now, Michael was not sure whether she meant for him to stop teasing or if she wanted him to finger-fuck her asshole. He opted for the second and slid his finger all the way into her tight, hot cavity, the lotion lubricating the path.

Slut began to shake in that way he knew meant she was close. "You know," he said, "you are not to cum until I say you can." He slid his finger in and out several times, and then removed it. Slut groaned her disappointment.

He moved to her dripping wet cunt and massaged the cream around her mound until he was certain that he had covered all abused areas. Done, he decided to enjoy himself some more, so he slipped two fingers into her hot, tight and very wet cunt.

He stroked up to her maidenhead a few times and pulled out; Slut groaned loudly. "Don't be greedy, you Slut." Michael stated, "Your mother's ass needs tending to as well. Now move over and get down on all four, so that she can take this position. And she did as told.

Michael's Whore/Mom, anticipating his command, moved to place herself into position where her daughter had just stood. He took great pains to give her all the attention that her poor, abused flesh needed, while still taking some pleasure for himself.

When he was finished, he was as horny as he had ever been. He command Whore to her knees facing him. To Slut he said, "Move here beside your mother." He slid two fingers into Slut's cunt and his thumb into her ass.

"Do to Whore, what I am doing for you," he commanded.

Both women were shaking strongly. Speaking to Whore, he said, "Please Me! And when I cum you may both have your release." In a matter of five minutes he was at the point of release; He came and they came and they slumped to the floor. And the dream was gone.

(Tuesday evening and night)

Waking up, the house was quiet and seemed to be darker than it should be. Glancing at the wall clock, he discovered it was later than he thought. 6 pm... Because the house was so quiet, Michael heard the rain. "That's why it is so dark in here," he thought.

Then it came to his mind that his Mother and Jenn should home by now. He called out, "MOM?"

"She answered back, "In my room, Honey." As he stood up, he looked at his clothes and discovered, to his surprise, that he was still reasonably together, although he could feel a wet, sticky mess in his shorts.

Michael walked to her door. She was lying on her bed in her heavy terry cloth robe, reading a book. "How long have you been home," he asked.

"Since a quarter after five, Jenn's practice didn't run overtime because of the rain." she answered. "We got soaked coming in and the house was a bit chilly, and that's why this," as she waved her hand at her robe.

"Why didn't you wake me when you got home?" Michael asked her.

"You looked so peaceful and sweet lying there, I decided to just let you rest," her voice sounding of maternal pride.

"I guess Jenn is up stairs." He had not asked that as a question.

His mother answered, "Yes, she had to get out of her wet clothes as well and some homework to finish. Oh, and I also asked her to do some laundry, so if you have anything that needs to be washed, you better get on up there, I believe I just heard the washer start."

"Oh, before you go, we are having sandwiches and stuff for dinner tonight. I am really tired tonight; rough day." He turned and said, "See you in a little while," and left.

When Michael reached the top of the stairs, he saw Jenn coming from the laundry room, wearing his terry cloth robe. He knew it was his because it was dragging the floor; hers only covered her to her knees.

She said, "Hi, 'Mikey.'

Giving her his phony "pissed off" look he replied, "Hi, Is that my robe you have on?"

Giving her return "hurt deeply" look, she meekly said, "I was cold and I knew you wouldn't mind; you don't do you?"

"No, I don't mind," he answered, "But do me a favor and stop the washer, I need to throw some things in."

"Oh, I already thought of that, your stuff is already in the washer, but I will stop it, if you want to get what you have on, washed."

"Thanks, sis, be right back," he called over his shoulder as he disappeared in to his room. He stripped off his nasty clothes, wiped himself with a wet-wipe, threw on his running shorts and was back out the door in less than three minutes.

Jenn was standing next to the washer, so he handed his clothes to her with the mess rolled inside, turned and headed for the shower; he didn't see her bring his pants to her nose and breath in his scent.

Near the bathroom, he thought he heard her say something, he asked, "What was that, Jenn?"

She replied, "Ummm, nothing."

Michael took a nice leisurely shower, something he didn't do very often. He finished and stepped out and dried off. Looking at himself in the mirror, he thought to himself how nice he was looking; his dick not erect, but slightly engorged looked bigger to him somehow.

He decided to primp a bit, like he would when he went on a date; he had gone on a few. He pulled on his shorts, grabbed his robe and headed out the door; then it hit him, Jenn had been wearing his robe when he came in the bathroom.

He looked around and Jenn's room was open and empty. He hung the robe back in the bathroom and started to his room. Jenn called up and asked him if the wash had finished. He told her he thought that it had because he didn't hear it running.

She said she would be up shortly to move it to the dryer and he told her would do it before he came down. She called up her thanks and told him the dinner stuff was on the table when he was ready.

He moved the clothes to the dryer and went to his room to dress. He was thinking about the way his ladies had been dressing around the house at night. And he did think of them as his, though maybe not consciously. So, he decided to put on his navy blue satin kimono style pajamas. He headed down to dinner.

Downstairs, he found the ladies sitting quietly at the table eating their sandwiches. He found that his Mother had already made him one and he sat and ate. It was gone before he knew it.

He hadn't realized he was so hungry. When he looked up, his Mom and sister were staring at him with smiles on their faces. They all finished dinner, cleaned up and went into the living room.

Michael plopped down on the couch and spread his arms for them to join him. They had remained standing, and it hit him that he had not even noticed what they were wearing.

They each had put on their own kimono style pajamas as well; then they all burst out laughing. They joined him on the couch, snuggling down, resting their heads on each side of his chest. They both exclaimed, "Ummm, someone really smells good."

Without thinking about it, he was aware of their delicious smell as well and their warm bodies. His arms were laid along their sides. He gently stroked the smooth cloth up and down their, feeling the warm flesh underneath, accidently touching the underside of their breasts from time to time.

Neither one moved to keep him from them, that is when he heard some light snoring coming from below. His Mother and sister had both dropped off to sleep.

He extracted himself from the pile by lifting them one at a time, leaning them the other way with their heads on the sofa pillows. He was not sure how he managed to keep from waking them; their day must have been rough, as his Mother had told him.

He stood up and looked at their faces; each had a pleased and pleasant smile on her face. Know what he was going to do, he picked his mother up and carried her to her bed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled her head into his neck, just below his chin. In the bedroom, he told her quietly to 'hold tight'. Slowly releasing the arm behind her back, he reached down to pull back the bed covers.

Placing his Mom on the bed, she stirred a little and asked, still mostly asleep, "Please help me get these pants off, they are not comfortable to sleep in." She pulled her top up to just under breasts.

Unsure of himself and a little embarrassed, Michael decided to help, thinking that she probably would not remember in the morning. He slipped his fingers between the band and her incredibly soft skin and began to work them down.

She pulled her legs up some to arch her back, raising her hips only enough for the fabric to slid under her butt. After getting it past her hips, it moved easily down her thighs and legs.

Passing her knees, her legs fell open; trying not to stare, but failing, Michael continued. At her ankles, she pulled her legs up and out; freeing her feet, holding them up for what he thought was an eternity, as he soaked in the incredible vision before his eyes.

She dropped her legs back down straight and felt behind her for the sheet and pulled it, covering her from his amazed eyes. She mumbled, "Thanks Baby, goodnight." To say he was stunned was an understatement.

Once he was back in the living room, he knew he was going to have to carry Jenn up the stairs. He picked her up easily, thinking she had to be ten or fifteen pounds lighter than their Mom. He didn't have any problems getting her upstairs.

At the top of the landing, she mumbled something about needing to pee real bad. He whispered okay and got her to the bathroom as quickly as he could, he gently place her over his shoulder and pulled down her pants and placed her on the toilet.

He could see the pee falling before her butt reached the seat. All the time this was happening, she was cooperating and mumbling in her sleep. He had to hold her upright to keep her from falling to the floor.

When she seemed to be done he knew she needed to be cleaned. Not being able to hold her up and reach the towelettes, so he lifted her down to the floor and took the pants from around her ankles and tossed them on the floor.

He grabbed the little cleaners, opened her legs and wiped from her pussy to her butt, taking a few liberties for his trouble.

He knelt down and picked her up and started for her room. She roused a bit and mumbled, "What?"

Michael told her softly he was taking her to bed.

She mumbled again, "No, yours please," and she dropped off again.

Not sure if it was a good idea given his present condition, a hard-on so stiff, he was thinking he could probably sit her on it without her falling to the floor.

But he didn't listen to his own good advice, justifying it by thinking, "I sleep as good when she is there, as she does with me," which in fact was true, though he had never admitted that to himself, until then.

He stripped off her clothes and laid her gently on the bed, and in the dark room, stripped down and climbed in on the other side, spooning her body to his; falling to sleep in a very little time.

Chapter 3 - (Wednesday - Week 1)

Michael woke bright and early, feeling refreshed and rested having slept for about 9 hours. Jenn was still asleep, sprawled out over most of the bed, so he took the opportunity to get into the bathroom first for a change.

While he was in the shower washing, the bathroom door opened and he saw Jenn shuffle over to the toilet, drop and release her bladder, he could hear it, even with the shower running.

Finished, she stood and shuffled her way to her room; not bothering to close the door. When he was done he stepped out and dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist, to finish his morning chores.

Jenn walked in just about then and with a bright smile said, "Hope you didn't use all the hot water." She stepped in the shower, closed the door and turned on the water.

As soon as the door steamed up good, her top came flying over the top and landed on Michael with a wet plop. He could not let that behavior go unanswered, so he filled his glass with cold water, walked to the door, opened it and emptied the cold water on her front.

He reclosed the door to a very surprised scream from Jenn. She shouted, "I will SO get you for that Michael James." He laughed out loud, put his robe on, dropped his towel in the laundry basket and left, closing the door behind him.

He dressed quickly and made his way down to the kitchen. His mother was already up and dressed and about finished with making breakfast.

She said, "Good Morning," as he came in and asked if Jenn was okay.

Michael answered that she was and told her what had happened. She was still laughing when Jenn came through the door.

"What's so funny," she asked, trying hard to look serious, but finally breaking into laughter herself. "Guess 'Mikey' told you what happened, huh?" she said giggling."

"Yes, he did." Her mom said smiling.

"Well, I have to be at work early this morning, got a lot to do, so I'm out of here. Clean up before you leave for school." she said on her way out the door.

She knew she had a good pair of kids and didn't have to worry about such things. Michael and Jenn finished breakfast and cleaned up. Even though it was still a little early they decided to head to school anyway.

Another quiet ride to school had Michael wondering why his normally, chatty sister had been so quiet recently. When they were parked, she was off like a shot once again, after spotting her friends near the door.

Entering the building, he made his way to his homeroom. He felt strange, as if, someone were watching him. He hadn't realized that he had been walking with his head down, but when he looked up he could see a number of girls smiling and watching him, and what's more, some with come-hither eyes; although he thought that may just have been his imagination.

That kind of attention seemed to follow him all day. There was at least one or two girls in every class, most of whom, he did not know that well that slipped him a note and whispered, "Call Me."

When he counted them after school, he found that he had 17 slips, with names and phone numbers and some had lipstick kisses; his emotions were running very high.

Shortly before lunch, he spotted Jenn waving to him trying to get his attention. He stopped and waited for her to catch up. She came nearly running and jump into his arms, almost knocking him down, and then planted a big kiss right on his mouth.

Somewhat surprised, he let her down, immediately feeling just a little bit suspicious, he said, "What's up Lover."

Her mouth just dropped open, she was speechless. "What did you expect me to say after that PDA." he continued. She broke out in laughter.

Michael said, "Now, what's up?" About that time, one of Jenn's cheerleader friends walked up besides her smiling at what Michael had said to her.

"Well, there's this wrestling alumni party, Saturday after next, and all the cheer squads have been invited to come and well, Melissa, asked me if I would ask you...Oh, hell, she's real shy and wants to know if you will take her, You Will Won't You!" giving him her 'you-better-say-yes' look.

He walked over to Melissa who had her head down; she was blushing all over. She is a very pretty girl of sixteen and he had seen her in the sophomore class

He gently raised her chin so that her eyes met his and softly said, "I would be honored." Her big bright smile and gorgeous green eyes just lit up her face.

Then she gave Michael a kiss that nearly curled his toes. Then quickly turned to Jenn and hugged her saying thank you, over and over.

He told them that he needed to get to class and walks on.

The whole day seemed to be going in the same direction he was. Even gym class was not so bad; he was learning the moves quickly and he was faster than Meat, so he wasn't getting slammed as often.

When class was out, he remembered he had another club meeting, Computer Club this time. The meeting went nearly an hour.

The parking lot was nearly full, as it had been all week. Then he thought of the alumni party and wondered if they were making preparations for that.

As he was pulling out of the parking lot, he saw a car enter at the other end and thought it looked just like his mother's. "Oh well," he thought, "she must have taken off early to pick up Jenn."

When he got home, he followed his routine exactly as he always did; mail, kitchen, books on table, drink, homework, and then couch to rest. Now Michael had been mentally and physically up all day and didn't think he would fall asleep today.

He turned the television on and sat back. Before the first hour was up he had drowsed lightly off thinking of the dreams he had been having. A short time later, he thought he heard his mother and sister get home.

Then he heard his Mom speak, telling Jenn to be quiet because she was sure that she had seen Michael leaving as she was getting to the school.

Still neither awake nor asleep, he called out sleepily, "Mom, is that you?" There was no return answer, so he tried hard to listen, but hearing nothing, he let sleep take him.

(Wednesday afternoon)

Michael's mind was still rolling through the previous dreams and something about them seemed out of place, although he couldn't put his finger on what it might be.

The dreams kept running through his mind until he heard his slave speaking, "Master, are you awake." She repeated this several times, until he was awake enough to respond with reasonably coherent speech, "Yes I am."

Opening his eyes, he sat up. Before him were his two slaves, nude and in position as they are required. Believing his dreams had shifted again to his slave reality, he adjusted his thinking to the "play" before him.

He just sat and watched his ladies. He sat about ten minutes, saying nothing. His slaves, likewise, said nothing, but for the last few minutes they had become a little fidgety.

He could see their arousal in the rosy blush of their skin, the erection of their nipples and the smell of their desire which filled the air around him.

As Michael had been watching, beside the obvious desire, he had noticed that both his slaves were brightly smiling.

"It appears that you didn't need to be disciplined today," he said.

"I a..."Oh no Master, we didn't," Jenn interrupted excitedly, and then realizing her mistake her mouth snapped shut.

"As I was about to say before being interrupted," Michael went on, "I was going to say that I have been proud of your over all behavior and the progress that you have been making. But is seems I may have been a little premature, what do you think Slut?"

"Master?" she whispered.

"Speak to me," he replied.

"Master, this disobedient slave," she said, sounding genuinely humble, "in her excitement, spoke out of turn and deserves to be punished."

Michael began speaking again, "As My Whore-slave has pointed out before, you are still in training and that requires discipline. However, I am prepared to be lenient, once again, if I may know what has you both so excited; Slut?"

"Master, this slave was told today that her beginner training was complete and all that was left before the next level was for you to take my virginity and make me your Slut forever."

"Weeell, "Michael said slowing, "I am pleased to hear that. But to let you know I had a call from the training school," Michael making this up as he went, "with just that message and I was certain that in your excitement and enthusiasm, that you might slip; that is why I am extending leniency for this fault. What do you have to say to me Slut?"

"Thank you Master," she replied, "this Slut is ashamed of her behavior and her Master's grace only deepens her love for him."

Michael turned to his Mother and asked, "Whore-slave, do you have something you wish to say about this?"

"Just this Master, I once was where she is today and I failed as well, but my former master did not have any graciousness to give; I was punished harshly. But your care for us and your grace has also deepened my love for you as well, My Lord." At which, she bowed and touched her head to the floor; Jenn following suit, also saying "My Lord."

Michael was awed by this display of loving reverence. Michael speaking from his heart, not from the play acting he was doing, said, "This pleases me greatly, we will celebrate."

Changing the subject back for a moment to the unsaid request, Michael spoke to Slut, "Slut, I understand your desire to complete this phase of your training; however, I am not prepared to do this now. But because of your reverent humility, it is my desire to make that occasion special, as you are brought fully into your womanhood."

"Now stand for me," Michael said proudly, "and position yourselves for inspection." They stood erect and proud, their hands behind their heads with arms back and feet separated. The smile on their faces was as bright to him as the sun.

He stood to do the inspection, seeing for the first time since dream started, that he was still dressed. Not really knowing what was expected of a Master doing and inspection, Michael, following his heart, knowing exactly what he wanted to do.

"Before I start my inspection," Michael began, "I have a new rule, well two; first, you are allowed to orgasm at your pleasure, at anytime. Second, during play, you are allowed to pleasure yourself and your playmates. Any questions?"

"No Maaass...uh, uh uummmm... ter," they stammered in stereo. They both achieved orgasm without being touched. Michael had not known that it was possible. A little surprised, he said, "Well, I guess my little pets 'ARE' ready to play."

Michael stepped before his Mother first, saying, "You are my Mother, I choose you first, today, out of my love and respect for you."

The love in her eyes and the increased perfume of her arousal had his erection straining to be released. Denying himself, he reached out and took a strand of her hair, feeling the texture, looking at the shining rich color, then drawing it to his nose inhaled the exciting scent of the woman he loved.

He stood staring at her face, each part individually and that part as a part of the whole. Then he closed his eyes and with he fingers he searched out every part, from her brow to her chin, until he had completely memorized her face.

With his hands still on her face, drew her lips to his and gave her a loving gentle kiss, releasing her lips placed a kiss on her cheek.

He looked to her face again and her eyes were filled with tears of joy, several running down. He hands still tenderly holding her face, he again drew her to him. Using his tongue, he traced, from the teardrops on her chin to her eyes, and with her eyes closed he placed a kiss on each.

Overwhelmed with emotion and a deep desire for her son, Michelle shuttered and came. She would have collapsed if Michael had not caught her. When she had regained her balance, Michael began again.

Reaching up he said, "Give me your arms." taking them he told her to hold them in front as if carrying a burden. Michael then told her, "Do not turn your face away from me; look into my eyes and see my love for you."

Placing his hands on her neck, using only his finger tips he moved down her neck and across her shoulders, then down both arms to her hands. Taking each of her hands in his, he kissed first the back and then the palms.

Moving your arms up and out he stepped up to her, lightly pressing against her. He brought his arms under and around to her back, his eyes never leaving hers.

Michael placed his hands on her back, his finger toward the spine. As his hands travelled down her back, he felt every curve and every quivering muscle to the top of her butt.

He slid his hands around to her side and proceeded up to her arms, where a little perspiration had formed. Drawing his fingers through it, his eyes still on hers, he placed them to his lips and smiled.

Positioning his hands at the top of her chest, Michael brought them down and around the outside of her breast down and under and up through the middle with only his finger tips, then repeated it. It repeated one more time, except he stopped in the center, spread his hands and moved down her quivering stomach to her abdomen and the top of her pubic hair; she shuttered again.

Circling around behind her, he allowed his fingers to drag across her abdomen around to her butt. Stepping up against her back, he positioned his hands at the bottom of her chest with her breasts between his thumbs and forefingers.

As Michael moved his hands down using small circular motions, Michelle started shaking and gasping deep breaths of air. When he touched her hairline, he moved one hand back to her chest and with the other he caressed her hair and mound.

Throwing her head back, she shuttered twice and went completely rigid in her orgasm, then collapsed held tight in his arms. Picked her limp body up into his arms and placed on the couch.

Allowing his mother to rest, he stepped to his sister and started the process over with her, hoping for a similar reaction. He touched head, face, arms and back, as he did his Mother.

Drawing his hands up her sides and found that she was sweating profusely. By this time she was shaking hard. He had her lift her arms over her head, placing his hands on her waist; he licked her armpits, first one, and then the other.

Jenn spasmed hard and came; and she fell against Michael, who lifted her up and positioned her on the couch beside her Mother.

Michael went to his Mother bath and retrieved some towels to clean up with; both women had dripped cum on the floor and from the sweet acrid smell, Jenn had peed herself as well.

You may well think that this took hours, but in fact happened in less than one. Michael sat on the table in front of the couch, admiring the women, proud that they are his.

Both women came back awake slowly, first Michelle then Jenn. When they opened their eyes was saw him watching them, blushed a deep red over their entire bodies.

As Michael watched them, he decided he wanted one more rule in place. He spoke the rule," It is my wish, No, my command, that in this house, though you are mine, you are to speak freely, as my lovers, rather than as slaves and you will call me Michael instead of Master. Is that understood?"

They paused only a moment, looked at each other and simultaneously said, "Yes, Michael." He could still Master in the way they said it.

Michael spoke again, "This time was about your pleasure, but now I need you." He stood and said, "Undress me."

And they did, tenderly and lovingly, in much the same manner as he had them. His Mother was behind him, pressed against his back, stroking his chest and stomach lovingly.

Jenn knelt before him taking his painfully rigid cock in her soft hands. She lightly stroked and lavished kisses on it from one end to the other. She licked around his crotch and balls cleaning the sweat from his body, proceeding long cock until it was completely wet.

Jenn moved in front of Michael and placed her lips around the head cock, teasing the hole with the tip of her tongue, then slid all the way down on his cock as only his Mother had done.

Michael came hard, painfully hard; he could feel each and every drop of cum as it made its way into her throat. He could feel her throat swallowing his cum and with pride, noticed that she had kept her place.

As he finished, Jenn withdrew slowly trying to extract every precious drop she could. Withdrawing, she stood and pressed herself against him, wrapping her arms around him and her Mother; and he wrapped his around her. He heard his mother speak and the dream faded away.

(Wednesday evening and night)

"Michael...pause...Michael...pause...Honey, wake up," Michael heard this as he began to stir, thinking it might be part of his dream. Again he heard his Mother's voice, "Michael, Honey, wake up, are you all right?"

He reply was more of a grunt, "Huuh, yeah, I think so." As his eyes opened, he saw his Mom kneeling beside him with a concerned look on her face.

She said, "Baby I've been trying to wake you for five minutes, are you certain that you are okay?"

"Yes, Mom, I'm okay;" he replied, "I must have been really deep asleep." He sat up and looked around, which caused him a little dizziness. His eyes meet his sister's, her face expressing worry as well.

She said, "Hey Mikey, you really had us worried there for awhile."

Still somewhat groggy, he mumbled, "Yeah, sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry about,' his mother interjected, "We are just happy that you are alright."

"Thanks Mom...Jenn..." he answered.

"Now I need to prepare dinner," Michelle said, "so you two go get your showers."

"Okay," both answering together. Jenn charged up the steps and into her room.

Michael trudging up behind, figured that he wouldn't it to the shower first, so he was in no hurry. In his room, he removed his clothes expecting to find his shorts filled with cum, as he had the two previous days, but they were clean.

He had that uneasy feeling again that something was out of place, but still could not get his mind around it. Since he had left his robe on his bed that morning, he stripped completely.

Michael hadn't heard Jenn go into the bathroom or the shower running, so he opened his door to see if he had just not heard her. The bathroom door was open and the shower was quiet, so Michael went in to get his shower.

About five minutes into his shower, the bathroom door opened and then closed. Michael called out, "Jenn, is that you?"

Her answer came, " Yes, Michael." That immediately got his attention; she had been calling him, only Mikey, for the last three weeks.

"Jenn, Honey," he asked, "what are you doing in here, I'm taking my shower."

"I know," she said timidly. "Michael do you love me," she asked.

"You know I do," he responded.

"Do you think I'm pretty," her voice trembling.

A little worried, he asked, "Jenn...Honey, is there something wrong."

Jenn opened the shower door and he could see that she was completely nude. She was trembling and said, "I'm scared 'cause of the way I feel. Can I come in with you?"

"It's not a good idea, Honey," he replied.

"Please," her voice choking back a cry.

"Okay, Honey, come on in," he told her. She stepped in closing the door behind her and immediately threw her arms him, pulling her body to his and began to sob.

Holding her close, he let her cry for a few minutes, then asked her, "Jenn, what kind of feelings have you scared?"

With a sob and her voice quivering, she answered, "Please don't hate me."

"I could never hate you, no matter what," he stated, "Now tell me, what's the matter." "It's because of how much I love you," she replied.

"HUH," he said confused.

"I love because you are my brother, I love you for being a wonderful brother, but I also love you like a boyfriend."

Michael was stunned, to say the least, He had no idea what to say to her.

She continued, "I talked to Mom about the way I'm feeling for you and she told me that the world calls what I want, incest and they think it is wrong. Mom said that when you love someone and they love back, it can't be wrong."

"She said that if we decide to be more than brother and sister, she would support that decision, but we need to be aware and think about the consequences. I think she meant about pregnancy and stuff."

"Then she told me that she is having those feelings too, but please don't tell her I told you. She said that I had to talk to you about this and that what ever you decide, would be the way it had to be."

With this revelation, his head began to spin. If she had not been holding him so tight, he may have slumped to the floor.

After a few, minutes he pulled back from her a little, lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes; he said "I want you too, and I have been feeling that way about Mom too! The world says that it is wrong, so we will have to be careful not to let them see the kind of love we have for each other."

She squealed happily and hugged him even tighter, then jumped up, wrapping her arms around his neck, giving him a kiss that would have knocked his socks off, if he had had any on.

"Now," he said, "we've been in here long enough. Let's get cleaned up and downstairs before Mom has to come looking for us." They quickly soaped and bathed each other, taking lovers liberties as they did.

They rinsed and dried, grabbed their robes and nothing else and headed downstairs for dinner. Entering the kitchen, they saw that dinner was indeed ready and waiting on the table.

Their Mom, sitting at the table in her robe smiling asked, "What took you two so long?"

Practically jumping up and down, Jenn exploded, "Mom, I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend."

"I see," turning her head to Michael, she asked, "Is this your decision or hers?"

It's OUR decision," he said proudly.

"And you've considered the risks and consequences?" she asked. Michael replied, "I've thought of nothing else, but I love her and can't see ever living my life without her."

"Then," she said, "with that settled, let me say how happy I am for you both, now sit down and let's eat."

While eating, Michael noticed his Mother had a wistful faraway look in her eyes.

When dinner was finished and the kitchen cleaned, their normal routine was to spend some time together in the living room before bed.

However, Michael still had unfinished business he needed to settle. He said, "Jenn, my love, would you please wait for us in the other room, there is something I need to speak to Mother about."

"Okay, Michael, whatever you want." she answered.

"Mom," Michael started, "You know that I love you."

"Yes, Michael," she said, "I do."

"Jenn," he continued, "told me she spoke to you about her feelings for me."

"Yes," she answered.

Michael continued, "I have loved Jenn her whole life, but until recently I did not know just how deep my love for her was."

"I know Michael, I've always known." she stated.

"You did, how?" said Michael very surprised.

"Michael, women are made differently than men. A woman can see true love, from a mile away, as the cliché' goes. Some women are willing to trade who and what they are, in the hope of getting what they need; and that is love."

Michael sat thoughtfully for a moment, and then said, "Then I guess you know how I truly feel about you."

"Yes, my love, I do, it is very obvious." she answered. "It is? He questioned.

"Yes," she said, pointing to his lap; he dick standing in plain view, through the folds of his robe. Looking in each others eyes, they both laughed.

Michael took her hands and they stood. They each untied the belt on the others' robe. Sliding the robes from their shoulders to the floor, they kissed. It was a kiss more intense, than either had ever known.

He picked her up and carried her to the living room. He stood her in front of his sister/lover, his arm around her, and said, "Jenn, I'd like to introduce you to my other girlfriend, Michelle."

Instantly, Jenn sprang from the couch, leaving behind her robe, hugging them intensely she exclaimed joyfully, "I so hoped that this could be."

Then without missing the opportunity, she asked, "Michael, will you make me a woman tonight?" Michael thoughtfully considered what to say. "Jenn, you already are a woman to me."

"Michael, you know what I mean," she replied.

"I may sound old-fashioned," Michael continued, " I believe a woman's first time should be very special, and not a fuck in the back seat. I want both of my virgin brides' first times to be special." He said the last looking into his Mother's eyes. Michelle burst into tears and pulled him closer, laying her head on his chest.

Michelle suggested they retire to her bed, which she adamantly insisted was their bed now. They spent most of the night making love to one another; he with both ladies and they with each other and all together.

When fully sated, they fell asleep in each others arms; Michelle on one side, Jenn on the other and Michael in the middle. They both were holding at least a part of his cock.

Early in the morning, Michael couldn't tell what time, but it was still dark; he felt the delicious sensation of his cock being stroked lovingly. Michelle was still snuggled to his side though her back was to him, so he knew it was Jenn.

She continued to caress him until he was fully erect. Then he felt the wet warm tightness as her mouth surrounded the crown of his cock. Her tongue darted in, out and around like a wonderful French kiss.

Sensing that he was getting close to coming, she moved from his cock, slowly up his stomach to his chest, kissing and caressing his body as she went. As she positioned herself over his cock, she sat up. Her pussy was still extremely wet from the night's activities and from the thought of what she was about to do.

With her fingers she opened her labia and pressed her pussy against the base of his cock and pushed upward to the tip, relishing the feel of his skin against her, of his cock against her clit.

Michael, although still half asleep began caressing her sides and breasts. When she was near her climax, she repositioned herself with his cock at her entrance. Taking his cock in her hand, she moved it in and around her flowing lubricant. She positioned his cock and pushed down about an inch.

Michael was not awake nor was he fully asleep; he was enjoying the wonderful sensations that Jenn was giving. His mind clouded with desire, he did not realize what her intentions were.

When she was ready, she lowered her head to Michael's ear and whispered, "Michael, I need you to make me complete." At that she sat up, and prepared herself to receive him fully.

Some where in his mind, Michael recognized the import of what she had said. Coming fully awake and before she could move, he grasped her waist and lifted her straight up, holding her in the air above him.

She screamed, "Nooooooo," in an anguished cry.

Michelle, startled awake yelled, "WHAT." She turned and saw Jenn hanging in the air, crying a deep and soulful wail.

"What is going on?" Michelle asked.

Michael laid Jenn down between them and answered, "She tried to take her virginity while I was asleep and I somehow realized what she was doing in time to stop her."

Jenn lay there sobbing deeply. Michelle and Michael moved closer covering her with their warmth and their love. She fell asleep and then they did as well.

Chapter 4 (Thursday - Week 1)

Thursday morning came, bright and cloudless and the three new lovers woke early despite the lateness of the nights activities. Before they got out of bed, Jenn apologized for her thoughtless behavior and asked forgiveness.

Both Michelle and Michael told her that they understood her desire and even her need. All kissed and hugged and touched one another affectionately, then climbed out of bed ready to face the world together.

They all climbed into the master shower together; it was big enough for the three of them; well actually five if they needed it. They managed to get clean between all the affectionate play, hugging and kissing and such.

When done, they took turns drying each other. Michael and Jenn went up to their rooms to dress for school. When they came down, Michelle was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

Michael and Jenn pitched in to help and breakfast was soon ready. The sat and ate and talked a little about nothing too important.

Michelle announced that she had to be going to work. They all stood and Michael and Jenn kissed her goodbye like she might not be coming back.

Michelle turned to leave and her kids said, "Bye Mom."

Michelle turned back to them and said, "I know that our relationship has changed and is new. What I would like to ask is that, here at home or when we have privacy, please call me Michelle."

They followed her to the door, each gave her a quick hug and said, "See you tonight, Michelle." She left feeling anything was possible, to face her day.

On their way to school Michael noticed that Jenn seemed cheerful and talked a little about classes at school, though not nearly as much as she used to.

When they had parked, Jenn did not immediately jump out of the car and race off. She waited and walked with Michael. As they neared the door, her friends noticed her and waved her to come over; she nodded yes to them.

Turning to Michael she asked, "Will you come with me, I want to introduce you to my friends," adding quickly, "as my brother."

Speaking softly he said, "My pleasure." And her smile turned radiant.

Jenn introduced him to each one; he, in turn, took each hand and looking into each ones eyes, smiled and said that it was his pleasure to make their acquaintance.

Before he walked away, one of the girls asked Jenn if he was available. Jenn said, "No, he's mine,"

Michael looked shocked, so she quickly added, "get your own brother." Then they all started laughing.

Leaving the group of chatty girls, Michael entered the building. No longer walking with his head down, he noticed that he was drawing a lot of attention from the girls in the hall. This caused him to blush.

School went fairly well and seemed to pass quickly. He collected another eight names and phone numbers from his admiring fans. School over, he left quickly, not noticing his Mother walking from the parking lot to the school.

(Thursday afternoon)

At home, he started through his afternoon routine; mail first, books on table and drink. Stepping to the refrigerator, he thought, "Lemonade would be nice, but I think I would rather have milk today."

He sat down with his books and realized that he had finished his home work. Walking into the living room, he set his glass down thinking, "I may as well get comfortable, I certainly don't have anything to hide."

He walked into "Their" bedroom and undressed. He grabbed a blanket on his way on his way back to the living room.

Taking a big gulp of milk, he laid down on the couch covering up with blanket. He closed his eyes and began to ponder all the things that had happened recently.

He fell asleep dreaming of his Mother, of Jenn and strangely even Kim, his girlfriend from last year. Thinking of Kim brought back the memories of the night last year. She was in his drama class and his leading lady in the school play.

They got close practicing together for the play. She had been invited to a party a week after school was out and she had asked him to go with her.

At the party, they danced and talked and visited with some of their friends. After a couple of hours she had suggested that they see if they could someplace private because she had something she wanted to ask.

They had walked up stairs holding hands. They came to a room that had a star and a plaque that said it was Bethany's room. Bethany was the one that had invited them to the party.

They entered the room and turned on the light; Kim locked the door saying, "I don't someone coming in and seeing what we are doing." He remembered asking her what she meant. She had said that she loved him like a brother, but more than a brother.

She had then said that she loved him and wanted to give him her virginity. He had been a little surprised, maybe even shocked, but, he was a boy and a virgin himself so he had accepted her gift. Because he had been spending a lot of time on the internet, he had a least an understanding of what to do.

Their foreplay was loving and gentle touching, she sucked his cock a little and he licked her pussy. When they were both ready, he got into position over her. She had raised her legs and wrapped them around his back.

He slowly entered her remembering that sometimes it hurt the girl on her first time. She had been wet and ready. She had been tighter than he expected; well really, he had no real idea what to expect since this was his first time too.

She had begun moaning almost from the moment he had entered her. As he pressed against her hymen, she groaned and he stopped. He had said,"It may hurt and if you want to I will stop now."

She had said, "No don't stop, I want this, I need this to happen." She began pressing on his back with her legs trying to get him to continue.

He had reached his point of no return so he continued. He remembered he had pushed twice and the barrier didn't break. Kim was then continually begging for him to do it.

Finally he had decided to rise up and withdraw most of the way then drop on her with as much weight as he could. He did and he broke through.

She went rigid and screamed as he broke through and he quickly had to cover her mouth to keep the whole house from hearing. She had had an orgasm with the pain and he could feel the squeezing and pulsing of her pussy around his cock.

She seemed to become a little wild and they had made love and fucked, several times.

After the third time, while they were catching their breath she said, "More, I need more, Now!"

He had asked her to give him a few minutes; he needed some time before he could do it again. She had become insistent that she needed it right then. Then she seemed to become irrational, insisting that if he wouldn't give her what she wanted for him to get out.

He had tried to calm and quiet her. But she became angry and ugly using very vulgar language, demanding that he get out and leave her alone; that she would find her own way home. He had left, not understanding what had happened.

(Thursday evening)

Between dreams, Michael became vaguely aware that the front door had opened and closed. It was several more minutes before he was sure that he heard voices talking somewhere in the house.

He sat up and tried to shake the sleep from his mind. Then he distinctly heard Michelle's voice coming from the bedroom.

He stood and walked to the door; there he saw his ladies dressed in the slave get ups from his dreams. Confused, he asked, "What's going on?"

They had not seen him in the door; they both jump with fright and Jenn screamed. Their heads immediately snapped around to look at him.

Michael was beginning to get very agitated, in his confusion his mind began imagining all kinds of things, and none were good; little did he know, but things were about to get a whole lot worse than his imagination was conjuring.

Michelle screamed, "Mommy's Boy... Freeze." He stopped moving, frozen in place. Fear and panic filled him and he began to shake.

Michelle came to him, wrapping her arms around him and said, "Oh Baby, I'm so sorry, it wasn't suppose to happen this way. You weren't suppose to find out like this."

Still unable to move, but with his Mother's arms around him, the panic was beginning to subside.

Michael was still fearful and trembling, but found the strength to ask, "What is happening to me? What is wrong?"

Michelle said, "Come sit on the bed and I will explain as best I can." His body obeying her command, he walked to the bed and sat down. Michelle and Jenn moved to either side of him and held his hands.

Michelle began speaking, "First, Michael, the answer to your question is that you are under a post hypnotic command."My Master..."

"WHAT?' Michael interrupted.

"Please, Michael, this is hard enough as it is; Please don't interrupt." Michelle started again, "Michael, I am another man's slave. I have been a slave since I was sixteen."

Michael was truly stunned and his face showed shock and disbelief.

"My Master suspected that this might happen and he gave me instruction for what I can tell you, but you will not remember any of it in the morning. I am to begin at the beginning," she said.

(Thursday early evening)

What follows is the story that Michelle told Michael.

"I graduated from high school when I was fifteen and started college at sixteen. I was young and naive. I tried to act grown up and sophisticated like the other girls in my dorm and classes."

"In my first semester, I had a biology class and the professor was very handsome; he name was Kevin James. Like the other girls, I flirted with him. Besides biology, he taught biochemistry and had a passion for botany."

"He often had study groups at his house on Friday nights for those who needed extra help. I was becoming infatuated with him, so I went just to be close. The day had been hot so he had made lemonade."

"By the end of the help session, I was feeling very dizzy and light-headed and couldn't stand well. As he saw the other students to the door he told them that he would see that I got home."

"I didn't find out until much later that he had developed some kind of hypnotic drug from some flower he found in South America. My head was spinning and everything was hazy looking."

"He began hollering at me about how I was his slave and I would do anything he told me to. How I was to be obedient and submissive to him and call him Master. I was terrified and didn't know what to do."

"After a while, a couple of hours, I guessed, he told me to take off my clothes. I didn't want to but my body just kind of did it anyway."

"He forced me to suck his dirty, unwashed cock telling me to make sure I got it really clean. He started mauling my breasts; mashing them real hard, pinching and pulling and twisting my nipples until I cried out in pain."

"He shoved two fingers all the way into my dry pussy and it hurt terribly and said, "Bitch you better juice up or this is going to hurt real bad." His fingers had some blood on them when he took them out."

"He said, "well, it looks like you're not a virgin any more, let's make it official," then he raped me. I'm not sure but it seemed like he raped me once or twice every hour for that first weekend. I got pregnant that weekend with you, Michael."

"He kept me handcuffed to a bed for two or three weeks, drugging and abusing me; he called it slave training. I felt compelled to do those things he was making me do."

"Toward the end of his training, I was pretty beat down and just about to give up. Then one day he came in and gagged and hand cuffed me and told I had better not make a sound if I knew what was good for me."

"I heard voices but I was too scared to make a sound. He came back in laughing and said, "the cops were just here looking for you; seems your parents got themselves killed in a car wreck. Now you are all mine."

"He made me go back to classes so I could finish. By then I was living in his house because he had petitioned the court on my behalf for custodial care while I went to school."

"He made me tell everyone how good and nice he was to me. When we found out I was pregnant I had to say I had sex with some guy or other and got pregnant."

"When I started showing, he wouldn't touch me any more. And he started bringing girls in and drugging and raping them too. He made me have sex with them too; that wasn't so bad because most of them were scare too and were nice to me. Most of those girls didn't come back to school and I never knew any more about them."

"Michael, you were born and I loved you from the minute I saw you. Two years of abuse later, Jennifer was born and he didn't touch me again until you were seven, Michael, and I had graduated with my degree."

"He was under suspicion for a number of things at the college so he resigned and started teaching high school here. That's where he met My Master."

"As I told you he was a chemistry teacher and he continued to try and refine his drug; he eventually was able to make it artificially."

"Any way by this time he was tired of us and was tired of just looking at all the young cock teasers. He saw that Master always had some good looking young thing around."

"He cautiously approached Master, trying to become his friend; Master saw through him immediately, he was not as smart as he thought."

"Master was good at hypnosis and hypnotized Keith and made him tell him everything about me and the drugs and all the girls he did at college. Master even put it on tape like he does everything, just in case."

"Master and Keith made a deal, Master told him could have all the pussy he wanted, in return, he got me and the drug. Keith said he could have me and the brats, but he was holding on to the formula."

"And if Master wanted the drug, he could have him a lab set up where he could make all he wanted. That was a big mistake. Master is a good planner and organizer."

"Over the years, Master has drugged and made slaves of hundreds of girls and women. Oh, and men and boys too. He uses a combination of the drug and hypnosis to train people to be slaves."

"You can't remember but he was at our house often, training me to be a good slave and I am. He drugged you both and made you forget the stuff that happened when he was there, but he won't let me forget."

"Last year your "father," saw you with Kim and found out that it was just her and her Mom, Sara, at home and decided he had to have them. So he talked to Master and told him he wanted them. So Master set it up. He drugged Kim and Sara and started their training."

"Some how Keith screwed up and Sara got away, temporarily. Master was furious with Keith but when Sara was found, he backed away. When he finished their training, there was a problem though, because Master's training used incest as a stimulus to produce the sluts/whores."

"He figured out that the taboo of incest along with a certain kind of programming could trip the person's mind over to be whatever he said."

"To try and get around this problem, he had to convince Kim's subconscious that you were her brother and further convince her that she had to have you."

"The party you both went to was a setup to get you to have sex with her. Like every thing else Master does he recorded it."

"Something went wrong, because she went all crazy. After she yelled at you and made you leave, she went running down the stairs out of control naked begging everyone in sight to fuck her until she couldn't move."

"There were eight guys and five girls there at that time and she had every one at least once and most several times. When they were done with her she had passed out but was still mumbling fuck me...fuck me."

"They called Master and told him what happened; he went and picked her up to see if he could tell what happened to her. The best he could tell it was something you said or did, but he could never find out."

"He carried her to the Alpha house at the college to be a pit whore; she been there ever since. Sara disappeared about then. I'm not sure whether she was sold offshore as a slave or disposed of."

"Keith was furious at the loss of his prize and told Master so. Master said, "Okay, Jennifer was coming up to high school next year, and she would be trained."

"He told Keith as long as he fulfilled his obligation to have sex with Jenn he could have anyone he asked for. Keith said okay and left to find that "Perfect someone" to be his slave."

"As you know, he hasn't here living with here with us because Master made him get out of the house. Somehow later, Keith found out that Master intended to take Jenn for himself and he got angry and hit Master."

"A month ago, Master started laughing on a phone call. When he was through with the call, he told me, "I'm sorry to inform you that you are now a widow. It seems your husband had a skydiving accident; it seems he forgot his parachute. Then he started laughing real hard."

"That's when he told me that Keith had been expendable for a long time. He had already got the drug formula from him years ago. In the last couple of years, he has been using subliminals for some of his programming."

"He seems to be having better success with those who seem more resistant to hypnosis, even with the drug."

"Then Master's plan for Jenn fell to you. He had to convince you that she was what you had to have. We've teased you and drugged you and had sex with you. But something happened and Tuesday we hesitated and Master saw it."

"In your "dream" you saw the stripes he laid down. Today he was displeased when he saw the video of what happened last night; we received more punishment."

"He is afraid of you Michael because you are strong and there is something about you he can't define. Something else he hadn't counted on was our love for each other and our belief that incest was okay for us."

"Now Michael you can ask any questions you have. I will answer if I am able."

"Can't we go to the police or FBI or someone?" He asked.

"Honey, if we did he would know. He has informants every where. He has connections all over the city and state and even other states and countries." she answered. "Even our house is bugged with cameras and microphones, so he's going to know about tonight, like he did last night and every night before."

"Can you tell me what kind of stuff he's doing?" Michael asked quietly. She softly answered, "drugs, slavery, prostitution, child pornography, blackmail, fraud, murder and there are probably many other things as well, that I don't know about. As I said before, you won't remember anything I've told you."

Michelle asked Michael and Jenn if they felt like some supper they both answered no; she said, "That's good, I don't either. Let's take shower and go to bed."

The shower was less than enthusiastic, but they got clean and dry. They all got into bed and huddled close, as if, for protection from the night.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Michelle got up and went to the bathroom, fell down on the floor and cried for the first time in seventeen years.

Chapter 5 (Friday - Week 1)

The alarm went off to wake them for work and school, but it was still dark outside. Michael heard the steady drumming of rain on the roof and had a feeling that it was a sign of things to come.

His ladies got out of bed and made their way into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Michael lay on the bed with the feeling that something was wrong, but couldn't remember what it was.

Then it occurred to him that he couldn't remember anything about yesterday after he had lain down on the couch. It disturbed him, but he didn't want to worry his Mom or sister.

Both the ladies came out of the bathroom together and Jenn said, "Next," to remind him he needed to get ready as well. Pushing his worries aside, he climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

He took his morning pee and began his daily ablutions; face, teeth, hair and such. As he was putting his things away he noticed a tube of body lotion on the other end of the counter.

He picked it up and looked at it thinking that he had seen this somewhere, and then decided that he must have seen it here or on Jenn's counter upstairs.

He dressed and made his way to the kitchen. Michelle and Jenn were about through with the breakfast preparations. Neither one seemed very cheerful this morning. It must be the gloom getting to all of us.

Michael thought Michelle's countenance had more the look of doom than gloom.

Michelle finished breakfast, kissed her kids and said goodbye and made her way to her car. Michael thought, "How strange for his Mother to forget to tell them to clean up before they left;" she had been telling them the same thing every day for years.

As Michelle closed the door, her eyes flooded, again, with tears; she screamed at no one in particular saying, "Won't anyone help me." She dried her eyes and drove to work. But someone had heard her scream.

Michael and Jenn dragged around the kitchen not in any hurry to start for school. They cleaned up after breakfast and got ready to leave. On the way to the door Michael noticed that Jenn didn't have her book bag.

He said, "Jenn, are you forgetting something?"

Jenn looked down at her clothes and said, "I don't think so."

"Where's your book bag?" He asked.

"Oh, it's in the kitchen, can you get it for me?" she answered.

Michael retrieved it for her and even carried it to the car. The car ride was especially quiet as Jenn didn't have anything to say. In fact, Michael thought, she has the same look on her face that their Mom had when she left.

When they arrived at school, Jenn stayed with Michael instead of running off to find her friends, but she was still silent and withdrawn. Inside the building, as they walked down the hall to their homerooms, Michael noticed fewer smiles and winks, but also noticed a number of shared whispers as they went by.

The first part of the day went by too slowly for Michael. But by 10 o'clock, the sun was shining again and thought maybe the day would redeem itself.

The second half of the day didn't seem to move any faster for Michael. And it was last period and he really was not looking forward to gym class. They were going through some new routines and moves and Michael couldn't seem to keep his mind on what he was doing and Coach Behr rode him hard.

Finally class was over and he could leave for the day, then he remembered the Math club meeting which was at the other end of the hall. This meeting was also a basic set up meeting to get to know the new students who wanted to join.

There were a lot of new people this year that were interested in joining and it took over an hour to get all the names and introductions complete.

Michael was tired in mind and spirit, as he headed for his car. He was not paying attention to his surrounding. He had that feeling again that something was wrong or out of place.

He tried to clear his mind and began to look around. He noticed that the parking lot was nearly full again and no one was around. He went to open his car door and in the reflection he saw something he recognized; a star shaped scratch that some one had marked on his Mother's car.

He decided that since she was here he would go and wait with her.

(Friday afternoon)

Michael walked back to the building without noticing that the skies had become overcast again. When he got to the gymnasium, he tried the main doors but they were locked and something black covered the little windows in the door.

Michael could hear a number of sounds coming from inside, but couldn't tell for certain what was happening. He walked around to the doors on the other end and found it was locked and covered as well.

Michael thought this was strange and something not quite right. He decided to try to get in through the locker room, since he didn't remember seeing a lock on that door.

He walked around to the locker room entrance and pulled on the door and it opened. Entering, he could hear voices coming from the shower room.

He closed the door as quietly as he could and noticed that the other door had a chain and pad lock attached, but not locked.

As he made his way softly through the locker area, he recognized the voices as those of the wrestling team, especially Meat, who was shooting off his mouth as usual.

Michael heard him say, "Oh man that Freshy, Jenn, has got one sweet mouth. I'm bringing her to the alumni party next week and I'm gonna' get me some of that tasty young cunt."

Michael, being very protective of his sister and her virtue, rushed into the shower room and shouted at Meat saying, "You keep your fucking hands off my sister and leave her alone; and there's no way in hell I'm going to let her go anywhere with you."

Surprised they just stood there for a few seconds, before Jimmie, the team captain, said, "How the fuck did you get in here?"

"I walk through walls dumbass, how the hell do you think I got in here?" Michael responded.

Recovering from their surprise, Jimmie ran to check the door and Max slipped out to get the Master.

"Who the fuck do you think you are," said Meat, "and just what the fuck are you going to do to stop me?"

"I will do what ever I have to do and won't stop until it's done." Michael answered.

Jimmie came running back and said, "Shit Meat, we forgot to lock the door, the coach is gonna be really pissed."

At just that moment, the coach walked in and said, "Pissed about what?" he said.

As he spotted Michael in the center of the group he said, "Oh!" And just then Meat sucker punched Michael in the gut. He fell to his knees bent over and retched, trying hard to get his breath.

Coach Behr said, "Boy, you just can't fucking stay out of trouble can you?"

Michael breathing a little easier sat up on his knees, aware for the first time that the coach was as naked as the others, his cock, at least 8 inches jutting straight out in front.

And Michael could see that the "hairy as a bear" description fit.

The coach turned to Max and said, "Maxy go get a camera," and Max was gone quickly.

"Boy," Behr speaking to Michael, "You've been a pain in my ass, since I first took your Mother ten years ago."

In surprise, Michael said, "WHAT?"

"Oh yeah, that's right you don't remember anything," and the just laughed and continued. "Boy, over the course of the last week, you have been the cause of disciplinary problems for nine of my best slaves; and the two bitches you think of as yours, have had to be disciplined three times. And your Mother is the ideal slave; a true slave in every sense of the word. You don't know, but she is accomplished in every perversion we train and does much of the training herself."

"Now you don't remember this, but I make problems go away and you are a problem. However, I've decided to make you an offer you can't afford to refuse; well two, but we'll get to that later. Did you mean what you said about doing whatever it takes to keep these half-wits away from your sister?"

"If you know me as well as you've implied, then you know I don't say anything I don't mean", Michael retorted.

"This is the first offer and if you accept it," Coach Behr began, "these guys will never touch your sister again, if you don't, Meathead gets you sister today, for as long as he wants, to do whatever he wants, short of damaging her and spoiling her price. You have my word on it." "Awww, coach," was chorused around the room.

Sarcastically Michael replied, "And what makes you think your word means anything to me?"

Thoughtfully the coach relied. "I guess if I were in your position, I'd question it too. However, like you, I don't say anything I won't back up, because in my line of work you can end up dead, in a hurry."

Michael said, "I guess I don't really have much choice anyway."

"NO...! YOU DON'T!" Behr stated as fact.

Having already made his decision, Michael said, "Okay I agree, now what is the offer?"

Behr said, not in the least bit surprised, "You don't want to hear the offer first?"

"You know I don't, you've already said I don't have much of a choice and I've already said that I agreed; now how do we proceed?" Michael spat rhetorically.

"Okay then," said the coach amused, "We're gonna make us a little movie. And this is how it's going to go. You've got five hard cocks standing here, and no not mine, your whore mother will take care of mine."

"You are going to have two...no three minutes to suck each cock off and make him cum. I want the camera to see the cum in your open mouth as proof. If you don't make it in three minutes, that one gets your ass until he does come. Do you understand?"

Michael, already removing his clothes said, "Got it, let's get on with it."

The coach went into director mode, "Max, you have the camera set?" A nod from Max. "Get down on your knees, Boy. We will be going from shortest to longest, so Max first, then Jimmie...John...Karl and last of course, Meat."

"Now, Boy, just to let you know, these guys have been fucking everything in sight for the last hour, cunts and asses. I know this because I made the twins lick the brown cum out of each other's ass."

Then he said, Max, your up."

Max step in front of Michael. His cock was average length, between five or six inches, and average girth, similar to a hot dog and uncircumcised. Max pulled his foreskin back and Michael could see brown shit flakes where the foreskin covered his cock.

"Action," came the call and Michael moved close and with his tongue licked around the head until it was clean, then thinking about how his mother had done in his dreams, he plunged all the way down on his cock and performed the dance of the tongue as best he could remember.

After about thirty seconds, Max said, "Oh shit, I'm cumming," and he left an average size load of cum in Michael's mouth. Michael turned to the camera and flashed the load and he said, Next."

Jimmie pushing Max out of the way said, "What a pussy, didn't even last a minute." Jimmie's cock was longer, but just and was half again thicker. Michael said, "Time's wasting,"

Jimmie moved in and tried to shove his cock down Michael's throat; Michael adjusted before that could happen; treating Jimmie to the same action he had used with Max. Michael reached out with his right hand and began caressing Jimmie's balls and with the left he stroked the skin between the balls and ass.

Jimmie lasted almost the three minutes; as time was being called, Jimmie started cumming with a grunt. The first load went into Michael's mouth, but Jimmie pulled out quickly and sprayed the rest on Michael's nose and mouth.

Michael turned again to the camera and opened his mouth to show he had some, then dragged the rest into his mouth.

The coach said, "Sorry Jimmie, he got some before you got out."

John stepped up snickering, he was several inches taller than Michael and his cock appeared long, but it wasn't any thicker than Max's. Michael saw at a glance the brown streaks all the way up and down his cock, indicating where his cock had been.

John moved closer and Michael took his cock in hand, lifting it and with his tongue, starting at the base licked straight up to the tip and then plunged all the way down until his nose was in John's hair and began humming, "UUUUUMMMMM," causing John to exclaim, "Ooooohh, damn, that's nice." Pulling back to the tip, Michael made sure that the entire cock was clean.

Then Michael started moving up and down John's cock in a fucking motion, humming and dancing with his tongue. Michael was watching John's face and could tell he was trying hard not to let go, so he reached for his balls and caressed gently. Then time was called, John screamed with delight saying, "Yes, your ass is mine."

The coach told John to get in position behind "The Boy." Michael turned with a sneer and said, "All the way in one stroke, if you can, Faggot."

John was really pissed and shoved hard as he could and hit bottom in one stroke. Michael immediately clamped down with his sphincter muscles and John shot his wad without a second stroke. When John was through jerking and had pulled out, Michael turned his ass to the camera and squeezed out a fair amount of dirty cum.

Karl moved into position. Although he was the shortest guy there, his cock was impressive; at least nine inches. Michael took only the head of the cock into his mouth and began; licking and sucking slowly. After five seconds or so of that, he started humming the tune "Sweet Georgia Brown." taking Karl's balls in his hands lightly squeezing and reached under and shoved his finger hard up Karl's ass.

Karl came and came hard, in less than fifteen seconds; with an also impressive amount of cum. Michael turned toward the camera, deliberately allowing some cum to drip out and down his chin. Then with a finger and a smile, Michael scraped it back into his mouth. Karl impressed, said, "Damn that was good."

Meat walked up to Michael and said, "See if you can take this, Bitch."

Michael noted with a smile that although Meat was hard, He didn't have any more length than he did Monday; although it hung out from his body a few degrees more. Michael began by licking the whole cock to get it as wet as he could.

Putting the head in his mouth, he began fucking his own mouth with Meat's cock; filling his mouth on each stroke, as he used his tongue to get the saliva up in his mouth.

And Meat, being the asshole he was, he said, "Come on, Bitch you can do better than that," at which Michael pushed down, taking all but a couple of inches; stroking with his tongue, he started swallowing.

Meat exclaimed in surprise, "Damn, he is good. Shit he's even better than that bitch sister of his."

"Shut up", came a command. Michael, hearing what he said, had clinched his teeth and had scraped the cock on his way back.

Meat shouted, "No teeth, Bitch."

Michael was becoming sorely pissed.

Over confident of his position, Meat continued, "goddamn, he's even better than that crazy whore, Kim, from last year." Michael's anger took control.

He bit down hard on Meat's cock and grabbed his balls and squeezed hard; stunned Meat froze.

At the same time the coach had stepped forward and punched Meat hard in the chest. This threw Meat hard against the wall, cracking a few tiles and jerking his cock from Michael's mouth; scraping a good deal of skin off in the process.

Hitting the wall, he fell hard to the floor and didn't move, blood draining from his cock.

Max rushed over to check him out, and said, "Shit coach, he's not breathing and I don't feel a pulse."

"Shit, the son-of -a-bitch, just wouldn't listen," the coach replied, "we'll have to deal with him later."

"Damn Boy," the coach said, "You've got more balls than I gave you credit."

Michael looking disdainful spit the large glob of skin and the coaches feet.

Coach Behr just laughed and said, "Where did you learn that."

With a smart-assed reply he said, "From you asshole." The coach lost the last of his smile.

(Friday early evening)

Coach Behr, obviously not happy, said, "Get up Boy, we're going to take a tour of 'My Property.' But before we go, I have something for you. 'Mommy's Boy', Remember...All..."

Michael froze, half standing, and it all came flooding back to his mind. All the things his Mother had told him; all the things he had done; all the things he had seen and all of the things he and his mother and sister had been forced to do when Behr took control of Michael's Mother; especially the very first day.

Ten Years earlier - Memories

Michael was seven and Jenn had just turned five. They had been sitting in the living room when there was a knock at the door. Their mother, in her robe, got up to answer the door. She opened the door and coach Behr was standing there, with Keith behind him.

He had commanded her to get rid of her robe and get down on all four because she belonged to him. She had glanced at Keith who had nodded yes and she had dropped into position. Behr had clipped a leash on the collar she was wearing and dragged her toward the living room.

Michael had heard the rough tone and went to see what was happening. Getting to the entry hall, he saw Behr pulling his Mom on a chain. In anger he rushed forward screaming, telling him to leave his mother alone.

Michael had swung his fist as hard as he could and hit Behr squarely in the balls. With an Ooooff, Behr had backhanded Michael against the wall. He picked Michael up by the hair and dragged him and his Mom into the living room; Jenn began to cry. Behr threw Michael on the couch with Jenn.

Michael had moved over to Jenn and had wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. Still crying, Jenn had called him "a mean man and had told him to leave them alone." Behr had told her to shut up. Michael glared as hard as he knew how.

Behr had demanded that Keith get him a drink; three fingers bourbon...neat; and something for the kids and to make it special.

Keith had said, "Yes, Sir," understanding that Behr wanted the kids drugged and went to the kitchen to prepare the drinks.

Keith returned with the bourbon and two glasses of lemonade, which he knew both kids loved. Keith handed Behr his drink and turned to the kids with theirs.

Michael had said angrily that he didn't want it.

Jenn saw it was lemonade and said that she wanted hers. She had taken it and started drinking it right away. Michelle had whispered for Michael to please take it.

Behr had jerked hard on her chain. Michael conceded and took the drink and finished it in a few seconds and had said, "There, you happy now?" and slapped the glass down on the coffee table.

Behr had turned to Keith and brusquely told him to get out. Keith turned and walked away and never looked back and didn't say goodbye.

Then Behr had told them that there were gonna be new some new rules in this house. First, he said that he owned their Mother and he owned them. The second thing he told them was that if he told them to do something, they had better do it or he would whip their butts. Michael just scowled and said nothing.

The next he had said was that when he was there no one wore clothes unless he told them they could.

Then he had commanded Michelle to get the clothes off the kids. She had lifted Jenn from the couch and had started to undress her; she had been wearing her pink day dress and white panties with pink flowers.

Michael defiantly had jumped up and shouted that he could do it himself, and had pushed down his shorts and briefs and took off his T-shirt and angrily threw them at Behr and said, "There you happy?"

Behr grabbed him roughly by the arms, picked him and shouted in his face, "IF... You... Ever... Sass me again; I will tear your butt up." He shook him and had asked if Michael understood. Michael had been frightened and had quietly said okay.

Behr had placed Michael on the floor next to Jenn. Michael had protectively put his arms around Jenn again. Jenn looked down and giggled; reached out and put her hand on his little cock and said, "Look Mikey, your pee-pee is sticking out."

Michael turned red and Behr and Michelle both smiled.

Behr barked at Michelle, "Now slave, undress me." "Yes Master," she replied.

Michelle stood behind Behr and lifted his shirt up and over his head. The two kids watched in awe and wonder; they had never seen anyone with so much hair. Michelle unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks and worked them down.

As the shorts were pulled past his cock, Michelle placed the tip in her mouth and sucked gently as she slid the pants to the floor. She then pulled her head back, sticking her tongue out with Behr's cock resting on it and her eyes on his.

He said, "Well done slave, you may continue." She untied his shoes and removed first one with its sock and then the other. Carefully lifting his leg, lest he lose balance, she pulled his pants and shorts off each leg.

By this time the drug was having its affect on the children. The kids were watching with their mouths wide open. Jenn had said that he looked like a big funny teddy bear.

They were both astonished at the size of his cock and Jenn had pointed it out to Michael. Behr was amused because he understood that the only cock she had ever seen was Michael's and he burst out laughing.

Behr had asked her if she would like to touch it like she had Mikey's and innocently she had said okay. Michael remembered grabbing her arm and telling her not to, but Jenn had said that she wanted to touch it.

She had walked up to Behr and placed her small fingers on his cock, just as a blood pulse, caused it to jump. Jenn had jumped back a little surprised and giggled.

Behr had told her she did okay, but he wanted her Mommy to show her how to do it even better. Michelle had taken Jenn's little hands and showed her how to wrap them together around Behr's cock to create the best feeling and told her how to rub so it felt the best.

Behr had gotten hard very quick with Jenn stroking his cock. Behr had then commanded their mother to suck him and after a few minutes he made her turn around so he could fuck her.

At this point, Michael could remember that everything was kind of dream-like. Both kids had become interested in what was happening; though Michael still was a little stubborn. He remembered convincing them to help him humiliate his mother, although he didn't use those words.

Behr took a lick of Michelle's dripping cunt and had said that it was delicious cunt pudding and asked Jenn if she wanted some before he ate it all up. Of course, all Jenn heard was pudding and she wanted some so Behr pulled her to her mother's cunt and told her she could have all she wanted and to lick it all up.

Then Behr turned to Michael and said that he still had some on his cock that Michael should try. Michael remembered just giving him a dirty look. Behr had grabbed him by the arm and pulled him close and told him that he knew Michael didn't care whether he was whipped or not.

He told Michael that if he was not perfectly obedient when he was told to do something, that from then on his mother or sister would take his punishment and that he would have to decide who it would be and if he didn't decide, both would be punished.

Just then Jenn had said, "That was good and when I got done, Mommy jiggled hard and I got some more." Behr had then picked up Jenn and sat on the couch. He told her to spread her legs real wide; when she had done that he sat her on top of his cock.

Still wet and slippery, he slid her little pussy up and down length of his cock. Michael recalled that Behr had said to him that this cock was going to be cleaned by Michael's mouth or Jenn's tiny little pussy.

Michael had known that it was not a threat, but a command. He had got down on his knees and licked and sucked on Behr cock as he slid Jenn back and forth.

When Michael was close to finishing, Behr had begun fingering her pussy which had become wet from the cum. Jenn had laid her head back on Behr's chest and had started giggling because he was tickling her with his finger and his hairy chest.

This and the fact that Michael had been doing a fair job at sucking on his cock, he came again in Michael's mouth. Even though it had been a large amount for a seven year old, he didn't lose a drop. Michael had opened his mouth and showed the cum to Behr without being asked.

Behr had told him to kiss his sister and share half with her before he swallowed the rest. Behr had asked her to open her mouth a little so Michael could share some of the baby juice with her. And she did and Michael had reluctantly done what he had been told.

That and many more things had happened that night and for the next five years, until Michael had turned twelve. Behr had no longer come to the house. Michael did have some good memories, though now he knew what they meant.

Several weeks after Behr had started coming to the house, His mother had started to work and they had an afternoon babysitter. Michael and Jenn had to tell her they weren't allowed to wear clothes in the house, so she took hers off too.

Afternoon nap time was fun 'cause she would put magic milk drops on her nipples and they got to sit in her lap and suck titty milk 'til they went to sleep; Michael now recognized that as the drug.

As all these memories were flooding back into his mind, his hate of Behr and his anger, had turned into rage; and his face as red as the blood on the floor.

Behr recognized the situation immediately and said, "Mommy's Boy, freeze!" and Michael froze in position. Behr told him to calm down and his rage receded, but his anger was still there.

(Still Friday early evening)

Behr told Michael to follow him to the gym. The sight that met Michael's eyes, aroused, horrified and disgusted him all at the same time. Michael had spent enough time on the internet searching out looking at everything he was now seeing in person.

Behr said, "Well, what do you think of my little business, Michael?" Michael said, "You're a real bastard." Behr just laughed.

Behr said, "Let's walk." The first placed they stopped was a bondage group of three. The man had on a black mask and rubber pants; with a hole for his cock and balls and the ass cut out. The two others were women, both tied.

The older of the two was on her stomach, her arms and legs tied behind her. There was a rope tied to her head, around her eyes that looped through her ass and cunt and seemed to be holding a dildo in each; this came under to her breasts and several loops were squeezing them tight; their color almost purple. The tits and ass were covered with whip marks.

The younger woman was tied with her legs up behind her head and attached to a spreader bar of about eighteen inches; her arms behind her back. She was wrapped from belly button to tits and from tits to neck, in coils of rope. The masked guy was whipping her ass and cunt with a cat-tail whip.

Behr said, gloating, "That's the Mayor's wife and daughter; and no, that's not the Mayor, that's his brother, James. Julian Hermon is over there with his granddaughter, pointing to the other end of the gym."

The next stop was at a wooden contraption that looked like a dog house on top of a rocking horse; the top looked sharp. The woman on top was tied with her cunt across the peak and weights on her ankles.

She had a cock gag and was screaming, which was greatly muffled by the gag. The woman rocking the "horse?" was wearing a strap-on cock that was long and black.

Behr spoke with a smile on his face, "That is Council woman Masterson on the "Horse" and her sister is the one doing the rocking. That thing causes a great deal of pain, from the clit all the way back to the asshole." Michael pretended disinterest, but his cock was pushing itself upward.

They went past several groups of three-somes; two young guys and an older woman; two old guys and a teenage girl. The group that caught his attention had five guys and a college age girl.

The girl had mounted one guy, another was fucking her ass, another was fucking her mouth and she had a cock in each hand, doing the best she could at jacking them off.

The guy on bottom was holding her up by mashing her tits between his fingers. She was soaking wet with sweat and there was cum on every part of her body and hair.

Michael's cock was stiff as a board. Behr said with a smirk, "I see you're enjoying yourself." Michael just frowned.

Behr pointed out the various groups which just about covered every porn site he had ever come across.

Another area had the cheerleader groups, from middle school to college. Michael looked through that group carefully hoping to see Jenn and possibly, his mother, but didn't see either one.

They came on to the next stop from the back. It was obvious that it was the discipline station. There were three women in stocks bent over parallel to the floor, with their legs held open with spreader bars.

Almost immediately, Michael knew who two of them were and other he had a good guess. Even though he could not see their faces, he knew one was Jenn and the other Michelle. The third was covered in freckles and he thought it was probably Melissa.

"Aaahh!," Behr said grinning widely, "I see you recognize our next three whores. These three are here for discipline because of you. Your mother and sister are here because of last night; this other whore has been performing poorly since you agreed to go with her to the alumni party."

"They are going to be punished; I told you once long age that they would bear your punishment and that you would decide who and how. The other one is also up to you."

Michael looked thoughtful for a minute and said, "I will punish these slaves because I am family;" the other I will decide when I am done and you will see that it has been done satisfactorily."

Michael walked to the rack holding a wide variety of punishment devices. He picked several whips and swished them through the air, trying to get a feel for the instrument.

He settled on a whip with six braided leather strips with a knot on the end. With a stern look, Michael asked Behr, "With this instrument, what count do you want?"

Behr said, "Ten."

"Very well," Michael replied, "Ten it is."

Michael walked around to face his Mother. He lifted her head by her hair, looked her in the eyes and said, "Whore-slave you have proved to be a disappointment to your Master and for that you will receive ten lashes with this whip. You will count off each one and thank your Master for the lesson learned."

Michael laid down the first stroke with enough force that it raised Michelle to her toes. Michelle shouted, "One, thank you Master for this lesson learned."

And so it went, each stroke the same, from the top of her ass to the top of her thighs he laid stripe after stripe, welts rising with each. On seven, he opened a small cut and by ten, three more places. Michelle was crying but never cried out.

Behr said, impressed, "That was well done and meets my requirements. Will you stay with that whip or choose another for the next one.

Michael looked at the rack again, and then said, "I will stay with this one; ten as well?"

"Yes." Behr replied.

Michael stepped in front of Jenn, lifting her by the hair as well and told her the same thing he had said to their mother; adding, "If you cry out I will add five more."

Michael began and she counted; stripe after stripe, though she groaned and cried, she never cried out. Michael only left two open cuts on Jenn; one was on her pussy lips.

Behr was impressed by Michael. He thought the "Boy" would hold back, at least on his sister, but he didn't.

Behr asked Michael, "About the third?"

"The third is yours," Michael replied, "You choose the instrument."

Behr went to choose and Michael stepped behind Melissa and laid himself over her back, his cock between her legs. Behr, returning with his favorite choice, the razor strop, he saw what Michael was doing and asked, "Are you sure that this is the way you want it?"

Michael said "Do it."

"Then count," said Behr, "and thank me for the lesson learned."

The strop fell with a crack and lifted Michael two inches off the floor, but no sound from his lips, he said, loud enough for the whole gym to hear, ONE, THANK YOU, MASTER FOR THIS LESSON LEARNED."

And so it went for all ten. Although Michael couldn't see, his ass looked like his mother's had on Tuesday. It hurt like he had been burned.

On the third stroke, Michael had bounced back a little and when he came back, his cock entered Melissa's pussy and with each stroke, she was stroked and she squeezed as tight as she could to hold him there. On nine, he coated the inside of her pussy with his cum and barely felt the last stroke.

Behr said, amazed, "Boy, I always knew you would take the strop without a whimper."

Michael disengaged himself from Melissa. He went around to face her and said, "I owed you that one."

She was crying hard, but no sound.

Michael bent over and licked the tears from her face and kissed her cheek. He moved to his sister and then his mother and did the same for each of them.

Behr said to Michael, "Let's go."

They passed through the cheerleader group and Michael could see a number of the sports jocks fucking in ones and twos.

All the cheerleaders there were engaged in sex with someone or something.

They passed Jimmie and Karl fucking two cheerleaders in the ass, who were in the sixty nine position. They were lapping at each other's pussy like crazy and they seemed to be in the throws of multiple orgasms.

As they walked by the girls locker room, Behr said, "I keep the water sports and scat play in there; it makes it easier to clean up."

They walked to the stands and Behr made Michael sit down. He pulled a chair over in front of Michael. Behr began speaking quietly, "Here's the second offer I mentioned before. I need to travel from time to time, but there is no one here that I can trust to run this operation."

Behr continued. "I've been watching and grooming you for years to be able to take control, when I need to be away on business. Every one in this building belongs to me in one fashion or another and many others beside."

"I am willing to allow you to have whatever access you want to anyone, at anytime and anywhere. All I need from you is your word that you will cooperate."

Michael asked, "And if I don't give it?"

"You know the options "Boy," replied Behr.

Michael looking at Behr seriously, said, "I have a stipulation I want to add. That what ever else I get out of this arrangement, my mother and sister are mind."

"Boy, you just don't know what you're asking," Behr replied.

"First," he continued, "Your mother is mine. She works for me, at MY "company" working my investments and there's no way that I will turn her loose with that kind of information and beside that, I would have to find someone else to take her place and you can't imagine how hard that would be."

"As to your sister, she also belongs to me and it has always been my plan to have her, since the day I first saw her. However, if you agree to join me, I think that I could let her go in, say, a year."

"I want them both," Michael began, "First, if I join you, I will have as much to loose as you and you will still have access to Mother's skills. And second, you know I won't allow you to have my sister, if I can stop it."

"But Michael," Behr just grinned, "You can't stop it. I control the power here."

"I'll tell you what I will do, Behr went on, "I will give you until Sunday night, eight o'clock, to decide; this little "party", indicating what was happening around them, "will be going on until then. You have until then to make your decision whether or not to join me."

"You will then take your sister's virginity, right here, center stage for this whole group." Behr continued, "But just so you don't think I'm completely heartless, I'm going to let you try the merchandise for the next two hours."

Michael firmly said, "NO."

"It's not an option, "Boy," Behr replied, "Now go make yourself at home or at least useful. It is six now, at eight, you can leave. And remember this, if you are not back here by eight p.m. Sunday or if you refuse to cooperate, I will take your sister and keep taking her and then give her to anyone who wants her, until there is nothing left of her worth getting back. Is that understood?"

"You know it is," Michael replied, angrily.

Behr stood up on the stands and called for everyone attention. When he had their attention he spoke, "Tonight, for as long as he is here, this "Boy" standing here in front of me will be your Master, second, only to me. Is that understood?" A chorus returned, "Yes Master."

(A personal walk)

Michael was visibly upset at the turn of events. Now he had to decide which group or groups to visit, so that Behr would not think he was just wasting time. He decided he would start in the cheerleader area.

His mother, sister and Melissa had been released from the stocks and he thought he might take a minute to speak with them.

As Michael past the two cheerleaders he had seen earlier with Jimmie and Karl, he noticed that they were unoccupied, except with each other. The girls were twins and blond and were named Janet and Julie.

They were seniors and had been slaves for six years, after their two years older, sister been initiated by their father and brother, Karl. He also found out they were on the gymnastics team and were quite limber.

They then asked in stereo, "Master, how may we serve you?"

Michael responded, "I am starting to have an idea; give me just a moment to piece together what I have in mind."

Looking around, he knew he had seen bench somewhere near the stocks earlier. He found the one he was looking for and went to get it.

It was being used by an older man who was trying to choke a young boy with his barely average cock. Michael asked him politely if he could use the bench.

The man, never looking up, responded rudely, saying he was busy using it and that Michael should go away.

That made Michael angry. He grabbed the boy by his shoulders and jerked him from the man's sorry cock. Then, in anger, Michael with the tone command, said, "Get your sorry ass off my bench and pick it up and follow me. And when you have that done, go to the stocks and wait for me."

The man surprised at the tone, looked up and saw Michael. He was instantly terrified and with a great deal of obeisance, he responded, "YES MASTER."

The man picked up the bench and followed Michael to where he had left the two girls. He then ordered the man to the stocks to wait.

Michael told Janet and Julie to sit on the bench and entertain themselves until he returned. He walked over to where Behr was. Michelle was riding a strap-on that Jenn was wearing and Behr was fucking her ass.

He had seen and heard most of what went on with Michael and the other man. Behr asked without looking up or stopping, "What did the Chief Matthews do this time?"

Michael said, "He disrespected the authority you gave me and refused to do as I asked." "This is the third time today he has done that with someone I sent to him," Behr responded. "Go tell Max and John, I said, to lock him in the short stock with his feet in the widest position; gag him with the long penis gag; the number 2 weighted nipple clamps and to shove the largest butt plug up his ass. I will deal with him myself when I am finished here."

Michael turned and walked to where he had seen Max and John fucking a couple of the freshman cheerleaders. He told them exactly what Behr had said; they didn't hesitate for one second and they were gone.

The two girls groaned in disappointment. Michael bent over and gave each one a soft sensuous kiss and said, "Don't worry they will be back to finish."

Michael, no longer interested in the man, returned to the twins. He asked them if they were flexible enough to get their legs behind their heads and again they answered in stereo, "Yes Master."

"Splendid," came Michael's reply. Michael's plan was to fuck them both at the same time, so he was going to place them in tandem, one on top of the other.

He placed Julie on the bench and had her position herself with her ass partly hanging over the end and lifts her legs behind her shoulders so that her arms were free to move.

Once in position, he had Janet straddle her pussy to pussy, then lift her legs to the side of her sister's tits. He had Julie hold her legs in position and had Janet lay forward and wrap her arms around her sister's legs.

When Michael had them arranged as he wanted, all four holes could be fucked without his changing positions. He went around to the head of the bench and told the girls to get him good and wet; he was already hard.

Michael moved so that his cock was between the two and working in tandem they licked and sucked and made his cock as wet as they could and in the process made his cock harder as well.

Michael returned to the other end of the bench, seeing that the sisters were already dripping; he decided to take himself a taste and spread the wealth of lubrication around.

He started with Janet, who was on top, since her flow was downward toward her sister. He licked and nibbled around her clit for a while, then moved up to her pussy.

He licked around her labia and upper thighs and moved into her pussy, scooping as much of her lubricant as he could with his tongue and holding it. Michael moved his tongue up to her asshole and began to circle and trace each line in her puckered anus.

Curling his tongue in the shape of a straw, he began pushing on her sphincter; she relaxed her ass and his tongue slid in. With his tongue in her, he placed his lips against her butt to seal the area.

Then he softly blew the lubrication into her ass; she shivered hard with excitement and gushed more lubricant which dripped on to her sister. Then he did the same to Julie.

Michael slipped his cock into Julie first and fucked her for several minutes, the wetness causing sloshing sounds, then switched to Janet for about the same length of time. Both of their pussies were hot and tighter than he had expected. He switched back and forth, fucking each for a few strokes.

As he got nearer his own climate he switched to Janet's ass. Plunging in with little trouble he fucked her hard as his climate was building, and then switched to Julie to finish.

When he was about to cum he instructed Julie to holding his spending in her ass and not let it spill. The cum started up his shaft and he told the girls that they could cum. Their bodies convulsed and they went rigid; Julie clamping down with her ass so hard that Michael's cum was stopped half way.

After the first clench, the pressure in his shaft blew out his stream and coated the inside of her ass. His orgasm continued for a couple more minutes with decreasing volume.

Michael's strength was drained. He rested a moment with his cock still in Julie's ass. He had her squeeze her ass tight to scrape as much of the cum off his cock as he removed it from her ass.

He knelt down by her ass and told her to release the spend. He sealed his mouth over her anus and sucked and licked up the cum mixture as it was pushed out. When she had stopped pushing, he knew she was done.

Michael stood and helped them disengage from each other and helped them sit up on the bench. He had not swallowed the cum. He shared it with them both in a group kiss as he sat between them.

After the kiss they both got on their knees, between his, on the floor and together they cleaned his crotch and ass completely of all residual spending and a good deal of sweat.

The two girls managed to coax Michael's tired body into arousal and his cock into erection. Resting a few minutes helped Michael get back some of the energy he had been using.

Michael kissed the twins and stood. He decided to walk to the back of the room. He started in the direction of a part of the room that Behr had not taken him.

Michael observed that there were a number of young women with young girls. The girls seem to be in the range of about five to about ten years old. Four of the six groups had older and from what he could see, experienced, men.

Michael spotted someone he recognized in that group; her red hair sparkling in the dark area that she was seated; the girl who had been his and Jenn's first babysitter.

As he walked through the area, focused on his target, he heard a quiet, pleading cry, "Master, Please?" Michael stopped.

He looked around to see who it was that seemed so desperate, that they would call out to him. His eyes fell on a young Japanese woman and her daughter. Both had skin so white, that he thought that their bodies had never seen a minute of sunlight. As his eyes turned to them, they prostrated themselves before him.

Michael, stepped up to them, asked, "Did you call me?"

The reply came very faintly, "Yes Master."

"Please sit up and tell me what you want from me." They sat back up in their slave positions, but with their hands laced behind their heads. She told Michael that her name was Sumi and her daughter's name, Mei Li and that she was raised and trained as a geisha and was here because her Master/husband wanted her daughter trained as well. However, she had been in this place several hours and no one has helped with her training.

He asked, "What help to you desire from me?"

She replied, "It is time for her flower to be plucked, "Master," pointing to Behr, "said he would do it," she continued, "but has not noticed we are here. I saw you with the others and desired that you have the privilege."

"It would be my honor," he said, "and my pleasure. I have a request of you, would it be a disturbance to her training if I asked someone else to join us?"

"No Master, It may even be some help," she replied.

"Then, be patient, I will return shortly," he said, continuing, "If someone comes to you while I am away, tell them Master says that you are his until he releases you." With a bright smile, she said, "YES MASTER."

Michael walked up to Rachael; her name had finally come back to him. He squatted in front of her and asked, "Do you know who I am?"

"Yes Master, I sat with you and your sister after Becky was born," she answered.

"Is Becky here to be trained as you were," he asked.

"Yes Master, she is, but Master," pointing to Behr, "said he would be doing her, she replied.

Michael said, "She is mine now; you two get up and follow me and bring that mat." Michael led them to where he left Sumi and Mei Li. He introduced them to each other; they knew each as neighbors but had never been introduced.

Michael sat quietly thinking as the introductions and explanations quieted. He sat studying the bodies of each women and girl. Rachael's body, he remembered and very little had changed; Her tits were still 'D' cup and she was older.

He had heard the stereo-type that Japanese women were short and small breasted, but Sumi was neither short nor small breasted. She was 5'10" and her tits were definitely bigger than Rachael's, Maybe "DD."

The two girls, Becky and Mei Li, had approximately the same size and body shape. Slender pre-adolescent girls with out the womanly shape they were sure to develop. Both girls' tiny breasts were about the size of a key lime, the only real difference was the nipples.

Becky's nipples were small and red her areola the same color, about the size of a quarter and her body had an overall tan, with no sun lines.

Mei Li's areola covered most of her breast and her nipples were large and a dark brown; her body white. Michael knew that Becky was ten or eleven and assumed Mei Li to be the same age; Mei Li it turned out was only eight.

Michael moved so that his back was against the wall and spoke, "I have been thinking how to proceed with this and I didn't figure anything out. So what I propose we do is this."

"Sumi is teaching Mei Li the ways of the geisha, so she will teach us all. As we go, she will instruct me in the proper conduct of a Master." Sumi's smile told Michael she was happy to do so.

Sumi had Michael roll over on his stomach and began giving him a sensuous massage from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, apologizing profusely for not thinking to bring her scented oils.

She explained to Rachael and the girls what and why she was doing what she was. Michael's erection was relaxing along with the rest of his body. Sumi had Rachael step up on Michael's back.

Rachael help her keep her balance as Sumi moved her feet to explain the correct positions, never stepping directly on the spine. Michael's back crackled in several places as the little walk moved his spine about into the correct alignment.

Sumi had Becky step down and Mei Li step on. Mei Li had obviously been practicing; her balance good. Sumi began to explain the different techniques of the massage, Mei Li moving her foot into the correct position and Sumi showing how the foot should be moved for best affect. Michael was practically asleep.

Done with his back, Michael was gently picked up and rolled over by four pair of very soft hands. Sumi moved the little class to his feet. She had each of the girls get on her knees with one of Michael's feet in her lap.

She also had Rachael open her legs around Becky and move her body against her daughter, as she did likewise with Mei Li. Sumi reached around and picked up Michael's foot and explained how each part of the foot, affected which part of the body.

She demonstrated, and then had Rachael do the same thing, and then she had Rachael instruct Becky. At one point during this instruction, Michael's cock decided it was time to put on a show and rose for attention; realizing he hadn't been paying that close of attention for the last several minutes.

He heard her say, "That is one of his erogenous points and a good way to get his attention," and she laughed.

Sumi began the sex play touching exercises, doing then allowing the others to practice as well. Michael knew that he had never been this horny in his life and also knew if they didn't stop soon; the girls would not get their need met by him. From experience, Sumi knew exactly where he was and stopped.

She demonstrated for the girls the different mounting positions for a man lying on his back, fully inserting him in her pussy and milking him with the muscles inside her cunt; facing and facing away and the sixty-nine.

Michael moaned loudly, "Ooooohhuuumm." throughout her demonstration. Michael took the opportunity to grab several licks while she was explaining.

She had both girls get in the proper place without the insertion as she had done and had each one open her pussy and place it against his shaft and slid it back and forth, up and down on his cock.

She had them move into the sixty-nine position and take his cock in their mouths and explained the tongue movements she used.

In Michael's mind, the girls were very fast learners and he nearly lost it in Becky's mouth, but Sumi showed the girls how to hold a man at the base of his cock and slow down or stop the orgasm.

As each girl had her little cunny in his face, Sumi told him to use his tongue on them to prepare them for entry. She watched as he did and was impressed that a man so young had learned the kiss of love, so well. Michael only replied that what he did was what he thought he would want, if he were female.

It was now time to bring the girls into the flower of their womanhood. Michael couldn't decide which to take first. Rachael said, "I have an idea," and pulled all four heads together and whispered and they agreed.

Rachael stood and straddled Michael's head and squatted over his mouth and explained, "The girls will take turns giving you head; each will get one minute and you will decide which you enjoyed most."

"And what are you doing HERE?" Michael asked.

She answered, "To keep you from peeking. Now I know, that you KNOW, what I like, so get started." She dropped her pussy down to his lips and he began making love to her with his tongue.

The first little mouth was soft and tender and hot and wet. Her mouth first encircled his cock head and the tongue danced around the tip and hole. She lifted from his tip, never removing her mouth completely and licked and sucked down to his balls. Pausing just a moment to caress each one and return to the top, inserting his cock as deep in her mouth as she could; her tongue began its caressing movement then time was called.

The second mouth was also soft, tender, hot and wet, but her technique was more aggressive. She also placed the head of his cock in her mouth and played and wet the head, but she began moving down his cock wetting each new part, as it entered; until she had most of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue began to dance to a tune he thought familiar and as she continued that she moved up and down, fucking her mouth with his cock. And time was called.

Rachael had not heard the second time called because she was very close to orgasm. Michael had been fingering her pussy to help distract a little from the killing ache in his cock. His finger was wet and with his tongue on her clit, he pushed his finger into her ass and she crossed the bridge to her climax.

She gushed in Michael's mouth; he was ready for it because she had covered his face many times as a kid. Rachael slumped to her side and said, "WOW, you still remember where my buttons are." and they both smiled.

Rachael stood up with Sumi, behind their daughters, the girls kneeling in front. Rachael gave Michael a questioning look.

Michael just looked each girl in the eye for several moments, then spoke, "This is difficult for me because I think both were the best; at different times I enjoy both and if I had two cocks you would both be first. However, the stipulation 'was the one I enjoyed most' ". Tonight, right now, I think I enjoyed the first one the best."

The girls both squealed and hugged each other like a beauty contest and the women just smiled. Michael still didn't know who he had chosen and had a confused smile on his face. Then as quiet as a mouse and with a shy look on her face, Becky said, "Master, how may I serve you."

Michael replied, "As your present Master, it is my honor to serve you, by being your first." And her tears began to roll down her pretty face.

Michael explained how he wanted to proceed. Both mother and daughter would straddle him; the girl above his cock and the mother below. Each mother was to insert his cock in her pussy to get it wet and transfer some of that wetness to her girl.

When she believed the girl was ready, she was to back up and position her to receive him; to guide the entrance and start the descent. It would then be the girls decision when to complete the act.

Rachael and Becky got into position and made their preparations and then, Becky said she was ready, and as Rachael pushed down, Michael sat up and covered her mouth with his and kissed away her groan and her tears.

Then Rachael helped her move as she had been shown; and removed herself to let her daughter enjoy her first experience with a real man. Becky, both bounced up and down and rocked back and forth to she how each felt; her warm hands on Michael's chest.

She carefully watched Michael to try and gage his reaction to what she was doing. Not paying much attention to her own body's reaction she came with her very first orgasm ever, as she later put it.

Sumi handed Rachael a small scarf and told her it was her family's tradition to give evidence of first blood to their Master. Together Rachael and Sumi bent down to Becky. They had her rise slowly wiping the blood speckled cum from his cock and on exit her pussy.

Sumi showed her how to fold and tie the scarf into a flower with the blood in the middle. They handed the tied scarf to the standing Becky and told her it was her choice who she gave her virgin blood to and that she did.

Rachael sat down with her legs apart and motioned Becky to come sit with her. Becky sat down and pulled her knees to her chin, holding the little scarf flower in front of her. Rachael wrapped her arms and legs around Becky and held her close; place rested her head on her mother's breast.

Sumi and Mei Li performed the same procedure to get ready. When Mei Li was ready and in position, she took hold of Michael's hand and lifted him to a sitting position and kissed him like he had been kissed only a few times before.

Sumi moved behind him and placed herself in the position of a chair, with her knees, stomach and breasts against his back. Sum reached around to Mei Li's shoulders and when Mei Li said, "Now," she pressed down.

Mei Li moaned in pleasure and did not cry out. Her eyes were filled with tears expressing her joy. Sumi gently laid Michael back and allowed her daughter her own first experience.

Mei Li began slowly rocking back and forth; one hand caress his chest and nipples, the other his balls. Michael's arousal peaked quickly and he could feel the cum beginning to boil to the surface.

Mei Li had been watching his face, so she stopped and pressed his cock where her mother had shown them and his need partially withdrew. She whispered to him, "I'm not ready, yet." She waited a moment and started, this time moving up and down and moving with seemingly more purpose.

Michael felt her orgasm begin and she started to massage his cock the way her mother had and he could not hold back any longer. His orgasm last longer than his cum. And he was on the edge of a dream.

Michael just lay as he was as the women performed their cleaning ceremony and folded the scarf and handed it to Mei Li. Becky came up to her and they hugged each other and began whispering to each other and they both seemed to come to some agreement.

Michael was now sitting up with his legs crossed and the two girls came to him and knelt in position, holding their flowers with both hands, as a bride does her bouquet, they said together, "As you have given yourself to me, I give myself to you. I am yours forever, Master." And they both extended their hands with their flowers.

Michael got to his knees, positioned himself as a servant and accepted their gifts. Then he bowed prostrate and said, "It was both my honor and privilege to be of service to you."

And tears of joy flooded his face as he pulled them into a hug. The whole group was surprised when several groups around began applauding; the applause spread across the gym as most had been watching since he began his walk.

Michael could see that it was already a quarter past eight, but he didn't care. He said to them, "Since you will be here two more days, there is something I want you to do."

From a choir of four, he heard "Yes Master, anything." He stood and said, "I'll be back to explain." He walked around the gym and picked four boys who appeared to be between ten and fourteen, including the boy the Chief was abusing.

He brought them to the little group and left again, everyone in the place watching to see what he was doing. He ended up at the freshman cheerleader group and picked four at random and had them follow him to the group as well.

He spoke to Sumi and Rachael in a voice of command, "While you are, here you are to take each of these boys and girls and teach them what you started teaching me, both the ways of the geisha and the responsibility of the Master.

When you have instructed these, you will send these out to bring one of their own age back to be trained as they were. This command is irrevocable." He kissed each one of the twelve, even the boys and moved away toward the front.

At the front, Behr said smiling, "Well done, I am pleased."

"Michael said, "I don't care." And walked away.

He heard Behr say, "Don't forget what I said, "Boy."

Michael walked into the locker room and it was empty, not even Meat's body, was there and there was no blood. Michael looked for his clothes and found them throw in a heap by his locker, soaking wet.

He retrieved his keys and his wallet; he rolled up his wet clothes not bothering to put them on and left for his car. At this point he didn't care who saw him.

At his car, the weight of his situation began to press down on him heavily. In his car, he had to wait for a wave of nausea to pass before he felt like driving.

(Friday night)

Michael arrived at home about nine o'clock, still feeling sick, but took the time to pick up the mail before he went inside. The only piece was a small package addressed to him, that was about the size and shape of a CD. Inside, he didn't stop to do anything, just dragged himself up to his room.

He turned the light on in his room and dropped his books and mail on his desk. And said out loud, "Dammit, this is the worst fucking day, of the worst fucking week, of my life, and I don't know how it can possibly get any worse."

Then the nausea hit him and before he could make a move to the toilet, he heaved a stomach full of acid all over his bed and floor. "Ooohh god! It figures," he thought as he passed out, he fell and hit the bed and slid off, face down in the puke. The emotions and events of the week had taken their toll.

Michael began stirring about midnight from a well deserved sleep, to the putrid smell of his vomit. He pushed himself into a sitting position against his bed, as the dizziness passed. While he sat, he looked around and said to himself, "This is just great, I can't even go to bed without a shower and cleaning up this nasty mess."

He snatched the sheet off the bed and started mopping up the mess on the floor. He noticed his wet clothes where he had dropped them when he passed out, and unrolled his shirt and cleaned most of the puke off his body.

He picked up the sheet and his wet clothes and headed to the laundry. On the way he passed his desk, and noticed a faint glow coming from the little package on his books. Michael flipped the off to see if he was hallucinating.

The package glowed even brighter and Michael was entranced. Realizing that he was still holding the stinking clothes he went and threw them in the washer, tossed in some soap and started the machine.

Continuing to smell the stink, he made up his mind, that a shower was necessary. The shower didn't take long; the air was cool on his damp skin, so he wrapped up in his robe and returned to his room.

The room still smelled bad and he used an air freshener to mask the scent. It didn't work very well. He sat down at his desk. Moving his books to the floor, he took the package and opened it. As the paper came free the glow decreased. The disc appeared to be made of a thin metal and the bottom a green crystalline material, that still had a faint glow.

Michael read the words on the cover... "MASTER PC," and below that, "ver. OMEGA.00." He immediately recognized that name from several stories he had read on the internet, the story idea written by JRParz.

Excited, he opened his story folder and sure enough, there were six stories with Master PC in the title. Then it occurred to him, that someone was playing a joke on him or the disk contained a virus. Michael started his virus program and put the disk in the tray and pushed it in.

The scan of the disc found no viruses. He opened the program folder and found only one file; a text file. The name on the file read, "Read before installation." so he opened the file to find out if it was some kind of joke.

The opening line read, "MASTER PC Alpha.00 COMPLETE welcomes MICHAEL JAMES to the OMEGA.00 version of MASTER PC." Michael was thinking that this had to be an elaborate joke by one of his friends, probably in the Computer Club.

He decided to keep reading until he came to the "GOT'CHA."

"Michael, you have been chosen to become, Master PC, ver. Omega.00." To become?... not to receive...Michael was confused by the wording, but continued to read. "Please read this file in its entirety before installation of this program."

Curious, Michael scrolled to the bottom of the file and there at the very bottom was a button that read, "INSTALL." Michael was sure he had found the "GOT'CHA." Michael, wanting to get the full impact of the joke, went back to the top and started reading where he left off.

"This is a full MASTER program and can not be installed on laptop or desktop computers. This program will be loaded directly to your brain via the cerebral cortex and installed. It has many more functions than the ones that are making their way around the internet and into stories.

Please take to heart the warnings following this introduction before installing this program. This program will only install to the "Michael James."


1. This technology will make you a virtual god, but you are not.

2. There is some danger of this program causing temporary mental instability and possibly insanity.

3. Once this program has been installed, it cannot be uninstalled.

4. You cannot kill with this program, but can do almost anything else; Be Careful, the consequences may cause unintended harm to others.


Michael, this program is powerful, but not, all powerful. Use the program to help you control your desires and impulses and it will keep you mostly sane.

The following story is my life's walk after Master PC came to me. Michael read through the story and a few things caught his attention.

"I am a MAN, a 'completed man'. I am not GOD; not A GOD; not THE GOD; and not the Creator, though, at times I thought and acted was if I were. I am not an angel or a demon, though people have mistaken me for both and not without cause. I am a man, a 'Completed Man'."

The details of the man's trek were not as important to Michael as the results. The man had been old and his wife had cancer when he received the Master PC program Alpha. He healed his wife and had reversed their aging. His wife had been frigid most of their marriage, so he changed her to his sex slave, as well as his two daughters and five granddaughters and all of the female employees at his company.

The company that he owned was an electronic and communications company. Through the following years he developed a way to communicate information to the human brain by computer. As the years passed, he began to be able to read the design in the fabric of the universe. And in that design, he counted many names also woven into the design.

It was during this period, he found the program MASTER PC was written there and drew from it the complete pattern of its design. He found through the design that it was intended to be used to help and complete the design in its given time and he had been the first to become the Master program.

As he now existed outside time/space as humans know it, he could give, at any time or place the Master program, to the ones for which it was designed.

Chapter 6 (Saturday, very early morning - Week 1)

Michael reach the end of the story and all that was left was to decide if he thought this was a prank or the real thing. Michael was not hungry, but needed something to do, so he went down to the kitchen; while he thought about the things he had read; before making a decision that could or would alter his world forever.

Michael opened the refrigerator and saw the lemonade. Although he would have liked a glass, he knew that it had been drugged; he poured it down the drain. He picked up some grapes that were in the bottom tray and walked back upstairs to his room. Michael had come to the conclusion, that either way, he had nothing else to loose, and plenty to gain.

Taking to heart everything he had read, he pressed on the "INSTALL" button. Immediately, the computer began to glow a bright green until the whole room was glowing. Michael felt a slight tingle begin in the back of his head and his mind became a blur of visual activity, and his body became passive.

The program finished installing in less than ten minutes and the DNA alterations began. Michael would discover later that these alterations to his DNA provided additional memory storage that he would need as he became more familiar with the workings of the program. His body and mind lay dormant while the program read the design in this time and this place; the people and the current world condition.

Michael had gotten home around nine and when his mind and body reengaged it was just after midnight. Then he wondered if the program was functioning correctly. A voice responded to his thought, "Master, a complete diagnostic was done before you were awakened and everything is running to design."

Then a thought crossed his mind that the program might be an A.I. The reply came as fast as his thought, "Not an A.I., but an internal help program keyed to respond to your thoughts; an avatar to help you while you learn to interface with Master PC. Now you would like to know how the program works."

"Yes," Michael thought, added in his mind, "Give me a break, this is new to me."

"YES, Master," the program replied.

Michael asked the program if it had a name, that he could call it.

It responded, "No."

Michael said out loud, "Then I will call you 'Mikey'. Place that in your memory files."

"Yes, Master," it answered, sounding. just like he did at seven years old. "Then," Michael continued, "bring up the main page." The screen flashed on in front of him, at reading distance.

"Welcome MICHAEL JAMES to 'YOUR' Command Center... where you, the Master, become MASTER to the people around you... Michael, you now possess the power to change yours or anyone's, reality. You are Master PC Omega.00."

Michael asked, "Can anyone else see this display?"

"NO" was answered.

"Where do I start?" he asked.

"At the beginning," came the reply.

Michael said, "STOP...PLAYING...GAMES."

"Yes, Master. To begin, open the subject box and think in a name or image of anyone and that person will appear. You will be able to see an image of that person appear on your screen. You can designate whether clothed or nude."

Michael said, "Designation nude, unless otherwise noted."

"Done." was the response.

His image appeared on the right side of the screen. Michael said, "Enlarge screen size by 50%," and it was done. Michael studied his body looking at each part with as much detail as he could; occasionally enlarging portions for a closer examination.

Michael thought, "Mikey, Can I see what I think I would like to look like?"

"Yes," and his image changed.

"Can I see the before and after statistics?" The charts came up on the left. Michael saw the two columns, Before and After.

Following that were two tables, one for Body and one for Mind. Michael studied the Mind chart first.


Usage...Before, at rest, 2%, active, 8% - After, at rest, 90%, active, 120%

Processing speed...Before, Slooow - After, 1 petabite/sec

Abilities...Before, Empathic, quality, Love - After, Empathic, enhanced, quality, Love

Before, Telepathy, No - After, Yes, limited to fifty miles

Before, Read minds, No - After, Yes, program assisted

Before, Download Mind, Memories and Personality, No - After, Yes, using Body memory storage

Before, Intuition, Human normal - After 3 times human normal

Before, Logic Process, 10% above human normal - After, 5 times human normal

Mental rest required...Before, 7.5 hr. avg. - After, 2 hr., minimum, 4 hr. optimum

Emotions...Before, Worn on sleeve - After, Chip on shoulder. :b

After Michael finished the list he said, "Very funny, Mikey, though I am sure that it's true. And what is body memory storage?"

"Your DNA was altered slightly to increase memory storage using the cells of your body." said Mikey.

He went on to the Body chart.


Height...Before, 5'9" - after, 6'0"

Weight...Before, 165 lb. - After, 195 lb.

Hair...Before, Chestnut brown - After, unchanged

Eyes...Before, color, Blue; 20/20, slight astigmatism - After, color unchanged; vision perfect, increased micro and macro acuity

Skeletal...Before, 5% below human avg. - After, 2 times normal density and tensil strength

Muscle mass...Before, 5% above human normal - after, Mass increase. 25% above normal

Speed, Strength, Agility and Coordination...Before, human normal - After, Increased abilities, 4 times

Organs...Before, Human normal - After, increased capability, 2 times

Heart, Lungs...Before, 5% above human normal - After, Increased capacity and efficiency, 2 times

Brain...Before, Adolescent, normal - After, size increase, 102% adult normal

Stomach...Before, process food, 30% of volume - After, 90% of volume

Prostate...Before, semen volume, adult normal - After, volume variable, as required

Tentacles...Before, Adolescent normal; sperm volume, adult normal - After, volume variable, 0 - 200%, as required

Penis...Before, length, 7.5 in. erect, above avg.; girth, 1.25" erect, above avg. - After, variable, as required

Immunity...Before, Human normal - After, Immunity to all diseases and all drugs and poisons; including alcohol; i.e., one infection healed, muscle inflammation, healed

Michael's first question was, "What do these three items mean by 'variable'?"

'Mikey' replied, "Your prostate and testes produces the semen and sperm, during continued coitus, they will increase production as required. As to your penis, you will be able to increase or decrease length and girth as required for the individual vagina during coitus." Michael's response, "Niiiice."

Michael said, "I would like to add one more item to the body list. Skin...complete UV protection, and damage resistant from 0 degrees F to 250 degrees F."

"DONE," the response.

"Activate updated profile now," Michael said.


Michael felt his entire body tingling with the changes and after an interminable long time it was complete. Michael stood to look in the mirror on his door. He now looked like the image on his screen.

Michael looked at the clock thinking an hour or two had passed. To his surprise, It had only been three minutes, since he started the program. He thought, "How?"

"Increased processing speed." 'Mikey' answered.

"I guess I'll have to get used to the difference in speed from thought to speech," Michael continued.

Michael knew he was going to have to have a plan that covered as many contingencies as possible to resolve the issue with Behr. The first thing he needed was rest and nourishment.

He smiled, he would never need an alarm clock or watch, ever again and never again be late, circumstances permitting. Michael started to throw on a pair of shorts and tee shirt, but decided that it was no longer necessary, except for decorum sake.

He went to his computer to remove the disk and shut it off. He opened the disk tray and the disk began glowing, too brightly to watch, and then disappeared.

The computer shut itself off and also disappeared.

'Mikey' said, "You will never need another computer again. Not only do you have a personal display, but with practice you can project anything you want to on any surface, and in time, solid three dimensional images.

Michael proceeded down stairs to the kitchen for a bite to eat and drink; and then to the couch for rest. As he lay down, he said, "Wake me in four hours." "Yes Master," 'Mikey' answered. And Michael was asleep immediately.

(Saturday, still early, 4 a.m. +/-)

Michael woke and sat up exactly four hours to the second. While he was asleep, 'Mikey' had processed several of the scenarios he had been thinking about before he slept; all independent of his resting mind.

'Mikey' analyzed each one for him, giving the pros and cons; concluding that all had problems. Michael decided that he needed more information before he could make a more comprehensive decision. And the information he needed was in Behr's head and his mother's.

He decided to go to the gym to get it.

'Mikey' interrupted his thoughts with, "Master, you can get every thing you need from here."

"Not everything," Michael said, "Some things have to be done in the flesh.

Michael set off into the night, having 'Mikey' set up a security perimeter of 500 yards radius; looking for possible danger to himself or someone else.

He took off running down the street, the pavement warm on his feet and the air comfortable to his naked body. He ran faster and faster, his mind on nothing but the run.

Just for fun, he jumped several cars to see what strength he had in his legs; he landed, still running never missing a step.

During the run, 'Mikey' 'saw' a man sleepwalking and who would likely have tripped on the stairs. Michael told him to send the man back to bed.

Michael arrived at the school in much less time than it would take to drive. 'Mikey' scanned the building to place the position of every person there. Michael inquired what Behr and his mother's locations.

'Mikey' told him Behr was on the south end, in coitus with the Mayor's wife, Juliet."

Michael interrupted, "Use the common terms for conversation with me, from now on."

"Okay, he's fucking Juliet, who is sixty-nining her daughter, Amy. Your Mother an sister, Jenn are in the north east corner; your mother being fucked by Chief Matthews; your sister Jenn is sucking Jimmie Jones' cock."

Michael asked 'Mikey' to scan for a door that was unlocked. 'Mikey' found that the padlock on the chain in the girl's locker room was not completely latched and a little extra push would spring it.

That worked for Michael, because that was on the north end of the gym. "Just to be safe," Michael continued, "Cause everyone in the building to not see me except my Mother and keep her from reacting to my presence." "Done."

Michael entered the building and ran silently down the hall to the locker room door. He asked 'Mikey' if there was anyone inside.

'Mikey' replied, "One, she is tied and gagged, and Michael, she is in real danger of dying." Michael slammed the door hard and burst into the room. He rushed into the shower area where 'Mikey' had said she was.

Michael said to keep everyone out of the locker room "Done." He told 'Mikey' to stabilize her condition and to scan her completely for injury, while Michael turned off the water and let her down to the floor.

'Mikey' reported, "This is Amanda Jones, She has internal injuries caused by the water pressure and extensive damage to her breasts from hanging by them so long."

Michael told 'Mikey', "Don't let her wake up until she is completely healed; and desensitize all nerves and begin slowly to repair all damage, and he began untying her. She was wearing a face hood, and her breasts had been tied very tightly and she had been hanging by them only.

Her hands were tied behind her back to her feet. She had on some kind of rubber pants that had two water nozzles attached; one in her ass and one her pussy, with the water turned on to a heavy trickle. Her abdomen and belly were distended as if she were nine months pregnant.

Michael was having trouble removing the nozzles until he found the air valve for the inflatable balls sealing the nozzles inside her. He removed the nozzles and the water gushed from both openings. Shit and blood tinged water hit the floor.

Michael had to massage her stomach and abdomen to push the rest of the water from her body.

Michael asked, "does she know who did this to her?" "No, just some man. She was brought here by her nephew Jimmie after her last class and hooded. She was in the gym fucking, both men and women, without rest, until about three hours ago.

Jimmie has been coming to check on her every hour or so, apologizing profusely. "Check Jimmie's mind to see if he knows who is responsible for this." "Yes, Chief Matthews."

Amanda was, is, Michael's drama teacher, so he wanted to know why she had been taken. 'Mikey' told him that she had seen Kim taken last year and tried to stop it so they took her too.

Michael was on the verge of rage and 'Mikey' helped calm him down by reminding him that there was more to consider than revenge.

Michael said to find out from her mind what she looked like when she thought she looked her best and any changes she had wanted and give them to her. 'Mikey' told him she had been twenty and in college.

Michael said, "Do it." Amanda's body morphed back to her twenty year shape with a breast reduction from 'EE' to 'D' and her waist down to twenty four inches.

'Mikey' revived her and Michael had her sit up slowly. Michael helped her up and asked her how she felt. She said, "Very good, Master, why am I not in hurting."

"I now have the power to heal injuries," he replied; continuing he said, "Let's take a shower and get the filth off you. They showered and cleaned each other of the filth and washed the piss and cum from her hair.

Michael told her, "When we go out to the gym, no one will be able to see us and no one will touch you, ever again, without your or my permission."

"Thank you Master, I love you Michael. I always thought you were special, but something happened to me last year when we kissed at the last play practice and I know that I love you."

He told her to follow him and he took her to the mirror to get a look at the new her. He had her close her eyes and not peek until he had her in position. Holding her by the waist, he told her to open her eyes, when she did she swooned and would have fallen if Michael had not been holding her.

She said, "Oh, Master, thank you, this is exactly what I always wanted to look like."

"Come on, Michael said, "I have some unfinished business with that son-of-a-bitch who nearly killed you."

"Please, Michael, "He should be tried and put in jail; I don't want you to get into trouble."

Michael responded, "He is the Chief of Police and I saw two judges in there yesterday afternoon. There is no such thing as justice in Snaketon right now, but I am going to correct that problem as I get to it. Now let's go."

The two of them walked out of the locker room into the gym.

No one noticed them enter, not even the five side by side cheerleaders getting screwed fore and aft by the ten jocks from the baseball team. When one of the guys came they all moved to the next girl on the right and the one on the end moved around to the mouth of the girl he had been screwing. There were puddles of cum

Michael spotted Matthews. He was whipping Jenn with a belt or strap for spilling some of Jimmie's cum down her chin. Michael's anger flared and he started for Matthews.

He said, "I'm going to beat him half to death, don't let him die or go unconscious. I want him to feel the pain; you can heal his injuries over the next two hours, then put him to sleep until I want him awake. And I want him to see me one second before I do it."

Matthews was a large man, but one second before Michael hit him, he felt great fear as Michael suddenly appeared in front of him. Then he felt like a sledge hammer hit him in the chest. He and Michael heard many of his ribs break and crack; he was on the floor six feet from where he had been standing.

Matthews was having a hard time catching his breath, both from the punch and the broken ribs; he did not pass out.

Michael walked over to Matthews, looked down on him and said, "If you ever touch my Mother or Jenn again, this will feel like a loving hug, do you understand?"

Matthews could only nod a little. He walked over to his Mother and sister and thought, "Let Jenn see me, but keep her calm and quiet and don't let anyone see us together."

Michael pulled them both into a hug; they were so happy to see him that they started crying. He motioned Amanda into the hug as well; she had been following him since the locker room.

His Mom knew Amanda from the play and obviously as a slave. They hugged and kissed each other and didn't leave Jenn or Michael out. He saw Michelle and Jenn both wince and turned them and saw that they both had whip marks. He had 'Mikey' heal the stripes.

Michael said to his three ladies, "Go sit on the stands, no one will bother you there. I still have business to take care of with Behr."

He walked over to where Behr was. He had changed victims, from the Mayor's wife, Juliet to their daughter, Amy. The two women were tied in the sixty-nine position, around the waist and arms to legs. Michael could see that their bodies had whipping marks all over their bodies.

Behr had forced his cock all the way down Amy's throat and she was chocking and turning blue; Behr was just laughing, believing slaves were expendable and replaceable.

Michael walked up to him and hit him square on the chin, shattering his jaw and knocking him to the floor away from Amy. Michael thought, "Heal him now."

To Behr he said, "You will not remember that I am here, you will not take notice that my mother and sister are not here, nor that any thing has changed. You can do nothing, you cannot move, you cannot think, you cannot speak; you can do nothing unless I command it and you will feel the pain."

Michael untied the women and healed their stripes and their aching bodies. Using the rope, he had Behr get down on all four and hold his head up and back as high and far as he could.

Michael found the largest butt plug he could, it was at least three inches across, and jammed it hard up Behr's ass; there was a trickle of blood.

He then tied the rope around Behr's cock and balls, extremely tight and jerked it up through Behr's ass crack and tied a knot over the plug and jerked hard. Behr's cock stuck out the back like a short stubby tail. Michael wrapped the rope around Behr's forehead and through his mouth, like a bridle and down around his neck.

Michael pulled on the rope and told Behr to follow. They walked to the stands and Michael sat down and told Behr to heel. Michael began concentrating on his mind, see image after image and thought after thought.

He told 'Mikey' to download everything and sort it in the most likely order that he would need it. Michael called Michelle down and ran through the same process with her. He told 'Mikey' to sort all relevant information related to Behr and his operation in the same folders that he sorted into from Behr.

Michael stood on the stands and shouted for everyone's attention; few even looked his way. 'Mikey' reminded him that these people were still under Behr's control.

"Of course," Michael thought, "Remove his controls from everyone and put them all under mine and I will see to the programming when this is over."

As Michael started speaking again, everyone stopped what he or she was doing and assumed the slave position,, before their Master.

He said, "Brian Behr is no longer your Master, I am, he is no longer anything to you, but meat. He is my problem and mine alone. There are going to be a lot of changes going on until this situation is under control and the problems have been resolved.

Michael had everyone who was bound or tied, released. He had them line up in rows by men, teens and boys; and women teens and girls, in the standing slave position; legs spread with hands behind head.

As he walked the line, starting with the men, he scanned each for any injury or physical problem that may be remotely connected to the situation and healed it. At the same time, he scanned for the reason for involvement in this debauchery.

Michael confirmed what he had learned from Behr that there was six men and five women, who joined Behr of their own free choice. All had been drugged at least once, but these eleven had join without coercion.

Four of the men and all five women were present and he separated them from the others. He commanded them to the same condition he had Behr; unable to do anything but what he told them to do. He finished healing Matthews and had him join the others.

After all the scanning and preliminary healing was done, he pulled the ones who were the most traumatized aside and began to try to reverse the hurt. He began by removing the shock and trauma connected to each event.

Michael didn't want to remove the memory of what happened, he just wanted to help them come to terms with it on their own, so that their lives could move forward.

Michael decided that somehow he would set up some type of psychological help for everyone affected, to help them back to normal.

Something unexpected turned up during Michael's scans. There were six females with whom he had sexual contact, and one that he had not; these had little or no traumatic reaction.

Michael did a deep scan on each of these and found that while in physical contact with each one, his empathic love for them reach out and healed their personalities of the trauma. He realized that he didn't have to have sex with everyone, so he left it up to each person what kind of contact he or she wanted to experience.

All of the women and girls, wanted to have sex with him, including Michelle, Jenn and Amanda. The men were, however, mixed a few wanted to have sex with him; some wanted to hold his cock and he theirs and the rest opted for a hug and some with a kiss.

Michael started with the men, since there were fewer of them and the process was less time consuming. He caused each one to orgasm during the process, not worrying about the mess it was creating.

With the men and boys who had wanted to have sex, he varied the size of his cock to accommodate the capacity of each one, quickly providing an orgasm for each.

Michael looked at the clock for the first time since he had arrived; it was seven a.m. With nearly 150 females, he knew that it was going to take a lot more time than he had now. He had things that he needed to do concerning the whole town that he had to set in motion.

Michael had decided to set a five minute time for each woman and girl. From start to orgasm would be five minutes. By his calculation, that would take about thirteen to fourteen hours to complete, which was more time than he had to get things in place for what he intended to do.

'Mikey' reminded him; he no longer had to do only one thing at a time.

He also knew that there were many more who would need his attention before Snaketon could move on and many more over that he would have to locate and retrieve; local, state, national and international.

Michael had 'Mikey' send a message to all permanent residents to attend a town meeting at the football stadium at six p.m., and the last two accomplices on his list at five p.m. at the field entrance.

Michael's scans had shown him that Jenn was the only virgin in the building. He made up his mind to start with the youngest to the oldest. The first girl in line was a real beauty; she was five and the Mayor's granddaughter, Annie. He lifted her into his lap and explained what he was going to do.

She said, "Okay."

Michael reduced his cock to the largest size she could accommodate without pain; it was longer than he had expected, but still quite narrow. He caused her young pussy to lubricate, since she was to young for it to occur naturally. He helped her into position and she took his cock in her little hand and guided it in as she sat down on it.

Before he could say anything to her she began bouncing up and down on his cock. Michael wrapped his arms around her and held her tight to his body and whispered in her ear, "Slowly, Sweetheart, we're making love, not fucking."

She settled down to a slow gentle rocking motion. At the end of five minutes, he kissed her like a lover and she came and he came in her. After lifting her off, she bent down and licked his cock clean. Michael told her to go sit in the stands and she obeyed.

Michael had asked Annie why she wanted him to make love to her and she had said, "'cause I saw you treat the other girls special. He had done a quick scan of the rest of the women and girls and all that he read indicated the same answer.

While Michael worked his way through the younger girls, he had begun making other arrangements as well.

He had 'Mikey' send out a message to all voting citizens to come and bring all the members of their families for a town meeting at the football stadium. He also had the men and teenage boys go to the stadium to set up the stage and microphones and other sound equipment.

Something Michael discovered was that all of the girls, eight and younger, had been raised from birth to be sex slaves. Most of the memories he could access shows that they had been started before they were a year old and fucked by the age of five.

He also discovered that there were seven girls that had no family in Snaketon; it appeared from what 'Mikey' found out about them, their families were traveling through Snaketon and had been abducted, the father disappeared and now the mother and some sisters were also gone.

Michael made himself responsible for their care. He instructed them and his mother that they would be staying with them, for a while.

Michael was nearing the end of the three hour time limit he had set for this session and had reached the freshman cheerleader group.

The first girl in the group he knew as Jessica or as Jessie, which she preferred. She had long flowing, auburn hair reaching down past her beautiful heart shaped butt; her tits were about a size 'C' or 'D', but what got his attention was the fantastically large nipples; they were was big around as his index finger and one inch long.

Jessie stepped in front of Michael with her head bowed and asked, "Master, Can I have YOUR baby?"

This floored him and he asked her why she wanted to have a baby.

She replied, "That's my job, to have babies for Master."

He asked her what Behr had wanted with babies.

"To make us some money of course." She answered.

This really stunned Michael and he looked around and found at least a dozen girls, who had given birth one or more times for the black market baby trade.

Jessie asked him again if she could have his baby, then she said, "My sister, Julia, has had three already and I've only had one, we need it cause we don't have much money since Daddy left; cause Master pays the bills when we are having babies."

"No babies now, Sweetheart," he said, "but you don't worry about the bills either, I will see to it that you are taken care of."

Then he made love to her; touch her, holding her, hugging her and kissing her and even took extra ten minutes over the five.

Michael wasn't sure whether he could stand any more surprises; and decided he was going to have to take some time to process all the information that he took from Behr's mind; and his Mother's.

Before he left, Michael assured all the ladies that he hadn't been able to get to, that he would indeed keep his promise to them some time in the next week.

He had 'Mikey' divide the rest by seven and schedule them by age first and then by family; so that he would not have to make a second trip to any house until the matter was straightened out.

Michael also told them that he wanted them at the stadium, just as they are, at five p.m. He kissed Michelle, Jenn and Amanda and all the girls under his care, and left.

He was headed to the college campus and specifically the Greek Row, where the fraternities and sororities, and visiting or single professors were housed.

He had 'Mikey' send out a general command that he was in Master now, not Behr; the control was his.

The sorority houses were at one end and the fraternity houses at the other, with the professorial dorms and residences in the middle. Michael started with the two sororities first calculating that the girls were less likely to keep slaves.

He also decided that it would probably be best if he went in unannounced and unseen.

It was nearing eleven o'clock, when he arrived at Greek Row. The first house he scanned and went into, had a count of one slave to one girl, with near equal gender mix on the slaves; both guys and girls; and no one in the house was wearing anything, with the exception of slave collars.

Everyone was in his control before he had entered, so after he had done his walk through of the house, he put the preppy bitches, as he called them, to sleep while he took care of the needs of the slaves.

There were twelve slaves; seven girls and five guys. Michael spent the next hour making love with each one, even the guys. (Their programming had them acting and thinking as girls.) He woke the bitches, after changing their attitudes, and left after giving instruction that they all be at the town meeting by six.

Michael scanned the next house and found it a witches coven, of sorts. Five senior girls ruled over the house. They each had one male slave, and had made the rest of the sorority their slaves, as well.

The witch bitches were dressed as domms, wearing black lace bustier's with quarter cup shelf bras. Their tits were pale and were 'D' or 'DD' and had three inch nipple rings. Their cunts were shaved bare and could make out several piercings on their pussy lips and one he was sure had one through her clit.

The guys were all tall and buff and were well above average in the cock department and asses firm and tight. They had on thick black lace collars that had four 'D' rings; front, back and both sides. The back chain went down to where their hands were cuffed behind their back.

The front chain went from neck to feet branching off at their nipples and their cocks. The nipples were attached to the smaller chains by toothed clamps and their cock and balls were pushed through a small cock ring. Their ankles were cuffed with a fifteen inch chain attached to the bottom of the down link.

The rest of the house girls were all wearing different style slave harnesses; some leather, some chain and some vinyl or rubber. All the slave gear had rings over the nipples, pussies and asses; some had dildos stuffed in pussies, asses or both.

The rings over the tits looked to be three or four inches depending on tit size, with some kind of rod pushed through the base of the tit holding the ring against the chest. Most had numerous piercings and in every imaginable place and some Michael had never imagined.

These bitches really had Michael pissed off, so he had them strip and line up, bent over and their legs spread. From the shortest to the tallest, he fucked them from behind.

In each one he enlarged his cock until she groaned with pain from the size and fucked them until the pain turned to ecstasy and they each came like a fountain wetting the floor. The last two surprised him with their internal size, though he guessed he probably shouldn't be.

In both girls, he had to enlarge himself to almost the size of a large horse before either one make any sound.

Michael made these five his personal slaves and made them subservient to everyone. He spent the next hour and a half making love to all those who needed and wanted his help; fucking each one on a five minute schedule as he had done before.

One girl, Lisa Lee actually wanted to stay as she was and asked Michael if he would take her with the other five. He agreed and pushed his cock through the pussy ring and elongated himself several inches to compensate. He made love to her and she became his.

The guys were all male; they wanted to be back to normal. He had their chains and cuffs removed and desensitized their cock and balls so the rings could be removed without pain and repaired what little damage was done during the process.

They each removed their collars and placed them on the kneeling girls who had been their mistresses. Each girl took her new master's cock in her mouth. Michael walked around behind the guys and as he wrapped his arms around each guy the girl began sucking his cock.

When they had finished, Michael commanded that they be at the stadium by six, as they are. Michael searched his knowledge base for who was living in the faculty quarters and came up with only one name, a professor John Mason and his wife, Sarah, both in their early sixty's.

Michael's scan showed seven occupants.

He walked right into the house not caring whether he was seen or not knowing exactly what he would find.

The old man was on the floor with an eight year old sliding up and down his small cock, a nine year old on his face getting her pussy tongue washed, inside and out and the third, an eleven year old pushing three of his fingers up her ass.

The woman was also on the floor, on all four, her flat sagging tits nearly touching the floor, with two fourteen year old boys, fucking her ass and mouth.

Doing a scan on the five kids, he found that they were from two different families that had disappeared from there two summers before. The boys were twins and the girls were sisters. The boy's mother had been forced to teach them how to fuck and suck and satisfy a woman; their father had disappeared.

The father and mother of the girls had been forced to teach the girls how to please both men and women. The father was a handsome man, of thirty, fairly well endowed and was given to the spinster aunt, Marabella, of Chief Matthews, as her boy-toy. The mother was one of Matthew's playthings back at the gym.

Michael hated what these people were doing, though he knew that Behr had been blackmailing them with evidence Matthews collected concerning some child molesting charges that had been investigated involving the both of them. Michael was struck with a thought that originated in JRParz's story.

He gave back to them both, their sexual vigor and desire for each other. Increased the size of his cock and balls and inflated her big tits and tightened her cunt. He had them fuck until they both were very close then had them separate.

Then he said, "From now on, you will always be horny and you will only be able to get off with each other." What he didn't say was that every time they tried to fuck, he would go as limp as over-cooked pasta.

Michael told them to be at the stadium, as he was leaving; he took the kids with him to the first fraternity house and had them wait outside in the yard.

When Michael entered, he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Guys hanging out in various stages of dress, from fully dressed to underwear and socks.

Michael realized he hadn't done a scan of the house. He found five women, between the ages of twenty five and thirty five and one man, thirty seven, bound in the basement; all in poor condition.

He then scanned the group and discovered that the leader of this bunch of little shits was Jason Matthews, the Chief's son.

Before he went down to take care to the people in the basement, Michael had them all strip off and whip each other with belts, sticks, rulers or whatever they could find, and could not stop until he told them they could.

When Michael entered the basement, what he saw and what he smelled, took his breath and everything in his stomach, away. He threw up, more than should have been in his stomach.

The man was the nearest to the door, so he stopped there. He was hanging by his wrists with his legs pulled straight to the side. His cock and balls had a wire tied around them with a ten pound barbell weight hanging from it. His cock and balls were black; dead black.

Michael let him down to the floor and the wire sprang loose; it had been on a loose loop, pulling tight with the weight.

Michael tried to regenerate the dead tissue, but nothing happened. Then he had a wild idea that came to him out of the blue. He gave the man the regenerative power of lizard's tails.

As he watched, the dead cock and balls fell off and started to regrow. Michael healed his other injuries and moved to the next person.

Michael looked around, and headed straight to the other side of the room, where a woman was hanging by her tits, as Amanda had been earlier. She was in very bad shape; her distended belly had bad stretch marks that were beginning to bleed.

Michael, using his new strength, ripped the hoses apart; the water gushing from both ends of the torn hoses. He quickly unfastened the pants and tubes from her body and let her down to the floor; at that time, the man, Rob Johnson, asked what he could do to help.

Michael told him to start getting the other women down, starting with the one in the upright rack, who was hanging spread-eagled in the air. Rob went to do it, as Michael was helping the woman recover from her ordeal.

Rob had figured out a way to lay the rack on the floor and with a knife he had found on a bench, he cut her loose and made her as comfortable as he could; then moved to the next woman.

The last three women were all tied the same. They were upside down with their legs pulled as far apart as they would reach, with their arms bound behind their backs. They were covered with filth; cum, piss, shit and puke.

Rob let each one down gently, as Michael moved to the women from the rack. Besides being whipped over every inch of her body, her shoulders and hips were pulled out of joint.

Michael deadened the nerves in her body and forced the bones back in place and sent healing through her. She started coming around, so he moved to the next woman who needed his help. These three woman though badly used had not sustained as much injury as the others.

He healed them, though not quickly as he didn't know if doing it instantly would cause shock or some other problem. A thought came to him that it was possible to heal instantly even in the worst cases, if he stipulated all the conditions to be met.

It then occurred to him that 'Mikey' had not been directly talking to him for the last three or four hours unless he asked about something.

Michael led them upstairs and through the common room where the guys were still beating each other. Before he could react, Rob had run up to Jason and shoved the knife into his chest. Michael didn't have time to react and the boy was dead before he hit the floor.

Michael put the other guys to sleep and lead the women and Rob upstairs to the showers to clean up. All of these houses had common shower rooms that had ten shower heads. So everyone one climbed under a shower. Michael went to each one and helped with the cleaning and inspecting the woman's healing.

Since Michael had increased the speed with which their bodies were healing, Robs cock and balls were about half way back to normal and would probably be full grown by the time they left the house.

The woman who had been hanging by her tits was a little overweight, but attractive and her tits too large for her frame. Michael gave her the body she had longed for since she was a little girl. Her tits were now 'D' instead of 'GG' and pussy as tight as a virgin; she giggled like a young girl again.

The other woman were also attractive and he firmed up and reshaped each one to her own dream image and increased their sexual desires and sensitivities in their clits, pussies and tits.

He found a large bedroom with a king sized bed and had everyone climb on. He made love to each woman, giving a little more time than he had previously. Rob refused his help, but Michael knew he needed the help, as much if not more than most of the people he had helped that day.

Michael had to force Rob, with the program, to accept the help. He had Rob lay back with his hands behind his head. Michael lay on one side of him and the youngest woman on the other, her head on his shoulder, stroking him lovingly from chest to cock and back again until he was hard. Michael took Rob's cock in hand and stroked him.

The young woman, Elise, was kissing and fondling his balls, despite his rejection of help he came in less than five minutes and as he did, Elise moved quickly to his cock and caught the cum in her mouth, gulping it down with a contented sound. Michael had moved into the kiss as Elise had moved.

They all asked to accompany Michael on his journey. As they exited the house, the two boys, Ron and Randy, saw Rob and jumped up screaming, "DAD.' Running to him, they jumped in his outstretched arms and hugged and jumped and laughed until they all fell to the ground.

When they got to Alpha House, Michael made sure they would all wait outside and not wonder off or interrupt what he needed to do. But he said he would call if he needed help.

He entered quietly and found pretty much what he had expected, but little abuse other than some moderate spanking and the general multiple fucking each girl had been getting daily. But he didn't see Kim.

He asked the first guy he came to where Kim was. He looked at Michael strangely, not recognizing him, and very drunk; he said after a moments hesitation, "Oh, you mean the crazy bitch who wants to fuck all the time."

That pissed Michael off, but he let it slide for the moment. The boy told him that she was downstairs in the playroom. Michael went down scanning the room for occupants.

He found Kim laying on a futon, naked and tied spread-eagle to the corners. Her body signs showed she was in fairly good condition, but dehydrated.

She was asleep in her own piss and was completely covered with cum, as if she had been sprayed by a hundred guys.

Michael searched her mind and found the cause of her insanity.

The programming was the start of it, but trying to convince her that Michael was her brother and it was okay to have incest with him threw her mind in three different directions.

Kim's mind took only parts of her programming and made her an insatiable nymphomaniac.

Kim's only parent, her mother, was missing for now, but he would find out what happened to her, when he had a little time to just sit and process the information he had.

Michael kept her asleep as he dug into her mind. He removed the half-believed story that he was her brother and her mind rebelled.

The memories of what she had done and had been done to her overwhelmed her. Michael snatched the memories away and locked them up until she would be able to handle them.

Then he removed the control part of her programming and replaced it with his own. The cuffs on her wrists and ankles were Velcro closed so it was easy for him to release her.

Michael awakened her body, but left her mind in slave mode. He got her to the small shower that was in the corner and turned the water on warm and helped her in.

From her sketchy memory, he discovered that two of the guys came every night to bath and fuck her, to clean her bed and strap her back down; doing that for her own protection, because she had been found several times shoving things up her pussy that could cause injury.

Michael found several bad bed sores on her back and healed them right away. On further examination, he noticed her pussy and butthole were completely stretched out; neither would close.

She had no control over the muscles in ass, pussy or bladder. Michael restored them to where they were the first time they made love.

Michael finished cleaning her restoring her health to full, her energy abundant and her body to the way she wanted; except her breasts, she had wanted them 'DD' up from a small 'B'.

He compromised and gave her a full 'C' and large, sensitive and suckable nipples, something he recently discovered that he liked on women.

He made her whole body, sexually sensitive, but especially her breasts and pussy. Michael gave her the knowledge and ability to control her pussy muscles, like Sumi had done at the gym.

He carried her up the stairs, in his arms and up the stairs again to find a bedroom that possible had some women's makeup and other beauty products.

He let the memories come back about how she liked to do her makeup for him before their dates and left her to it, making her stay where she was until he returned to get her.

Michael realized he was getting short of time. It was already three in the afternoon. He came back down stairs and the on-again / off-again orgy was still going on.

He made sure that the control was still his and told those who were still dressed to strip down with everyone else; they did. He told them to be at the stadium by six.

Since Michael was becoming short of time, he took each of the thirteen girls, fingering their dripping wet and hot pussies, wrapped his other arm around their shoulders, kissed them and told them to cum.

All of which, took less than two minutes each; about thirty minutes, more or less.

He took each guy by the cock and told them to cum; when they did, he made them clean it up with their tongues.

Michael returned upstairs to Kim. She was sitting, staring in the mirror, her hair and face beautifully done. She had on a striking shade of red lipstick that made her full lips extremely appealing. He stood her up and turned her facing him.

Stand close he pulled her against his chest and stomach. She wrapped her arms around his waist and he, around hers. He released her mind back to normal.

As the confusion left her mind, her recognition of who he is became clearer. When she fully realized who he was, her smile filled her whole face.

She hugged him so tight, he could barely breathe. Then happily she bubbled, "I just knew you would come back for me."

Michael had still not released all her memories of what had happened.

Michael told her that a lot had happened since that night, but he had blocked it off for now and when he had more time, he would tell her everything; as she was able to handle it.

She asked if her mother was worried for her. All he could think to say was that he hadn't spoken to her lately, but would as soon as he could.

He told her and still had things that needed doing before five and it was getting close to four, but that she had priority for now. They made love.

Michael laid her on the bed and spread hr legs gently open and pressed his lips to her pussy and inhaled deeply the sweet musk scent of her hot wet lips. He ran his tongue over her labia and through her slit, plunging over and over into her cave of hot sweet honey; avoiding her clit.

He moved down and circled around her ass, pushing in several times and circle some more. Moving back up, he dragged his whole tongue through her slit and landed on her clit. She exploded, screaming her love and joy for him, in a very wet orgasm.

Michael licked from her clit, up across her bare pubes to her navel. He circled it a few times, then into it, tickling her, before continuing up her womanly shaped stomach; firm but fully shaped. He continued up between her breasts and stopped with his tongue still touching her chest.

Michael looked into her pleading eyes and smiled. He circled first her right tit and then her left and began spiraling upward to her nipple. Slowing at her areola, he circled it twice, then in to her nipple; circling it several times, he placed his mouth over it and sucked and licked and both at the same time. And she came again

He moved his tongue in a straight from her right nipple to her left, stopping short at her areola. Circling twice, he dropped his mouth on the nipple and sucked hard. She began moaning loudly and he stopped.

Michael placed his mouth on her breast bone and kissed his way to her neck. He kissed and licked straight up her neck to her chin. From her chin and moved along her jaw line and up to her ear; nibbling and licking gently the lobe. Lightly blowing in her ear and moved along the jaw to the other ear.

Michael moved back around to her chin, then up to her lips and kissed her, their tongues dancing the dance of love. At the same time he kissed her, he slipped his cock into her pussy. She was very tight and hot and so wet he slid right in without any problem.

The wet slurping sounds, from both mouths and pussy, filled the room, but went unnoticed by the two lovers. They came together, holding each other tight, mouth muffling mouth, a long, stress releasing orgasm.

As they came down together, Michael rolled to his side, pulling Kim with him. He was still hard and still in her. They loving touched each other as they rested.

Michael looked over Kim's shoulder at the clock on the side table. It showed four fifteen, they had to be going. He let Kim touch up her makeup. They went down stairs and outside. The others in the house were also leaving for the stadium.

Michael gathered those who were going with him and proceeded to the stadium. As they neared the stadium, he saw people coming from all directions, most dressed some not and no one noticing the difference.

Michael made his way to the field entrance at the end where the stage had been set up. He sent the command for all those who had been used as slaves to come down to the field and those who voluntarily entered into this conspiracy of crime to gather before the stage.

He found his mother directing the conspirators to line up in front of the stage; Behr, out front and the others behind, lined up in order of their culpability. There were four rows and twenty three persons in all. Michelle had them kneeling in slave position.

Michael called to her and Michelle turned to see who called. Seeing Michael, she squealed and came running to him. As she got near, she saw Kim and her smile turned as big as all outdoors. She grabbed them both and hugged them, rubbing herself sexily against them both.

Michelle told Michael that she had felt compelled to take charge of organizing this meeting. Michael said, "I know, I told you to do it." She had a puzzled look for a moment and then just accepted it as true.

She lead Michael and Kim to the stage and ordered the others to the center of the field. Michael quickly called the three young girls to come stay with him for now.

Michael called their mother to the stage and their father from the stands. They both arrived at the stage together, surprised to see each other. They fell into an embrace, hugging and kissing; until he felt a firm tug on his cock. Looking down they saw the sweet smiling faces of their daughters.

The parents dropped to their knees, drawing the girls into their embrace and holding them from for many minutes. Michael walked up and asked them to join him on the stage.

The time was half past five and the stadium was nearly filled. Michael commanded those who were held as slaves to come down to the field with the others. Those who had been using slaves, he command them to strip where they were and come down and kneel facing the stands.

Michael had been scanning the stands and the area around the stadium and found that everyone who lived in Snaketon was now there. It was five minutes to six; no one was late.

Public speaking was never one of Michael's favorite things, but he had done well in his drama classes. So his impromptu speech was going to be given like a soliloquy.

Michael stepped to the microphone and began, "Ladies and gentlemen, you came here tonight wondering who called for this town meeting and why you came unplanned. I called this meeting and I commanded you to come; you had no choice."

"For the last ten years, Snaketon has been under the thumb of an evil conspiracy to rape and enslave this town for personal profit, by the people kneeling in front of this stage; and condoned by those kneeling in front of you, whether by blackmail or coercion.

Today, I am putting a stop to this unconscionable situation. I have taken control of Snaketon's government until all the facts have come to the surface and all people involved have been brought to justice."

"The charges I bring are these, and there may be more to follow; "drug trafficking, rape, slavery, prostitution, child molestation, child pornography, blackmail, embezzlement, extortion, fraud, murder, and black market babies." These crimes go outside our town, to state, national and international locations."

"The men, women and children who have been sold into slavery to those outside Snaketon, will be searched for and returned if possible."

"All property gained by these people from the illegal profiting will be liquidated for the help of those who were used by these people."

"'We the People', of Snaketon are responsible for what has happened to these who were taken and the others not here. We did nothing to prevent this, whether from fear or thinking that there was nothing we could do; we are responsible for them. We must do what we can to restore them, to their lives."

"I will be going house to house, speaking with each family, looking for people to fill the positions in our town government. You may be thinking that you don't want to serve, but that will be my choice, not yours. It will become mandatory for each person living here to give two weeks service to our community."

"There is an immediate block on all information flow leaving Snaketon. You are not allowed to speak about what has been happening here, for the protection of those who have been taken away from us."

"Now, it is said that charity starts at home and Snaketon is our home. What I am asking that you do is to remove your clothing as these others have done and bring them down to the stage area where there will be a truck to carry these to the cleaners then given to the clothing bank. Please pick up all the clothes left by these already down front."

As one, they stripped voluntarily, and since the stands were about forty percent empty, there was a lot extra to pickup, but it was done, without grumbling or complaining.

Michael had the ones in front of the stands and in front of the stage to move to the other side of the stage and kneel, side touching side and front touching back, as closely they could get, with eyes closed and hands between the thighs.

In total, there were seventy three people now in his custody. And a growing group, that he had made himself responsible for their care.

Michael greeted and mingled with the crowd, getting thank you's, kisses and hugs and more than a few, coped a feel of his cock.

As the crowd dispersed for home, Michael was still left with the problem of what to do with his prisoners. He scanned through the program data base for buildings with rooms lockable from the outside. Beside the jail, he found only one that would work.

Michael had arranged for two large trailer trucks, to hold the prisoners. He had them loaded in the back and since the evening was turning cooler, he was not concerned with heat being a problem; not that he was too worried about them sweating a little.

Michael reach out telepathically, to the manager of the building, John Smith, and told him to meet him there. It was a large storage facility with individual locking storage spaces.

Michael learned that there was a new section of a hundred twenty units empty at the back. He asked John for the master key to the units. He had John show him where the units were located in the building.

At the back there were three rows each side of the center walk, with ten compartments each side of the row. Michael asked John to unlock and open all the compartments on the last two rows. Michael looked that the first unit opened. It was ten by ten, well lit, and the top covered was with a heavy steel wire mesh to prevent entry or in this case exit.

Michael left John to finish opening the units and went to collect his prisoners. He retrieved the women first. There were thirty and he had them line up in groups of ten each.

The first woman in each line was to lace her fingers behind her head and the ones behind, their hands on the shoulders in front of them.

Michael led them in and to the back, the first two groups to the last section and the last group divided in groups of five to the next. He had one to a "cell", kneeling with hands behind back just inside.

Michael had asked John if he had any moving blankets. John said that he had a pallet with about 250, and Michael asked him to bring it out. Each woman, one at a time was told to take two, one for a bed and one to cover and to thank John for his generosity. Each one complied politely.

Then Michael brought the men in, in the same fashion as the women, pulling aside Behr, Chief Matthews and Mayor Hermon. He separated these three from each other as far as he could. Both he and John began closing and locking the "cells."

Michael told John that he would make arrangements to have someone come the next day to watch over the prisoners and promised that he would be compensated by the city for the disruption of his business. Michael told him that under no condition except fire was he to let anyone out of the "cells"

Michael, wanting to do something for John, told him that from now on, his erection would be two inches longer, he would have more stamina and could get it up as many times as he wanted.

Michael was exhausted, so he headed home. On the way home, he passed the 24 hour discount department store. Then he had a thought about what could be done about toilet privileges for his prisoners.

He went in and asked for the manager. The assistant manager was on duty. Michael asked him how many plastic waste baskets they had in stock. The manager looked on his computer and found that they had eighty in stock.

Michael told him he wanted them all, that the city would reimburse them for the trouble and to have them sent to the storage building around the block.

Michael called John to let him know they would be coming and to help them get the slop buckets distributed.

Michael left and finally made it home. He was expecting to have a number of people in the house, but when he entered, he was surprised to see people sleeping all over the floor. He scanned the house and his mother's room had eight women; four on her bed.

In Jenn's room, there were six; four young girls on the bed and two women on the floor. His room only had one, a female, Kim. Picking his way across the floor, he made his way upstairs to his room and inside to Kim.

Michael quietly slipped his cool body in next to Kim's hot, back and ass. Kim stirred and murmured, "Hi, Lover." Michael apologized for waking her, but he needed to talk with her and she said, "I need to talk to you too." She asked him sweetly to go first. She turned over facing him.

Michael started speaking hesitantly, "You know how I feel about you; I love you and I want you to be my wife, my lover. But I need to tell you about my life right now. My mother and my sister are my lovers and my wives and that will never change unless one of them really wants to leave."

"I want, no I need you with me, but I will understand if you don't want to be a part of this life." "I have been given a gift that allows me to change people and situations around me. I am trying to make a difference for the good of everyone in town."

Kim put a finger to his lips to quiet him, then began to speak. "Michael, I know all that, your mother, Jenn and I talked tonight after we got here. My answer is YES, emphatically YES, BUT... I have something to say first."

Michael said, "Okay." She continued, "Michael, I'm pregnant and I know it is yours."

Michael scanned her body for the baby and sure enough, she was pregnant and with a deeper look, the DNA matched his very closely. He stammered, "How...? When...?"

Kim said, "How, in the usual way...When, this afternoon. I KNEW, the moment it happened, that I was pregnant."

Michael replied, "How come you didn't get pregnant with all that happened at that house?"

She said, "Michael, two years ago, I had an accident that left scar tissue over my womb. The doctor told me that I probably would never be able to have a baby without surgery. Whatever you did, when you rescued me, changed that and now I have your baby inside me."

Michael was so excited and stunned and overjoyed, that he didn't know what to do first. So he hugged her hard and kissed her hard and hugged and kissed her some more.

Michael, took a quick breath, and asked, "Does Mom and Jenn know?"

"Yes," she answered, "your Mom told me that she knew the minute she saw me. And before you ask, yes, they told me to tell you that they both approve."

"Do you want to know if it is a boy or a girl? Michael asked her. She nodded yes.

"It is a boy; he's strong and healthy," he said.

He took her again into his arms, tenderly this time, and began making love to her. They made love slow and gently the first time and came together in a very pleasant orgasm, holding each other close as the wonderfully warm glow slowing faded.

Then Kim spoke quietly, "Michael that was wonderful, I love making love with you, BUT, damn, I'm horny and need to be fucked, long, hard and a thousand times."

Michael was shocked. He wondered if she had gone crazy again.

Kim's face turned red and she said, "Lover, I have always been this way, but you were always polite and gentle and respectful, that I didn't want to scare you off. Now get that cock in me or I really will go crazy."

And it was nearly midnight then, and they fucked until nearly four in the morning; in every position they could thing of and then made up some to see if it was possible. They both came over and over again, making a complete mess of the bed and each other.

As Kim came for the last time, that night she just passed into sleep. Michael licked her body clean, grabbed the blanket and moved them both to the floor.

Chapter 7 (Sunday morning - Week 2)

Michael awoke from sleep at seven the next morning, his body having recovered its strength. He rose without waking Kim and when to use the toilet. As he was taking his morning pee, Jenn walked in and said in a sexy, sultry voice, "Hi, Master."

She continued into the room and moved behind him, she wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning her body into his and just holding him.

When he was almost through, she slid to his side. As he was squeezing the last few drops from his cock, she put her finger on the end, wiping the drops off and putting the finger sexily into her mouth.

He placed both hands on her face and kissed her the way they had that first time after they talked in this very room. Michael, looking deeply in her eyes, he said, "Jenn, My Love, you are my first love and my sister and no one can ever take your place in my heart. I will always love you."

Jenn asked, "Did you get to talk with Kim last night, between all the noisy fucking you two did?"

Michael blushed, "Did you hear us?"

Jenn answered, "Who didn't, the ceiling fell down in the living room; no, just kidding, but I did hear and it sounded like a lot of fun."

"Jenn," Michael responded, "I promised you that our first time would be very special for you and I meant it. But until we get some of these people out of our house and settled somewhere, I am asking you to be patient. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, Master," she answered.

"Darling," Michael responded softly, "I am your Master, only because you chose it to be so. You are my lover and my sister, please call me Michael."

She answered, "Yes, Michael." You could hear, 'Master' in the way she said it.

"Now, let's go see what kind of mischief we can get into," Michael said as he pulled her out of the bathroom.

"Wait just a minute, you never answered Me." she said.

Pretending ignorance, he said, "What answer?"

"You KNOW what," she replied.

Michael answered, smiling, "Know? Know what?"

Getting a little flustered, knowing he was playing with her, "DID...YOU...TALK...TO... KIM...LAST...NIGHT?"

"Yes," he relied.

"Michael, pleeeease." she said in her whiney little girl voice.

"Ooo'kay," Michael responded, "Yes, I did talk to Kim and yes, she told me about the baby and yes, I AM as happy as I have ever been."

Michael said, "Come on, let's go find something to eat, I'm starving."

They went down stairs, Michael, not caring whether he put clothes on, ever again. Then Michael noticed that no one else was wearing anything either.

Passing through the living room to the kitchen, Jenn pointed out several couples fucking. The two fourteen year old boys, Ron and Randy, were making a cute redhead, who looked about their age or older, very happy. She was squealing and moaning with delight, as one fucked her ass and the other her pussy.

He recognized the little girl on the couch with her father, as one of the girls he rescued with the boys. She was fucking him slowly with a back and forth motion. It was hard for Michael to understand how such a small young girl, could take his thick cock up her tiny pussy, without a lot of pain.

Michael and Jenn made it across the floor to the kitchen without stepping on anyone. In the kitchen, were two boys and two girls. The boys were eating cereal and the girls were eating them. Jenn just watched them.

One of the boys noticed them watching. He said, "They're our sisters and they're doing real good and when we finish eating, we trade places and do them real good back and it's real fun too. You wanna have fun too, we'll share."

Michael and Jenn burst out laughing and Michael said, "Thanks, but I brought my own."

Jenn, still smiling, gave him a little punch on the arm and said, "YES, MASTER," and got down on her knees and crawled up under the table with the little sisters.

She watched them for a minute and thought their technique was well done. She finger fucked their little wet pussies until Michael sat down to eat.

Michael sat down and spread his legs so that his cock stuck straight out. The girls turned their heads, so that they could see Michael's cock, without removing their brother's little cocks from their mouths.

Then Michael's cock began to get longer and longer, until it reached twenty inches long. All three girls under the table were just staring with their mouths wide open in wonder.

Michael said with a voice of command, "Okay sis, get to it. I want it all in your mouth."

Jenn was shocked, the girls just stared and the boys complained that their sisters weren't doing their part.

Jenn decided to see just how much she could get into her mouth, so she put the crown in and began to suck and lick and get it as wet as she could, then licked up and down the shaft getting as much of it as wet as possible.

Then she started working as much as possible into her mouth. When she had about eight inches in, she noticed that it was getting shorter and shorter.

By this time the boys, wondering what their sisters were doing, were also looking under the table and staring as well; they had seen how long Michael had made his cock.

As his cock grew shorter, Jenn moved to keep it in place. The kids thought she was swallowing the whole twenty inches. When her nose touched his crotch, it stop shrinking and she began sucking and swallowing; doing a better than professional job getting him to cum.

She was making enough slurping noise that she definitely sounded like she was having a great time. She heard one of the boys say, "Damn, she's fantastic, wonder if she'll do me next?"

Michael really broke out with laughter and Jenn would have, and nearly choked, but her mouth and throat were full of hot, tasty cock.

Jenn tried to concentrate on what she was doing; her mouth got hotter and wetter and her tongue began the dance his mother had used on him several days ago.

And as Michael stared to cum, Jenn pulled back until only the head was in her mouth. Michael, still in a playful mood, upped his cum production to 16 oz.

He came and she swallowed, and came again three more times and she swallowed. Thinking he was through, because of the last time she had done him. She pulled it from her mouth and he came again six more times quickly and covered her face and tits with cum.

Instantly, the four kids surrounded her and began licking her face and tits. The girls kissing and licking her face, since the most was there. The boys were at her tits, just because they were boys and they liked tits. They cleaned her completely of all Michael's cum that didn't make it down her throat.

Michael was still laughing as she crawled out from under the table. She gave him a dirty look and started laughing herself.

Michael had much to do that day, so he went outside to think, where it was quiet.

(Sunday mid-morning)

Michael wanted to speak with the remaining City Hall staff and police officers. He called the Mayor's executive assistant, Ruth French, to have her set up the arrangements with the staff and the assistant Chief of Police to schedule interviews with the remaining officers.

Michael returned to the house and told Michelle that she was in charge of finding these people a place to live. Most of the group were from families that had been abducted and had no money, no clothes and no food.

Michelle shared the ideas that had already come to her about that very thing. First, she asked that he call the local real estate agency and tell them that she had his authority to deal. Second, there was a large quantity of clothing donated the night before. And third, food could also be obtained with his authority as acting Mayor.

Michael said, "Done." And it was.

Michael left for City Hall, walking. He was enjoying the soft warm breeze against his naked skin, so he didn't hurry. When he arrived, everyone was already there; some dressed and some not. As they became aware of his presence, they could see that he was not dressed, so the rest disrobed.

When Michael had all their attention, he started, "I know that after last night, there is concern in your minds about your positions here. Rest assured that no one will be fired unless he or she is guilty of deliberate misconduct."

He continued, "I will be conducting interviews with each one of you. As you know, there are several openings in this office that need to be filled. (Some giggling from the group) They will be filled soon, if not by one of you, then one of your neighbors."

"My assistant, Ruth," he proceeded to his next item, "gave you all numbers as you came in, we will go in that order." As he walked to the private conference room, he called for number one.

Then Ruth followed him into the room first. She was thirty eight, married with two teen boys, good figure and large tits 'D+' and a beautiful round ass that jiggles sexily when she walks.

She said, "I thought it might be best if I went first, so I could be of help, as you spoke to the others." She knelt down in slave form and whispered, "Master."

Michael thanked her and complimented her on her initiative. He asked her to sit in the chair and look in his eyes when they spoke. As he interviewed her mind, he talked with her about personal things; such as her marriage, home life, children and such. Then he asked how she was involved in this situation.

She was open and honest with him. She told him that it started as an affair, or so she thought, but soon turned into slavery.

He had fucked her when and where he wanted; she had been forced to suck his cock in front of the others in the office and had forbid her to wear underwear or bra.

And during a number of council meetings he had her strip and sit on his cock while she took notes. In another council meeting, he had stood up and forced her to drink his piss; finishing, by pissing in her hair, on her face and all over her body; and refusing later to let her clean up.

The worst came after a month or so. She was forced to seduce her teenage sons into fucking her, singly and together and then in front of her husband, acting the slut and whore.

After a while, he joined them in their fucking. She later found out, he had been forced to participate and record on tape, all their sexual activities.

Michael had quickly read her mind as she talked, and found that she was a very good executive assistant and trustworthy. He saw how much she was being paid for he job and saw that she knew she was being cheated by the old Mayor.

When she finished, Michael spoke, "The conversation we just had was just that, only a conversation. I read your thoughts and the intent of your actions and have determined that I can trust you. You will remain as my assistant. I will recommend that my successor, also keep you on."

Going on, he said, "I also found that Mayor Hermon was stealing half your salary. Your salary will be returned to full scale plus ten percent and you and all the others who have been cheated, will be repaid, in full, plus interest."

Ruth beamed and gushed, dripping cum from the chair to the floor. She said, "Master, may I serve you?"

"Yes," Michael said, after a few moments thought. He had her bring her pad for some "Dick"tation. He had her sit on his cock, facing him, her feet to the floor. He grew his cock inside her to her largest capacity.

She worked his cock better than almost anyone but Kim. She slid up and down, back and forth and around in circles, alternating randomly between motions, speeds and grips from her pussy muscles. And without losing a stroke or hesitating a moment, she took the notes Michael dictated about the changes in operation of City Hall, that he would like to see.

As she was nearing her orgasm, She whispered in his ear, "Master, please give me your baby."

Confused by this request, Michael looked into her mind and saw that it was her most profound desire to have his child. As Michael was thinking about that, she began a milking rhythm with her pussy muscles, that signaled to him that she was close and wanted him to come with her.

Michael decided to give her what she wanted, what she felt like she needed. He made her fertile and caused her to drop two eggs. He had seen that she wanted a girl or two to raise so he made all his sperm girls.

Ruth was getting very close and her movements were becoming unsteady. Michael lengthened his cock enough to open her womb. She felt the growth and it pushed her over the top. Her pussy clamped down on his cock so tight that he couldn't release his cum, until the first spasm was over, then he filled her womb full with girl sperm.

Within seconds, her eggs were fertilized and she was pregnant with two girls. Michael told her she was pregnant with two girls, healthy and would be as beautiful as she is.

They held each other for a little while as she cried tears of joy.

Michael suggested that she go write up his notes as a proposal, adding other ideas, changes or thoughts on how to make City Hall run more efficiently.

She stood with her head held up and opened the door and proudly displayed the cum running down her thighs, and called "Two."

Michael went through the rest of the interviews. Though competent at their jobs, most of the men and women were not exceptional or completely trustworthy employees.

There were, however, two exceptions, both men and both very professional. Both had at one time been advisors to the council.

The first, Richard Sims, had very impressive management skills; Michael asked him to consider the new position of city manager. He had accepted and this would take the pressures of the day to day running of the Snaketon, off his shoulders and keep the town services from grinding to a dead stop.

Michael told him to use the Mayor's office and told him he could have loan on Ruth's services, until he could find an adequate replacement to take over.

The other man, Burt Larson, was a lawyer, competent in both corporate and criminal law. In Michael estimation, he was unique, an enigma; he was straight forward, up front and best of all, honest.

Michael asked him to be City Attorney, with authority over both Snaketon legal matters and the District Attorney's office. Mr. Larson told him that some of the changes he saw Michael making, would require a change to the city charter and that he would see to the change immediately and to pass the changes through him so he could have the appropriate additions made.

The other department heads, he allowed to stay at their positions with the exception of one; the city tax collector.

Michael found that he had embezzled several hundred thousand dollars to cover gambling debts. Michael had him jailed instead of with the others at the storage building.

(Sunday noonish)

Michael had City Hall, at least operational, and at best, making leaps forward in progress, (He hoped).

Michael left for the police station across the street. When he entered the station, he was met by the assistant chief, Mark Ward, who showed him to the Chief's office.

As politely as he could, trying not to offend him, Ward informed him that public nudity was against the law. And Michael informed him, so were the dozen or more criminal charges that had been perpetrated here in the last ten years.

"However," said Michael, "It's not good for a new Mayor working against corruption, to be breaking the law. Please have someone bring me a pair of pants and shirt."

Michael waited silently until a knock came at the door, he said, "Enter." The only female officer, on the force, Susan Love, came in with the clothing. Michael figured her fellow officers thought it was a funny joke.

When she saw Michael, she smiled. Susan got down on her knees in front of him and asked, "May I help you dress, Mr. Mayor."

"Yes you may," he replied. "It seems you are the only one in Snaketon, who knows how to address your boss," he said, looking straight at Ward.

Susan shook the pants out and open, holding them at the waist band, so that he could step into them. One leg at a time, she pulled them up. As the pants reached his crotch, her hands moved around the back and grabbed his ass with a couple of good squeezes and at the same time, looking him directly in the eyes, pulled his cock into her mouth for a couple of quick licks and sucks.

She took his cock in her hand and with a couple of smooth strokes, she tucked it into the pants; then buttoned and zipped them up.

Michael thanked him and told her, he would take care of the shirt. He knew that the show she had just put on was self serving, but he had enjoyed it anyway.

Michael remembered the nudity comment when he came into this office. He told Ward to call the newspaper and have them send someone over for a statement from the acting Mayor in fifteen minutes.

Michael took Ward's cell phone and called Burt Larson and told him he needed a provision in the city charter, allowing the Mayor to make short term proclamations, binding law, for a period of say, sixty days maximum.

Since the changes needed to be voted on by the city council and all but three were jailed, Michael told Burt to get in touch with the rest of the council and tell them it was a unanimous vote. And he said, "I need it five minutes ago." Burt said it was done.

As Michael exited the room, he signaled Officer Love to follow him. The reporter, Sharon Franks, was waiting for him as he entered the lobby. He had seen her at school the year before, she had been a senior.

Michael thought, "Either she is very good or the managing editor didn't think much of their new Mayor."

He told her that he would be making a statement and that no questions would be addressed at this time.

He started his statement say, "First, as acting Mayor, by provision of the city charter, I proclaim, that from midnight this morning, until midnight sixty days from now, that Snaketon is publically, now, clothing optional."

"The only exception being, those who have to wear protective clothing as a part of their jobs. And that any crime against anyone because of his or her nudity, will be dealt with swiftly and harshly."

"And second, Officer Love standing just behind me will be assigned as my personal body guard for the duration of my tenure as Mayor."

Sharon asked, "Is this some kind of joke?"

Michael replied to her question, "No, it is no joke. if you have any doubts check with the new city attorney , Burt Larson."

To Susan he said, "Please help me get these clothes off."

She answered, "YES SIR," and quickly helped him disrobe.

Sharon just stared, standing with her mouth wide open. Michael stepped up to her and with a finger gently closed her mouth.

She was an attractive woman, but dressed down rather plainly, kind of like a female super alter ego.

Michael said to her, "I'll answer some of your questions, person to person, off the official record, if you will answer some of mine."

"Okay," she answered, "And this is really no joke?" Michael shook his head no.

"Then help me out of these ugly things," she replied. And as the dowdy clothes disappeared, a butterfly was born. She was hot! And as the old saying goes, 'more curves than a mountain road'.

She had long black hair, tits that fit perfectly with her size, 'C' with nipples made for nursing, and her ass was so perfectly round, that Michael knew that he could spend all day exploring just that. And an over all tan nearly the color of milk chocolate and no tan lines. And her pubes were covered with long straight black hair; the first straight hair he had seen on a pussy since his life had gotten turned upside down.

Michael's cock had gone rigid, again and Sharon just smiled.

She said, "Give these things to the clothing charity," when she had picked up the bundle of clothes from the floor.

Michael said, "Are you sure you want to do that to someone else?" and they both started laughing.

Michael still had the interviews to do with the other officers, so he asked if he could stop by and talked to her when he was finished.

She agreed and said she would be waiting.

Michael went back to the Chief's office and continued with the interviews. During the interviews, he uncovered three officers involved in a protection scheme. He had them arrested immediately, stripped of their uniforms and thrown into a cell. He would have them transferred to his new jail when he was finished.

His last two interviews had impressed him and given him another surprise that he was not ready for. Michael had known that they both had worked law enforcement in Capital City.

But the surprise was, they were working with the F.B.I., undercover for a crime taskforce investigating corruption inside the bureau.

The first man was a massive man, not especially tall, but solid muscle. His named made Michael smile; Jim Hammer, but what made him smile was his nickname, he went by "Sledge."

What Michael saw in him was exactly what he thought a good cop should be, just like the super cops in the movies. Michael wanted this man for his Chief of Police.

As the interview wound down, Michael decided to open the subject of why Jim was in town. He said, "Jim, I know why you are here and what you are doing here and that you are really working for the F.B.I. and that you are not here alone."

Jim's expression never changed, "What happens now?"

"I know, that you know, there is something unusual about me; I don't intend to explain myself, now." Michael paused a moment, then continued, "I have all the information about what was going on here and have started to correct the problem. I know enough about you that I feel that I can trust you, so I will tell you some of what's been happening."

"For me," Michael began, "It started seventeen years ago. My mother was drugged and enslaved by my father. The worst of this started a little over ten years ago, when Coach Behr found out about the drug; from that He built this crime syndicate."

"The crimes were numerous as I indicated last night. I believe that with the information I have that I can track down and return most of the people that have gone missing from this area."

"The scope of this is more than local or state; it has gone national and international. I could give you the names of those you are investigating and the proof of their involvement, but I don't want to risk the information of what I have started here to leak out, to give all those bastards out there that are involved a chance to get rid of the people that have been made slaves."

"I know that I have not given you any real reason to trust me, but I guess that is what I am asking you to do."

Jim sat there a moment, trying to understand the full extent of what Michael had said before he replied, "Mr. Mayor...Michael, if you know me as well as you have indicated then you know that I trust my gut feelings about people."

"Last night I didn't know what to make, of what you did and what happened, I still don't, but my gut tells me that if anyone can do what you think you can, it would be you. I will respect your wishes ...For now. Where do we go from here?"

Michael said thoughtfully, "What I want now is for you to become Chief of Police of Snaketon and your partner as your deputy chief."

This was a surprise to Jim, but Michael continued, "I was thinking, that most people who are breaking the law like these people, are generally going to be involved in more things illegal. What I was thinking was that I check out each of these people and convince them to turn themselves in for crimes not related to our situation."

"You're a smart kid," Jim started, "and I believe that you believe that it is possible; hell, I even believe you can do it, but we need something to tell those we answer to in the bureau."

Michael said matter of factly, "Just tell them it turned out to be a dead end and the local authorities of the problems here under control; I promise that they will believe you. Call your partner in, we have a few things to discuss; that is of course, if you intend to take the job offer that I extended."

"I do," Jim said as he made his way to the door. He asked his partner, Jack Holloway, to come in. Jack also agreed to the offer after everything had been explained, saying that he had really liked working in a small town and it would be a great place now to raise his family.

They discussed the ideas they all had about how to make Snaketon safer and more desirable for families to live and grow.

When the meeting was done, Michael called Chief Ward into the office and had him sit. He asked, "Chief, how long do you have until your pension goes into affect?'

"Three years," He replied.

"Chief Ward," Michael continued, "I have asked these two men to take the chief and deputy chief positions and they have agreed. I am going to make you an offer that I hope you will take. I want you to go ahead and retire. I propose to give you your full pension AND have your home paid off, so that will not be a concern, as I know it is."

"And it is my personal promise to you, that I will personally do everything I can, to see to it, that your daughter and granddaughters are returned from where ever they have been sold."

Mark Ward said quietly, "I haven't trusted anyone in so long it is hard for me. Something inside me, though, tells me to trust you. If you find them, whether alive or not, I want to know the truth. I am going to trust you and accept the offer. Please find them, they are all I have left in the world." He got up from his seat and left.

Michael was finished with his "city" business, for now. As he was leaving, He asked his new Chief of Police to make the announcement to his staff.

As he passed Officer Love, he noticed that she had changed her uniform from slacks to a skirt and from what he could tell, from a sturdy bra to nothing, underneath her shirt.

He spoke as he passed, "Love, you're with me." Outside, he walked to the small park, which was at the center of town and found a bench to so he could sit and think for a bit. While he was thinking, he decided to have a look at Officer Love. Michael decided that he loved being able to truly multitask.

The first thing Michael did, was to make anyone who could possible see him and Susan, ignore them as if they were not there.

Michael called up his screen; it was there before his thought was complete. Susan was there on the right side of his screen, in all her naked glory. He commanded her to not notice anything and to stand still, not seeing or hearing anything except his voice.

He enlarged his display, so that her image was life-size, a one to one scale. He was able to walk around her image and study her body. He was thinking that she reminded him of someone but could not think who.

Her hair is the color of bronze and natural, her pubic hair the same color and trimmed to the shape of a heart. Her eyes are a dark forest green; her nose straight and well shaped and full, naturally red, lips.

Susan's body was covered in freckles, from head to foot. That's when he realized who she reminded him of, Melissa, his sister's friend.

Michael did a scan and discovered that they were related; Susan was Melissa's aunt, her mother's younger sister. Susan's body was firm and tight. The only thing he found about her that he thought needed help were her tits.

When he first saw her it looked like they were maybe a large 'C' or 'D'. The stats showed that they were 'DD' approaching 'EE' and sagging, with disappointingly small nipples and her back muscles always hurt from the weight.

Michael improved her muscle tone and increased the strength to her back. He improved her over all health and gave her immunity to all known diseases. Then he went to work on her tits.

To Michael the size was unimportant. what was important to him was that they were his, he liked all sizes, but he liked to have nipples that he could get his mouth around.

Michael firmed up her tits and enlarged her nipples until they stood out on their own, they began decreasing in size until Michael liked how they looked on her, which happened to be a 'C' cup.

He tightened her pussy and gave her the ability to control the muscles inside like his friend Sumi. He increased her sexual sensitivity five fold, in her tits, her pussy and her ass, then gave her nipples a permanent erection.

Michael helped Susan undress, which wasn't difficult, since all she had on was a skirt and blouse because he wanted to watch the changes happen. He also brought her out of the trance state that she was in.

Feeling the afternoon breeze on her skin, Susan knew she was naked. She didn't know how he had done it, but all she did was smile. Michael activated the changes he had made to her body.

As the changes started, Susan started moaning with pleasure and as the changes were nearly finished she screamed, "Aaaaaaahhhh," and then it changed to, "Uuuuuuuhhhmmmmm!"

Susan's eye's rolled up in her head and Michael had to grab her before she fell from her first super orgasm. Michael sat her on the bench until she recovered enough to speak.

Michael had read her mind after her little show at the police station because he knew that there was a reason that she was trying to get close to him. It turned out that Melissa had told her what he had done in the gym, taking the punishment for her and about the wonderful cock he had.

Susan was very appreciative of what he had done for her niece and beside that she liked fucking and wanted some of what he had given Melissa.

As she was coming back to life, she said, "Oooooohhh god, what did you do to me?"

"I just gave you the body I deserve," Michael replied laughing, "and I decided I like what I got, so you will only be able to cum when I say so."

"You didn't," she said skeptically. Michael nodded affirmative and said, "CUM," and she did again and screamed out her pleasure, "Aaaaaaaaaahh...Uuuuummmm."

"Ooooohh god, fuck me now," she cried, "I want your cock inside my cunt right now."

Michael helped her up and over to the grass in the shade and laid her down.

He lay down on the grass beside her and played with her nipples, caressing, squeezing and tugging until she was breathing very hard trying to cum. She begged him to stop teasing her and get his cock in her cunt.

Michael rolled on top of her licking and sucking her tits and nipples and she cried, "Pleeeease, fuck me."

He inserted his cock in her cunt about an inch and stopped. Susan wrapped her legs around his back and tried to force him in; she didn't know about his magic cock.

Michael shortened and lengthened his cock with her thrusts to keep it in the same place. Tears of frustration filled her eyes and he said, "I told you, you can't cum until I say you can; I am in control."

He slowly pushed his normal size cock into her and let his weight down on her pelvis and held it there. Michael increased the girth until she began moaning; it reached almost three inches across. This surprised him since he had tightened her to her virgin width.

Then he started lengthening it until it opened her womb. Still having fun with her, he left his weight on her and put his cock on automatic, shortening and lengthening it as if he were actually pumping his cock in and out.

Not only was she moaning, but she was getting very fidgety not being able to move. Michael pumped her for about fifteen minutes, sucking hard on first one nipple and then the other, until her frustration was at it peak and told her she could cum. She did and sprayed past his cock over his balls and half way down his legs.

Michael returned his cock to its normal length and began to pump in and out of her and she came twice more, before he released his cum into her womb. She was now carrying his second son, normal and very healthy.

Michael quickly recovered his energy and restored Susan's energy as well. He had an appointment at the newspaper, which just happened to be across from the other end of the park.

They walked across the park, his arm around her shoulder and her hand firmly holding his cock. At the door, ever being the gentleman, he opened the door for her. She proceeded on through the door never letting go of his cock, pulling him through behind her.

Inside the building was cool on their sex sweaty skin. Michael walked up to the counter and asked the woman sitting there to see Sharon Franks. He had not noticed that she was naked and when she turned around, her 'DD' tits swung back and forth and jiggled a while before coming to rest.

Michael then looked around the office as saw that four of the six women there were nude, the other two, between fifty and sixty, were dressed in some very kinky lingerie, black lace thongs and bra with one quarter demicup. Their tits were only laying on the top.

Michael decided to give each one a new body and quickly made the changes he thought they should have. He increased or decreased the breast size as he liked and made sure they each had large sensitive nipples and clits.

As the changes began, he said, "Cum," and they all screamed in ecstasy. Michael asked again, 'Where can I find Sharon Franks?" The women, all got down on their knees in submission and the woman at the front desk said, "They're in the back."

Michael and Susan walked down the hall toward the back. They came to a door that had Matthew Franks in gold lettering. Just as he was about to knock, He heard the sounds of sex and Sharon cry out in orgasm. Michael whispered, "Ssssshh,' and eased the door open.

Sharon sat on the desk, an older man, who he assumed was Matthew, was just pulling his impressive ten inches of cock from her dripping cunt. He squatted down and began to lick her clean and she came again. As Matt continued to lick, Michael, feeling impish, tweeked her clit to six times more sensitive.

When his tongue came back up from her hole to her clit, her climatic scream could be heard down the block. Michael laughed and said, "Now that's the way to do it."

Michael introduced himself and Susan to Matt, he preferred Matt to Matthew. He told Matt that he was there to finish his interview with Sharon. "Oh, yes," Matt said, "she told me you promised to come around."

As Michael looked at Sharon and Matt, she looked as if something had struck her funny, and she said, "Michael, this is my Father, not my husband."

And before he could ask, she continued, "We have been nudists all my life and I have shared my parents bed for as long as I can remember. My Mother died eight years ago and we started by comforting one another and it progressed into love play, then sex. We have been trying to have a baby for about two years now, with no luck."

"Then let me be the first to congratulate you both, you are carrying a healthy baby boy." Michael replied.

She squealed and hugged her Dad, and Michael and Susan. She stopped suddenly and asked, "How do you know?"

Michael answered, "It doesn't matter, what matters is that you know it's true."

Sharon stopped thoughtfully, and said, "Yes, I do know that it's true, but how?"

"It's not important," he answered, knowing that he put the truth in her mind.

"By the way, Matt," Michael continued, "There are six women out front, who would like a piece of that impressive cock stuffed up their cunts. And I think you will find Melinda and Grace about twenty years younger than an hour ago.

Oh, by the way, You won't be having any trouble keeping it up or giving them a big dose of baby cream."

Matt left the room to see if he could make a few dreams come true.

Sharon said, "Michael, what the hell did you do to me?"

Michael stepped up to her and flicked her clit gently, and said, "That," as she sucked a deep breath in and came.

"DAMN," she said, "What else did you do to me?"

He replied, "Nothing yet, what would you like to change? I like everything just as it is, and if I'm correct, so does your Father."

Michael continued, "By the way, I appointed two new officers to the Chief and Deputy Chief positions and handed her the information he had written down for her."

"Oh, by the way, "she said, "I was just getting ready to do the afternoon news. We do the spot on the city access channel for those who don't get the paper or don't want it. Would you like to repeat the proclamation yourself on live TV?"

"Sure, why not," Michael replied.

They walked through a side door in the office, into a small room that was set up like a small news room. Sharon grabbed a white lab coat from the coat rack by the door and told Michael that this was usually to protect the innocent.

There was a young woman, Ruby Diaz, a hot little Latino, by the camera that Michael had not seen before, so he tweaked her too. After she came and left a wet spot on the floor, she said, "Two minutes, and can you warn a girl next time."

Everyone laughed. Sharon was in position behind her desk and pointed to where she wanted Michael to stand.

Sharon went through news, weather and sports, including the special announcement about the hiring of the new Chief and Deputy Chief of Police. "Now," Sharon said, "We have special announcement from Acting Mayor James. Mayor if you please."

The camera panned to Michael, standing there nude, and he started speaking, "as acting Mayor, by provision of the city charter, I proclaim, that from midnight this morning, until midnight sixty days from now, that Snaketon is publically, clothing optional."

"The only exception being, those who have to wear protective clothing as a part of their jobs. And, any crime against anyone because of his or her nudity, will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. And let me say, it is my intention to pursue every avenue to return our missing family."

And Ruby said, "Aaaand, off the air."

Michael was standing there and had gotten a hard on, knowing that most of the town was probably staring at his cock.

Susan and Sharon moved in close to him and both said almost simultaneous, "Master, may I please you?" Michael suddenly thought of Julie and Janet in the gym. It was the last time he had two girls at the same time.

Michael asked, "How limber are you two?"

Sharon responded first, "I did gymnastics in college last year and have kept fit."

"I was a cheerleader six years ago when I was pulled into that whorehouse, and you already know that I am limber," said Susan.

"Okay, I've got an idea how we can all do this together," Michael said, "If you're game?"

"I'm in," Sharon replied.

"Is this what I think it is?" Susan asked.

Michael replied, "You talked with Melissa, we were right in front of her, what do you think."

"Then I am definitely in," Susan stated.

Michael checked the little table to make sure it was sturdy enough for what he planned. He had Susan sit on the edge of the table and lay back and raise her legs up and behind her head.

He pulled her ass a little over the edge so that he could get to it easily. He stuck his finger in her pussy and wiggled it around a little to get her juices flowing.

He picked up Sharon and placed her, pussy to pussy with Susan; her legs just outside Susan's tits and had Susan grasp her legs. Michael pushed her forward until they were tit to tit and Sharon wrapped her arms around Susan.

Michael walked around to the other side of the table and placed his cock between their mouths and told them to get him wet. Their mouths and tongues were all over him before him finished speaking.

When he considered that he was ready, he moved back around to their pussies, telling them they could not come until he said they could; they both moaned.

He stabbed his cock into Sharon and fucked her hot, wet, pregnant cunt, making all kind of slurping sounds as he moved in and out. By the clock on the wall, he spent five minutes, he increased his size and opened her womb and sent his cum flowing into her.

He pulled out and she groaned in disappointment, then rammed his cock into Susan and gave her five glorious minutes as well and filled cunt with his come and he pulled out of her. Michael pushed up between their pussies and rubbed both their clits at the same time and they both gasped, hard.

Then Michael positioned his cock at Sharon's asshole and pushed in; she moaned, "Oh god, that feels good," and he fucked her ass for another five minutes and came again. Both his sluts were sweating hard by then.

He moved his cock to Susan and rimmed her ass very hard until he came; as he came, he shoved two fingers into Sharon's ass and told them to "Cum."

They both began shaking hard, sweat soaking their entire bodies, their trembling causing the table to walk.

Michael stayed in place, holding them both until the tremors stopped and they were both quietly trying to catch their breath.

"Shiiiiit, that was fucking hot," shouted Ruby from across the room. Michael had completely forgotten she was there.

"You get that on tape?" Michael asked.

"Oh hell yeah, I did," she replied, and came three times just watching.

"Good," he said, "Make enough copies for everyone."

"Now," Michael said, "what about you? You want that hot Latino cunt stretched over my cock?"

Ruby said, "That would be great, but I think you might be a little too small for me." She was aware that Michael had tighten her cunt back to when she was a virgin.

"If I guarantee that you will get off more times than you ever have before will you be willing to give me a chance to show you?" he asked.

"Okay, I'll give you the chance, but you will have to beat six times," she responded.

"I'll give you twelve, if you can stand it," he answered. Michael sat down in the studio chair and had her straddle his legs, standing with her hands behind her head. Sharon moved down between their legs and began licking his balls and cock.

Michael had Susan stand behind her holding and lightly caressing her tits. He said to her, "You look me in the eyes, and when you think it is big enough, you tell me and with each orgasm, you count them out loud."

Michael began extending the length of his cock. As his cock touched her outer lips, she shuttered. As the head slipped in she had her first orgasm; it caught her by surprise and she sagged. Michael caught her around the waist.

She counted out, "Ooonne," in a very shaky voice. Her breathing was growing heavier.

He continued to grow his cock until it pushed her womb open, and she came again, her voice even shakier, she counted, "T,t,t,wooooo."

Michael began expanding the girth of his cock by one half inch every second. When it reached less than three inches wide, she screamed and came again. Barely able to speak and could hardly stand, she whispered, "Ttthhreeeee."

The chair and the floor would have been soaked except that Sharon was there sucking up every drop that fell.

Michael moved the head of his cock up and down inside her cunt and she came two more times quickly. She answered in a daze, "Four, five?" and she dropped into his lap being let down gently by him and Susan.

Michael asked her, "More?"

"Please," she said, "more, I need more." She was deliriously happy and her eyes were rolling all around.

Michael started the short, long thrust with his cock and she came and came and came a third time and he came with her; her head falling to his chest, as she passed out from ecstasy.

Ruby was out for almost ten minutes and Michael revived her.

When they were all rested, Michael said, "I have some more news for you three; You are all pregnant now."

Sharon asked questioning, "But you already said I was pregnant?"

"That is true you, were already pregnant with a boy, your Father's son." he told her, "Now you are also carrying my daughter." Her jaw dropped to her magnificent chest.

"And me," Susan queried.

"My son," he answered turning and continued, "And you my dear Ruby have the two daughters you have always wanted."

They all just stood there stunned for a moment and jumped, with Michael in the middle of a three way hug; all, laughing and crying.

Michael was tired and decided it was time to head for home; it was four-thirty in the afternoon. He still had to talk some things over with his Mother about the financial situation with what he had uncovered about the investments his mother had been making for Behr.

When they returned to the lobby, there were five women in various states of exhaustion and Matt slamming away at Grace's cunt; both of them coming as they entered.

Sharon slipped up behind him and said, "Save any for me 'Big Boy'." Matt wrapped her in his arms and kissed her.

Michael said his goodbyes, while he was making sure that each woman was pregnant with boys.

Michael took Susan by the waist and walked out the door and turned for home.

On the walk home, he sent a telepathic command for Melissa to join them at his house. She was closer to his house and would probably be there shortly before them.

As he neared his house, he scanned the inside for occupants and found five; Michelle, Jenn, Kim, Amanda and Melissa.

He let them know that he was home as they came up the walk. They all met him at the door, each getting and giving sensuous kiss and hug. He saved Jenn for last and held her in his embrace longer and kissed her more passionately than the others; exciting her to orgasm.

Michael introduced Susan to those who did not know her and explained that she was his 'body guard', and that she would be staying with them until he could turn over the Mayor's job to someone He could trust.

He asked his mother to join him in the kitchen and they excused themselves for some privacy, while they talked about the financial part of the scheme.

Some of what he told her she already knew; actual money from criminal activity, over one and a quarter billion dollars, over the ten years. From Michelle's investments, less than a million under six billion; Michael figured, nothing less than genius.

He told her of the things that he had already promised and the things he had planned. After he returned all moneys embezzled or stolen, with the going interest rate added, he planned to set up a foundation to help in the recovery of the people sold and their families.

He knew that there would be some he could not return because of death or unforeseen reasons.

After that, Michael told her he wanted to set up a company in Snaketon for research and development of all categories of the technology, covering all the sciences. To do that he would have to buy a lot of acreage surrounding the town.

Michael told Michelle that he was going to have Behr sign over all assets to him as well as any of the others who had assets stashed away from their illegal activities.

Michael considered asking Burt Larson for help getting things set up, but Michelle reminded him that that could cause a conflict of interest with his job as city attorney.

Michelle remembered Amanda saying that her best friend in college was a very good corporate lawyer. She suggested that Michael ask her to have her friend come by and talk about what, if anything, she could do.

Michael sent Amanda a command to call her lawyer friend to come by to talk with them about a business venture they were planning.

With everything planned as far as he could that night, he told his mother that he was going to shower and get in bed. It was still early, but he was tired from his busy day and he knew that they would be busy for some time to come.

Shuffling through the living room, he said good night to everyone, with hugs and kisses for all. He walked into his mother's room and closed the door part way. He was in and out of the shower in minutes; dried off and in bed in a few more. Michael was asleep immediately.

Several hours later, his mind became aware that his ladies were coming to bed. First, Michelle snuggled herself up to the left side of his body and Jenn on his right and Kim crawled up the middle and laid her head on his chest.

Michael lay there, his body asleep, while part of his mind remained active. His body was absorbing the radiated energy from the heat produced by his three ladies.

The active part of his mind controlling his body, gently lifted Kim and slipped his cock into the hot, moist sweetness of her pussy and slowly enlarged it until it was filling her completely. Snug in her pussy, soaking in the energy her heat provided, his mind let his body return to its rest.

Michael's mind scanned for the other three women. He found them together, upstairs, in his bed, his mind returning to its relaxed state.

Michael dreamed about Michelle and Jenn. He wondered what they would look liked blending their features together as one. With the help of the program, he morphed each one to midway between each. He loved the changes, but felt certain things needed to be adjusted; he made the changes and liked what he saw.

Michael knew that he would always be able to tell them apart, but to distinguish one from the other, he gave them a tiny heart mark under a nipple; Jenn's under her right and Michelle's, her left. Michael's mind thought, "If Michelle were a virgin again, they truly would be twins."

Then Kim appeared with them and he gave her his heart over hers. He hit "Execute," and his dream ended.

Chapter 8 (Monday, mid-nightish - Week 2)

Michael woke exactly four hours from the time he fell asleep, fully energized. He caused the women to go deeper to sleep so that he wouldn't wake them getting out of bed. He lifted Kim, keeping her impaled on his cock, and scooted to the end of the bed.

He turned and laid her down and began to gently fuck her wonderfully warm pussy. In a short time, she had a gentle orgasm. Michael carried her around the bed a gently laid her back in the middle and pulled Jenn and Michelle against her. He released them again to normal sleep.

Closing the door to the bedroom, he sat down on the couch to continue processing information he had received. Suddenly he realized that 'Mikey' hadn't spoken directly with him in over twenty four hours, except when he had asked a direct question.

Michael asked why. 'Mikey' responded this way, " Michael as you become more capable of using the program, my presence will be naturally integrated into your thinking. You are learning quickly, but still, are not allowing the program to operate freely to help and guide your bonding with it."

"Let's take yesterday as an example. You went all day, eating and drinking very little. On top of that you expended a great deal of energy having sex. And had a stressful day with the interviews; all without replacing your spent energy. You were worn out when you went to bed, with still no food to replace your energy."

"And now after your rest, you feel completely energized. The reason for that is your body pulled into itself the energy it needed from the only source available, body heat."

"The human body processes food inefficiently and much is wasted and heat is produced; the body also absorbs energy from the sunlight and radiates that off as heat during the night."

"The energy from the heat can be absorbed by your body and stored. Also, sex produces a great amount of heat energy as well as sexual energy, which you can also use."

"So, you can get your energy needs met in a number of ways: you can eat, your body will now process the food completely and use it for energy; You can get it as you did last night from the expended heat of your companions; or two sources from sex; and last, you can get it from being outside in the sunlight."

"There is never any reason you should be tired again. Michael it will take you years to fully learn the capabilities of the program, so take time for yourself to get to know each aspect that you use before you begin to try something new."

Michael sat there contemplating what 'Mikey' had just told him. It took all of about ten seconds.

Then he became aware that Susan was up standing behind him quietly watching, not wanting to disturb him.

Michael called to her, "Susan, come sit with me."

She came and sat down beside him, her soft warm skin pleasant against his. He lifted her to his lap; her back to his chest with his cock in her.

She said, "I was missing you and couldn't sleep."

'Well I'm available right now," he replied, "Lay your head back and close your eyes."

She turned and kissed him, as he wrapped his arms around her and she was asleep in no time.

The heat from her back and her pussy was pulled into his body for extra strength reserves. After a couple of hours she was sleeping soundly. He carefully picked her up and carried her up stairs to bed.

Michael laid her in the middle of the bed and slid Melissa against her for the closeness of another person.

Michael made sure that they would not be disturbed and awakened, then he slipped into the bed next to Amanda and kissed her gently awake.

Waking, she turned to face him. Embracing him, she kissed him like a long lost love, having finally returned.

They kissed and hugged and tenderly fondled each other for a while. Michael mounted her, sliding his cock into her tight sweetness, sliding smoothly all the way in from her honeyed moisture. He expanded himself until she was comfortably full and began rhythmically stroking slowly getting harder and faster.

Her legs were around his back, but she pulled them up to his shoulders, so that she could feel him all that much more and he opened her womb with each new stroke. Her breathing was becoming labored and erratic as her orgasm neared.

Michael held her legs firmly as she began coming, the strength of her pushed raised him up straight. Quietly she came and came down and as Michael continued to stroke, she came again. He kept stroking and as she came a third time, he filled her womb with his cum.

Quietly they lay together sharing the quiet of the night and the love that they had just shared. In a whisper, she asked, "Is my baby a boy or girl?"

Michael replied, "What did you ask for?"

"A girl," she answered.

He said smiling, "And that is what you received. Now it's time for you to go back to sleep." He gave her mind a little nudge and she fell peacefully back to sleep. He lifted her next to Susan and they snuggled together.

Michael walked around the bed to the other side and gently woke Melissa. He picked her up and carried her to Jenn's room and placed her on the bed and climbed on with her.

He looked into her mind as he was kissing and touching her and found that although their contact had been less that five minutes, she had promised herself that she would be his slave forever, if he would only ask.

Michael asked her, "Will you be mine."

She replied, "Yes Master, forever." Michael enhanced the pleasure she received from his physical touch and the things she did to please him.

Michael questioning, "I want you to have my baby, will you consent?"

Melissa began crying, "Master, I am only your servant, not worthy of such honor."

Michael pretending sternness, said, "Who are you to tell me, on whom I may bestow my honors?"

The horrified look on her face told him he better do something quick to correct his misjudgment. He smiled and said, "I'm sorry that was a stupid thing to say; I love you and servant or not, that will never change. Let me rephrase that request; It would be my honor, if you would consent to have my child."

"Oh god, Yes." she answered, "I would have a hundred children for you if you want."

Michael smiled knowing that she would try her hardest if he asked such a thing. He said, "No, Dear One, one is enough for now. Now 'My Dear', how would you like to receive my gift?"

Melissa's look turned quiet and shy, as if she were about to cry again. She spoke in a whisper, "I don't know, Master, you were my first and only man."

For some reason, he had thought she had already been taken by a member of her family. He searched her mind and found that her father, like Kim's, had suddenly left.

Michael answered, "Then we shall do it the old fashioned way, face to face."

Melissa quietly asked, "Master, may I suck you first, I have never done that for a real man before, only a toy?

"Of course you may, he said, "if that is your wish." She crawled down between his legs.

"It is so big," she said, "I'm not sure I can fit it all in."

Michael said, "If it were shorter would that help?" He pointed to his cock and said, "Look," and it shortened by two inches.

Melissa said, with her mouth hanging open, "How'd you do that?"

Michael replied, "The same way I do this," and his cock got longer and longer and longer, until it touched the ceiling. Her eyes following the head all the way and her mouth still hanging open.

She put her hand on it to see how it felt and if it were real and it started expanding until her hand went only half way around. Melissa leaned in and gave it a lick to see if it tasted real, not that she knew what one tasted like.

Michael finished playing and brought it back down to normal and said to her, "It doesn't matter, if you can get it all the way in your mouth. You do the best you can and it will be good enough for me."

Melissa started licking and sucking around on the head, then licking up and down the shaft and around his balls, even pulling them one at a time into her mouth for a quick suck and lick, before starting up again.

She placed the head in her mouth and started licking and sucking in earnest. Then she began moving in and out, increasing the depth until her mouth was full; her tongue dancing around his cock sensuously.

She got bolder and tried to get it in her throat, but gagged a little and back off, disappointed that she may have disappointed her Master.

Michael saw her discomfort and removed her gag reflex and said, "No one gets it right every time, I didn't and neither has anyone else, don't give up with only one try, and you might be the best and not even know it."

Melissa hadn't stopped sucking and being encouraged by Master, strengthened her resolve to do it right. She started down again and got to the back of her throat and didn't gag. She pushed harder and tried to relax her throat, but it was tight. She began swallowing to see if she could help it relax and his cock slipped farther in.

She kept pushing and pushing until her nose was against his stomach, she tried to squeal in delight, but caused vibrations to send a thrill Michael's cock and almost to orgasm. She felt his cock pulse and that excited her tremendously, so she pulled back for air and started to hum around his cock while sucking and licking.

Michael had reached his limit and told her he was coming and she started sucking harder and as he came, she managed to get it all down, without losing a drop.

Michael told her, "Don't swallow that last mouthful, come up here and share it with me."

Melissa moved up his body, dragging her wet tongue from his cock, in a straight line to his mouth. Planting her lips over his she opened her mouth and let the cum trickle into his mouth, followed closely by her tongue which began to dance around, punching and stabbing, until they were in a free-for-all tongue battle.

She was giggling so much, they were beginning to lose it. Michael flipped her over on her back and opened his mouth and dripped it all over her face. Using his tongue he spread it into a big mess, then kissed her and rubbing his face all over hers. They laughed and played together, licking the mess from their faces.

Michael pulled himself on top of her and she lifted her legs around his waist. He entered slowly until he was all the way inside her. He began his strokes with short ins and outs then lengthened them more with each stroke. He began moving faster at the same time. Melissa was moving in sync with his thrusts, her breathing faster and faster.

She started yelling, "Harder, harder, faster please." Then she was screaming, "MORE, BIGGER, BIGGER.

Michael speeded his thrusts and pushed harder on the down strokes. He lengthened his cock until it the head was inside her womb, and then began expanding it outward until she was stretched to her limit.

He continued pounding into her cunt until she exploded, shaking hard with spasm after spasm, her orgasm lasting a full two minutes. She passed out, not knowing if she was pregnant. She was with a fine healthy girl.

Michael pulled himself off Melissa, kissing her as he got off the bed. Michael felt better than he had in quite some time having got more energy from both Melissa and Amanda. Feeling chipper he lengthened his cock until he could lick it clean. He tasted the co-mingled juices of their love and he was pleased.

(Monday morning - dawn)

It was Monday morning and the dawn was beginning to show through the curtained windows. Michael began preparing breakfast for those who had to be up for school and work. Michael could work faster preparing the food than he ever could. Within ten minutes he had four pans of eggs cooking four different ways and was preparing the toast and bacon for when he had space on the stove.

Breakfast enough for twenty for was ready when the first drowsy heads appeared at the kitchen door.

"Hi, sleepy heads," Michael said, as Jenn and Michelle walked into the kitchen yawning, followed a few minutes later by Kim. He gave them all a very-wake-up kiss, giving them some of the extra energy he had accumulated.

He decided to wait a few more minutes, before going to see if the others needed waking. Shortly, they all appeared in the kitchen smiling, and famished. Michael sat down with them and ate lite.

The breakfast for twenty was gone before the last lady left the table.

When Michael had talked with Michelle the day before, it was decided that she would continue working at her job until he could get the paper work in motion and the funds available.

During breakfast, Amanda had said that she had gotten in touch with her lawyer friend. She said that she had important meetings all day, but could be there by six in the evening. Michael had asked her to leave a message that that would do just fine.

Michael hadn't planned to go to school, anticipating the visit from the lawyer, but now he thought that he would go to see how the students were reacting to the recent developments and there may be someone that could use his help.

All he needed was to brush his teeth and hair to be ready, so he went to the bathroom to do just that. Michelle and Jenn were standing face to face in front of the mirror, looking first at each other and then at the mirror.

Michael walked on in as if nothing had changed and went to the sink; both women giving him that, "You had better explain," look.

Michelle spoke first, "Michael did you do this to us?"

"Do you like it?" he asked.