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"Life can't be full of quotes when you're in the middle of a crisis." - Anonomus.

It was late. Gloom hung over the city like a blanket. The lights of Las Vegas were ever so dim, making the city seem dull. The streets didn't seem half as busy. No hustle and bustle a normal Las Vegas day should bring. The tourists no longer flooded the casinos, and it seemed like the crime rate dropped ninty percent in one day.

The silence was too loud, but the noise just wasn't loud enough.

The Crime Lab was empty. Or so it seemed. People were everywhere, and no where at the same time.

Eight criminalists kept straight faces, even though their insides were drowning in tears.

A friend so dear was gone. Taken from this cruel world, in an ever so sickening way.

A friend who didn't have an ounce of trust. A friend who put others before them. A friend who would never be forgotten.

Not everyone knew her strenghts; but her family and friends did. Sweet as a dove, but stubborn as a damn mule. She never went down without a fight.

This time, fate had a different idea. This time she couldn't fight. Powers beyond her control prevented this strong CSI from fighting.

Catherine Willows never had the chance to say goodbye. Catherine Willows gave her trust to a man, who stole everything from her. Her love, her friends, her child. He stole her life.


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