--This takes place right after Sin City--



He couldn't't see. Nothing but darkness. All he felt was pain. Terrible, agonizing pain. And she was screaming at him.

"Scream. You know that's all I want." She bellowed. He didn't, couldn't, wouldn't make a sound. The leather came down with a loud crack and his back was again split open. He wanted to cry out. He wanted to die. If only god was that merciful.

He felt her walk toward him. The blind fold wouldn't let him see what she was about to do. He felt her mouth next to his ear.

"Come on Dean," she whispered. "Scream." Dean shook his head. Her black eyes gleamed maliciously. She nodded to the demon holding the whip. He brought it down. And Dean broke.

Twelve hours earlier...

Sam sat up groggily. He didn't want to get up but he knew he had to. It was 8:02, they needed to get to Boston by five. He walked over to Dean and shook his shoulder.

"Dean," he said, still shaking him. "Wake up."

"Oh," Dean groaned. "I'm up Sammy." Sam walked into the bathroom. Dean sat up and rubbed his eyes. Man was he sick of this. Sick of always fighting and never resting. Saving ungrateful people. And he was tired of worrying about Sam. But until his year was up, he had to save the world, one evil, nasty, ugly thing at a time.

"Where are we goin' today Sammy?" He asked.

"I told you yesterday dude," Sam said, toothbrush in mouth. "There's been a ton of demonic activity around Boston. Bobby thinks we should check it out."

"Great. And will Bobby be going on our little escapade?" Dean said.

"Yeah. He headed out about two hours ago." Sam walked out of the bathroom.

"What a weirdo," Dean glanced at his watch. "Well Sam if I'm right we have to leave...Five minutes ago."

"Sam...Sammy," Dean said, shaking his brother's shoulder. "Wake up Sam. I ain't carrying you inside." Sam's soft brown eyes fluttered open.

"Are we seriously in Boston already?" He asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Already? Dude you've been out for three hours." Dean said, pulling the car into a motel parking lot.

"Oh." Sam said, confused. Dean threw a credit card at Sam.

"Go get us a room sleeping beauty." He said. Sam smiled.

The room was a typical motel room. Nice but not too nice. They threw their bags down on separate beds.

"Are you gonna call Bobby or shall I?" Dean asked.

"I think I'll-Ah!" Sam yelled, reaching into his pocket.

"I told you not to keep your phone on vibrate." Dean said. Sam smirked.

"Hey Bobby," Sam said. "We were just talking about you."

"Well don't I feel special." Bobby said. "Listen I need you to come help me with something."

"Yeah Bobby we'll be right there-"

"No I just need you Sam."

"Why?" Sam asked.

"Because I need your head...Dean really doesn't have much to contribute in that department." He said. Sam smiled.

"Yeah you got a point there. Okay I'll be right there." He closed his phone.

"Dean I need to borrow your car." Sam said.

"Why in the hell do you need my car?" He asked, surprised.

"Bobby needs me to come do something." Sam said. Dean threw him the keys.

"One ding on my baby and-"

"I'll skin you alive," Sam finished. "I know Dean."

Dean sat alone in the motel room, bored. Sam had only been gone for forty minutes, but he was still bored. Someone knocked on the door.

"Hang on." Dean said. He opened the door. A young, pretty woman stood in front of him. Dean smiled. "Well hello there." Dean said.

"Hi Dean." Said the girl.

"I'm sorry Miss but I don't think I know you." Now the girl smiled.

"Oh you know me better than you think." She said, taking a step forward. Dean was confused.

"Who are you?" He asked. Her smile didn't falter.

"I'm the one that's gonna kill you Dean." And before Dean could react, she plunged a syringe into his neck. She blinked and her eyes turned black as Dean sank to his knees. "You're in for a world of pain Dean Winchester." Dean tried to keep his eyes open, fighting against the drug. It was no use. He fell to the ground. All he managed to whisper before he lost consciousness was: