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Chapter 10: Truth about Past Selves

At night, in Domino at a neighborhood game shop called 'Kame Shop' we find Inuyasha, Melody, and their Digimon partners, Agumon and Falcomon appearing by the store with Instant Transmission. The half-demons and their Digimon partners walked towards the door, opens it to see a short elder man with overalls, white shirt, and an orange bandana wrapped around his head. The old man looks at the half-demons and he says, in a kind tone, "Hello, how are you today?"

Inuyasha asks the old man, "Hey old man, is Yugi here?"

Just then, a familiar male voice calls out, "I'm glad that you two are here!" Everyone turns to see Yugi walking towards them, turns to the old man, and he says, pointing at the Taisho twins, "These are our friends from school and we're going to chat for a bit, grandpa!"

Yugi's grandpa nods his head and Yugi asks the Taisho twins and their Digimon partners, "Could the guys of you come upstairs to my room?" A few moments later, they entered Yugi's room and Inuyasha asks Yugi, "Okay, Yugi, what is it that you wanted to talk to us about?"

Yugi replies, in a plain tone, "Well, the reason is that I friend of mine believes that he knows about you two."

Melody asks, curiously, "Who?"

Just then, the spirit of Pharaoh appears by Yugi and he says, "He means me!"

The Taisho twins and their Digimon partners yelp in shock and Inuyasha yells out, shocked, "What the hell's that!?"

Yugi motions to the spirit and he says, "Guys, this is Atem, the spirit of my Millennium Puzzle." Yugi shows them his necklace where an upside down puzzle was held.

The half-demons take a good look at it and Inuyasha says, in a shocked tone, when he looks at the Eye of Horus, "No way! That symbol!" Inuyasha places his hands to a cup as his Millennium Pendant appears around his neck and Yugi and Atem yelps in shock.

Yugi yells out, shocked, "It's a Millennium Item!"

Atem yells out, stunned, "And I know that item! It's called the Millennium Pendant and it belonged to one of my good friends from Ancient Egypt!"

Inuyasha asks, curiously, "Did he have a name called Taigoku?"

Atem nods his head and he says, in a serious tone, "As a matter of fact, he did! He was one of my best friends and strongest allies. He was the half-demon son of a powerful ruler of Demon World who fell in love with a human. Taigoku came from a powerful and 'upper class' demon family, but being royalty wasn't in his nature. Taigoku was born warrior and fighter not to mention really smart, brash, hard-headed, stubborn, cocky, and real nasty at times as well."

Agumon asks Inuyasha, curiously, "Hey, boss, doesn't that describe you too?"

Inuyasha yells at Agumon, annoyed, "Clam it, Agumon!"

Atem says, with a serious tone, "Anyway, Taigoku became a loyal ally and warrior to me, becoming part of me court. He fought in the war against Zorc the Dark One and he died. As for the Millennium Pendant, a special Millennium Item, created for and used by the Taigoku, who is the legendary Egyptian Dog Demon or the Chosen Hanyou'. Like other Millennium Items, it has the power to summon real life Shadow Creatures, but the wearer is immune to all priestess magic and potions, and only Taigoku or his reincarnation. If anyone else even touches it, then his or her soul would be banished into the Shadow Realm for all times, where their souls are tortured for all time. However, he made one exception from this rule, because the Millennium Pendant couldn't be removed, not even by Taigoku, except when he…left this world."

Yugi says, amazed, "Whoa! A Millennium Item that can't be removed, even by the wearer." Just then, the two Millennium Items glows golden forcing everyone to close their eyes from the light.

Agumon yells out, stunned, "Inuyasha!"

Falcomon calls out, horrified, "Melody!" When the light dies down and they are able to open their eyes, Inuyasha, Melody, Agumon, Falcomon, Yugi, and Atem find themselves hovering over Atem's palace in ancient Egypt over five millennia in the past.

Inuyasha asks, curiously, "What the hell's going on?"

Atem and Yugi yelp in shock and Atem replies, in a serious tone, "We're five millennia in the past when I was Pharaoh in ancient Egypt!"

Falcomon asks, perplexed, "But how did we get here!?"

Inuyasha looks at his Millennium Pendant and he asks, "Do you think it has something to do with my Millennium Pendant or Yugi's Millennium Puzzle? Since both of them glowed and took us here."

Atem replies, in a serious tone, "That must be it! I may have most of my memories back, but some of memories are still missing." Just then the group are teleported into the palace as they see Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen, Atem's father, and an eighteen year old Atem in the throne room with Priests Seto, Kalim, Isis, Mahad, Mana, Shada, Akhenaden, along with three dog humanoids by Atem's side as one of the guards that spotted the figure with another group of royal guards explain the situation with an 'intruder' to them.

One of the dog humanoids had Inuyasha's long and silver hair that goes to his knees, he had Egyptian honey colored skin, he had a Millennium Crown, similar to the one that Atem wore across his forehead, but this Millennium Crown is rainbow and not golden in color, the rainbow Millennium Crown is attached to the forehead of his scalp, he had the Millennium Pendant hanging around his neck, he is wearing the same clothes that Atem is wearing now, with a red cape that goes to his knees. He had a Diadiankh, an Egyptian Duel Disk that summoned Shadow Creatures, attached to his left wrist. He also had white formal Egyptian shoes.

The another one was a female half-dog demon looks similar to Melody except with honey colored skin, a black version of Atem's Millennium Crown across her forehead, wearing clothes similar to Mana's clothing that's covering her flawless feminine form with a perfect curved and perfectly shaped curves on every single point on her body, except they are golden in color, wrapped around her slender and feminine upper arms are golden armbands, she is wearing high-heeled boots similar to what Sailor Moon wears (AN: Again, I don't watch the show, I remembered it when my sister watched it), but they are golden in color and they have the Millennium Symbol on the center of each boot which were covering the lower part of her well-toned legs, with a golden belt wrapped around her slender and feminine waistline, she doesn't have the hat that Mana wears on her head, she has a version of the same necklace that Mana wears around her neck, but the jewel in it being dark violet in color, she has a black staff with a red jewel on top in her right and, and she has a Diadiankh attached to her left wrist.

The last dog demon humanoid looks similar to Zera and her long silver hair that goes to her kneecaps, with honey colored skin, a black version of Atem's Millennium Crown across her forehead, she had earrings with a stone with the symbol of the Eye of Horus in the center, wearing clothes similar to Mana's clothing that's covering her voluptuous figure, except they are blue in color, wrapped around her own slender and feminine upper arms are blue armbands, she is wearing shoes similar to Mana's, with a golden belt wrapped around her slender and feminine waistline, she doesn't have the hat that Mana wears on her head, she has a version of the same necklace that Mana wears around her neck, but the jewel in it being dark blue in color, she has a black staff with a golden jewel on top in her right and, and she has a Diadiankh attached to her left wrist.

Yugi yelps in shock and he yells out, "Mahad! Mana!"

Falcomon asks Yugi, "You know them?"

Yugi nods his head and he says, "Yeah, they were Atem's friends in this time."

Agumon says, in a perplexed tone, "So, we're in Ancient Egypt?!"

Inuyasha and Melody looked at their dog humanoid counterparts with confused and perplexed looks.

Agumon tells Inuyasha, while looking at the Inuyasha look-a-like amazed, "Whoa, boss! He looks just like you!"

Melody says, in a plain tone, "He sure does…" Melody looks at the Zera look-a-like and she says, "And that looks like Zera…"

Falcomon points at the Melody look-a-like and he says, amazed, "And that one looks like Melody!"

Atem says, in a serious tone, "That's because they're your past selves. The one that looks like Inuyasha is one of my friends, Taigoku, and the other that looks like Melody is Setsuna, while the other that looks like your sister, Zera, is Runo, Zera's past self."

Inuyasha says, in an amazed tone, "No way! Melody, Zera, and I all have a past self in here!"

Yugi asks, pointing to the Atem's father, "Atem is that your…"

Atem nods his head and replies, "Yes, it is, Yugi. That's my father. This is a few years or so before he died and I took the throne when Thief Bakura started to steal the seven items to take over the world by releasing Zorc as well as Akhenaden's betrayal."

Seto yells at the guard, angrily, "Well, have you found the intruder, yet?!"

The guard replies, nervously, "Well…not yet, Lord Seto…"

The Inuyasha look-a-like known as Taigoku snaps at the guard, "But what? It's not that hard to catch someone in the palace!"

The guard says, in a nervous tone, "Well…Lord Taigoku…this person possess moderate amount of magic and powers."

Akhenaden says, with a serious tone, "This person might be possessed by a powerful Ka or possess powerful Heka!" (AN: Ka is ancient Egyptian for 'spirit' and Heka is ancient Egyptian for 'magic'.)

Mahad says, in a serious tone, "If that's the case, then we must be careful around this intruder."

Seto tells the guards, in a serious tone, "And why this intruder needs to be found and tried for trespassing the sacred palace of the Pharaoh! Find this intruder and bring this one before us immediately!"

Just then another voice calls out, "My king! My king!" However, another group of royal guards rush into the room, with a teenage girl in their arms.

This teenage girl appears to look like Kagome and also be around 16-17 years of age with Kikyo's long black hair, with Kagome's brown eyes, but she had darker honey skin, and she was wearing similar clothing to Kisara, the spirit of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon wrapped around her feminine form. By the looks of her, you'd think that she was a homeless girl.

Taigoku says, in a stunned tone, "A human girl…?"

Inuyasha and Melody yelps in shock and Melody says, in a serious tone, "Higurashi! What's she doing here!?"

Yugi tells Melody, "Actually, I don't think that's Kagome."

Atem says, in a serious tone, "That's because she isn't."

Sestuna and Runo looks at the Kagome look-a-like with hatred and disgust and Sestuna says, in a nasty sneer, "I smell a priestess aura coming from this girl."

Runo says, in a nasty snarl, "If that's the case, then throw her away from this place!"

Agumon says, in awe, "Wow, they hate priestesses like Melody and Zera do."

Inuyasha says, in a serious tone, "Then, that would mean that Runo and Sestuna are past forms of my sisters."

One of the guards says, in a serious tone, "My pharaoh, thanks to the charms from Lady Sestuna and Lady Runo, we found this girl lurking around the palace."

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen steps up and he says, "I see."

The Kagome look-a-like looks at Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen and says, in an eerie version of Kagome's serious tone, "I happened to got lost and I happen to…"

Runo yells at Kagome's 'double', in a nasty tone, "You will bow your head at the presence of the King of Egypt, worm!"

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen tells Runo, "Runo, it's okay." Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen asks Kagome's 'double', in a curious tone, "Tell me, what's your name, my dear?"

The Kagome look-a-like replies, "I'm Serbia and yes, I am a priestess."

Sestuna says, in a nasty tone, "If that's the case, then this palace isn't for the likes of you, you disgusting priestess scum."

Mahad tells Sestuna, in a scolding tone, "Sestuna!" Mahad tells Serbia, in a kind tone, "You'll have to excuse Sestuna. It's just the way that she is."

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen asks Serbia, in a curious tone, "So, tell me, Serbia, where did you come from and why have you come here?"

Serbia bowed her head to the ground and she replies, "You see, my pharaoh, I've traveled long way from India and I've been traveling the deserts for the last three years." Soon after, Serbia's eyes started to water in which Taigoku could smell salty water, which made him cringe, and Serbia says, in a croaky tone, "My…family were…(sniffs)…murdered by bandits…and the bandits went after me, but luckily they fell off a cliff. From that moment on, I started on my journey to wander in the deserts, then I stumbled to your city."

Inuyasha couldn't help but feel sorry for Serbia, which was almost melting the coldness in his heart that he had for Kagome, since Serbia looked like her, but as soon as the memories on what she's done four years ago in his time came into his mind, his heart held on to the coldness. Taigoku, himself, felt sorry for the poor girl and he thinks in his mind, with a solemn tone, "Poor girl!"

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen tells Serbia, with a smile, "Serbia, I was wondering if you'd like to join us for dinner and we'll offer you a place to stay."

Priest Seto tells Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen, "My king! How could you be so forgiving to this girl for sneaking into the palace!? Do you really believe her story!?"

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen says, in a serious tone, "Yes, she did sneak into the palace, but it wasn't in malevolence, Seto. Plus, with this girl hasn't done anything wrong as if yet."

Sestuna says, in a plain tone, "And if she tries anything, she'll be put to the death that's all."

Isis says, in a serious tone, "However, someone will need to keep an eye on her at all times."

Shimon states, in a plain tone, "That's a good idea, Isis, but the question is who?"

Runo says, in a snort, "Hey don't look at me! I'm no babysitter! Let the brat die for trespassing!"

Akhenaden tells Runo, "Runo, we, guardians, must show patience as well as firmness! This young girl might have trespassed, but she has done nothing to us, including our king, the prince, and your siblings! We must remember that we must be civil as well!"

Runo says, with a snort, "Okay, fine whatever."

Akhenaden looks at Taigoku and he asks, "What about you, Taigoku? Why don't you watch the girl?"

Taigoku yelps in shock and he yells out, in Inuyasha's shocked tone, "What!? Why?"

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen says, with a smile, "Then, so be it. Taigoku should be the watcher and protector of Serbia."

Taigoku yelps in shock and he tries to say, "Pharaoh, are you kidding me! I'm no babysit…"

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen says, in a strong and serious tone, "So let it be written, so let it be done! I have spoken!" Taigoku huffs away in a similar classic Inuyasha style and grumble a few words in annoyance. Taigoku then eyes Serbia and thinks in his mind, with a blush on his cheek, "In the name of Ra! She is very beautiful, but she is a human and I'm only a half-demon, she'll never go for the likes of me." Inuyasha then notice the gaze that Taigoku was giving to Serbia and he thinks in his mind, "I hope that he's not thinking to go with that girl! She's like Higurashi from my time and even though she gave me that 'apology', I'm never going to forgive her at all. I still say that she's only nice to me, since I'm the only way that her wolf boyfriend would get better."

Serbia looks at Taigoku, which got him to look away with a slight hue on his face, and she think in her mind, blushing at the sight of Taigoku, "Oh, wow! That guy…I can't believe that I'm saying this, but he is handsome for a half-demon!" Soon after, the scene goes to night as Taigoku walks down the hallway, after the dinner party was finished and he couldn't get Serbia out of his head. He couldn't explain it that he was starting to fall for the young priestess, but there was two things wrong, which were that he believed that she'll never truly him as a half-demon and being a priestess, his sisters will never approve of it and she's suppose to hate demons, most especially half-demons.

Just then, a familiar feminine voice rings out, "Excuse me, Lord Taigoku!" Taigoku turns to the owner of that voice with appeared to be Serbia, now wearing a similar clothing like Mana, except it was also pink in color and she wasn't wearing the hat that Mana was wearing, with a golden belt and her slender and well-toned legs were showing, wrapped around her slender and feminine waistline golden wristbands and a pair of formal Egyptian shoes on her feet. She was also wearing the same necklace as Mana with the jewel being dark violet in color.

Taigoku couldn't help but blush at the sight her, even her mixed scent of Sakura Blossoms and Lavenders came swirling into Taigoku's nose too nice to ignore. His mind went clouded by the delicious scent and practically went to heaven. As soon as the thought of him being a half-demon or 'disgusting lowly half-breed' came into his mind, he stopped blush and regained his composer. Taigoku asks, gruffly while trying to avoid contact, "What do you want, girl?"

Serbia was taken back at this, but shrugged it off and she replies, in a soft tone in her voice, "Umm, I was wondering if you could show me around the palace, since I am new here. Plus, this will be a good way to get to know each other." He stopped all movements as soon as those words came out of her mouth. Taigoku thinks in his mind, perplexed, "Is she crazy? Why would she want me to be her palace tour guide? Doesn't she already know I'm a half-demon?"

Taigoku asks, in a surprised tone in her voice, "Are you insane?"

Serbia blinked once…then twice and she replies, "N-no, should I be?"

Taigoku chuckled lightly, his voice somehow soothes her and he asks, in a mocking tone, "Don't you know who…or what I am?"

Serbia seemed puzzled at this and she thinks in her mind, "Where is he getting to?" Serbia replies, "I know that you're a half-demon…"

Taigoku says, interrupting her, "I'm a half-demon…a half-breed. A freak! The outcast!"

Serbia's eyes softened at what he said and she says, in a serious tone, "Wha-how? How can you say that? I don't think you're a freak. Just because you're a half-demon, doesn't mean you're different from all of us."

Taigoku says, repeating, "Don't you get it, you stupid girl? I'm a half-breed. A mixed blood! The lowest of the low on this stupid planet! Aren't you priestesses disgusted by that? It's one of the reasons why my sisters hate priestesses."

Serbia shook her head and she says, "Oh no, not disgusted. I think it's actually kind of amazing. You get to look human and have human emotions while you still possess strong powers and abilities of a demon. Plus, those ears look so cute!" Without thinking, she stuck her small hand out and gently rubbed the soft appendage against her fingers.

Taigoku suddenly relaxed at the soft massage of her hands. It's not everyday he gets something like this! Her fingertips rubbed every inch of his ears then moved the base of it, sometimes lightly scratching the bottom. He could feel his chest tremble as he growled in pleasure. And Kagome noticed it too.

Serbia giggles and she says, "You purr? I thought only cats do that." Taigoku snapped back to reality and pulled away from her soft touch blushing madly.

Taigoku says, in a mumble tone, "I do not purr. I'm a half-dog demon, remember?" Taigoku went passed Serbia towards down the hallway and Serbia tries to say, "Wait, so can you be my guide? At least until I know where everything is?" Taigoku stopped, rolled his eyes and sighed, while thinking, "Why me?" Taigoku replies, plainly, "Sure, whatever." Serbia nodded happily, glad and relieved someone is with her, and followed behind Taigoku. While walking, Serbia looked at the back of Taigoku's head and she asks, "Lord Taigoku, I know this isn't my business and all, but since we're going to be friends, mind telling me where you're from?"

Taigoku looks at Serbia and he replies, "I, along with my sisters, lived in a village before our parents were killed and we ended up here, where we met Prince Atem and taken into the palace, where we were treated with lots of respect from the guards, the Pharaoh, Prince Atem, and the other guardians."

Serbia says, in a plain tone, "I see…" Serbia asks Taigoku, curiously, "Excuse me, Lord Taigoku, but I was curious to ask about your sisters, they seem disgusted with me for some reason. Could you tell me why?"

Taigoku replies, "Well…both my sisters, Sestuna and Runo are Demonic Priestesses, which are considered to be the first ever, and they extremely hate priestesses, like you, with every fiber of their being. With Sestuna, you're most likely getting beaten down to a pulp and with Runo, she'll kill you very slow and very painfully."

Serbia winces at that and Taigoku points at his Millennium Pendent and he says, "It's thanks to this Millennium Pendant that I'm protected from any priestess type spells or attacks made from their Demonic Priestess magic."

On the meanwhile, the real Atem, Yugi, Inuyasha, Melody, Agumon, and Falcomon were watching this as 'ghosts' and are amazed what had happened.

Melody says, in an amazed tone, "Whoa, so mine and Zera's past selves were the ones that founded Demonic Priestess magic!"

Atem nods his head and he says, seriously, "That's right! It was Sestuna and Runo that made the Millennium Pendant to protect their brother from priestess type spells or attacks. The reason behind it was that during their life, priestesses tried to kill off Taigoku and Sestuna, but Runo was the one, who saves them after killing the priestess. Runo was given the name 'Runo the Destroyer' since she strikes without warning. However, Serbia was different from the other priestesses."

Agumon asks Atem, "How so?" Just then, a scene where Taigoku and Serbia were in the palace garden, sitting on a bench. It's been two weeks since they've met and Serbia kept her word to become friends with Taigoku, even though the two fights from time to time and Sestuna and Runo are against their brother befriending a 'lowly priestess', but figure that she's harmless since Taigoku was protected from priestess type spells and attacks. Little by little the two were beginning to fall for each other, but they don't let the other find out.

Taigoku asks Serbia, curiously, "Serbia, what is it that you called me here for?"

Serbia says, with a plain tone, "The reason why I've called out here, Taigoku was that I was angry at the way that you chased off that wolf demon away, when he was flirting with me, even though I told you that I would never leave your side no matter what. As a matter of fact, anytime that a man, human or demon, except for Prince Atem, the Pharaoh, or any of the male guardians, comes towards me, you attack them without warning and I'm getting fed up with that."

Taigoku says, in a plain tone, "Oh!" Taigoku turns away and he says, with his arms crossed, "I wasn't jealous if that's what you're getting at!"

Serbia takes out a golden beaded necklace and without warning shoves them around Taigoku's neck to his surprise. Taigoku says, in a perplexed tone, "What in the name of Ra is this!?"

Serbia smirked at him and she exclaims, "SIT!!"

Taigoku looked at her like she was crazy until the beads started glowing. Then they pulled down hard on his neck and he was sent crashing down the tree straight into the ground.

On the meanwhile, Inuyasha, Melody, Yugi, Atem, Agumon, and Falcomon looks at this with interest and Inuyasha asks, "What the hell's that!?"

Melody says, in a serious tone, "I don't know, but I don't like it!"

Serbia bend over to see if he was all right. Taigoku was plastered into the ground and he was twitching. When the spell finally wore off he jumped up and tried to remove the beads, but he couldn't.

Taigoku says, in a perplexed tone, "I don't understand this! My Millennium Pendant should have protected me friends all priestess type and attacks! Why won't they come off?"

Serbia says, while explaining, "They are called Beads of Subjugation. My mother gave them to me. She told me that only the person who places the beads on someone can remove them. Plus, it was made by my Astral magic, which is stronger than your sister's demonic priestess magic."

Taigoku says, in a snarl, "Then take them off!"

Serbia says, with a smug, "Hmm no."

Taigoku says, in an annoyed tone, "Why the hell not?"

Serbia replies, seriously, "Because I don't want you to pick a fight with every young man that comes to me so I think I will leave them on."

Taigoku yells out, "Take them off!"

Serbia replies, "Nuh uh."

Taigoku yells out, begging, "Come on! If my sisters finds out about this, then the first person they'll blame is you!"

Serbia giggles and she says, with a cheesy smile, "Sit boy."

And he was sent crashing to the ground once more, while Inuyasha, Melody, Yugi, Atem, Agumon, and Falcomon looks at this and Melody says, in a perplexed tone, "So, there's a magic that's even stronger than demonic priestess magic?"

Atem replies, "Yes, Astral magic is the strongest magic there is. It's magic is derived from the power of the Astral or Existence."

Melody says, in an annoyed tone, "Oh great!"

Atem says, in a serious tone, "However, there's one form of magic equal to this one and it is known as 'Twilight' magic and it's derived from the power of demon and spiritual energy, which happened to be Sestuna and Runo's other form of magic that they developed as well after they found out about Serbia's 'Astral' magic and it's wasn't in a good way." Just then, the scene shows were Taigoku was in Sestuna and Runo's room, where Taigoku's sisters had called him there as they removed the beads from Taigoku's neck.

Taigoku says, with a smile, "That feels much better!"

Sestuna says, with a sly grin, "And it's going to get even better, brother!" Sestuna and Runo points their right hands to Taigoku's pendant and dark violet and silver light comes out and hits the Millennium Pendant.

Runo says, with a sly smile, "Now you're immune to that little witch's 'Astral' magic."

Taigoku says, with a sly grin, "That's good! I can't wait to see the look on Serbia's face now."

Sestuna says, with a sly grin, "Actually, she's not feeling so well."

Taigoku asks, curiously, "What do you mean?"

Runo says, with a devious smile, "Well, little brother, after we were given news about Serbia's 'Astral' magic and what she's done to you, we give her a little 'talk' on how we felt about that."

Taigoku yelps in shock and he says, horrified, "No…you didn't…!" Taigoku runs out of the room to find Serbia. Taigoku runs down the hallways as they see 'Memory Atem' and the guardians gathering around at a corner with an injured Serbia lying on the ground with her clothes with holes and her arms and legs with scratches and nasty gashes, with her face with multiple black and blues.

Taigoku runs towards Serbia's battered form and he says, "Is she alright!?"

'Memory Atem' replies, in a plain tone, "She's hurt, but she'll be fine, Taigoku." At night, Serbia was in her room with her arms and legs, as well as her forehead and cheeks bandaged and she was conscious.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and she calls out, "Come in!" The door opened to reveal the face of Taigoku with a worried look on his face. Serbia says, in a perplexed tone, "Taigoku…?"

Taigoku walks slowly to her bed and he says, "Serbia, are you okay?"

Serbia replies, with a smile, "I'll be fine, don't worry." Serbia slowly sits up on her bed and she says, "I guess I should have heeded your warning after I placed those beads around your neck. I'll try to listen to you more often for now on."

Taigoku shook his head and he says, "You were right, Serbia." Serbia was surprised about this as Taigoku gets on his knees, while places his and he says, with a plain tone, "I guess that whenever a young man comes anywhere near you, I feel afraid that I may lose you to them and you'll forget all about me."

Serbia places her hand onto Taigoku's right hand and she says, with a kind smile and a serious tone, "Taigoku, I would never leave or forsake you ever. I swear that I'll stay by your side for all time."

Taigoku says, "Do you really mean…?" Serbia puts her lips onto Taigoku's gently, silencing him, breaking apart and she says, in a loving tone, "I do, Taigoku. I want to stay by your side, always." Just then the two of them slowly move their lips closer to each other until they lock in a passionate kiss as Serbia places her hands behind the back of Taigoku's neck and Taigoku places his hands gently onto Serbia's sides, knowing that she was still injured. On the meanwhile, Inuyasha and Agumon were watching this.

Agumon asks Inuyasha, "Hey boss, maybe this priestess is different from Higurashi? Don't you think?"

Inuyasha says, coldly, "Feh! Give me a break, Agumon! I know for a fact this isn't going to end in a happy ending." As the months passed, Taigoku and Serbia were happy being with each other, while Sestuna and Runo were against it completely, but it was their brother's choice and if Serbia hurts him then she'd have hell to pay. The young men that came and flirt with Serbia, were annoyed and angered that Taigoku had won her heart.

Taigoku comes into Serbia's room after being called by Serbia, herself, and it was real urgent that he comes over. Taigoku was real glad that he was seeing Serbia, again as he walks towards Serbia, who had a serious and solemn expression on her face.

Taigoku asks, in a curious and concern tone, "My love, what do you want to see me for that it's urgent?"

Serbia gets off her bed and she says, solemnly, "I'm so sorry, Taigoku, but I'm going away."

Taigoku gives a confused look on his face and he says, "What do you mean 'going away'? Will you be back?"

Serbia sighs as she looks away from Taigoku and she says, "I'm sorry, but I won't be able to keep my promise to stay with you any longer."

Taigoku gasps in shock as he felt that his heart was getting broken into a million pieces and he says, seriously and angrily, "You won't stay with me! Why!? Why would you…"

Serbia yells out, seriously, "I found someone else!"

Taigoku felt like he'd been hit by a bag of bricks, he'd been bitch-slapped by the fat lady who lived at the streets of Egypt, she'd ripped out his heart and stomped on it just to see how much pain it would cause him.

Serbia said nothing and didn't meet his eyes as she bowed her head in shame. Serbia says, in a plain tone, "I'm sorr…"

Taigoku bowed his head in anger and he says, "Who?" Taigoku felt betrayed and lonely. He felt his world crash around him.

Serbia says, nervously, "You remember that wolf demon that…"

Taigoku yells at Serbia, in a great angered tone, "THAT WIMPY WOLF! YOU PICKED HIM OVER ME! HOW COULD YOU!?"

Serbia winces at Taigoku's angry voice and she says, "Taigoku…please, don't make this harder than it already is!"

Taigoku says, in an angered sneer, "My sisters were right about you! I chose not to listen to them, because I thought you were different from those priestesses, but I guess that I was wrong!"

Serbia tells Taigoku, in a begging tone, "Taigoku, it's not true, I really did…!"

Taigoku says, in an angered tone, "Bullshit! I don't want to hear it, in fact I never want to see you ever again!"

Serbia was hurt and angered by Taigoku's words and she yells out, without thinking, "I could say the same, you disgusting half-demon freak!" Serbia covers her mouth realizing what she's said as she sees Taigoku's facial expression changed from anger to extreme rage and hate. Serbia takes a step closer to Taigoku and she says, in a pleading tone, "Taigoku, I…"

Taigoku says, in an icy tone, interrupting her, "Save it, bitch! I hope that you and that damned wolf have a good life and can rot in Hell together!" Taigoku turned on his heel and began to march out, while not listening to the sobbing noise of Serbia.

While watching this, Inuyasha and Agumon had angered looks on their faces, especially Inuyasha, while his anger, rage, hatred, and resentment towards everyone that he encountered that ever looked down to him and abused him skyrocketed to the roof.

Inuyasha tells Agumon, in a great angered tone, "See, Agumon! That Serbia girl is just like Higurashi, maybe her past life!"

Agumon nods his head and he says, seriously, "I agree, boss! I'm coming with you to the library tomorrow and I'm strong enough to handle those damned wolves and I'm immune to any priestess spells that Higurashi and her slutbag sister know!"

In Runo and Sestuna's room, Taigoku was sitting on a chair, while his sisters were standing in front of them with great angered looks on their faces, after hearing about what happened to their brother.

Sestuna says, in an angered tone, "That bitch! I'll kill her for this!"

Taigoku yells out, with tears coming down his eyes, "Don't Sestuna!"

Runo says, in a serious tone, "Taigoku, she betrayed you for someone else, after promising that she'll stay with you forever. We're very pissed off and greatly disgusted with her even more!"

Taigoku says, in a serious tone, "Even though, that she's betrayed me, I can't help myself to still love her, but I can't! She doesn't deserve my love or trust, but I can't stay angry at her."

Runo says, with a sly grin, "I can help with that, little brother."

Taigoku asks, curiously, "How?"

Runo says, "I have a trick on how to allow any feelings that you had for that rotten priestess to disappear. Just focus, all of your anger, rage, and hatred in your heart and you'll find your answer."

Taigoku says, unnervingly, "Okay!" Taigoku closed his eyes and tries to focus all his anger, rage, and hatred that was inside his heart. Soon after, the memories of his past were entered into his mind. All the insults and abuse that he's gotten as well what happened with Serbia earlier today. As soon enough, all the love that he had for Serbia were withered away was replaced by hatred, plus he felt a lot of anger and resentment towards most full demons and humans, except for his full demon sister, Runo, Atem, the Pharaoh, and the rest of the guardians. Soon after, Taigoku opened his eyes and they've changed from kind and gentle to full coldness, anger, rage, hatred, and emptiness in them.

Runo asks, curiously, "Little brother, how do you feel?"

Taigoku says, in a cold plain tone, similar to Inuyasha's, "I must better, sister! I can see that you were right about Serbia and every priestess in the world."

Sestuna says, with a sly smile, "Hey, this trick works!" Just then, there was a knock on the door and Runo calls out, "Come in!"

The door opened and a guard comes in, saying, "Lady Runo, Lady Sestuna, and Lord Taigoku, there's been some disturbing news! Someone tried to steal Lady Isis, Lord Seto, and Lord Shada Millennium Items, along with the Pharaoh's treasure!"

Taigoku steps up and he yells out, seriously, "What!? Who!?"

The guard sighs and he says, "We've already captured the thief and the Pharaoh requests that the three of you come."

The three Egyptian Dog Demons followed the guard to the throne room, where Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen, Prince, Atem in the throne room with Priests Seto, Kalim, Isis, Mahad, Mana, Shada, and Akhenaden were.

Melody asks, curiously, "What do you think is going on?"

Yugi replies, "I don't know, but we're going to find out."

Runo and her siblings bows and Runo asks, "Pharaoh, we've heard that someone tried to steal Isis, Seto, and Shada's Millennium Items and with your treasure."

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen sighs and he says, "It's unfortunate, Runo, but it's true. The guards have already captured one of the thieves, but the two had escaped."

Taigoku asks, in a serious tone, "So, there were three thieves!"

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen says, in a serious and firm tone, "Bring the thief in!" Soon after, the group of guards came into in the throne room as a feminine voice calls out, "Let me go!"

Taigoku thinks in his voice, stunned, "That voice…!" What the guards brought in was Serbia, with her hands tied together behind her back.

Mana says, stunned, "It's Serbia!"

One of the guards says, in a serious tone, with a bow, "My king! We've found this thief in the treasure room and found this in her room!" The guard throws a bag that had the Millennium Rod, Necklace, Key, and many golden coins and things. Everyone, including Taigoku, gasp in shock and horror to see this.

Isis says, in a shocked tone, "My Necklace!"

Seto yells at Serbia, in an angered and serious tone, "How dare you steal from us and the Pharaoh, you wretch!"

Serbia yells out, seriously, "I didn't take it! I swear it!"

Sestuna yells at Serbia, nastily, "Then, explain why were you in the Pharaoh's treasure room, you disgusting priestess!?"

Serbia says, seriously, "That was placed in my room! I didn't put it there! I swear! I would never steal! I've never stolen anything in my life! I swear it!"

Shimon says, in a serious tone, "There's one way to tell if she's lying or not."

Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen nods his head and he says, "I believe that you're right, Shimon. Start the Millennium Trial!"

While watching this, Agumon asks, "What's a Millennium Trial?"

Atem replies, "It's a trial where the guardians use their Millennium Items to test the culprit." Soon after, the guardians had gotten their Millennium Items out as well as Isis, Seto, and Shada were given back their Millennium Items.

Shada's Millennium Key glows as he holds it up and he says, "With the power of the Millennium Key, I'll read her mind." Shada sees a monstrous creature living inside Serbia's heart and Shada gasps in shock.

Sestuna asks Shada, "Is something wrong, Shada?"

Shada says, in a serious and shocked tone, "According to my Millennium Key, there seems to be an evil creature lurking inside Serbia's heart." Everyone gasps in shock and 'Memory Atem' says, stunned, "No! How could that happened!?"

Mana nods her head and she says, "That's right! Serbia is a pure hearted human being! There's no way that she could an evil creature be leaving in her heart."

Serbia yells out, seriously and in a begging tone, "No! There's got to be some mistake! I'm innocent!"

Runo says, in a sneer, "Be silent, wench!" Runo kicks Serbia's face, giving a nasty bruise on her face. As Shada moves away, Akhenaden stands before Serbia and he says, "I'll now invoke the energies of the Millennium Eye, revealing and extracting the being that dwells within." The Eye glows, and then a dark shadow flows from Serbia's mouth and takes form of a devilish creature with red skin and huge batlike wings.

Akhenaden calls out to Seto, "Master Seto, use the power of the Millennium Rod to seal the creature!"

As the stone tablet comes towards the scene by the guards, Seto nods his head and he calls out, holding out his Millennium Rod, "I call upon the Millennium Rod to seal this wicked creature!" The Millennium Rod glows golden and the monster was sealed as Serbia is limp.

While watching this, Falcomon says, stunned, "Wow! That was intense!"

Agumon nods his head and he says, "Yeah, no joke, Falcomon!" Soon after, Inuyasha, Agumon, Melody, Falcomon, Yugi, and Atem were bathed in golden light and the 'scene' returns to Yugi's room where we find them lying down on the sandy beach on their backs.

They groan as they get to a sitting position and Melody says, putting her hand on her head, "What hit me?" Melody then feels something under her left hand and she looks to see the same boots that Sestuna wore. Melody says, amazed, "Those boots! I remember now!"

Inuyasha tells Melody, with a smile, "As do I, sis."

They get to their feet and Melody looks at the boots as she carries them. Melody asks, curiously, "What are these boots?"

Atem slightly gasps and he says, in a serious tone, "Those are Sestuna's Millennium Item! The Millennium Boots!"

Yugi says, in a stunned tone, "More Millennium Items!"

Atem nods his head and he says, in a serious tone, "That's right, Yugi! The Millennium Boots give the user like other Millennium Items, it has the power to summon real life Shadow Creatures, but it also, like Inuyasha's Millennium Pendant, the wearer is immune to all magic and potions. No one but Setsuna or her reincarnation can remove them, the only way that she can't remove them at all is that if she's forced into removing them, meaning that the Millennium Boots can feel her resistance. If she somehow takes them off and if someone else then he or she will get a VERY painful shock to the system for the first time in the lifetime and for the second time will be a one way trip to the Shadow Realm, where his or her soul is tortured for all eternity. The Millennium Boots have it's own power, it increases the power of the legs of the user, meaning the wearer is even faster than ever and the agility of the wearer has further increased as well."

Melody says, with a sly grin, "Hey, I like it! This is too much!"

Atem says, in a serious tone, "However, not only Taigoku and Sestuna had a Millennium Item of their own, but Runo as well."

Inuyasha asks, in a curious tone, "You mean my sister, Zera's, past self."

Atem nods his head and he says, "That's right! It's called the Millennium Earrings, it's the same as the other Millennium Items, it has the power to summon real life Shadow Creatures and it has the similar powers as Inuyasha's Millennium Pendant and Melody's Millennium Boots with immunity of all magic and potions. The Millennium Earrings has the power to see what others are seeing, which was used for spy missions, and copy any techniques, but you have to have to energy to do so and Runo had the energy to do so."

Inuyasha says, with a sly smile, "Wow, if Zera found out that she had a past life, she'd flip."

Melody says, with a sly grin, "No joke, bro!" Melody holds up the Millennium Boots and she says, "And I take it that these boots belong to me, huh?"

Atem nods his head and he says, "Since you're Sestuna's reincarnation, I believe that they do."

Melody says, with an excited tone, "Great!" Melody places the boots on her feet and they glowed surprise her and everyone else in the room, as well as Inuyasha's Millennium Pendant glows.

Yugi yells out, shocked, "What's going on?!"

Falcomon uses his wing to cover his eyes from the light and he yells out, "I have no idea!" Inuyasha and Melody's clothes were ripped from their bodies and was wrapped with golden colored ribbons, changing their clothes and forms. When the golden light fades away, Inuyasha and Melody's forms were changed with Inuyasha taking the form of Taigoku and Melody taking the form of Sestuna.

Everyone gasps in shock as Inuyasha and Melody, in their new forms, looks at themselves and Inuyasha asks, in Taigoku's voice, "What the hell is this!?"

Atem says, in a serious tone, "I have a theory that once Melody places her Millennium Boots on, it activated the power of her and Inuyasha's Millennium Items, transforming themselves into Taigoku and Sestuna."

Agumon asks Inuyasha or should I say Taigoku, in a curious tone, "Hey, boss, how do feel in all that."

Taigoku replies, with a smile, "I feel better than ever, Agumon."

Melody says, with a smile and in a Sestuna's voice, "Yeah, plus, it feels that my Demonic Priestess powers have gone up into new heights. I'm going to have some fun, playing with Kikyo Higurashi, if she's anywhere near my brother, again."

Taigoku groans in annoyance and he says, "Oh great! I was just in the verge to forget that I have to meet up with that bitch, Kagome Higurashi, tomorrow at the library!"

Sestuna says, in a nervous tone, "Sorry, bro!

Atem was in his thoughts and Yugi asks, telepathically, "Hey, Atem, what's wrong?"

Atem tells Yugi, mentality, "It's about my past, including Serbia's trial, Yugi. When she claimed that she didn't steal the Millennium Items and the treasure, I had a feeling that she was telling the truth."

Yugi says, mentality, "You didn't think that Taigoku's sisters, Runo or Sestuna had something to do with it."

Atem shakes his head and he tells Yugi, "No. Those two may hate Serbia, but they would never do something like framing her, knowing that Taigoku was in love with her. It's true that Runo and Sestuna hated priestesses or magicians, except for Mahad and Mana, but they would never do something that dishonorably and they know better to steal from us, since we were the best of friends back in Egypt."

Yugi asks Atem, mentality and in a serious tone, "But, if they didn't do it, then who do you think who would frame Serbia."

Atem replies, "I have no idea, Yugi, but I hated to see such an innocent person like Serbia be executed for a crime that she didn't commit."