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"See you tomorrow Kat!" shouted a group of oddly dressed teens.

"Yeah guys! And good luck to ye in yer piratin' ways!" the addressed girl yelled back with a grin and a wave. Kat chuckled as the laughs and agreements of her friends faded into the night. They'd all been in Alan, another friend's, short play. The piece had been chosen as one of the 'one-acts' for the spring theater season and though she was not normally an actor Kat couldn't resist auditioning for Alan's play, The Marlinspike Pirates. It had been based on a fictional group of pirates she and Alan had created a while ago. Since Kat and her friends all portrayed these pirates regularly most of the actor's in the play had been her friends which explained the bizarre outfits. Their costumes had come from their closets since they were avid pirate fans.

Kat looked down at her outfit. She wore a tight black t-shirt with the East India Trading Company insignia emblazoned on the front and the skull and crossbones on the back. Tan, worn breeches and muddy black boots also made up part of the outfit. Along with these a loose, blousy white shirt and a dusty wine-colored vest hung open atop the tee. But Kat's favorite piece was the jacket which she'd designed herself. Modeled after a Royal Navy frock coat, it was a deep midnight blue and hung just below her knees. A silver ankh adorned its back and various silver accouterments accompanied it. The final touch came from the ruffled, cream-colored material that hung at the hem of the coat and out of the sleeves. Overall it was rather spectacular in her humble opinion, but in any case it was nothing like the clothing in stores today.

Sudden shouts of surprise stirred Kat from her musings on fashion. She hadn't even been watching where she'd been going and now she had no idea where she was. A dirt path stretched before her leading to some street from which the sounds of music, shouting, and laughing could be heard. The alley was not quite as life-like since it was littered with unconscious, dirty men, abandoned glass bottles, and piles of junk.

"Where am I?" Kat whispered to herself. She glanced down at a man by her side who swiftly grabbed her at her coat.

"Do you have any rum?" he asked pleadingly with a half-crazed half-drunk look in his eyes. The man noticed her shirt and recoiled dropping the handful of cloth in the process. "You're-- you're one of them," he muttered before scrambling away down the alley.

Kat watched him go with a bemused stare. "What's he afraid of?" she thought, but once she looked down at herself she thought she knew. "The East India Trading Company?" Kat asked, "But who fears them nowadays?" No matter what the reason she grabbed the corners of her blouse and tucked them in on opposite sides. This caused one half of the shirt of cross over the other hiding the recognizable symbol on her chest.

BANG! A gunshot rang out into the night catching Kat's attention. It had come from a nearby tavern, The Salted Frog. The teen walked in to find the place in complete turmoil. Of course the band was playing a jaunty jig while patrons nearby fought amongst themselves. Their outfits were absurd by current standards, but they fit right in with Kat's dress. In fact the whole place looked to be straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean! She looked over to the stairs and noticed a man she easily recognized.

"It can't be! Captain Jack Sparrow?" she questioned aloud. Kat weaved her way through the crowd of what she assumed were pirates to follow the Captain and Gibbs. She snatched the first hat Jack returned and pressed it upon her head. Though her dark brown curls were already tied back the hat could only help to hide her gender. A few stolen belts and rings later and Kat was feeling quite piratey. Jack and Gibbs continued and so did Kat until Norrington shouted his challenge to all. She glanced down at the poor man and watched as Elizabeth broke his liquor bottle over his head.

"This can't happen," she whispered, "'Tis impossible for me to be here! It's fictional for God's sake!" But somehow it was all too real. The stench of unwashed men and alcohol overwhelmed her nostrils and the sharp sounds of metal grating on metal and breaking glass were too true to be from a dream. It seemed impossible to accept, but at the moment no other solution seemed possible. Kat had to assume it: for now she was living in the middle of Dead Man's Chest.

"Suppose I ought to live it up," she thought and she grabbed the back of Jack's coat. "Captain Jack Sparrow?" she inquired.

He turned and looked at the 'lad' behind him. "Do I owe you money boy?" he asked.

"No, I'd like to join your crew," she replied.

Jack glanced at Gibbs who shrugged his shoulders. "Alright boy, follow me!" said Jack with a flourish. "Now what's you name lad?"

"Katherine Vusan," she replied before cursing herself with the most colorful words in her vocabulary.

"A young lady?" asked Gibbs curiously. Jack pushed Kat's new hat off her head and examined her features.

"My, my you're right Mr. Gibbs!" said the Captain, "Now Katherine what would you want to do with a pair of nasty pirates such as ourselves?" He leant close to the teen and brushed the back of one hand against her cheek.

Kat looked the pirate right in the eyes and said, "It's Kat, Jack, and I want to sail." She stepped closer to Jack which caused his hand to slide backwards over her ear and into her hair. "Will you be havin' me Captain?" she asked with a determined stare.

"I believe I will," replied Jack with a mischievous grin.

"But Cap'n havin' a woman on a ship—" said Gibbs.

"Is bad luck," finished Jack, "We've had this conversation before and besides Kat doesn't look too unlucky to me. Savvy?"

"Yes sir," replied the crewman with an apologetic shrug toward Kat. She smiled at him to let him know that she took no offense and he returned the grin.

"Now that that's settled," said Jack clapping his hands together, "Time for rum!"

"Aye-aye Cap'n!" said Gibbs enthusiastically. The two crew members followed Jack through the tavern. Their captain grabbed a green glass bottle of liquor from a sleeping man.

"To the sea!" toasted Jack with a jaunty grin and a mouthful of rum. He handed the bottle to Gibbs who also drank to the capricious lady. Then, Kat found herself standing with a bottle of rum in her hand.

"I shouldn't drink it…" she thought, "It is illegal after all. Or is it?" She was back in a time where all men, old or young, drank alcohol. Kat recalled having rum before. Sam, one of her good friends, had come across a bottle of it in his parents' liquor cabinet. Of course he'd brought it immediately to their meeting of 'pirates'.

"The meeting of the Marlinspike Pirates has now convened," shouted Alan at eight other 'pirates'. "Captain Kat O' Nine Tails will now speak."

"Thank ye, Mr. Cand and now to business!" Kat had said. "Firstly does anyone have some urgent news?"

"Aye Cap'n!" said Sam. He'd held up a squat amber bottle and announced, "I've found us some rum me hearties!" The other Marlinspikes murmured to each other for a bit before Sam spoke again. "'Tis true. I thought we all might appreciate a sip." The group members glanced at each other and nodded. 'Twas time for rum. They'd all passed it around until an empty bottle lay atop the leaves covering the forest floor.

"Kat?" asked a voice.

"Hmmm?" she glanced up to see Gibbs staring into her face. "Oh sorry just got lost in a memory," she said. A mouthful of rum made its way down her throat with the words, "To the sea." She'd decided to completely immerse herself into the Caribbean.