Peach Creek Mews

By: Jennifer Gay

Summary: An Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy/Tokyo Mew Mew crossover. After sensing a new alien enemy in an American town called Peach Creek, the Mew Mew Girls and others move from Tokyo to all the way to the Peach Creek Estates; the neighborhood that's right beside their investigation spot, the Peach Creek Cul-De-Sac. Soon Ichigo, Mint/Corina, Lettuce/Bridget, Purin/Kikki, who I make the same age as the others, and Zakuro/Renée enroll in the local school. And this is where the story begins for them and the Ed's…

Disclaimer: I do not own Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy or Tokyo Mew Mew! All I own is the new alien enemy, and that's pretty much it.

Chapter 1: The New Students, Nya!

It was a somewhat quiet, uneventful morning here in the little town of Peach Creek as we come upon a school called Peach Creek Junior High. It is at the front of the school where we start this story. It is soon that was see a bus come in front of the entrance to the school and made a stop there. Soon we see students come off of the bus as they all walked towards the school. These kids were from a neighborhood called the Peach Creek Cul-De-Sac. Some of these students were Kevin, Nazz, Rolf, Sarah, Jimmy and Johnny 2x4. The last three to get off the bus were Ed, Eddward "Double D", and Eddy; the Ed's, as they were known around the school and neighborhood.

"Okay, so here's the plan when we get outta school," Eddy started to say to the other two Ed's beside him, "I was thinking about pulling off the bakery scam again!"

"Oh please Eddy," Double D said with a roll of his eyes, "Do you think that can work with the others again?"

"What? It's a great idea!" Eddy complied back with a slight glare to the hat wearing Edd.

Meanwhile, while his two friends were arguing, Ed was dazing off as he then turned his attention back to the front of the school, where we could see a strange car come up to the school. It was, in fact, a limo. Ed arched his unibrow at the long, white car; he wondered who would be driving a strange car like that.

"Hey, Lumpy!" Eddy's voice called from inside the front doors of the school, "We're gonna be late if ya don't hurry up!"

"… Oh; right behind ya, Eddy!" Ed soon snapped out of his daze and rushed inside the school to meet up with his two friends.

Meanwhile, we soon come back to the limo, where we soon see five girls come out of the long, white car. Three of the girls were all the same height, while one was very tall and looked to be the oldest, and the other one was a bit too short to the others and looked to be the youngest.

The first girl was a thirteen year old with short, dark red hair with two short pigtails on each side of her head and had bright, chocolate brown eyes. She wore a bright pink tank top with a red, vertical ling going down the right side of her shirt, off-white jeans that went to her mid shin and wore pink, red and white tennis shoes.

The second girl was a thirteen year old with short, dark blue hair with two buns on each side of her head, with a little hair along her ears, and had dark, wooden brown eyes. She wore a baby blue t-shirt with two, blue vertical stripes on the edge of her sleeves, sky blue-tinted jeans that went to her blue, white and black tennis shoes.

The third girl was a thirteen year old with short, dark green hair and bright, blue-violet eyes that were mostly covered by her round-shaped glasses. She wore a Kelly green shirt with a dark, green vertical line went down the sides of her shirt's sleeves that were the lengths of her elbows, a puke green, khaki ruffled skirt that went a little past her knees and wore white, green and gray tennis shoes.

The fourth girl was a thirteen year old that looked a bit younger than her real age. She had short, pale blond hair that seemed a bit puffy and had dark, almost golden brown eyes. She wore a yellow t-shirt that was underneath a white tank top, a pair of tan-colored shorts that went to her knees and wore yellow, white and tan tennis shoes.

The fifth and final girl was a fourteen year old that looked a bit older than her real age. She had long, dark purple hair that went to her mid chest and had dark, navy blue eyes. She wore a long sleeved, lavender shirt that had a dark, purple horizontal stripe on her bottom of the shirt, an ordinary pair of dark, blue jeans and wore black, white and purple tennis shoes.

"So… this is the school?" asked the redhead (the first one) of the five girls as their limo behind them then drove off.

"Yep!" chirped the blond (the fourth one) of the group, "Peach Creek Jr. High, this is!"

"I sure hope he find the problem here soon," said the purple haired teen (the fifth one).

The blue haired girl (the second one) could only nod her head, "I agree with Renée. I did not want to be in a public school like this!"

"But… is this not where the source of the problem is, Corina?" the green haired girl (the third one) questioned to the blue haired girl.

The blue haired girl named Corina only made a huff, "Well, I know that, Bridget."

They all soon heard the bell of the school ring as the redhead soon turned to the other four girls, "Come on; Corina, Bridget, Kikki, Renée!" the redhead soon ran off, "We're gonna be late!"

The four other girls blinked at her actions, "Since when does Ichigo care about being on time?" questioned Corina sarcastically.

"Does it matter now?" stated back Renée, "We are going to be late as well; come on!"

The other three nod their heads as the four of them then raced after Ichigo, the readhead…

Oh my goodness, another story?! (spazzes out)

Okay, this was another brainstorm idea after I read something like this here on (I can't find it anymore... so sad). Oh, and on a important note, I used their Dubbed named instead of their real named... except for Ichigo, because her Dubbed name is Zoey, and I already have a Zoey (Key to My Ed, by the by)! So, I'll stick with her real name, kay?

And yes, this was the "Surprise Story" that I said about on Treasured Memories. So... surprise!