Chapter 24: Final Battle--Everyone Else--Part II, Nya!

(Back in Chapter 23…)

Suddenly, everyone noticed Eddy's body being floated up as it went towards Master Falion, "No!" Corina cried as she tried to go after him. But as she ran, she ran into an invisible barrier; one that was put up by Master Falion.

Soon the darkness that surrounded Master Falion's hand started to shoot out towards Eddy as the beams of dark energy went inside him, where the arrow wound was. Soon Eddy's body started to float towards his feet to the ground as they saw him change back into Topaz Knight… with a darker shade of yellow in his clothing.

"No…" Corina muttered as Topaz turned his attention towards her and the other kids; his eyes were black and hollow.

"Nocturnal Topaz," Master Falion said as Eddy turned his attention towards him, "Kill them all for me," he then smirked, "And kill them slowly, while you're at it."

(And now, onto Chapter 24…)

"Of course, Master Falion," Nocturnal Topaz said with a bow to his 'master' as he turned back to the nine heroes. He took out his buster sword and put it in a battle position towards them, "Who wants to be killed first, eh?" he asked with a cocky attitude; even when brainwashed, he is still the same.

"… I will," said one person from the crowd as everyone turned to Corina; she was now dressed in her Mew Mint outfit. They looked at Mint with shock as she stepped forward to Nocturnal Topaz; with the barrier now down, she could get closer to him. A few tears were streaming down Mint's face as she produced her light bow, "D-Don't worry Eddy, I'll set you free!"

Nocturnal Topaz arched a slight eyebrow at her statement as he got out of battle position slightly, 'The heck is this chick talkin' about?' he thought before shaking that useless thought out of his head, "Alright blue-dumpling," he stated as he got back into battle position, "Bring it!"

Mint narrowed her eyes as Nocturnal Topaz as she got into her battle position as well, 'I have got to set him free! I just have to…'

Meanwhile, back with Nazz, Sarah, Amelia, Kevin, Jimmy and Johnny 2x4 (AN: Aww, I still hate it when that happens! D: Sorry!), they were all searching for the others in the woods where they saw the others go into as they all soon come upon a castle in the middle of a huge crater. By now, Nazz, Sarah and Amelia have changed into Mew Vanilla, Cinnamon and Olive. And, much to the three boy's surprise, Kevin, Jimmy and Johnny 2x4 were now knights along their sides. They were Onyx, Diamond and Copper Knight.

"Do you think they're there?" Copper asked.

"I would think so," Olive replied as they all soon rushed down the crater and towards the castle. They soon came upon the gate of the castle, which was already opened by the others.

"Why is it unlocked already?" questioned Diamond.

"They're expecting us," Cinnamon replied as she looked at Diamond, "Don't worry about it, Diamond."

Diamond gulped a little as the six of them then went inside. There were three hallways to go down but only one of the hallways seemed to have a bunch of noise coming from the other side.

"That's got to be the others," Vanilla stated as she turned to the others, "We got to get to them."

Everyone nodded their heads as they soon went down the middle hallway; only Onyx seem to be the slowest one, 'Why am I doing this again…? Oh yeah, so Nazz won't get hurt.'

Soon the six exited the hallway and entered a room. There was everyone else, minus two; they were watching helplessly at the scene in front of them. It was Topaz fighting Mint.

"Guys?!" questioned the six new arrivals as the others soon noticed their presence, "What's going on?!" questioned Olive even further.

"Topaz has been brainwashed by Master Falion," Ruby explained sadly, "Mint is trying to make him come to his senses; but…" he paused before looking at the clash again and said, "I-I don't think she can hold out much longer…"

Meanwhile, back with Nocturnal Topaz and Mint, Mint was now on her knees; deep sword cuts and bruises from the clash could now be seen all over her exposed skin. She lifted her head up painfully, only to see Nocturnal Topaz above her, his sword hovered above her head, "Any last words you wanna say, dumplin' head?" he questioned with a smirk.

"… Y-Yes, there's something I w-want to say…" Mint muttered as she slowly started to get up to her feet. Nocturnal Topaz decided to lower his sword for her to say her final words; it was only fair. Plus, it looked like she would collapse any second.

Mint dashed up to Nocturnal Topaz with all of her strength in her now weak legs and embraced him tightly, "Please, come to your senses, Eddy!" she cried with tears escaping her eyes as she embraced him tighter, "I-I love you…!"

Suddenly, it happened. A mysterious bluish light surrounded the two as those words echoed into Nocturnal Topaz's subconscious mind; the part where Eddy was lying in wait for her. Topaz widened his eyes as the lights around them disappeared. His eyes turned from coal black to a foggy, ice blue.

"… Corina…?" he questioned as he noticed her hugging him. Mint gazed up weakly to him, "Eddy…?"

"Corina!" Topaz stated with sheer joy in his voice as he then noticed her injuries that covered her body, "Corina, your hurt!" he stated as he embraced her, just like she was doing for him.

"I think… I-I'll be alright; Eddy…" Mint stated weakly. They could only smile for a moment to each other before…

"GGGAAANNNOOONNN!!" howled Master Falion's voice as everyone turned to him. You could see him turn to dust as there was a sword in his chest. Everyone soon saw a huge silhouette in the background; he was the one who held the sword.

"Falion was useless in my plan…" stated the figure, "… But at least I know where to find you in the future…" stated the massive figure again before disappearing into the darkness behind him.

"Guys!" cheered the others as the invisible barrier was now down, so the others could come to Topaz and Mint (AN: Who are both now Eddy and Corina again, kay?), "Way to go; you've defeated the enemy!" Ichigo cheered.

"… I don't think so," Corina stated as everyone looked at her with confusion, "… I think something will come in the future… I just got this sudden feeling…"

She soon felt a hand being placed on her shoulder, "It'll be alright, Corina. I'm here with ya now," Eddy stated.

Corina made a smile to him, "I know you are…"

"Can we get outta here now?" Kevin stated as everyone turned to him, "This place is giving me the creeps now."

The others could only nod their heads as they trailed to exit the room, then out of the castle and out of the woods… Each of the Ed's had their loved one's hands locked with theirs…

The End... or is it?

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