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Pairings: Jack/Ianto

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Owen Bashing

Owen was bored. Tosh and Gwen had the night off so no teasing could occur. No aliens either. Not even a weevil. Only paperwork. He hated paperwork. He wondered what would happen if he fed the files to the pterodactyl. She'd probably be sick. Ianto would have to clean it up. It sounded intriguing. Owen stood up wondering where Ianto kept the sauce.

As he was walking to the kitchen he noticed the light in Jack's office. Despite knowing that he hadn't seen Ianto for a good half hour and therefore knowing where he probably was Owen couldn't help a good mix of curiosity and mischief creep into his head. While tiptoeing upstairs he attempted to formulate a plan in his head about something funny he could say that would piss Ianto off.

Ianto was perched on Jack's desk. Jack was undoing his tie between kisses- making sure to not crease it too much. After placing the tie to the side he undid a few of the top buttons of Ianto's shirt exposing the soft, perfect skin normally hidden beneath a Windsor knot. Jack leant back in his chair to admire his work.

"Much better."

When Ianto lost his tie he lost his icy persona. It was true he was getting better, becoming more animated. Ianto was hilarious when the mood hit him. Jack loved this Ianto. Suited Ianto was hot. Unsuited Ianto was so much more.

Ianto smiled- the smile reserved for Jack. He glanced at the CCTV image on the screen.

"Is he here yet?" Jack asked.

"Yep, just outside the door"

Owen pressed his ear to Jack's door. He could hear mumbling. A vague stunt floated into his head, but then floated away again. He paused and suddenly heard a load groan. Owen rolled his eyes. God they were predictable! Then a sudden shout. Owen paused. Did Jack just shout his name? He can't have. Surely not. Then he heard it again. He was sure it was his name. Now extremely confused and very worried he threw caution away.

He opened the door a fraction, just a little bit, and looked in. Damnit. He couldn't see them. Just a bit more then. Not much. Still no sign, they must be in the corner of the room. He cursed and considered turning back but then Jack moaned his name again. He had to know what was going on. Crouching low he flung open the door.

Suddenly a blue missile hurtled towards him. He ducked and it whizzed past his ear, burying itself in the doorway. With a yelp of shock Owen stumbled backwards. Losing his balance he tumbled down the stairs with a comical bump as he hit each step.

Still perched on Jack's desk Ianto let out a burst of deep laughter. He had been planning that for nearly a week.

"That wasn't bloody funny!" drifted up to the office, causing Ianto to laugh more. Jack sauntered out the door plucking the well-aimed biro from the doorframe.

"Robin Hood taught me that trick! Granted it was originally with a knife but with a little of that resin we found a biro works just as well."

Jack turned back to Ianto and grinned, "That was fun"

"Oh I'm always up for a bit of Owen Bashing!" laughed Ianto.