Hinata woke up a few minutes later, absolutely dismissing the idea of sleep, and walked to her sister's room. She didn't really realize where she was heading until she was at the door of Hanabi's room. She stopped before entering.

Hinata was wondering if she should enter, or if she would even be allowed to enter her sister's domain. She and Hanabi were at opposite ends of their family's spectrum. Hanabi was always outgoing, congenial and was notorious havoc wreaker; while Hinata was always quiet and often held all her opinions to herself. Hinata never knew why, but her introverted nature often annoyed Hanabi, and they never became the type of sisters that she wanted them to be, yet she didn't do anything to change the situation.

"I can hear you breathing out there. Either come in or go away," The voice inside commanded. Hinata sighed and walked into her sister's room. The deep indigo walls were covered with posters and pictures of brilliant fireworks ablaze. The bed, which Hanabi was laying on, was a bright yellow, which greatly contrasted the darkness of her room and had smiling skulls with pink bows on them. In the far corner of her room was a desk scatted with various papers and books.

Hanabi was lying on her bed, impatiently staring at Hinata, waiting for the reason why she entered her most sacred area. She huffed dramatically and went back to her journal.

"You know, if you're not going to say anything you can get out," she said bluntly. Hinata timidly shook her head and went to the corner where her sister's desk was and sat on it.

"Um hey, just wanted to know what's up with you," Hinata said, trying to clear the hostile, drama queen aura her sister was releasing. Hanabi rolled to her side and stared at Hinata.

"I'd ask you the same question. Where were you earlier today?" She raised her eyebrow in the same fashion Neji always did. Hinata decided that they were around each other way too much.

"I was getting ice cream, you know, I had cravings," Hinata said while eyeing the floor. She was never good at lying.

"When it's your time of month you crave a disgusting mixure of grape Kool-Aid and macaroni, not ice cream. I might be three years younger than you, but I'm not stupid," Hinata looked up from the floor and gave a genuine smile.

"Never really could fool you, huh?" Hanabi matched her smile. "Ok, well I was on a date," While Hinata's face was turning red Hanabi squealed and sat up on her bed in record time.

"Really? Hina, that's amazing! Definitely unusual, but still.. wow! That's cool! I thought you'd never get someone after that asshole, but wow!" As Hanabi ranted on about the odds of Hinata dating again, Hinata couldn't help but smile. She and her sister never talked about guy things. They were more like acquaintances when it came to this subject, but the way her sister was being nonchalant about it made her feel closer to her. It made her believe that they were actually born from the same deceased mother.

"Yeah, it's kind of unbelievable. The date was pretty fun! Well, except the belly ring part…" She thought the last part was unheard, but when she heard her sister gasp she knew she should have kept the comment to herself.

"Oh my Gawd! You have one of those? When? Why? How?" Hanabi's eyes were the size of dinner plates, and her mouth would not stop moving.

"Um, well, I got it about 5 months ago. Kiba took me, said I would look ni-nice with one and I believed him. He forged Daddy's signature and here it is," Hinata said. She quickly lifted up her shirt and showed her little sister the navel piercing. Hanabi's eyes closed and she smiled.

"And I thought I was the one who they had to watch out for," She giggled a little. "I wish I could get one," She said wistfully.

"I'll take you one day," Hinata promised. "But um, I got a question," Hinata squirmed in the desk and started playing with her fingers. No matter how close she felt to her sister at this moment, she hated talking about this subject "How do you, um, know you're in, you know, la-love?" She felt her face heating up and Hanabi started to laugh uncontrollable.

"How should I know? I'm 14 Hina," She wiped a few tears from her eyes.

"I don't know, just wondering," Hanabi stopped laughing and sighed.

"Well, I'd assume it would rock. From what I read, it's the most magical feeling, well a part from sex," Hinata gasped at her sister's straight forwardness while Hanabi chuckled at her sister's bashfulness "Well it's true! You're supposed to feel this crazy connection with someone, almost telepathic. You know everything about them, yet they still fascinate you. As much pain they cause you, they also free you from it. Or as my favorite quote says 'Love makes your soul crawl out of its hiding place'. It's supposed to be the shit," They laughed at the last part.

"Well, what if you love two people?" Hinata asked.

"Hmm, choose. See who you have a stronger love for. It's easy." Hanabi went back to her journal, assuming her job was done.

"Yeah…" Hinata said absentmindedly. She jumped down from the desk and walked to the door. "Thanks for this Hana," Without even looking up from her journal Hanabi nodded curtly.

When Hinata reached the door she turned around and smiled.

"Um, one more thing," Hanabi looked up from her journal and tilted her head, in the same way Hinata always did, which made Hinata giggle. "I'm going on another date, and I was wondering if you could help me choose something to wear, or if you could lend me something," her littler sister's eyes lit up.

"Duh! Come back in here," And with the fastest movement Hinata's ever seen, Hanabi jumped off her bed and shut the door.

Ok so not the chapter ur expecting, but i wanted to show Hanabi and Hinata's relationship, because believe it or not, this chapter is a pivotal chapter in this story. but i bet u can guess how its pivotal. I have like 2-4 more chapters to go before i end this story :)

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