Hello! LL here, I have decided to make a fanfic story, not just a oneshot! I hope this is the start of a great supernatural story, I hope this idea hasn't already been used yet though. It may seem slow at the beginning but I promise I will try my best to entertain all you readers! The chapter starts off with some Limp!Sam... poor guy :0 Heeeere we go!

"Sam, I swear if you don't shut up I will kick you out of this car."

It was a harsh comment, Dean would admit that inside his own mind, but he knew Sam would never take it to heart.

Sam huffed loudly; his head leant back against the car seat. "Dean, stop avoiding the situation. Just let me drive."

"Dude, I'm fine!" Dean insisted angrily, clenching his knuckles around the wheel, shuffling in his seat.

"You practically fell asleep at the wheel back there!" Sam argued back.

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did."

"You're just as tired as me, Sammy." Dean countered apathetically.

Sam mumbled, "That's not true..."

The decrease of volume in his voice made it obvious he was lying.

Dean sighed and ran a hand through his hair and rubbed his face. His eyelids felt like weights and kept fluttering open and closed making his vision painful, and just holding his arms up to the steering wheel drained his entire body. It hurt to stay awake.

It was 10.30am on a Saturday morning, the Impala was making its way across the straight grey road, the early sun shined on its hood, resembling a beetle's shiny shell making a long merciless journey to their next hunt: reported demon sightings in the next town. The Winchester brothers were exhausted.

Although not too tired to bicker.

"Just one hour, I'll drive one hour Dean. Please." Sam pleaded; the only thing stopping his own eyes from closing was his concern for his older brother, willing himself to stay awake.

Dean drew in a breath, ready to rudely decline Sam's pleas when he noticed a small area of shops appear above the horizon. He squinted his tired eyes.

"No need, we're stopping here." Dean announced. Sam followed his line of vision.

"Motel...gas station." Sam spotted. "Sounds good to me."

"You need anything while I'm in there?" Dean asked, leaning into the car from outside.

Sam shook his head. "I don't think so. Can you hurry up though? This place is kind of," he hesitated, "eerie."

Dean raised an eyebrow and looked around. The area was deserted; any people there were hanging out inside the diners or shops.

"Tell you what, if you see a clown or midget, honk the horn." Before he could hear Sam's scoff he slammed the door and headed into the small shop to pay for the fuel.

Sam watched him go, shaking his head. He felt dizzy from the journey, but wasn't keen on winding down the windows. He was on edge enough by just keeping the doors unlocked. Taking one last look around, Sam realized that there was nothing to worry about. He saw fuel stops all the time, many shadier than this. He wound down the windows, coming to the conclusion that he was just being paranoid. Closing his eyes and settling further into the seat, Sam tried to rest.

That was until he heard the yelling.

A gunshot blasted through the air, leaving a shadow of an echo, and a screaming silence.

Dean's head snapped up at the terrifying sound, his fear pinched his stomach. The shop had been empty so at least there was no one he had to put up an innocent front to. Pulling out his gun, he cautiously made his way outside the shop.

The sound of screeching tires caught his attention, and the next thing he saw caused him to freeze in horror.

The Impala.

His car.

His baby.

Driving away from him.

Dean's legs came to life, running after the car hijackers, his brain not quite catching up, although he could vaguely hear his own voice, shaking as his body jolted about trying to chase the vehicle, "My car. My car. My car. My car."

His brain began to function, anger coloured his thoughts as he sprinted after the speeding car. Dean's car. Not their getaway drive!

He could make out several figures jumbling about inside, no doubt they had been responsible for the gunfire.

He almost tripped and fell on his face as he realized the most important thing he'd missed.

Gunfire…Sam. Where was Sam?

Had he been shot? Had he run straight past his brother who could have been injured or worse?

The fear squeezed at Dean's heart, but his legs weren't listening to the alarm bells going off in his mind. He couldn't stop running even though the Impala was fast moving away.

Suddenly one of the doors was opening, and before Dean could even comprehend how or why, he saw Sam. He saw his brother.

Sam was pushed out of the moving vehicle.

The fear squeezing Dean's chest engulfed his heart.

"Sam!" He roared, the impala completely forgotten.

The younger Winchester collided with the concrete, roughly rolling several times before coming to a prompt halt, his arms shot out to his sides on the impact. And then he was still.

Dean was at his brother's side in the next couple of seconds, leaning over his spread eagled form, terrified. He took one final glance at the Impala, speeding into the distance before concentrating fully on Sam.

His brother's head was tilted to one side, revealing a graze on his cheek and down his neck, bright with blood.

Dean sucked in a breath, seeing his brother broken on the ground shook him. He partly blamed himself; the place had been empty for a reason, dammit! He should have listened to Sam when he said he didn't like the area. And to think, the last words he said to him were, 'honk the horn'!

"Sammy?" Dean called softly, putting his hand on his shoulder. After no response, Dean drew both his hands to Sam's torso and probed his body to check for injuries. Sam's clothes had been ripped and worn from his collision with the road. As soon as his fingers touched his ribcage, Sam gasped and his eyes shot open, they were alive with fear. But alive.

"Sammy." Dean said again, but more gruffly. He didn't want to scare his brother by letting him know he was terrified by his brother's sensitive reaction and pained face.

Sam was breathing heavily, his face twisting in pain at every breath. He tried to voice his pants and let Dean know what the hell just happened.


"Don't speak." Dean instructed quickly.

"The car…" He gasped apologetically.

"Just…shut up and lay still, I need to think."

And that is chapter one! I would LOVE to hear what everyone thinks! Oh dear... this story could go quite far. I wish I'd thought this through... too late!!