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The singing had died down. They had a way to go before they drove into the town that Lillith was lurking in. Outside it had been cold but inside the car the air was warm. Sam had to contain the urge to shiver. Chills continued to dance up his spine and the fear and adrenaline pumping around his body was cold and scary.

Sam did not sing a lot, and he didn't have much care for it. He grew up with Dean and his father's dodgy cassettes screaming in his ears and he had a feeling that might have something to do with his lack of passion for music. Still, that hadn't stopped him singing along to Bon Jovi with Dean, he just couldn't help himself. Dean was always egging him on to do silly things just for the sake of it.

The hush that had come between Dean and Sam next to the buzzing engine and underneath Bon Jovi's enthusiastic voice was not a comfortable one.

Or maybe he didn't. Did all brothers know so well how to deal with one another?

With just that thought, Sam's mind was cast back to Jack O'Doherty.

Dean took his eyes off the long road ahead to glance suspiciously at Sam who turned down the volume of the music.

"Dean..." He started before his brother groaned loudly. He paused. "What?"

"You're using that tone." Dean grumbled.

"What tone?"

"The one when you're gonna ask something awkward. What did I just say Sam? I'm not doing any goodbye speeches here."

Sam sighed, defeated before defensively muttering, "I don't have a tone..."

"Yes you do." Dean stated wisely.

Sam leaned back into his seat thoughtfully. "I wonder if Jack knew things like that about his brother..."

Dean replied by turning up the music again. Loud.

Sam switched the radio off.

"Dude!" Dean protested.

"Why haven't we talked about them untill now?" Sam questioned sadly, honestly not knowing the answer himself.

Dean seemed to know. "How 'bout 'cos we've been too busy saving our own asses? Besides, you never seemed bothered about it before."

Staring at his feet, Sam said quietly, "I was so focused with saving you I forgot everything around me... Kind of like the Demon Impala."

Dean shook his head in disagreement. "It wasn't up to him whether I would go to Hell or not. He didn't have any right to interfere."

Sam didn't reply, and turned his head to look out the window, trying to make out the dark shapes of foliage alongside the road and keep his composure.

Opening his mouth, Dean shut it again in hesitation. After a couple of seconds, he slowly said, "Still... he didn't seem too bothered about taking his actual brother down with him."

Grateful he was making the effort to communicate, Sam replied, "I don't think he meant to. Jack was old, being posessed twice in such a short space of time... It wasn't going to be good for him."

A couple of minutes passed, and the brothers pondered in silence. Dean didn't even reach over to turn on the radio again. Thinking carefully over something besides the deal and whether they were currently driving to their deaths was surprisingly comforting to the tense ride, even if it was a sad story. It hit home to the Winchesters.

"He was so angry at me..." Sam said, visibly upset. He looked up at Dean with bright eyes. "Did he really think I was such a bad brother?"

Dean's immedietely cut over him. "Shut up." He ran his hands over the steering wheel restlessly. "He wasn't angry at you or anything you did. It was death, it was Jack. He was angry at the brother that failed him."

Sam leant his elbow on the window and said grumpily, "Then why did he pick on me instead of Jack?"

Dean huffed, and then stilled. His eyes glazed over as if a sudden realization had dawned on him. "I think..." He said unevenly, surprised with his own words, "I think maybe after everything, I mean everything that he went through...Hell... maybe he couldn't bring himself to blame Jack. I think it was easier for him to hurt you than his own brother, no matter what he said."

Sam scoffed and twiddled with his thumbs, but then he muttered, "Thanks."

Dean rolled his eyes and turned the music back on, secretly thankful for the understanding between them. "Happy now? You got your chick flick moment."

Sam laughed lightly. "It's not often we do."

"Are you kidding? I've had enough soppy and over-emotional moments to last me a-" He stopped abruptly. The brothers shifted in their seats, Dean exhaled shakily and Sam swallowed hard. They both stared ahead fearfully, ending the conversation.

A lifetime.

It echoed around the car, reminding them how precious it truly was. Reminding them how unlucky they could have been, like Jack and Luke. Like their father... No matter what would happen tonight both knew fully well how far they had come in the harsh world of hunting.

A lifetime on earth was painful enough, and as the the last regrets for the O'Doherty brothers swam through his mind, the notes of Dead or Alive tickling his eardrums insistently, Dean couldn't help but fear what a lifetime in Hell would bring for him.

His hands tightened on the steering wheel. "Bitch." He whispered. Help me.

"Jerk." Sam replied instantly. I'll try.

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