"Oh, yeah?" There was a smirk on his lips and a glint in his eyes. "Where would you go, little Roxy?" Axel leaned forward and kissed him, smiling at the trapped boy. "Where would you run to, huh? Out there in the big ol' wide world..." He grinned wider, still pinning the boy close to the wall. He could feel Roxas' lungs move when he breathed quickly.

"Away from you." Roxas spat, turning his head so Axel's lips hit cheek, hair, ear. "Far, far away..." He smiled to himself. "And then you'd never see me again."

Axel growled and pulled the boy's chin forward, catching their lips and teeth together. "You fucking couldn't. You're too weak."

Roxas only smirked, waving his fingers tiredly, his wrists trapped by Axel's hands. The redhead felt anger bubble and burst inside him, deep and furious, rivers of blood rushing behind his eyes. "Fuck you. Don't play your little games with me." He furrowed his brows and pushed in closer, kissing Roxas again and again, little hot presses all over his face and neck. He rested their foreheads together so Roxas could barely move, the back of his head touching only brick. "You wouldn't leave if your life depended on it."

"Willing to test that theory?"

Axel knew he was being far too cocky for the whiney, submissive little kid he was supposed to echo. He wanted desperately to teach the blonde boy a lesson, anger still clouding his vision and adrenaline running rapid through his veins. He could only stare.


Because he meant his words, for once. In the world where lies and intrigue fuelled them there was little truth.

But if Roxas left, he wouldn't feel anymore.

No more anger or betrayal of short little bursts where he thought Maybe, just maybe, we're friends. Maybe, just maybe, we could love. Maybe there's another way.

But Roxas smiled and he tutted and he laughed sadly, taking his wrist away from Axel's hands as if he could have done it all along, cupping the older man's face in his hand and sighing heavily. "Well I am." He grinned, leaning close enough for their lips to touch but never going further, laughing when Axel attempted it and he ducked away, sauntering off into the darkness with his Keyblade in hand.

And he didn't know it yet, but someone else's tears were running down his face.