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Hinata's pov

It was nearly noon in the village I have live in all my life. Nearly five years ago, I had fallen in love with a boy named Naruto Uzumaki. He always was so nice to me. Three years ago, he left to train with a sannin named Jariya. He has been gone ever since. This is where my story begins.

I had been in the market; my father wished me to buy groceries. The market owner – Ichigo-san – listened to my long list of the food my father asked me to buy and gave me one large bag. It was full of rice, seaweed, sake, ramen noodles, and a large watermelon. He asked me to give his regards to my mother. Ichigo-san's long and strawberry-blonde hair blew in the slow breeze from the east. I felt my dark navy blue hair drape over my right cheek. I knew what that meant. Something that was going to change my life had finally come.

I walked by a shady building. The sun was hotter this time of year and it would be best to stay in the shade. When i turned the corner, there he was, Naruto Uzumaki. He had grown taller than sakura-chan, who stood next to him as they talked. He wore the same orange suit with the black sleeves. On his forehead was the headband of the ninjas of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. His blonde and spiky hair sprang up from behind the headband. His smile was so beautiful I forgot to breath. I felt my heart begin to race. He was back. I never thought i would ever see him again. I was so happy but...i was still my usual shy personality. I told myself to just go to the house before father got mad at me for being late. I walked the short distance to our house. I pushed the door open with my elbow and walked into the kitchen. Everyone was there: mother, father, and my cousin neji. Mother was the most beautiful of the four of us. Her short hair matched my hair's color, though her hair dropped to her shoulders. Her face was always bright and smiling. She still wore her favorite blue robe and white shawl, which she would always wear at breakfast. She was standing by my father. Father, his stone face expressionless, sat at the table. His black hair was also shoulder length at least but he would always keep it in a low pony-tail like neji-sama. Neji-sama sat on the porch, panting with scuffs and scrapes all over his face, arms and legs. He and father must have been training earlier. He was wearing his white kimono-like shirt and black Capri shorts. His dark brown hair was tied back like father's hair.

I set the bags of food down and, after putting everything away, i asked if i could take a walk. Mother immediately agreed it would be a good idea to get a few breaths of fresh air. She had been born with this strange ability to somehow read my mind and only mine. Neji-sama, as usual, stayed silent. Thankfully, father was still in a good mood and let me go.

I walked for a while. Around the dusty training grounds, past the tall hospital, and by the small ninja school i used to attend when i was younger, along with naruto-kun, sakura-chan, and most of my friends. I found myself staring at the entrance gate to the village. The giant doors stood open to any travelers. On the doors said the Japanese character for fire or the Country of Fire – which was what region we settled in. i found naruto-kun with sakura-chan, talking and laughing as they leaned on a small restaurant's wall. Sakura-chan had gotten her pink hair shortened to above her shoulders. I thought it looked very pretty. Her headband was tied behind her long bangs; behind her ears. She wore her red V-neck shirt, which was tucked into her pink skirt. I speed-walked by them hopping they would not notice me there. In my mind, I really wanted to talk to them, ask those lingering questions, and hear the stories naruto has told the last three years on the road. I wanted to know how Jariya-sama was doing and who they met on the way. I wanted to hear his battles and what he learned. I ignored my wishes and kept walking. I had almost made it to the other corner where i would be out of sight and toward my house again, when i heard sakura-chan calling toward me in her beautifully rung voice:

"Hinata-chan! Can you come over here please?"

I stopped in my tracks without turning around at first. I thought of just saying no but i could not do that. Sakura-chan and i had become close friends since naruto was gone. I wanted to be a really good friend that would never leave me hanging. I finally felt myself turn around and walk up to them...slowly...very slowly…okay, as slow as I could possibly go.

"g-good morning, sakura-chan." i whispered, trying to smile up at her back. She was smiling big. She gestured toward naruto-kun, who was staring at me with a shocked look on his face. His blue eyes seemed to shine a brighter tone.

"You remember naruto-kun, right, hinata-chan?"

"...yes...i do..." i whispered as quiet as i could. I blushed a bit as i dropped my head to stare at my shoes. I was so nervous i would trip or something stupid. I guess sakura-chan was speaking to naruto when she said,"whats with that face, naruto-kun. You look like you're in awe!" she chuckled.

"i...uh..." was all i heard him say."Hi, hinata." he whispered like me at first. Then he turned to sakura and said,"I better get to my apartment and unpack. See ya, sakura-chan. hinata." and he left. I watched him run in sadness. What else have I done wrong? Sakura-chan and I walked together from then on.

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