I'll runaway with you,

I'll runaway with you.

I'll runaway with you forever.

And we can't go back; no we can never go back.

Back to the life and the place that we once had,

no never go back.

Sakura stared at Sasuke's disappearing form, pleading with him not to go. Tears where streaming down her face, when she blurted out a sentence that made Sasuke stop in his tracks.

"What did you say?" The black haired shinobi asked

"I'll runaway with you!" She repeated for him, Sasuke turned around stared her straight in the eye.

"What do you mean Runaway with me?" He asked suspicious of her motive. I mean that I'll go with you where ever you go I just want be with you She thought, but she couldn't find the voice to say that.

"I'll go with you "She finally said


"Cause I just do "

"You'll just get in the way "Sasuke said shooing her away, like Itachi used to do to him.

"But Sasuke…"

"You're Annoying!" He said and turned back around and started walking away. And I don't want you hurt He thought as he disappeared into the night shadows. Sakura stared where he had been for a while,Sakura's legs collapsed beneath her. She had no way to stop the tears.
"Thank you" she heard, she looked in front of her, nobody was there. The voice was just a whisper in the wind.

The next morning Sakura woke, and turned her head. To look into her mirror only to look at a piece of paper taped to it. She quickly got up and took it off the mirror.

Are you really willing to runaway?

Cherry Blossom Tree

"What the?" Sakura thought out loud. She understood the first line, it was a question. Though the 2nd line confused, usually when someone put there name there after what they wrote it. But it said Cherry Blossom which was what her name meant, but why'd they put tree. She got dressed and walked out of the house with that piece of paper in her hand. She walked all over Konohona trying to figure it out, when she looked up and spotted the pink cherry blossom tree near the bench.

"Cherry Blossom Tree why didn't I figure it out before?" She asked her self as she ran towards the tree.

When she got there, there was a kuni in the tree. A piece of paper was attached to it, making it look like a paper bomb. Though as she got closer she could see the paper was folded in half, unlike a paper bomb. She pulled the kuni out of the tree and unfolded the paper.

Take the pieces of a puzzle,

Put them together and face the north.

Sakura looked around her, and turned to face the north. The only thing to the north was the Hokage Mountain, but the only one she could see clearly was the 4th hokage. She was confused again and looked back down at the paper and saw more writing.

I can be heard,

I can be played.

I can be almost anything.

I can be all around you.

What am I?

"Not again "she muttered, she was beginning to doubt who mite be doing this. "Ok calm down you can figure this out" She thought out loud again. "Birds can be heard but not played; umm flutes can be heard and played. Think think think" She told her self. "Notes they can be heard be played and can be almost anything but they can't be all around me" Sakura sighed and looked around her. "The only thing I heard is the sound of the stupid wind,…Sound!" She happily declared and headed off towards the Hokage Mountain. She went up to the 4th hokage's face and there was another piece of paper on the 4th's face. She first gathered her chakra to her feet keeping her on the Mountain, then grabbed the paper.

Look in front of you what do you see?

Sakura looked up from the paper," All I see is the village and it's people" she said then looked back down at it.

After putting a puzzle together,

Only then will you find you're answer.

Sakura sat down, "I got sound from the last one and village from this one " She wrote them down on the paper, only then did she realize she was correct as who was doing this. " Sound Village" She said in a whisper, then flipped over the paper which only confirmed it. On the back was the insignia of the Uchiha Clan, the fan. Sakura didn't know what to do or say, she wanted to be with him. Though now she didn't know if she was so sure now that she knew where he was going. A few minutes pasted by as she fought with herself about it, then she finally shook the idea of not going out of her head. She stood up and walked back to her house and up to her room, quietly and silently packed her things. Just as silently left the house, the village and left her life behind.