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John, Bobby, Jim, and Sammy stayed up late to discuss what had happened earlier. At three a.m. John made Sammy go to bed. Sammy laid awake a long time listening to the whispers of the older hunters and the whistle of Deans breathing. The sun was shining brightly through the curtains when Dean opened his eyes. Looking at the clock Dean sat straight up in bed.

'One o'clock in the frigging afternoon and Sammy is still snoring next to me.' Dean thought..

"Wake up Sammy," Dean said, patting Sam' s hip.

Sammy was having the best dream about playing video games in an arcade he didn't want to wake up but Dean wouldn't leave him alone

"Mmm Wa time is it?" Sam asked, rubbing his eyes.

"One o'clock in the afternoon," Dean answered.

"What where's dad? And Bobby and Pastor Jim?" Sammy asked, looking around.

"There's a note," Sammy said, getting out of bed and going over to the door where a note was taped.

"Dean and Sammy gone to get lunch be back in a few minutes. Stay in the room it's 12:50 if I'm not back in an hour call your dad and Bobby and tell them to get their asses back here now. It's signed Pastor Jim," Sam read.

"He's only been gone ten minutes," Dean said.

Dean reached over and grabbed the remote control off the bed side table and turned on the tv while Sammy went to put on his clothes.

Thirty minutes later when Pastor Jim got back with lunch both boys where stretched out on the bed watching the tv.

"What'cha bring us to eat? Dean asked, glancing away from the tv.

"Are you actually going to eat?" Jim asked, raising his eyebrows.

"I am kinda hungry," Dean said.

"Well that's a good sign," Jim said.

"So what'cha bring me?" Dean asked again.

"For you young man I have a fully loaded sub. For Sammy I have a salad and for myself I have a slight less loaded sub," Pastor Jim said, handing out the food.

"Sammy guess what I saw down the street," Pastor Jim, asked in between bites of sandwich.

"What?" Sammy asked, curiously

"A video arcade and I just happen to have a pocket full of quarters just begging to be spent," Pastor Jim said.

"Can I go?" Sammy asked, looking at Dean hopefully.

"Do you think it's safe?" Dean asked, Pastor Jim.

"I stopped and ran the EMF meter and it didn't show anything. So I think it will be safe enough as long as Sammy has is cell phone with him," Pastor Jim said.

"I have it right here," Sammy said, pulling his phone out of his pocket.

"Please please please Dean," Sammy begged.

Dean never could stand to deny his Sammy anything if it was within his power to give it to him.

"Quite whining you can go just be careful," Dean said.

Sam leaned over and hugged Dean.

"Ewww get off of me you're such a little girl," Dean said, pushing Sammy away.

Sammy finished his salad got the money from Pastor Jim and went happily on his way to the arcade.

"Okay now that he's gone we need to get you into the shower. Because kid you stink " Pastor Jim said.

"Whoa dude you are not going to help me shower" Dean said.

"I don't plan on it wait here I picked up something I thing will be useful" Jim said going out the door.

Dean was sitting on the edge of the bed holding his head when Jim came back in carrying a lawn chair.

"Dean are you ok?" Jim asked concerned.

"Yeah fine" Dean said straighten up.

"Sure you are that's way you're so pale you almost blend in with the walls" Jim said.

"What's with the lawn chair?" Dean asked nodding to the chair.

"This is how your scrawny butt is going to take a shower without me having to hold you up" Jim explained.

"You're going to put that in the shower and I'm supposed to sit on it while I take my shower?" Dean asked.

"I got the idea from some of the older parish members who can't stand up long enough to take their showers" Jim explained.

Dean looked uncertainly at the chair.

"It's this or me and I really have no desire to wash your scrawny ass" Jim said.

"Put the chair in the shower" Dean said with a sigh.

Shuffling and staggering across the room Dean managed to get in the bathroom with out with any help and shut the door.

"Don't lock the door just in case" Jim called through the door.

"Yeah yeah" came the reply.

Thirty minutes later Dean opened the bathroom door dressed in a fresh pair of boxers and a tee shirt. Dean managed to take three steps before his knees gave out. Jim ran over got Dean by the waist and pulled him to his feet. Jim had just got Dean back into the bed when Sammy came bouncing into the room carrying a bag of cotton candy.

Seeing his brother's pale face and wet hair Sam became immediately concerned.

"Did you have another nightmare?" Sam asked, sitting down at the foot of the bed.

"No I just got out of the shower," Dean answered. "Why are you back so soon I figured we'd have to call out a search party to find you."

"I got this really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach," Sam said, crawling up on the bed.

"How many bags of cotton candy did you eat," Jim asked, with a smile.

"Only one but that's not what's wrong. Dean I want to call Dad and Bobby," Sammy said.

"It's ok kiddo take it easy dad and Bobby can take care of themselves. Nothing can hurt dad he's a super hero you know that," Dean said.

"He is not and stop talking to me like I'm five years old. Dean I'm really scared," Sam said.

John and Bobby knew the minute that they pulled up to the motel they'd have to wait to later to check out the room. The parking lot was full of police cars and the room the wanted to get into had police tape going across it.

"Recon work?" Bobby asked, as John pulled the Impala into one of the only parking spots left.

"Yep," John answered, getting out of the car.

"What happen?" John asked, one of the motel workers who was standing in the parking lot.

"Two teens were murder and two younger kids are missing," the worker answered.

John and Bobby looked at each other.

"Are you still renting rooms here," Bobby asked.

"You're kidding right the cops shut us down this morning. I don't know why anyone would ever want to stay here again," the worker answered, with a shiver.

John was about to get in the car when his cell phone started ringing.

Seeing the number John quickly answered the phone.

"Dean what's wrong?" John asked.

"Nothing dad where ok Sammy had a bad feeling. I told him I'd call to make sure that you and Bobby are okay," Dean answered.

"Tell Sam to grow up," John said, hanging up the phone.

"Damn kid," John growled,

"What's wrong?" Bobby asked.

"Dean called because Sam has a bad feeling and got scared," John answered.

"May be we should take it seriously I you know Dean did have the vision," Bobby said.

John glared at Bobby.

"I'm just saying," Bobby said.

"What he say?" Sammy asked.

"He said he and Bobby are fine and that they'll be careful," Dean lied.

"I wanted to talk to him," Sam said.

"He was in the middle of something so he had to go," Dean lied again.

"I gotta pee," Sam said, sliding off the bed.

"What'd he really say?" Jim asked, after Sam was in the bathroom.

"He told me to tell Sam to grow up," Dean answered.

John and Bobby found a motel a couple of miles down. After putting their stuff in the room they found the local library to research the motel and the land it was built on.

"I'll research the actual motel you take the land it was built on," John instructed.

After four hours of researching they where no closer to unraveling the mystery of what happened in the hotel room than they had been when they started. John and Bobby grabbed a hamburger and rehashed what they had learned.

"There's nothing unusual in the past of the people who built the motel. No violet murders explained or unexplained no mysterious disappearances. Except for Dean's disappearance and the murder of these two teens this morning and the two missing younger children nothing unusual as ever happened in the motel or in that room. It doesn't make sense are you sure there was nothing unusual about the land?" John asked.

"John I went over it twenty times my eyes were swimming," Bobby said.

"Let's get some rest before we go back," John suggested.

Three o'clock in the morning John and Bobby where carefully removing the police tape from the motel room door.

John had just knelt down to pick the lock when the door swung open and a hand reached out and grabbed John by the throat and pulled him in to the room. Before Bobby could react the door slammed.

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