Okay, I'm absolutely pissed right now. It's really, really annoying to have someone tell me that I'm plagiarizing.

Um, newsflash? I'm not. I wrote Harry Potter and the Other Snake Lord, okay? Me. Originally GaaraRoxmySox, then Invasion of the Band Geeks, and now, AFireintheAttic. Me! Tada?

Yeah, anywhere else, that previous paragraph would have annoyed the crap out of me. But this is so frustrating. Honestly, it's one thing to be plagiarized—which is also really frustrating—but it's another thing to be accused of plagiarizing.

And, I just spent way too much time searching for the stupid story in the crossover section. After looking through every story, I didn't see one that looked like mine—of course, I was only reading the summaries.

If, by any chance, my wonderful readers, you are still reading Naruto and Harry Potter fictions, please give me a heads up if you see something that is like this. What I've been told—twice, now!—is that "I" copied it word for word, but I changed a few things. So, the bogus copy should be almost exactly like mine, but a bit different in the first chapter, or so.

I really don't even understand why someone would steal THIS story. It's not even that good. Really? Sheesh.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read… and I understand if you don't want to look for it. I'm not asking you to go out of your way, just, if you happen to come across it, please let me know.