Can You Forgive Me?

Summary: A missing scene from "Phoenix."


Dad? Dad?" Jonathan came back to consciousness as his son's voice rang in his ears.

Jonathan Kent felt dead tired. The three months of worrying about Clark after he ran away from home, combined with the powers that Jor-el, Clark's biological father, had given him to bring Clark home, had drained him.

Jonathan opened his eyes. They felt as if they were weighed down with sand and it took an effort. Clark was looking at him, concern in his blue-green eyes.

"Dad, are you all right?" Clark asked, helping his father sit up.

"I think so. Are you all right? What happened to the burn on your chest?" Jonathan asked, pointing at Clark's chest. Jor-el had burned Clark with what looked like an S-symbol. While he fought with his son Clark's shirt had gotten torn and Jonathan saw for the first time the burn when Clark pulled his shirt off.

"It disappeared when I broke the ring," Clark mumbled looking down at his chest.

Clark helped his father to a standing position and wrapped his muscular arm around Jonathan's shoulders.

The ride home was quiet. Halfway to Smallville Clark looked over at his father, driving the truck.

"Dad, I'm sorry about Mom and the baby," Clark started, his voice cracking slightly.

Jonathan pulled the truck over and killed the engine. "I was partly to blame, Clark. I drove you away. When you needed me the most I pushed you away and made you feel as if you couldn't join your mother and me in grieving for the baby," Jonathan said, cupping his son's neck with his large callused hand.

"Dad, I just didn't want Jor-el to take me away from you and Mom. I thought if I destroyed the ship he wouldn't," Clark said, resting his head against Jonathan's shoulder, much like when he was a little boy.

Jonathan stroked his son's dark hair and kissed his forehead gently. "That won't ever happen, Clark. Jor-el is not going to take you from us. Ever," Jonathan said firmly as he tightened his arms around Clark's shoulders.

"I love you, Dad," Clark said quietly as he grabbed handfuls of Jonathan's blue plaid shirt.

"I love you too, Son. Can you forgive me for being foolish and turning my back on you?" Jonathan said, raising his son's head so he could look into his eyes.

Clark nodded his head slowly. "Yes Dad, if you forgive me first," Clark said.

"I forgive you, Son. Now let's go h9ome. I don't think your mother will want us staying out all night. She has missed you so much these last few months," Jonathan said lightly.

"I've missed her too. That's why I called that first time and was in the loft yesterday. I wanted to come home, Dad. But I was afraid," Clark admitted.

"I know, Son. But you don't ever have to be afraid to come home ever again," Jonathan said, starting up the ignition to the truck.

Clark settled back into the seat to take a nap. It would take awhile to set right everything that had happened to him as Kal behind him, but right now all he wanted was to go home.

The End