Not as Important as Mommy and Daddy

Summary: Clark's first Homework. Rated K-


Clark Kent ran at superspeed into the kitchen, without bothering to close the door. He turned to look at his mother, his face all lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Mommy! Mommy! I got homework!" Clark said a gigantic grin all over his face.

"Shut the door, Sweetheart," Martha gently reminded her son. If she didn't remind him now he would forget about it.

"Mommy, I gotta draw a picture of the house," Clark said, ignoring the reminder.

"Clark, you heard your mother. Close the door," Jonathan said, entering the kitchen from the parlor.

Clark's face fell as he looked up into his father's stern features. "Yes Daddy," Clark said glumly as he turned and closed the door.

At six years old Clark loved his parents so much and if they weren't excited about his life then Clark was unhappy.

The bolt clicked shut then Clark turned to his parents. "Now what is this about homework, Son?" Jonathan asked, gathering his little boy up into his arms.

Clark handed the assignment paper to his father and felt happy as Jonathan read through the assignment.

A big grin spread over Jonathan's handsome features. "You have to draw a picture of your house and family. It's an art grade," Jonathan read and then looked at his son.

"Yeah. I want to make Mommy look pretty and you, Daddy, I want to make you look strong," Clark said, without taking a breath.

Jonathan laughed at his overeager little boy. "There is more to this picture than just your mother and myself son," Jonathan said, ruffling Clark's hair lightly.

Jonathan felt flattered that his son loved him enough to want to make him look strong in this picture. Jonathan loved Clark as much as Clark loved him. The two had a very strong bond.

"I know, but the house isn't as important as you and Mommy," Clark said, sounding very profound for a six-year-old.

Martha felt tears come to her eyes as she looked at Jonathan. His eyes had also misted over at Clark's statement. Clark was a visitor from another planet. Martha always had a feeling that he wasn't a happy baby on the planet of his birth. The way Clark had clung to her and Jonathan from the moment they had found him had emphasized that fact.

"That means a lot to us, Baby," Martha said, kissing Clark's forehead through his dark thatch of hair.

Jonathan hugged his son tight and kissed his head as well. "You'd better start your homework then, son," Jonathan said, setting Clark down on the floor.

" 'Kay Daddy!" Clark supersped up the stairs to his room. Jonathan and Martha heard the sound of him getting his crayons out and settling down on the floor.

Martha rushed into her husband's arms and cried tears of happiness at her son's sweetness. Clark may forget things like closing the door, but the love he had for Jonathan and Martha would never change. As far as she and Jonathan were concerned Clark was their son and they loved him.

Clark's assignment was kept until the end of the year. At Parent's Night Clark's picture hung in the middle of the blackboard. The Kent's yellow house was in the picture, but Jonathan and Martha holding Clark's hands was what got everyone's attention. It showed a family and home that loved each other. It showed that even though Clark was not related to his parents that he loved them and that touched every heart that night.

The End