Epilogue: Just another day in South Park

Epilogue: Just another day in South Park

2 weeks later

Tweek and I are still together; I know two weeks is really nothing, but I know it's love. We spend almost everyday together; laughing and happy. I never knew what love felt like before this.

Clyde and Token are also together now. Sometimes Token has problems being together with Clyde, but they seem to be doing well.

Hell even Stripe is happy! He seems to be following the rest of the crowd; he's with Sparky Marsh. I think Sparky's a little feminine for Stripe, but I think Stripe knows what he wants and I owe a lot to him.

With out Stripe I never would have needed Tweeks help and my dad would have never been taken to live with a homophobic-support camp; where he is learning it's okay to be gay; my sister also goes there on weekends.

But just as much as Stripe I feel I have to thank Red Racer. Red Racer is the best show ever and without it none of this would have happened; so I beg you please put Red Racer back on the air!

Yours truly, Craig Tyler-Alan

"So what do you think Tweek?" I asked showing Tweek the last page of my letter.

"I t-think if the p-p-producers are-nngh-homophobes then you're GAH screwed." He answered smiling.

"Well let's hope they're not. Now come on, we're gonna be late for school." I said smiling.

We ran to the bus stop to find an odd sight; Clyde and Token making out. It was still weird for me to imagine the two of them together, but they seemed happy.

"GAH! Jesus Christ!" Tweek screamed caused Clyde and Token to break apart, both of them blushing.

I laughed and the bus pulled up.

"SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" Ms. Crabtree screamed at us.

"God you're such a bitch." I said walking on to the bus.


"I said my uncle Tim fell in a…ditch?" I said unprepared.


"No I didn't"


Tweek, Token, and Clyde all followed me onto the bus and we sat down. Clyde sat with Token, and I sat with Tweek.

This morning we were just as loud as always; carrying on like hellions.

We got to school and the day moved along quickly. That was until English.

Today we were supposed to read our love poems out loud. We all sat in our desks praying the teacher wouldn't call on us- of course I didn't get that lucky.

"MR.TYLER-ALAN how about YOU go next." She said not really giving me a choice.

I walked behind the podium she had in front of the room and turned to her.

"You CAN begin." She said smiling.

"About my Friends, by Craig Tyler-Alan." I said suddenly unnerves.

"I have a best friend and his name is Clyde,

He's always been with me and by my side,

He's there to shoot hoops or just mess around,

He's my best bud; he's not a rebound,

He tells me the truth when I don't want to hear it,

Then he's always there to boost my spirit,

He yells to much; says my eyes are shit brown,

Still there's no one better to have around.

My next friend is Token the dick,

Sometimes I want to hit him with a big stick,

But at the end of the day I realize what's true,

Pain in the ass or not you're still part of my crew,

You think I'm dumb; I think you are too,

But like it or not we're stuck together like glue,

We don't get along; yet here we are,

I'm writing this poem and you're one of the stars.

Then there's Tweek the love of my life,

He lights up my world threw the dark nights,

He drinks to much coffee,

He's afraid of underpants gnomes,

Yet some how I love him,

Some say I'm just dim,

But I'd bet all my money that it's more than just that,

That some special force pulls at my back,

Pushing us together on days like today,

Wanting us to be together always."

I finished my poem and walked back toward my seat. Clyde smiled and high-fived me, Tweek blushed his ass off, and then Token stood up.

"You're a dumb fuck and you suck at poetry." Token said pulling me into a man hug.

I smiled. We both knew he meant he considered me his friend too.

We sat threw a few more poems before walking out of the class room.

"Umm, hey guys, ya wanna just skip the rest of the day?" Clyde asked smiling.

We all smiled back and headed toward the door. It was a normal day in South Park. The four of us were all gay and no one carried, and no one noticed as we walked out the door. Yep just another day in South Park.

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