Summary: A missing scene from "Relic."


Jonathan felt as if Clark wasn't making sense. "You want to run that by me again, Son?" Jonathan asked, feeling like the Robot on "Lost in Space;" it didn't compute.

"Grandpa told Jor-el that if he ever needed a favor that he shouldn't hesitate to look him up. Well Krypton was dying and Grandpa Kent did save his life. He thought Grandpa would do it again," Clark said, feeling slightly disillusioned. All his life he had thought that his parents had found him. Now he knew that it was Jor-el that had planned Jonathan and Martha's finding him.

"Your grandpa would have watched over you if he had known. Like your mother said he was a good judge of character," Jonathan said, it suddenly dawning on him. But one thing was uncertain. If Hiram Kent had saved Jor-el's life then why was he showing such contempt for the Kents now? It just didn't make sense.

"Did that thing show you why Jor-el doesn't like humans now?" Jonathan asked the question that burned his brain.

"No. Just what I just told you. He also wished Grandpa good luck with you being born," Clark said, happy that his father had just gotten his meaning.

Jonathan pondered over that last statement as well. He found himself wondering what his father would have done about the situation with Jor-el a few months ago. Hiram would have probably been able to talk with Jor-el instead of making that stupid deal that Jonathan had made. Martha didn't even know what the deal was and Jonathan had to catch himself a thousand times every day to keep from revealing it.

If Martha and Clark knew what the deal was then both would be furious with him for even making it. Jonathan was the only one responsible for his actions with the deal. He wasn't going to burden Martha and Clark with it.

Jonathan looked at his son. Clark was watching his face intently. For a brief moment Jonathan was glad his father had found Jor-el. If he hadn't Clark would have never been given to him and Martha to raise. Jonathan and Clark hugged, feeling as if, maybe, all their problems with Jor-el were over. Jonathan felt an inkling of doubt as he thought that.

Considering the deal that was made chances were that Jor-el would come back. Jonathan just had to be ready for when that actually happened.

The End