"Hau, Nana, Hau!" Legolas said with the wounded Yues Elf lied pasted out in his arms. "Lady Kiay?" She did not stir. Yet her chest still moved up and down. He sighed. "Hau, Nana, Hau!" Nana began to pick up speed. Then something caught his eyes. He burst out laughing at the sight.

It was Gimi on a pony, yet the pony walked slowly. "Move you stupid foul creature!" He grumbled.

"You're not going to make it move that way, Gimi," the squeaky voice of Pippin could be heard. The three Hobbits circle the dwarf.

"Tell me what to do, hobbit," Gimi said.

"Kick Jack in the side gently and say yah," Mary said.

"Don't insult it, Mr. Gimi," Sam said.

"Okay, don't tell the elf about this, hobbits," Gimi said.

"Sure," Pippin said.

"Okay, if yah give me something to smoke," Mary smiled.

"Treat us to Ale too," Sam smiled.

Legolas smirked and galloped past them. "Too late Gimi." He stopped and turned around and trotted up to them.

"Show off, "Gimi grumbled. He dismounted the pony, Jack.

"LEGOLAS!" The three hobbits yelled at once, and then saw the hurt Elf, but before they could ask, Gimi spoke.

"Who is she?" Gimi asked.

"Lady Kiay. She was attack by oages," Legolas said.

"It can not be! Oages are supposed to be locked in Shadow!" Gimi said.

"What are oages?" Sam asked.

"An Oage is an evil creature that can only be killed by light. The body of a wolf, with cat likes speed and claw of a bear. They prey on any meat creature. Their heads are brown and hard; their bodies are black. My people locked these creatures in Shadow!" Legolas growled. "Iming ndie kdneo opdehje!" (That's were they belong!)

"I amd, I amd," Kiay mumbled. (I know I know)

"Lagdy Kiay, yoind wiake. Hirne due yoind fiensoe?" Legolas asked. (Lady Kiay Your awake. How do you feel?)

"I ifh pabey," Kiay said. (I in Pain)

"Gimi, I must go to Aragon and get Kiay help. Can you four move fast?" Legolas asked.

"No," Pippin answered, "You go ahead of us. We'll see yah at the castle at night fall."

Legolas nodded. He watched Kiay past out again. "I shall see you soon my friend. Hau, Nana, Hau!" Nana turned and galloped toward the castle. At Mid day the castle came into sight. "Hau, Nana, Hau!" Nana galloped across the field. Then he heard men shouting.

"It's Legolas!"

"The elf?"


"Wait there someone with him and she hurt!"

"What are you waiting for? Open the gates!" It was the one and only, Faramir.

By the time Legolas was at the gates he could slide in through the crack. The men, women, and children formed two lines, as Legolas and Kiay, who were still on nana, galloped up the stone path. There was cladding of hooves for Nana, gasp of pain from Kiay, and gasp from the women and few children. Legolas held on tight to Kiay. "Hold on Lady Kiay, were almost there!" He steered Nana thought the twining path of the White Castle, up the stair and leading to the blooming white tree at the top.

"Whoa Nana!" Legolas said and nana stopped at once. Legolas jumped down grabbing Kiay and carrying her toward a bench in which lied in the garden. He looked at a guard. "Watch her!"

He turned and headed for the castle doors. The Guards opened the doors. When Legolas entered thought the doors. He saw Arwen, Arogon queen, and Arogon talking. In Arwen arms was a tiny bundle. A baby. Legolas eyes widen.

"I'm gone for a year and an half and you have a baby? You do not tell me, why? Why did you not send a message?" Legolas asked. He smiled knowing the reason. No man has every stepped into Mirkwood Forest and came out alive. Arogon, did not even knew were the young prince lived.

Arogon smiled at his friend. "I did not aspect you till night fall, dear friend."

"Well yes, but I meet an Elf for Yues, which I have not seen for 2,000 years. She was attack by an Oage," Legolas turned his gaze to Arwen.

Arwen gasped. Agorgon looked stunned.

"Thebsj Wbeigh sjdh to shevaiodbwio!" Arwen shouted in Elvin. (They Were Sent To Shadow!)

"You don't think I don't know that!" Legolas said.

"Now back to Lady Kiay, where is she?" Arwen asked.

"In the court yard on the bench under the white tree," Legolas said. He turned and left the room to go back to Lady Kiay. He sat next to her. Was it possibly he was falling for this elf?

"Legolas let us take her inside. Arwen, I am going to need your help. Take Elrond to his room and come to the room we made for Legolas," Arogon said. He bent down to pick Kiay up, but Legolas had her first. His icy-blue eyes filled with protection. Arogon smiled at his friend and lead the way to Legolas room. He stopped at a young man.

"Henry get another bed and bring it to Legolas' room," Arogon said rudely to the young man.

Henry glared and then nodded. He turned and hurried away.

"That was rude on both your parts," Legolas said.

"He's a theft; he tried to rob a warrior house last week. Now he must work here for a year," Arogon said.

"Ah!" Legolas said as they entered and room. It was huge and white inside. He place Kiay on the bed.

Arwen entered the door. "You two out."

"Can I not stay?" Legolas asked.

"No you can not. Out." She replied.

Both exited the room and sighed. They waited and as night fall drew in; they went and waited out in the court yard. Soon four small fellows came over.

"So, Gimi, learn how to ride that pony?" Legolas asked.

"Sure did! I mastered riding!" Gimi bragged.

"Really maybe you'd like to take Nana for a ride?" The elf smiled and whistle and Elvin song. The white stallion, Nana came running over. Legolas petted his nose when he nudged him.

Gimi glared at Legolas.

Arogon smiled and looked at the three hobbits. "Evening my friends."

"Evening," Sam said. He looked around and frowned. Last time they were here it was with Mr. Frodo.

"Evenin," Pippin smirked, "got any Ale?"

Mary laughed.

Arogon smiled. "Of course. Sam do not frown. Frodo is here." He placed his hand on Sam's chest.

"So Gimi, up for a drinking contest?" Legolas asked.

"I can out drink you when ever!" Gimi grumbled.

"Really, I swore I won last time," Legolas smiled.

"I was already almost drunk last time," Gimi lied.


"Yes Really!"

"Legolas!" A voice called. Legolas turned and shall Arwen. "Lady Kiay is awake and wishes to see you."

Legolas turned and ran into the castle to his room he now shared with lady Kiay.

"Prince Legolas!" Kiay smiled.

"Call me just Legolas, Lady Kiay," he said.

"Fine, then just call me Kiay," she smiled.

He notices she wore a lovely green dress. He smiled. "You look even more beautiful with not blood stained clothes on."

"You think I'm beautiful?" She asked.

"Of course, Kiay, who would not?"

Kiay just smiled.

"Arwen said your wounds are gone, how do you feel?" Legolas asked.

"Fine," Kiay said. "She said for me to rest, but I need to take a walk. I'd like to meet the people who I'm traveling with on the Return Of The Fellowship quest. For I know Gandalf only heir is."