" Well, that rules out everyone in this area." said Lee, marking off the last name. They had been going through the village block by block, looking for the Power Uniform. They had yet to find it, however.

" I think we should focus our youthful efforts on the most likely candidates." said Guy, taking his thoughtful pose.

" Who, Guy-sensei?" asked Lee eagerly. Sensei is so smart!

" The people who have had the most pronounced changes." said Guy with a smile.

" Ah! Like them!" said Lee, pointing. Guy looked in the direction his student had indicated. Ino was walking with a muscle bound Choji, gripping onto his massively muscled arm. Behind her trailed a line of hearts and she had a dreamy look on her face.

" Yosh!" said Guy. " No Akimachi would be able to lose so much weight so quickly! It must be him!"

" But there's also Naruto-kun…." said Lee, trailing off as he began to think. " He has all those women, a mansion, and Sasuke returned."

" Indeed." said Guy, scratching his chin. " He has gotten more than anyone."

" And the Aburmae clan discovered a new type of ant." said Lee, going down the list. " The Nara clan has finally found motivation, Jiraiya-sama has published a new book which is selling well, and everyone else is having wonderful times."

" Well, we can rule out the Hyuuga at least." said Guy with a sigh.

" Poor Neji. His youthfulness is so weak." said Lee tearfully.


" All rise for the Meeting of Hyuuga Men." said Hiashi. The Hyuuga men, who had assembled for a emergency council, rose in usison. " All be seated."

" What's this about?" asked one of the clansmen.

" As you may have noticed, there have been some recent…changes." said Hiashi, keeping the level of decorum for the Hyuuga Clan. " Our legendary….smallness….seems to be disappearing."

" Hell yes!" came the voice of someone's wife from outside.

" I believe that we have three things we need to do." continued Hiashi. " First, we should apologize to Guy, for this is the result of his jumpsuits."

" How could they have done anything?" asked someone.

" It started about the time we began to wear them." said Neji, setting the record straight.

" Correct. Second, I have officially changed the clan uniform to the jumpsuits." said Hiashi. " If it is because of them, we can only expect that if the jumpsuits are not worn, things will….revert."

" And nobody wants that!" yelled another Hyuuga woman from outside.

" And third?" asked Neji.

" Men, to your women!" ordered Hiashi.

" Yes, Hiashi-sama!" said the Hyuuga men, racing off.


" Yes!" cheered Tenten triumphantly. " Three thousand bulls eyes in a row! Wooo! Woooo!" she yelled, running around in circles.

" Lets see…" said Tenten, checking that off her list of things to do. I've invented five new kinds of pointy weapons, learned a new way to bludegon people, and broken my old accuracy record. Next on the To Do list…Neji! she smirked as she thought of her stoic teammate. 'Course, he's never been interested in that. she thought dourly.

" Tenten?" called a voice from behind her. She turned and found Neji standing there, holding a bouquet of kunai. " Would you like to mess around, then do some target practice?"

There is a god! thought Tenten as she pounced the Hyuuga.


" Ramen is the best!" cheered Naruto, taking a bite. The girls had finally decided he had earned a lunch break. He'd spent half the day working with his clones to fix the manor up in the ways they demanded. It was not a patchwork of styles, tastes, and colors ranging from Sakura's pink room to the bar Tsunade had made him install.

" Hey there Naruto!" said Jiraiya, sliding onto a seat next to him.

" Hey Per….Jiraiya-sensei!" said Naruto, remembering his part of the deal.

" I got the first check for the books." said Jiraiya, handing the slip of paper to Naruto. " I think money's not going to be a problem."

" Really?" said Naruto, looking surprised. He checked the check's amount.

And promptly fainted into his ramen.

" Naruto!" cried some of the Legion of Fangirls, led by Tsunade, as they raced over. They pulled him out of the bowl and began to do CPR.

" What happened?" asked Tsunade, looking to Jiraiya.

" I showed him how much we made on the first printing of the books. It sold out in minutes." said Jiraiya happily. He showed the check to Tsunade.

" We could pay off my debt with this!" said Tsuande with a gasp.

" And more." said Jiraiya with a smirk. " Apparently, Naruto's exploits are quite the read. I'm sure that your chapter will be a favorite."

" My chapter…." said Tsunade, blinking. " You spied on us?" she yelled becoming angry.

" Well, yeah!" said Jiraiya with a laugh.

One punch later he was sailing through the air.


" I'll kill them all." said Sasuke, eye twitching.

" Hey! Keep it down in there!" yelled the on guard clone.

Bastard. thought Sasuke, glaring at his rival. My fan girls my house, my dignity…. he nearly cried as he looked at the pink tutu that was his uniform. Even when Orochimaru got drunk and wanted to play naked Twister it was better than this.

" Hey! Keep down the emo-ness!" yelled the guard.

Never! thought Sasuke defiantly. Wait, no, I'm not emo! Dammit!


" Damn, this is taking a long time." said Jiraiya, looking down to the ground below. He had flown all the way out of Kohona, past the forest, and was now over a large desert. He sat back and relaxed. When he hit the ground, it would hurt, but until then, it was rather pleasant.

" What are you doing?" said a voice besides him, shocking him. If it was possible, he would have fallen out of the air.

" I'm hurtling to my death, that's what!" snapped Jiraiya, looking over towards the voice. He spotted a young woman riding besides him on a fan. She had spiky blonde hair and a impressive hourglass figure.

" Do…you want help down?" asked Temari, looking at him quizzically.

" That'd be nice." said Jiraiya. " It would suck to die without getting a chance to meet such a beautiful woman."

" I'll save your life, but that's it." said Temari sternly, pulling Jiraiya onto the fan. It's nice to be…not falling. thought Jiraiya. " So, how'd you end up flying though the air?"

" Oh, I told the Hokage that I had spied on her and her husband in the sack and used it as inspiration for a chapter in the newest Make Out Paradise book. It's called Make Out Charity." said Jiraiya unabashedly.

" Oh my god! You're the Toad Sage!" cheered Temari, suddenly becoming fan girlish. " Your donating all that money from the booksales to help pay for all those poor children!"

" Yeah, that's me!" said Jiraiya, giving his best roguish smile. To his amazement (It had been twenty years since this had last happened.) Temari swooned.

" Well, do I know what to do with you." said Temari, locking her arm around his.

" What?" asked Jiraiya, smiling pervertedly.

" Introduce you to all my kunochi friends in Suna." said Temari, tracing a finger across his jaw. " Once I'm finished with you, that is."


" Did you hear someone yell 'Boo ya?" asked Iruka, looking to his class.


" This is impossible!" said Guy in despair. " We are wasting sp much youth looking for the person with the real uniform!"

" Perhaps we should seek help, Guy-sensei." said Lee, trying to buck up his teacher. " We are not the best informed people…in the village…."

Lee trailed off as he and Guy looked at each other in shock.

Who had gotten everything they wanted? Someone who wanted things to happen to the other villagers. People who liked rumors.

The Yamanaka had the Jumpsuit of Youthfullness.

" To the flower shop!" cried Guy, pointing down the street.

" Away!" said Lee as he and his teacher zoomed off.


" He was so manly!" said Ino, grinning and resting her head against her hands. The hearts forming over he head were starting to block her mothers vision of the girl. " And polite and nice and agreeable! I never noticed before because he was fat, but now…he's a total stud!"

" Ino!" called a voice from the door. The blonde girl and her mother's heads snapped to the side, spotting Lee in the doorframe. His face was red and he was puffing for breath. " You must take off the jumpsuit now!"




" Lee got arrested for sexual harassment?" said Sakura, blinking in surprise.

" Yep." said Tsunade, taking a sip of sake. " Guy too. Apparently they tried to corner Ino and tear off her clothes. The ANBU has them in solitary confinement. I bet they just got drunk again."

" Heh. Ino pig gets what she deserves." said Sakura evilly.

" Think he's done re-tiling my bathroom yet?" said Hinata, looking over her shoulder to the door. " I just hated that awful blue and red stuff they Uchiha had in there."

" What did you have the clones replace it with?" asked Sakura curiously.

" White." said Hinata.

I guess I should have guessed. thought Sakura, sweat dropping.


Sorry its short. Running low on ideas.