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I lay curled up against Edward's chest. His hand was combing through my hair soothingly. I had been sick for three days now. Fever, headache, cough, stomachache, the whole package.

"You should go to school." He insisted on staying home with me yesterday, Monday, the day he came back from hunting. He didn't go to school.

"No, I'll stay." Authority rang through his voice, but I ignored it.

"No. Your always absent, you'll miss something."

"I know everything."

"Alice is sitting alone today at lunch." I came up with quickly.

"No, Angela is there." He said back patiently.

Charlie had already left for work so I could talk for as long and loud as I want, not that I had the energy to talk loud.

"You'll be bored. I'll sleep all day."

"You also sleep all night but I stay. And, plus, you talk more when your sick.

I groaned as I rolled over, making it so I was clutching Edward's muscles, so that I was placed between his body and his arm with my head on his shoulder.

I felt a familiar sensation in my stomach. I ran to the bathroom, with my head over the toilet. There went dinner.

My hair was being held back by Edward while one of his hands lightly rubbed my back.

I ignored him as I slowly walked back to my room. He shouldn't be here to watch this.

Though, secretly, I was glad he was here. I wanted some company while I slept.

"Edward, are you sure it's fine?"

"It'll always be fine, I love and and I'm going to take care of you, and thats final. You need to sleep." Edward picked me up gently to make sure that my stomach would not be to much disturbed, and then set me down on the bed. He laid down next to me.

I did what I was told. I laid my head against his stone cold chest and fell asleep in his arms while listening to him hum my lullaby.

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