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The next time I woke up I was on bed, safely tucked in between my sheets. When, I opened my eyes, I noticed that they weren't my sheets and I wasn't in my room.

The gold walls around me, and the familiar deluxe stereo system told me that I was now located in Edward's room. That would mean that I was at his house

How did I get here?

I looked around me and noticed that I was alone in Edward's room and that when I sat up, my head felt perfectly fine, along with my stomach. I was all better, no longer sick.

"Edward?" I called for him in a normal tone, though I knew that if he was in the house he would be able to hear me.

The door burst open and there was Alice instead of Edward. Yes, I mean I was happy to see her, but still she was not Edward.

"How'd you sleep?" She asked.

"Good… Alice, where is Edward? Why am I here? How did I get here? And Charlie is going to kill me once he notices I'm out of my bed." I asked that all in one breath.

"Bella, relax. Charlie knows you're here and-"

I interrupted. "What! He's going to kill me."

"Bella, relax. You were getting sicker. Edward thought that you were getting better because you did not throw-up that last time, but you had nothing to throw-up. He took your temperature while you were sleeping and noticed that it was raised up to 103 degrees.

"That was around three o'clock. So when your father came home, Edward said that he wanted to take you to Carlisle and after some persuasion he agreed." She kept on talking. "Then you were either in a really deep sleep or passed out, because you would not wake up until now. Does that calm you down; we don't need you getting sick again."

"Yes, thanks." I was able to breathe again. "Now where is Edward?"

"Edward is down stairs playing the piano."

Now that I calmed down I heard the faint sound of my lullaby coming from the piano in the big, spacious, room.

I rolled over and over again under the gold blankets, till my feet hit the floor. When I stood straight up I noticed that I was no longer wearing my own pajamas, but a pair of Edward's boxers and one of his undershirts. The boxers had a heart pattern on them. (A/N picture of them on my profile)

"Alice?" I asked cautiously.

"Edward didn't dress you, Bella. I did." That came at such a relief. I didn't mind Edward seeing me in my underwear, but I would prefer that I was at least somewhat conscious.

I walked down the steps and found Edward now in the middle of Esme's favorite song. When he saw me, he looked mildly irritated.

"What?" I asked, curiously?

"I thought Alice was going to change you in some pajamas. But now that I think about it, I think I like this better." He chuckled.

"Thanks, I didn't think that boy's underwear could be so comfortable." I went to go sit next to him on the bench.

"How are you feeling?"

"Much, much better."

He smiled at me. His fingers came to a close on that one song and started with my lullaby again.



"Thanks for staying with me; I really loved having you there. More than you can ever believe."

He leaned down to kiss me real fast, his fingers never leaving the keys. "I love being there with you and then seeing you there in my boxers afterwards."


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