Spoilers: Season 4 – Upgrades:

Almost Confessions.

Season 4:

Rating: K

Warnings : nothing

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Prequel to Not Yet Conquered.

I'm sorry this is being published out of order. This should be read before you read Not Yet Conquered and after Not Everything is Clear Cut.

She gazed into his chocolate brown eyes, her own beginning to mist over with unshed tears. A force shield neither could penetrate separated them.

Despite her demands, he wouldn't leave her. He beat the controls with his bare hands making them bleed, but the shield still wouldn't go down.

Hearing Jaffa coming from all directions, he gazed back, drinking in her appearance. Wondering if this would be the last time he would look into her crystal pools.

"Sir please, just go."

"Damn it Carter, I'm not going anywhere."

"Sir, I don't want you to die."

"I'm not leaving you Sam. I'd rather die myself that live without you."

The time spent looking into each other's souls seemed to last forever, but was only seconds.

Sam's thoughts turned to the life she'll never have. A life she had wanted with Jack. Now she'd never get that chance. Maybe she should have acted earlier. Why do I always put my career and the military first? I wanted to be happy. I wanted to get married and have children, but now I'll never get that chance.

In those brief seconds, Jack's thoughts drifted to the time he had been blessed with. Blessed with Sam in his life. She had saved him in all that ways that someone could be saved. He was in a dark, deep place when she came into his life, but with her gentle ways and steadfast loyalty she had given him her hand and helped him up and lead him towards to light that would become his new lease on life. Now this was all going to be ripped from them, before they even had a chance to really confess their true feelings to each other.

Suddenly an explosion shook the entire ship, the force field failed and they were on their way out. Almost confessions forgotten in the chaos that followed. The only indication was a gentle arm to lean on as they made their way to the infirmary.

Jack helped her onto the bed and turned away briefly and tried to get himself together. Thoughts of confessions not quite let out running through his mind, looking for that hidden place inside his head where they would be safe.

Sam watched him as he turned away from her, her own feelings leaving her somewhat distressed. They had almost said those most sacred things out loud. There would have been no going back after that. What were they to do?