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I hate how Edward insisted we go out. I'd rather stay home, instead of wasting money and being trapped and contained by arm-rests.

But No, he insisted that we see a movie. I sighed, closing my eyes reliving his enticing persuasion.

"Bella," he whispered causing me to jump, breaking me out of my embarrassing day dream. He smirked, entertained by my reaction. "What would you like to see?" he asked fluently and perfectly gentlemanly.

We stood just beyond the line to the theatre. The place was packed with couples clinging to each other, the curse of a Friday night. I groaned internally. I twisted my nose as the smell of stale popcorn hung and stained the air, I felt twice as bad for Edward as the smell was much more pungent to him. But he looked perfectly at ease and seemingly extensively interested in the movie choices. He furrowed his brow reading each title determined to find the perfect one.

I rolled my eyes as he glanced at me and nodded to the selection, trying to get me to join into his charade. I turned my head exaggeratingly, reading the titles that flashed at us in bright florescent lights. "So tacky," I muttered.

Edward smirked and pushed his hand through his hair, "Would you prefer the Opera?" he asked, completely seriously.

I sighed and smacked his shoulder only succeeding in stinging my knuckles. He laughed and branched his hands around my waist, twisting me so I faced the titles.

"Into the wild?" I said unenthusiastically.

Edward sighed, unimpressed with my eagerness. "How about, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?" Edward said tediously.

I laughed "I've already seen it… but I don't mind seeing it again, that Cedric Diggory deserves another look."

Edward growled in response. "How bout, In the Land of Women?" he said swiftly trying to change the subject.

I pushed my lips out deciding. And then two words jumped out at me through the blinking lights. "What's "Vampire Horror"?!" I said excitedly.

Edward rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose wit his thumb and forefinger. A smile grew on my face and I became more animated, suddenly very excited to see this movie.

Edward glanced at me through the cracks in his fingers that obscured his face. "Please Edward" I sang, jumping up and down and grabbing the lapels of his jacket with each jump, succeeding in shaking him and thoroughly embarrassing myself as people stopped to stare. But I was relentless, I wanted to see this.

Edward sighed and caught my waist pinning my feet to the floor. "You hang around Alice to much." He muttered.

I gave him a glum smile and pouted my lips at him. He smiled involuntarily and swooped to steal a kiss. I laughed in triumph, as I pulled him towards the line.


Edward grimaced as we waited in line to the concession stand. Even though the smell of popcorn was causing the air to thicken with grease, it had always been an indifferent habit of mine; every time I went to the movies I always wanted popcorn.

I pulled at his hand anxiously, "What's wrong?" he glared across the room and inclined his head at the crowd just exiting the theatre. I followed his gaze and was met with two waving hands both directed at me.

They looked like two eager puppy dogs as they jumped up and down, trying to get my attention. Tyler and Mike. I heard a soft distinct growl as they started dredging towards us, excitement and eagerness lining their faces. "Be nice." I whispered catching Edwards hand and giving a reassuring squeeze. He sighed loudly.

"Hey Bella!" they said in unison.

"Hey," I said trying to rearrange my features into polite interest.

"We just saw the most amazing movie," Mike said completely ignoring Edward and focusing his attention on me.

"Yeah, which one?" I asked conventionally.

"Vampire Horror," Jessica answered behind them, with Lauren on her heals. They both look extremely irritated at both of their date's abandonment. Lauren sent me a very dirty look. Edward squeezed my hand and I noticed that he shifted forward, brining me the tiniest bit behind him. His jaw was clenched and his eyes turned a flat black.

"Oh, really?" I fumbled, shocked at Laurens malicious glare. "That's what we're seeing,"

"It's really good," Tyler stated, stepping forward and very blatantly stroked my forearm, removing invisible dust for me. Lauren's face turned white and fire glinted in her eyes. But I barely noticed as I could feel Edwards's very rigid form beside me and the waves of hate penetrating from him. I felt dizzy from the emotion playing off him and could vaguely understand how Jasper feels.

"You know Edward," Jessica said flirtatiously spinning a finger through her curls. "You really remind me of the actor who played the vampire."

I gapped at her and indiscreetly released Edwards hand and wrapped my arms around his waist possessively. Edward laughed at my reaction and wrapped his arm around me. Flashing Jessica a gleaming smile, he said "I can see how you'd see the resemblance."

Lauren quickly interceded. "I thought we were going to dinner, we're going to be late." She said acidly speaking directly to Tyler.

"Hmm, oh yeah, I guess we'd better go." Tyler said regretfully. "Well I guess I'll see you later Bella." He smiled, his eyes swimming with longing.

"Yeah we'd better go," Mike said, "Bye Bella, Edward."

I smiled at him, glad that he acknowledged Edward. "Bye guys."

"You know," Edward said light-heartedly as we trudged though the crowded theatre. The floor was sticky and with each step I took, came a very distinctive peeling noise as the floor would release the soul of my foot. Edward was easily weaving through the crowd with my popcorn and pop balanced effortlessly in one hand and my hand secured in the other. His feet dodged every sticky patch and he didn't bump anyone. "I wouldn't feel any guilt what so ever, if I'd accidentally-on-purpose killed Mike." He finished breezily as he pulled me down into two free seats.

"Well that's completely rational." I said sarcastically. "Why Mike, why not Tyler? He seamed to get on your nerves tonight." I asked genuinely curious.

Edward ran his hand through his hair before answering, "Mike has a way more vivid imagination, its actually haunting. And Tyler thinks you're gorgeous, but how can I be mad at him for that. You are." He said matter-of-factly.

I laughed, and gently pecked him on the cheek lingering there and tracing his face with the tips of my lips, sliding over to whisper in his ear. "You wouldn't kill Mike, you don't have the guts." He raised his eyebrows a denial already on his lips. I quickly overtook the conversation, running over his reply. "Okay, I take that back. But you wouldn't… for me." He smiled his eyes turning into melted gold.

He turned capturing my lips with his, as the lights dimmed and the movie lighted the screen.


My heart was racing, the movie still flickering in front of my eyelids as we left. Even though the movie was the stereotype of all vampires, I couldn't help but cringe at the vampire's behavior.

As is the cliché, the vampire played an uncontrollable monster dominated by its own instinct. Every time it drained a human of their blood, its eyes would fill in an emerald red, but never clenched its unyielding thirst. I furrowed my brow and walked silently beside Edward, deep in thought.

I tried not to think of the repercussions and impending animal instinct that would soon be bestowed upon me, but my heart tightened. I brought myself back to the dark theatre, where the red eyes glared at me through the screen, inescapable and leering in my future.

Edward caught my hand squeezing it possessively as a gaggle of people swept past us. He looked up at me through the thick fringe of lashes lining his golden eyes. My heart stuttered.

All indecision left me, as his topaz eyes cleared and cut through the vision of the red leer, bringing with it an indestructible feeling of rightness and vitality. I felt light-headed as I stare d at him.

We silently cut into the street the white noise of the theatre clearing, the fresh air and silence never felt so comforting. I reveled in the feeling as we swept up the street, the silver Volvo in sight.

"What are you thinking?" Edward sighed, blowing out a stream of breath; his tone was annoyed and curious.

I smiled deviously, knowing that my blocked thoughts always caused him to feel like I was keeping an unbearable secret. "Oh, nothing of interest." I said audaciously, smiling sweetly up at him.

He narrowed his eyes, throwing me a frustrated grimace.

I laughed lightly squeezing his cold hand. "How'd you like the movie?" I said carefully, changing the subject. "I bet it was a little too scary for your taste, don't you think Edward? I mean the vampire was killed in the end." I said teasingly.

He stopped abruptly, pulling at my hand to spin me to face him. His golden eyes burned through mine, his hands gently gripping my neck and his breath swirling in my face. "It was scary for a minute there," he whispered barely audibly, and a hint of vulnerability glinted in his eyes. I furrowed my eyebrows a question on the tip of my tongue, but he smothered it with his kiss.

As soon as I could breathe he rested his forehead on mine and gasped at the air as greedily as me. I caught his stone face in my fingers titling his head so he'd look in my eyes. "I love you Edward, nothing's going to change that. Especially not some stupid Vampire movie."

He smiled and covered my mouth again; kissing me until my toes curled and my lungs ached.

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